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January 12, 1999
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1. World Wide Web Sites: A-AQ

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This site is an internet poll that registers visitors votes whether they be pro-life votes or pro-choice votes. The vote count is then distributed to our representatives each month.

ACCELERATING INTERNATIONAL MISSION STRATEGIES (AIMS) Included are sections on China Harvest, Harvest Fellowship, COMPUTE (Coalition of Motivated Professionals Using Technology for Evangelism). The 10-40 Window Alliance focuses on Central and Eastern Asia, The Middle East, and Northern Africa, providing short fact sheets about various cities, including prayer needs. The CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Alliance provides information on Language Aids, Travel, Places to Visit, News Agencies reporting on CIS, Involvement, and Gateway Cities information. Various departments also include Music and Missions, Church Services, and Agency Services.

The leading provider of accreditation and other services for Bible colleges in the United States and Canada. Included are a Directory of Colleges that includes accredited institutions, candidates for accreditation, and applicants for accreditation. An on-line document describes the process of accreditation, and another document answers the user question: "How do I know ifa Bible College is for me?" Also available is a list of publications and an order form.

Acts 17:11 is a series of very good in-depth Bible Studies that have been developed as applied theology over the years through the work of Dean and Laura VanDruff. The series is divided into 10 basic sections. Start Here includes files on Repentance, The Blood, The Light, Death to Self. Food For Thought includes Knowledge, Theology, The Truth, and Faith. What Does the Scripture Say About includes Money, The Gospel, and Fear of God. Spicier Fare includes The Revelation of Joseph, God's Wrat, The End of the Age, Hearing God, Glory, and Conviction. Hot Off the Grill includes new files that are continually being added to this archive. Christian Living includes The Disciplines, Prayer, The Name, and Servanthood. Church Issues includes Servant Authority, Discernment, Fellowship, and The Cross. When Bad Things Happen, includes The Discipline of the Lord, Tests, Trials, & Suffering, and, Temptations or Attacks from Satan. Really Meaty Stuff includes Spiritual Adultery Bible Study. The final section includes Background and Development Information. Highly recommended.
VanDruff Home Page:

AD2000 & BEYOND MOVEMENT[new 1/99]
The AD2000 & Beyond Movement is a global, informal network of Christian missionary agencies, denominations, churches, and individuals committed to world evangelism. It includes the Joshua Project 2000, which is a five-year initiative to help establish church planting movements in strategic places around the world; task forces, national initiatives of prayer, research, and celebration which are designed to converge into its most exciting phase, Celebrate Messiah 2000, which is a coordinated push to fulfill the Messianic Mission of "a church for every people and the gospel for every person"

ADD News is a bi-monthly newsletter from Penrise Publishing, devoted entirely to Attention Deficit Disorder and related topics. In each issue is provided the most current news and information about attention deficit disorders. ADD News for Christians analyzes the latest books, articles and research findings,then present the most useful information in a single, easy to read newsletter, all from a Christian perspective. In addition to news and feature articles, they present reviews of books, audio and video tapes, as well as other resources on the subject of ADD/ADHD. And, they encourage readers to write and share experiences with ADD in their own families. Available on line is the latest ADD News (also described in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide. From our survey, book reviews include: The Hyperactive Child,by Grant Martin, M.D., You and Your ADD Child, by Paul Warren, M.D., and Judy Capehart, M.Ed., and Honey, Are You Listening?..., by Rich and Jerilyn Fowler. ADD News' Christian Resource Guide: Attention Deficit Disorder is a bibliographical outline, including the book review links. Found in the Scripture Focus section is an article entitled Impulsive Children, Imperfect Parents, by publisher John W. Penrise. John and Company also provide Morre ADD Web Sites found on the network. Be sure to see Jack Dekker's site (a link is proviced), which includes more ADD resources.

The ACG purposes to promote fellowship among Christian geologists, promote the integrity of geology as a scientific discipline, investigate the ways in which Christian faith and geology bear upon one another, educate the Christian public about geology, develop avenues of witness to non-Christian geologists, promote Christian stewardship and service in the geological sphere, and provide intellectual leadership at the interface between Christian and geologic thought. Provided on line is descriptive information detailing purpose, affiliation and memberships, activities and publications, and officers of the Affiliation of Christian Geologists. The organization also provides a pretty good list of web sites of interest to ACG members.

