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January 12, 1999
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3. World Wide Web Sites: BI-BN

A part of Chorus: An Eclectic Meta-Resource for Academic Educational Computing in the Humanities, Humanities Canada. This section, by Harry Hahne, includes sections on Bible Search Software, Bible Fonts for Windows, Scholarly Essays, Related Courses, and Selected Internet Resources.

A non-denominational, non-profit, nationwide Christian prison ministry. BBFI takes the Bible literally as what it is, the inspired Word of God. Its members firm belief that even the most hardened of criminals can be touched and changed forever by the power and love of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Bible Believers Fellowship provides United States prison chaplains with free Christian literature and videos that will assist them in reaching prisoners with the Holy Word of God. Among other things, they distribute Bibles, role model books, little Bible booklets, tracts, Christian videos, and their regular newsletter, The Good News Letter. They also provide free counseling and encouragement, not only for repentant convicts who want to turn from their past and live for Jesus (John 1:12-13 & 2 Corinthians 5:17), but also for new believers or backsliders who are struggling hard to understand the Bible and to live the Christian faith. BBFI is solely evangelical in nature and content, and does not engage in lobbying practices, politics, or inmate litigation. The web site provides an introductory letter, a doctrinal statement, information for those who may be interested in supporting the ministry, and a document detailing the ministry's distinctives. Also provided is a questions and answers document. There is a catalog of Christian materials that BBFI makes available to prisons (both English and Spanish languages), and statistical reports that detail how BBFI's documents and material is distributed. Also provided is testimony from inmates. Highly recommended.

If you want to know what kind of talent the Lord is putting together on the internet, check out Richard Goerwitz's work at this site. From Richard Goerwitz, an explanation about how The Bible Browser Connector Form works: "I don't know if you've ever, say, put a Bible study or sermon online, but what usually happens is that you get lots of references (e.g., Gen 1:1) scattered throughout the documents. The references are, of course, useful. And people like to know what passages you base assertions on. But often people don't have Bibles handy, and so the references can become useless, if not downright distracting. I solved this reference problem (i.e., the problem of"hanging" biblical references in online documents) by creating theConnector Form. The Connector Form lets you just type in the URL for a sermon or Bible study that's on the Web, and up will come a version of that sermon orBible study - with all of the biblical references hyperlinked. There are a lot of options that go with the Connector Form. What most people do is try it out on a document on their own Web site. Then, if they don't like the results they play with the options at the bottom of the form. Sometimes they even hand-edit the results. When they're done, they just replace the original with the enhanced version generated by the Connector Form.

Richard Goerwitz's unique ONLINE browser tools come in basic and advanced versions. They are easy to use and surprisingly fast. Simply put, "The Bible Browser is a simple, fast World-Wide Web front-end to a full-text biblical search/retrieval system called pBible. Put in more down-to-earth terms, the Bible Browser (and pBible) are cool Web-based tools for exploring the Bible in ways that just aren't possible with old-style printed texts."

Presented at this location is the original and most extensive collection of Bible text on the internet. The project, which was initiated at Calvin College, includes The New American Standard, The Revised Standard Version, The King James Version, The Darby Bible, and Young's Literal Translation, in English. German, Swedish, Latin, French, Spanish, and Philippine Tagalog languages are also represented. Excellent instructional information, an online search utility, and thoughtful organization all make this particular resource the standard Bible reference set.

An international, inter-denominational Scripture placement and church planting ministry founded in 1938. The Bible League's purpose is to provide Scriptures that bring people into the fellowship of Christ and His Church. Provided at this site are lead articles that detail specific events in areas of the world where the Bible League is Involved. The articles provide links to more information, including books that are available. By simply signing their guest book, readers can receive a copy of WORD POWER, an audio CD that contains 20+ true stories about the power of God's Word and the ministry of The Bible League around the world. Recommended.

Grace Alone. Faith Alone. Scripture Alone. Bible Lessons International was founed in 1976, by Dr. Bob Utley. Doctor Utley who has broadcast his Sunday School series on radio television. Dr. Utley, who holds degrees from East Texas Baptist College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, has also received education from Baylor University, and the Summer Institute of Linguistics. The web site provides information on how to purchase Bible Lessons International in audio, video and CD-ROM formats. The site is organized into General Information (which descibes the ministry, and provides more information about Dr. Utley. A Statement of Faith is also made available. A Sample Content section provides samples of some of the material that is offered for sale in the following Products Section. Products include the following: Sunday School Lessions in audio, including detailed written outlines (International Sunday School Lessons (Uniform); Life and Work; and, Bible Book) Bible Book Studies are available for Old and New Testament in audio/ video formats. Topical Sermons available in audio/ video formats. You Can Understand the Bible!, which is an audio/ video presentation of Dr. Utley's Bible Interpretation Seminar. Finally a Study Guide Commentary Series, also available in CD-ROM version, and a Commentary, Teachers Guide. Highly recommended.

