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Here at Christian.net, we‘re dedicated to providing valuable information and resources about Christianity, Christian education, discipleship, and more. We also have resources and videos for children’s Christian programs that are reliable and of high quality. We provide bible story materials and insightful articles on evangelism, forgiveness, love, and the discipleship of Christ.

Our primary goal is to provide accurate, biblical answers on a wide variety of questions asked by both Christians and non-Christians. Through christian.net, you will grasp how the gospel of Christ can not only transform lives but bring hope and encouragement to individuals and communities. We encourage spiritual growth with resources that can be shared with children.

We reveal Christ’s love through experience, research, and the study of His word. Pastors, Sunday school teachers, students, and missionaries have all used our site for a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement. We are here to inspire lives, open the hearts and minds of individuals, and help them to think about Biblical topics in a new way. With us, you will definitely be able to easily share the Gospel with family and friends.