Provided on line are several quite interesting documents relating to the following: What is Agape Community Church?; The Alliance for Renewal Churches; Purpose Statement; Membering; and, The Covental Understanding. As a member of the Alliance for Renewal Churches, Agapé Community Church shares in a common vision for the church. First, they see the church as the primary presence of God's redemptive purpose on earth in this era. As churches they are to demonstate the power of the Gospel through their corporate life and to proclaim God's redemptive purposes to neighbors and to the world. Second, they see the church giving to God the glory due him through worship and good works. The church community, therefore, prioritizes worship toward God, the proclamation of God's redemptive work and good works toward their neighbors in the world. The church is constantly renewing and being renewed because it is composed of imperfect by saved people in a changing world. Therefore, they see the need to welcome the winds of renewal and be open to change.

An affiliate of Campus Crusade for Christ International. Offers links throughout Europe. Extensive list of links to other Christian ministries as well.

The current trend in literature and seminars is toward the church growth movement. Agros Ministries does not oppose the church growth movement, since the literature and seminars tremendously challenge areas with a large population. However, the needs in rural ministries are much different. Growth is usually slow and consistent and is based on relationships rather than programs. The people at Agros do not claim to be experts; instead simply a small group of soldiers in God's great army who are trying to conquer a small corner of this world for Christ. They believe the denominations, schools, and many others have left and ignored this field and they believe it is one of the greatest mission fields America has in the 21st century. They are burdened, committed, and encouraged to be a small part of God's wonderful work. -- adapted from Introduction, Agros Ministries. Find the following information at the web site: Encouragement for Small Church Ministries (Encouragement for Church Leaders includes, The Road of Life (author unknown), and The Fellowship of the Unashamed (anon.). The Truth About Small Church Ministries provides an overview on size, impact, current trends, future trends and ministry. Pastors and Lay Leaders Resources includes Pastor Ronnies' Favorie Quotes; Risk Factors for Pastors, by H.B. London and Neil Wiseman; a collection of articles by Keith Drury, Assistant Professor in Christian Ministry, Indiana Wesleyan University; and, Recommendations for Your Library (include listings of OT and NT commentaries.); Selected Articles for Pastors. The Reading Room includes notes from books: Liberating the Ministry From the Success Syndrome, by Kent and Barbara Hughes; Rural Evangelism: Catching the Vision, by Kenneth E. Ruffoorn; and Growing a Healthy Church, by Dann and Gary Mayes. The site also provides a listing of links to internet Web sites, a section of information about Agros Ministries, and a link to Holly Springs Bible Fellowship, James G. Thomas Jr., Pastor, also coordinating Agros Ministries.

Air Serv International is a humanitarian agency providing aviation and related services in developing nations. Involvement favors programs which nurture self-reliance, build hope and encourage initiative. Air Serv's primary objective is to provide safe, dependable and cost effective air transportation to relief and development agencies such as private voluntary agencies (PVOs/NGOs), UN agencies, embassy aid missions, multilateral and national government agencies. Air Serv does not operate large, cargo-type aircraft on long international flights but rather specializes in single, twin-engine and occasionally larger aircraft operations in remote or transport deficient areas within the affected areas. This site contains recent news specific to Air Serv involvement, and information on how to become involved with the objectives of the ministry.

Formerly Christians United for Reformation (CURE). The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals exists to call the church, amidst our dying culture, to repent of its worldliness, to recover and confess the truth of God's Word as did the Reformers, and to see that truth embodied in doctrine, worship and life. The web site includes selected articles from Modern Reformation (reviewed in the newsletters/ journals in this guide), and miscellaneous articles and resources (works by Horatius Bonar, Agustus Toplady, B.B. Warfield, C.F.W. Walther, Michael Horton, Kim Riddelbarger, Robert Strimple, Shane Rosenthal, Rich Gilbert, and Paul and Cincy Erlandson). Find a copy of the Cambridge Declaration. A special section for bibliographies includes a Bibliography of Calvin and Calvinism and a Bibliography of Luther and Lutheranism. Another section devoted to Images and Great Quotes from the Reformation includes theologians Luther, Calvin, Bucer, Beza, Chemintz, Cramner, Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer, Francis Turretin, Toplady, John Newton, Ralph Erskine, John Owen, Spurgeon, Hodge, Warfield, Machen. Visitors may also review the Doctrine of Church History Quiz (CURE's Basic Doctrine Quiz), or an Online Resource Catalog that provides information on books and tapes that can be ordered.