Bible Literature Internatioanl is a nonprofit organization which began in 1923 in Columbus, Ohio. BLI's founder, Dr. Don Falkenberg, quit his job as a fish salesman to go into full-time ministry to enable people to have the Scriptures and experience God for themselves. ... After more than 70 years, the impact of BLI's work is evident around the world, with ministry experience in virtually every country except North Korea. In fact, in a typical year, BLI is involved in ministry in 60-80 countries! And it's always done with the same goal in mind: to help people find new life in Jesus Christ! - from About Bible Literature International. Current Projects are outlined for Asia, Europe, The Middle East, North America and South America, and Africa. The ministry also provides cogent cultural and ministry information as well as pictures in its Recent Trips section. The Word Around Us, a devotional, will eventually be made available at the web site, and e-mail and paper copy subscriptions also available by filling out the request page. Recommended.
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An excellent site fulfilling God's purpose by way of Bible translation, outreach, and news. There is some very straight forward information provided at this site that provides answers, encouragement and inspiration. Do not miss this wonderful site. In fact, may we recommend a bookmark. What's here? Take a look at a very good hypertext version of the Gospel of Mark from The Contemporary English Bible. Also included are sections: Big Words Explained, Who Wrote the Bible?, and more information on the CEV version. One Compelling Purpose of the Bible Society in Australia is to put a tranlation of the Bible into the language of the reader. The section called Mark's Top 10 includes the top 10 Bible stories from the Gospel of Mark. (Use the link at the bottom of each document to page through these Top 10.) Check out God's Answers! This is a exceptionally useful topical arrangement of Bible verses that very aptly minister to various problems in our lives as does another section, The You Factor. Hey, kids are also included! Review the Children's Report, this year focusing on Israel. And, kids can join God's Gang, the Bible Society's Children's Club. The Society also makes available its Bible-A-Month Newsletter, reported elsewhere in this guide. Another wonderful resource is the Society's cooperative project with Scripture Union entitled Bible Reading Plan. In addition to a chart of scheduled reading, there are descriptive information: A Reading Plan for You; and, How to Read Your Bible. Another important point addressed by BSA is addressed in the title of another section: Faith Comes by Hearing. Information is provided about the Society's Bible Listening Program through the use of audio cassettes. This very well developed site also includes FAQ sheets to address questions about the Bible. This site gets four stars in our NJB Guide. Also, check out these related sites:


BIBLE SOCIETY OF BRAZIL [Sociedade Biblica do Brasil] [new 1/99]
Includes versions of the website in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Bible Studies to Download or Print, by Pastor Todd Cook, of the Community Baptist Church, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Asked in outline form are basic questions with Scripture references. Topics include: Assurance of Salvation, Friendship, Heaven, Peace, and Salvation. There is also provided a main Bible message.

A very nicely organized site that provides detailed information. Following is list of contents: About Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped International; How Can a Blind person obtain a braille Bible?l What about the braille Bible in other languages?l How Can a Blind person obtain a Bible on Cassette?l How Can a Blind person obtain a Large Print Bible?; The Bible on Computer; When you meet a blind person; To Share Your Faith--Salvation Tracts; Braille Christian School Curriculum; Braille Hymnbooks, Sunday School Material, Bible Studies and Braille Lending Libraries; For the Blind Computer User; How to Order Braille Paper; How to get Your Christian Material put into Braille; Other Resources for the Blind--Adaptive Appliances; Other Sites of Interest to Christians; More Information; I Want to Know More About Jesus Christ; and, Information for the New Christian.

Subtitled, A Topical Annotated Bibliography of Works Containing Biblical Counsel for Persons Seeking Lasting Solutions to Life's Problems, these promotional pages still provide a substantial number of references.

