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September 1994

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October 11, 1994

Dear Friend:

You can feel the tension building in Washington as the days draw us nearer to another election. Next month, on November 8, you and I, as well as millions of other Americans, will have the opportunity to cast our votes. I hope you will exercise that right on election day and take your children with you so they can come to understand this precious liberty, too.

If the pollsters are correct, voters will arrive at the voting booth in an angry mood this year. In political terms, anger usually translates into "change." To the politicians and bureaucrats who run this city, change is a dirty word. To an incumbent seeking re-election, change can even mean having to look for another line of work.

What makes this situation all the more remarkable is the fact that the public mood is sour even after so much political change has already occurred. Our current Congress is composed of 14 new Senators, 110 new members in the House and two new delegates. The results of the 1992 elections, from the White House to the halls of Congress at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, represented one of the most dramatic political sea changes in U.S. history. For the first time in over a decade, the Senate and the House as well as the White House have been placed in the hands of the same political party.

Unfortunately, much of the change coming out of Washington has been radical and anti-family. To briefly illustrate:

Obviously, change hasn't been in short supply, but it certainly hasn't been the kind of change American families were hoping for. That's why 69 percent of Americans are telling pollsters they believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction! That's why only 14 percent of Americans in another poll say they trust Congress to "do the right thing." That's why pundits at both ends of the political spectrum are predicting that the 1994 Congressional elections could sweep out dozens of incumbents!

Having been in Washington for more than two decades now, I am watching these developments with particular fascination. An angry, change-seeking public clearly senses that something is deeply wrong in the land they love. Despite sustained economic growth and the virtually unchallenged leadership role of the United States in world affairs, Americans are worried.

FRC is both nonpartisan and nonprofit, so I will have to leave it to the columnists and consultants to analyze who will rise to the surface in today's boiling political waters. But this I can and must say: the sense that something is terribly off course in our country today, despite our economic and military prowess, is profoundly on-target. This is a time of cataclysmic change -- a time of agonizing, slow-motion, nerve-wracking challenges to family, to faith, and to freedom.

The new Congress will be pressed by the same radical special interest groups to move our country in a direction that we must resist. Some of the battles ahead include:

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act

This bill, the vanguard of the homosexual agenda, has already had hearings in this Congress. Passage of this Act would bar employers from any job-related action against an employee because of their sexual preference or conduct, even when that conduct violates state law, an employer's conscience, company policy, or all three. FRC was among a handful of groups to testify against the bill. It's being ramrodded by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass) and Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass), an avowed homosexual. If adopted, this sweeping bill will most likely be followed by others.

The Reproductive Health Equity Act.

Vice President Gore insisted over and over last month that the term "reproductive health" in the Cairo population document did not imply abortion. But he must know that's exactly what it means in U.S. law. Passage of this bill would, among other things, restore taxpayer-funded abortions under Medicaid. The 103rd Congress tilted strongly in a pro-abortion direction, but the votes have not been there to force taxpayers to pay for the destruction of unborn children. Federal funding of abortion will increase the death toll (already a horrific 1.5 million a year). And taxpayer subsidies make all of us complicit in the violent destruction of innocent human lives.

The Office of Adolescent Health.

During 1994, Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders advanced her radical ideas for new federal anti-pregnancy initiatives directed at teens. She was backed by a White House task force that endorsed "abstinence-plus," the notion that sexual abstinence and condom distribution programs can operate successfully in tandem. Because you and thousands of others wrote and called, Congress did not abolish abstinence funding this year. Look for this issue to return in 1995 with renewed vigor. Look as well for Dr. Elders to return to the health policy scene with more of her crazed public outbursts. Her irresponsible statements even have members of the Clinton Administration dreading what they call "Joycelyn eruptions."

Welfare Reform.

Deferred because of the health reform debate, this issue goes to the heart of whether Congress understands the magnitude and implications of family breakdown in the United States. A new Census Bureau report points out that just over 50 percent of American children today live with both biological parents, a record low. Children who grow up lacking "the ties that bind" often lack larger ties to the community. Juvenile crime, exploding in both quantity and ferocity, is just one result. Today in the United States some 70 percent of our high schools have installed metal detectors. Washington can pass pork-filled crime bills all it wants, but unless we deal with family breakdown and the flight from virtue, our streets will never be safe.

I do believe that the American people are thirsting for a new direction. If nothing else, they have tried relativism and moral anarchy and found that when moral absolutes and reliable standards of right and wrong go out the window, so too does our safety.

Will the changes we see resulting from next month's elections point the way home? Whatever the immediate outcome, FRC is preparing for the public policy debates of 1995. I met recently with my senior staff to craft a strategic plan that will assist FRC in winning these debates as we represent families like yours. For example, last year, on the eve of the health care reform debate in Congress, FRC brought aboard one of the most seasoned analysts available to help develop our own standards for family-friendly health reform. His work has been a great asset.

We plan to fight for tax relief for hard-pressed families, too. FRC has already developed several family tax cut proposals and we have been working hard behind the scenes to place them on the agenda in 1995. FRC's strength lies in its ability to harness the most effective arguments and the best work of acknowledged experts to underscore the truth about the family and public policy. If we are to make a mark on the ideas that will guide the welfare and tax relief debates, we must have the right people in place and ready now.

As you might imagine, our Government Relations staff has been stretched to the limit as the range of issues covered by FRC has steadily grown. Members of Congress are turning to us more and more frequently as a reliable source for current information and analysis from a profamily perspective. The Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, which prepares reports at the request of Congress, regularly includes FRC materials among its key references on family policy questions. Congressional committees often rely on our testimony. In the coming months, FRC plans to bolster its Government Relations staff by bringing in an individual with in-depth knowledge of sanctity of life issues and adolescent health. Promoting abstinence and adoption will also continue to rank high among FRC's priorities.

FRC has plans to continue expanding its information and educational outreach. The generosity of friends like you has supported the expansion of our efforts. Your gifts have enabled FRC to hire necessary staff and develop new initiatives to communicate the pro-family message. Because of the critical challenges currently facing families and the anticipated onslaught of anti-family activity, however, we must do more.

As my staff and I have reviewed the effectiveness of the Council's publications and projects, we have targeted numerous areas for improvement in the months ahead:

Family Policy

We plan to upgrade our research-oriented bimonthly publication to a new format with expanded coverage of family issues.

Washington Watch

My daily 90 second commentary, now heard on some 100 radio stations coast-to-coast, will be expanded to reach an even wider audience.

Advertising projects

We plan to build on the success of past advertising campaigns, which have boosted fatherhood, promoted the virtues of abstinence, and defended the rights of religious Americans to participate fully in the political process.

As you can see, FRC has a list of ambitious goals. I believe our vision for defending the family must be as well thought through as that of the many groups which seek to undermine our efforts. FRC is strategically positioned to impact the public policy debate, but it is your support and financial contributions that enable us to leverage our efforts. With your help, I believe we can move closer to the fulfillment of our vision. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and God bless you for all you do on our behalf.

Gary L. Bauer


May I ask a special favor from you this month? As our visibility has increased, FRC's staff has become the target of an increasing number of threats, harassing calls and obscene letters. I have long since grown accustomed to the efforts of radicals on the other side who try to silence us through intimidation. For some of our younger staff members, however, the experience of receiving expressions of hatred can be unnerving. Please pray for a shield of strength and protection over the dedicated team we have assembled.

No matter what the elections bring, I promise you that FRC will never surrender in our efforts to defend family values. We will never head for the tall grass when the going gets tough. With your help we will continue to fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith.

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