The Friendly Church Serving Your Family and Community. Pastor Ron Graff. Alta Loma Brethren in Christ Church offers information about its schedule of services, the church's Children's, Youth, and Adult Ministries, the Alta Loma Brethren in Christ Church's School System, as well as as finding aids for prospective visitors. Ministries also include areas of evangelism, dicipleship fellowship, and music ministries. A nicely organized section relating to prayer includes aspects of various kinds of prayer: Adoration in Praise, Thanksgiving, Confession, Supplication, and Intercession. The church has also provided a way for visitors who may wish to ask for prayer to do so. Readers can find a well organized statement of faith that includes the following: Introduction (including historical information), Revelation and Scripture, God and Creation, Humanity and Sin, Jesus Christ and Salvation, The Holy Spirit and the Church, and Eternal Hope and Judgment. Also find a Purpose and Vision Statement, Missions and Evangelism, a section of Christian Links. Sections are being developed for Stories (ie. testimony), Yellow Pages, and Other Information. There is descriptive and contact information in the Staff Directory.

The Apostles' Doctrine of AD 33 Applied Today. Missionary and evangelist Bill Burkett has been ministering for 32 years, preached in 32 nations, including Brazil, East and West Europe, Africa, and India. His doctrine is solid Biblical doctrine. The thrust of his miistry is a challenge to the errors of modern ecumenical neo-evangelists. Mr. Burkett is a founding member of Hope Christian Charity Mission (Boyarka, Ukraine), and Editor of Amen magazine. Available on site is Frontline News, a publication of Commission, Inc., founded by evangelist Burkett. Under development at the time of our survey is Spirit, soul and Body. Selah Publications, the print outreach of Commission, Inc. is well represented on site with files on line (under the heading Selah Publications) and books that may be ordered (under the heading The Selah Bookshelf). A small sampling of the appreciable collection of files that are available on line includes: A Word About Christian Greeting; Faith of Our Fathers - The Character of Polycarp: Second Century Godliness; Greek Word Study in Galatians; It Seemed Good Unto Us; Pentecostal But Not Charismatic; Practical Holiness Commentary - Holiness from Genesis to Revelation; The Difference Between Holiness and Righteousness; The Kosmos - What Superficial Christians Don't Want To Know About Worldliness; What Is a Neo-Gnostic?

An evangelical Christian organization that promotes Scriptural Christianity. The American Nightwatch interprets Scripture in a manner that is consistent with a traditional understanding of God's Word and with Christian orthodoxy as understood by believing Protestants. Included are articles by Reverend Sterling Durgy (The Future You Cannot Avoid, Things That Abide, Pain and Compassion, Personal Responsibility, The Importance of the Family in God's Plan, Handling Scripture Wisely and Profitably, The Cost of Devotion, The Triumph of the Risen Christ), Attorny David Hnath (Reconciliation- For the Church, Not the Courts!, Time- Our Biggest Enemy, Income Taxes- A "Necessary Evil"?), and Christian Counsellor Robert McLaughlin (Taking the Lives of Some for the Health of Others: Fetal Tissue Transplant, Healing for Victims of Abuse: Evaluating Inner Child Therapy, Entertainment and Violence, Focusing Our Minds, The Strategy of the Cults) American Night Watch also provides a list of printed publications that are available, including American Night Watch Newsletter (samples available on line, and reportered in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide). The Bible Study and Commentary Section includes two documents: Laying a Foundation for Revival, The Temptation of Christ.

ARIC's purpose is to warn, equip and mobilize the church to meet the challenge of the cults, the New Age movement, the occult and world religions. ARIC is dedicated to facilitating Christian growth in sound doctrine and spiritual discernment and to furthering the proclamation and defense of the historic Christian gospel, thus serving both educational and evangelistic functions. ARIC's Director John W. Morehead speaks before thousands each year at churches, Bible colleges and mission conferences. A former cult member himself, he has over ten years experience in researching, writing and teaching on cults, the New Age Movement and world religions. He has worked with the Interfaith Witness Department of the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board, and the apologetics ministry of Mars Hill Missionary Outreach. Currently he is the director of American Religion Information Center. Provided on from this set of web pages are access to ARIC Newsletter (described elsewhere in this guide), descriptive files on various relevant topics, announcements, and an Opinion page. Frames dependant site.