BCA's goals are to help Christians overcome personal and interpersonal problems, to help heal and strengthen marriages, to help parents be successful in their childrearing efforts, to supply materials for discipleship training; and to supply materials for pastors, counselors, missionaries and other Christians who counsel. Provided are Question and Answer counselling articles (such as Counselling, Christians, and Christianity, and, Child Rearing -- Don't Just Take Anyone's Advice); and, Counselling pamphlets and articles (such as Jesus Was a Counselor, and, Marriage Roles in Biblical Balance). Forthcoming is an on-line version of Wendell E. Miller's book, Forgiveness: Power for Living. Also provided is distribution and sale information related to BCA publications. Personal counselling is not available from the BCA site.

The work presented at this site is dedicated to the study of eldership and the restoration of Biblical eldership to our churches, which includes: plurality of leadership, no clergy - laity division, and humble servant leadership. There are presently three sets of documents available, including: Apologetic on Biblical Leadership, by Bo Salisbury; In Search of Biblical Church Leadership, by Rebecca L. Brennan; and, Rediscovering the Past: Biblical Eldership i Light of Scriptures and History, by Patrick J. Brennan, and Rebecca L. Brennan. Highlighted also is a listing of publications of Alexander Strauch, an adherent to Biblical eldership. Readers may also join the Biblical Eldership Discussion Group by making a request by the e-mail connection provided.

University of Innsbruck, Austria. A free online bibliographic index documenting biblical and biblical-archaeological literature published in articles and monographs. Started as card-index file (1980-1984) the documentation is computerized since 1985. Currently it contains approximately 60,000 classified titles: about 30,000 titles out of 85 relevant and some 400 other periodicals; about 24,000 out of collected editions and Festschriften; the remaining titles are biblical monographs.

A Unique Perspective on the Future. A book that predicts a startling future for mankind in the new millenium fast approaching, that documents the supernatural appearance and deception of the Anti-Christ, that explains why the Anti-Christ will come from Lebanon, that details his astounding military conquests, that analyzes the incredible military crisis soon to strike Israel during the initial rise to power by the Antichrist, that examines the scriptural evidence proving that the cities of Babylon and Tyre will soon be rebuilt, that describes how he will inspire an age of peace, prosperity and religious deception, that explains all of these things will occur before the rapture ushers in a period of plagues and tribulation. - adapted from the main page. The complete book may be downloaded from the internet web site. Excerpts from the book are provided on web pages. Mr. Caw has provided some useful prophecy links to other internet web sites.

Sections at this site include Old and New Testament Studies, Theology, History, Theological Journals (Bibliotheca Sacra online, and Westminster Theological Journal to follow), and Pastoral Helps, supported by online search capabilities. A discussion area is provided for: Old Testament Issues/Questions, New Testament Issues/Questions, New Testament Textual Criticism Issues/Questions, Theological Issues/Questions, Dispensational Study Group, Lordship Salvation Debate, and, Read/Download articles.

Amongst the distinctive resources available to the internet community at large are three valuable internet guides prepared by the Biblical Theological Seminary Library: Patient Information on the Web, Medical Ethics on the Web, and an Internet Directory of Literacy and Adult Education Resources. Biblical Theological Seminary also hosts the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute (IBRI), a group of Christians who see a desperate need for men and women convinced of the complette reliability of the Bible who will get training both in Biblical studies and in some other academic discipline, and use this training to help other Christians deal with the many areas where non-Christian teaching is so dominant today. Linking information for IBRI is provided below.
IBRI Home Page:

... for the Brethren in Christ Church. An unofficial BIC page, with lots of information, being developed by Bob Bergey & Dwight Thomas. From the BicPage readers can find Basic BIC E-mail addresses, information about BIC Congregations on Line, BIC Mission Links, and a connection to Cedarville College is provided. There is information about/ on line connections to sister organizations... Mennonite, Church of the Brethren, Mennonite Brethren, and CM&A Churches. Links to Christian Colleges and Seminaries, and e-mail links to mission organizations are also made available. The BicPage also provides an on line connection to The Ranching Report: A Working Newsletter for Growing Churches (also described in the Newsletters/Journals section of this guide), and the BIC-L discussion list hosted at Cedarville College (reported in the Mail-based services section of this guide). BicNet also has provided an extensive geographical e-mail directory of personnel affiliated with the Brethren in Christ Church. Highly recommended.

