FRC Monthly Support Newletter
January 1995

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Family Research Council

Gary L. Bauer, President
January 10, 1995

Dear Friend:

I hope you don't mind reading over my shoulder this month. I want to share with you my recent letter to the new Congress. There is a special reason for this, since you are uniquely responsible for the major pro-family victories we've seen in the composition of this Congress. Even the press, which once derided critics of Joycelyn Elders as "gnats," now says that the formidable pro- family movement is composed of "lions and tigers." Of course, we are neither. But it was always a mistake for Washington insiders to underestimate the power of the people. And nothing energizes Americans like a threat to their children's future.

The Family Research Council will not only _watch and record_ the formation of policy on Capitol Hill, but will also actively participate in discussions and debates. We have an historic opportunity to help shape the most "family friendly" Congress in history. Keep your copy of this letter. It will serve as a yardstick to measure the accomplishment of the 104th Congress.

P.S. Well, that's it. If the new Congress takes the advice above, we believe 1995 will be a great year for family, faith and freedom. If they don't, the political revolt in our country will continue. As always, you have our heartfelt thanks for your dedication to the mission of the Family Research Council. These are exciting times that offer real hope of family renewal in the months and years to come. Without your friendship and help, none of this would have been possible. Please continue to stand with us with your prayers and financial support.

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