A fellowship of men and women of science and disciplines that can relate to science who share a common fidelity to the Word of God and a commitment to integrity in the practice of science. ASA purposes "to investigate any area relating Christian faith and science" and "to make known the results of such investigations for comment and criticism by the Christian community and by the scientific community." Available at this site is a thorough description of who ASA is, why ASA has been established, and ASA goals; providing visitors with the sense of care that ASA has used in making its position amongst the scientific community one that honors the Lord. You will find a very interesting on-line search utility for articles that have appeared in all 46 volumes of ASA's Journal, Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith. The database is also available in downloadable .zip form for Windows compatable machines, and in a FileMaker 2.1 database (Compact Pro compression, and binhexed) for the Macintosh operating system. The section on ASA Papers and Discussions On-line includes scholarly articles from Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith, its predecessor, Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation, and the ASA newsletter, and a very nicely menued archive of ASA's on-line discussion list archive. (See descriptions of the journal, newsletter and discussion list at appropriate entries in this guide.) There is also a comprehensive bibliography of the writings of Donald M. MacKay prepared by Marvin McDonald.

This site provide introductory document describing ATLA activities and projects, a message from the Executive Director, Membership Information, Conference information, Award information, and a Current Product Catalog. Products available from ATLA are worth investigating: Inceexes on CD ROm include the ATLA Religion Database (1949- ), Religion Indexes (1975- ), Biblical Studies, Catholic Periodical and Literature Index (1995- ), Old Testament Abstracts (1995- ), South African Theological Bibliography (1995- ), Ethics Index (1990- ). ATLA provides other libraries ATLA Indexes in MARC format. ATLA Print Indexes include (but are not limited to) an International Christian Literature Document Project, a Bonhoeffer Bibliography, Bibliographia Teologica Comentada del Area I bereo Americana, and Religion Index Thesaurus. Information is provided regarding ATLA's Document Delivery Service, ATLA Presentation Services, the Yale Day Missions Collection from the Yale Divinity Library, Serials in Microfilm, Monographs on Microfiche, Corpus on American Lutheranism, and ATLA's On-Demand Serials Filming Service. The organization's newsletter is on line. Also, the March 1996, Atlantis Reference Review carries an article by Ken McMullen on internet resources, entitled "The Eternal Web: Religious Resources on the Internet" which is also being made available to visitors.

Pastor Steve Na. Amherst Koinonia Church is a "Five College" Church located in the Pioneer Valley, a member of the Korean American Presbyterian Church. Their web site provides a lot of internet related information. Their Intro file includes a Basis of Faith, and a Mission document. Regularly scheduled events of the Church are provided on line as well as a directories for AKC members and alumni, and web sites for churches to which AKC members belong. A page devoted to related organizations of Amherst Koinonis Church includes world wide web connections to the Korean American Presbyterian Church, the Local Christian Acapella Group; Ministries at Amherst College and so forth. The Church also provides a directory of Christian Resources, which includes sections on Apologetics and Information Resources, Electronic Bibles, Popular Christian Culture, and Other Links and Resources. We find this web site very well organized and friendly, providing good access to a substantial amount of sound, reliable information particularly to the Korean Christian experience. We highly recommend a visit.

The Amy Foundation purposes to encourage and support people with a concern for the spiritual welfare of the United States, and who desire to write along the lines of discipiling a nation. The Foundation provides funding by way of awards and scholarships. The Amy Writing Awards are provided for articles that provide Biblical truth and are backed with Sripture proofs, and which appear in secular, non-religious publications. The Church Writing Group provides encouragement for latent writers within the Church who desire to publish in newspapers, their aim being to disciple their communities. The Awakening the Great Writers Award, co-sponsored by the Evangelical Press Association, is provided to writers who publish articles in EPA member publications, that provide leadership in discipling our nation. The Carl F.H. Henry Scholarship is available to those students who are enrolled in colleges that belong to the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities who write articles concerning Scripture, and that have appeared in a non-religious publication. More details are provided at The Amy Foundation Web site. Also provided on site is descriptive information about W. James Russell's book, Awakening the Giant, including its prologue, table of contents, and recommendations. Order information is also provided.