At the time of our survey the theme for this page is, "A Christmas With the Grahams". Included under the section entitled "I Want to Follow Christ" find documents: Beginning Your Christian Life; Steps to Peace With God. A parallel section, entitled, "I Want to Rededicate My Life to Christ" include Robert Boyd Munger's My Heart, Christ's Home. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association also provides documents relating to Steps to Peace with God; and, FAQS (information about transformed lives, apologetics, etc.). There is a special program for giving to underpriviledged kids around the world, kown as Operation Chrismas Child. BGEA also offers free gifts, including a year's subscription to Decision Magazine, and a copy of the Living Bible, for the asking. Take time to stop by and visit Billy and Ruth Graham, and family, and friends.

The Center provides basic information about BGC's collections of primary sources documenting North American Protestant nondenominational evangelism and missions, with a special emphais on documents about Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The BGC Archives also includes sections on Documents in the Spotlight (which will include exhibits on church history themes as well as individual documents of interest); a glossary and other helpful background information for anyone interested in using our collections about Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. There is also a link to the home page of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; Transcripts of some of our oral history collections available through a connection to their gopher. Another connection to their gopher will make the text of several dozens of the guides to our individual collections available. There are detailed descriptions of services provided, such as inter-library loan procedures, preparing assignments for classes, loan of materials, off-site reference requests, etc. Pages are provided on special programs for home schooling families, local congregational archivists, and Wheaton College alumni. Various BGC Archives publications can be accessed, including the most recent issue of the BGC Archive newsletter. The archive provides links to other archives around the United States with material of related interest and to other archives on the campus of the Wheaton College.

Bringing Good News to the Nations. One of the best known and loved evangelists of current times, we are pleased to note the appearance of the main web site of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. There exists a substantial amount of information at this BGEA site, including Current Events (programming information, Billy Graham's current Prayer Letter, and most recent News release, current information on Billy Graham Crusades, and eventually audio messages and broadcast schedules). We Can Help, provides a BGEA FAQ relating to salvation and Christian faith. One can find detailed information about the organization's North American ministries (Carolinas Billy Graham Crusade Web Site; Recent Ministry in Review; information about Past Billy Graham Crusades, information relevant to related Schools of Evangelism as well as the Institute of Evangelism at Wheaton College), and International Ministries: provided is an introduction, and regional reports from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Central Independent States (former USSR), Europe, Latin America, and Oceana. Highlighted at the time of our survey is the television program, A Season for Peace. Decisions Magazine is represented (see the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide). Provided also are sections on Charitable Giving, World Wide Publications (Donald Grayson Ministries), World Wide Pictures (including a List of Available Films (twenty-one of them) as well as Classical Sermons made by Reverend Graham. There are a number of descriptive files under the section entitled About Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, including recent news, a mission statement and annual report; and, Biographies and Profiles of Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows, George Beverly Shay, Ralph Bell, Franklin Graham, John Wesley White, T.W. Wilson, Akbar Abdul-Haqq, and Robert Cunville. A photo archive and video library are forthcoming. Highly recommened.
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Biola offers an interesting faculty magazine entitled "Connections" (see section 7 of this Guide), and are in the process of staging the appearance of two more periodicals, "The Journal of Psychology and Theology", and "Sundoulous". An extensive bibliography of faculty publications is available under the Talbot School of Theology.

The Biotic Message: Evolution vs. Message Theory, by Walter ReMine. This is a promotional site for the book of the same title. An online discussion forum in in the works as well. "The Biotic Message is a science book on the creation-evolution controversy. It quotes frequently, if not exhaustively, and only from the author's opponents -- the evolutionists. It focuses keenly on all the literature of the anti-creationists, to address the issues they raise. The book engages evolutionists on their terms, on their issues, using their testimony, and their ground rules -- including the central role of testability within Science. The book focuses on the biological issues. It is not about age, geology, cosmology, floods, or catastrophes. It contains no theology or religious discussion. People on various sides of those issues can comfortably embrace this book. The book is lengthy and densely packed. It is not lite reading, it is for the serious student of the origins controversy. Though perhaps best described as a freshman-level college text, it has been enjoyed by highschool students and is suitable for public schools. A strong background in science is not necessary, as the book is tutorial in its approach. ..." -- from The Biotic Message -- What it is?

A project of Koinonia House, the Blue Letter Bible is a ministry to provide users access to a KJV Bible interlinked with Christian commentaries and reference tools. Presently the project has incorporated Naves Topical Bible, Vine's, Eastons, and the unabridged version of Matthew Henry's Commentary. Also on site s Dr. David Terasaka's article, Aspects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The site is supported with help and introductoy files, site update information, a mission statement, and links to other sites. Recommended.

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