Mark Roth's site, providing a pronounced and distinctive conservative - Anabaptist tone and emphasis, has expanded since our initial survey. Mr. Roth's objective is to represent both historical and Biblical Anabaptism. The site is organized in the following basic sections: It is Dark! For Children (material for children to read); and, Newsgroup. Writings includes text from a number of magazines and newsleters (reported in the Newsletters/ Journals section in this guide) and collections of documents, including: Reaching Out (see subjects such as Creation Science, Christian Family Living, Church in Society, The World Today, and Finance); Articles for Children; Homosexuality; Tracts for Online Reading (which includes articles from Christian Light Publications; Bible Helps; additional tracts; documents from and, Rod and Staff Publishers); Christian Family Living, a booklet by John Coblentz; documents on Mennonite History, How We Got Our Bible, and What is an Anabaptist?; and a selection of individual articles by Mark Roth from Christian Light Publications: Eclipse!; Alarm: Handy Pornography!; A Testimony about The Covering; Thirty Minutes a Day; Spouses of Divorce; Goals for Education; A Christian Alternative to Kindergarten; "Creation"; The Word, Made Flesh, Dwelt among Us; Christian Citizenship; He Died for Peace; She Won!; and, Anabaptist Statements of Faith. Seeing Your Child's Worth Another Internal Links library provides documents under the following subject arrangement: Doctrines, Teachings and Practices (God and the Word of God; The Headship Veiling; Nonresistence; Nonconformity; Death, Abortion and Suicide; Church and State; Family and Marriage; Sexuality; Salvation, Forgiveness and Redemption; and, Statements of Faith. Mr. Roth provides an Anabaptist Church Locator by which Anabaptist sites may be registered. Another section for Places, includes a directory of conservative Anabaptist organizations and churches. Mr. Roth takes time to share his outlook on current events from the main page. Some of the text available at this site is available in Spanish.

An Episcopal missionary society which would focus on the least evangelized of the world. They are not an insignificant group. They number over one billion people, or 20% of the world's population. Highlighted at the site are sections on: Who These People Are Who Have Never Heard the Gospel (Glimpses of World A); Missionary Work in the Lands of World A (the essentials and non-essentials); The Qashqa'I of Iran (including a short historical sketch, and pictures); About Anglican Frontier Missions; Our Concentration (The 25 Most Neglected); News; and, Views... From Another Perspective.

The Institute features monthly articles addressing classical questions, current events, cults, the occult as well as frequently asked questions from the John Ankerberg Show. This site offers quality discussions and research on many of the difficult issues facing today's Christian church. At the time of our survey sections included Classical Questions: Who is Jesus Christ? The Verdict of History; Current Events: Are the Scientific Studies Claiming Biological Support for Homosexuality Credible?; Cults: What Are the Basic Beliefs of the New Age World View?; and, Occult: What is the Occult?. The FAQ Library includes documents like: Who Was Nostradomus and Was He a Genuine Prophet?; How are UFOs Impacting Mankind?; What are UFOs?, and so forth. There is a good online order catalog featuring video and audio tapes and written transcripts, divided into the following categories: World Religions and Cults, Proofs for the Truth of Christianity, Social Issues, Prophecy, New Age Movement, Lectures by Dr. Ankerberg, The 1991 Apologetics Conference, Books, and the Anker Series.

Founded by Bob and Gretchen Passantino, AIA is an organization training Christians to adopt and promote a Christian world view in every area of life. The core of the Answers In Action ministry is a commitment to helping individuals find the truth and grow in Christian commitment and activism. Themes ranging from book reviews, non-Christian relgions and cults, apologetics, theology, Bible, and contemporary issues. Typical articles include, Battling for the Minds and Hearts of Our Children, Exposing Sin in Our Church, What About Halloween?, Magic: The Gathering, articles on moral relativism and euthanasia.

A substantial directory of internet links that includes sections on General Christianity, Apologetics, Theology, Other Religions and Cults, Satanism and Satanic Ritual Abuse, Bible Study, And... now for something different; Skeptical home Pages; More Sites of Interest to Christians; Links to Various Christian Traditions; and, a section for yet unclassified material. Recommended.

Answers in Genesis is a non-profit, evangelistic organization dedicated to spreading the truths of the book of Genesis through seminars, publications, and radio broadcasts. Additionally AIG endeavors to show that a false view of origins (i.e., evolution) is at the foundation of many of our social ills. A substantial number of scholarly articles from the AIG's Creation Magazine and Newsletter are available.

Hope for the Hurting. A ministry section of Berean Missionary Outreach, a cult awareness network based in the Reformed belief. This site comprises three main sections. The Main Menu provides a good selection of documents: Why bother?; History of Jehovah's Witnesses; Terms and Definitions; Overall View (Doctrine); the New World Translation; Deity of Jesus Christ; Trinity Doctrine; Salvation; Resurrection; Minor Doctrine; Date Setting; Helpful Ministries; Recommended Reading; Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses; and, Prophet of God? Downloads consists of larger documents in .zip compression format that may be downloaded: Information Please Database on Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses; a Cults Database; Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses Database; and, Scanned Copies of Watch Tower Literature. Also provided are links to other organizations that may be useful in research on cults, although not necessarily endorsed by BMO.

Answers to Tough Questions is one of many ministries of Radio Bible Class. RBC includes a growing supply of very reliable documents under the following subject arrangements at the time of our survey: Relationships (Confrontation); Personal Struggles (Security in Christ); Religion (Buddhism, Channeling, Christianity and Other Religions, Cults, Marian Apparitions, Near Death Experiences, New Age, UFOs); Future Events (The Body and Resurrection, Heaven, Hell, Near Death Experiences); God (Christ's Resurrection, The Deity of Christ, God's Forgiveness, Problem of Evil, Satan); The Church; The Bible (Canon of Scripture, Predestination/ Election, Reliability of the Bible, Sin). RBC has developed a reputation of being a highly reliable ministry. We highly recommend this set of resources.
Radio Bible Class:

A formidable list of apologetics resources, including documents and sites, located at the Undernet IRC #apologetics Channel WWW site.

The web site houses a major weekly publication available online by subscription, entitled "Apologia Report". Apologia Report serves professionals in religion (graduate/undergraduate educators, ministers, missionaries, journalists, media professionals, Christian bookstore managers, as well as students of Christianity and other religions). Apologia Report has been formed by three senior researchers formerly affiliated with the Christian Research Institute (CRI) of San Juan Capistrano, California. The first online edition of the publication was recently released by its evangelical publisher, a new non-profit organization known simply as Apologia. Apologia Report targets the wide spectrum of religious issues which have an impact on orthodox Christian faith. The report covers an extensive range of topics, including cults, the occult, world religions, aberrant theology, new religious movements, spiritual trends in modern culture, and general apologetics. Former CRI researchers Dr. Ron Rhodes and Paul Carden will also contribute to the publication, with the publication's editor, Rich Poll. Rhodes has authored several books on new religions and other topics related to apologetics, the defense of the faith. Carden directs an international apologetics-centered ministry network with outreaches to the former Soviet Union and Latin America. Poll sifts through the key tools religion professionals use to remain current in their fields of specialization as they relate to defending Christian faith. The annotated bibliographic format of Apologia Report provides summaries and reviews from many academic journals and popular periodicals, the online universe, books, broadcast media, software, CD-ROMs, unpublished monographs, and other news sources. Having written a similar research bulletin, FYI, for a private audience through the Christian Research Institute during the last decade, Poll's work is known to a number of professionals in Christian apologetics. -- Adapted from the announcement. Information regarding how to obtain sample issues is available on site. Other information online includes What's News, a section highlighting important events amidst the Christian apologetics community. Examples include announcments on the Lombard Defend the Faith Conference, the reopening and expansion of Paul Nanson's Apologia work to ApologiaNet, and Doug Groothuis' observations on Heaven's Gate. Information about the publisher is detailed in another section. Another section is devoted to the ARTALK Discussion list, noted in the Mail-based Services section of this guide. Having had the opportunity to work with Rich Poll for a number of years now, we very highly recommend Apologia.

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