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January 13, 1999
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5. World Wide Web Sites: CAR-CHRISTIAM

Last Harvest Ministries. LHM a national Christian organization dedicated to helping those hurting from their past. LHM serves people facing a crisis in their life, who need a friend in their time of need. LHM provides a referral listing of recovery support groups, recovery articles on key issues and info about Samaritan Springs, LHM's residential Christian retreat ranch. The NCN is LHM's outreach to recovery support groups. If you have been wounded by life, you may be afraid that someone is going to judge you! This page is a safe way to discover friends who care!. While others may have hurt you, LHM wants to show you God's love! Featured are sections on crisis pregnancy centers, shelter, adoption, a list of referrals, an on line pregnancy loss survey, the National Christian Network, Samaritan Springs, the referral program, training seminars, and LHM's newsletter.

A Network of Care for Women in Crisis. Care Net is a pro-life network of pregnancy care centers and churches, proclaiming the Gospel and providing practical help to women, men and unborn children threatened by abortion in the United States and Canada. The network aims to create the most accessible and effective abortion alternatives ministry ever known in North America. It trains pregnancy care center workers, church members, and individuals to participate in a network of practical care for women in unplanned pregnancies, a network that offers free pregnancy tests; birth, abstinence, and post-abortion counseling; housing; parenting classes; and help with financial, medical, and material needs. All services provided at Care Net centers are free and confidential. The site is constructed around several subjects: News, Board, Resources, Client Services, Director's Corner and Links. The Board Members section includes information on training, the Care Net Manuals, and the Care Conference. The Resources section includes information on how to obtain the Funding Raising Manual, a Training Without Draining manual, Women in Ramah (in Spanish), Pro-life Christmas cards, the Care Net Board manual, and FACES, Care Net's newsletter. The Client Services section includes information on and news about Care Net affiliates. Links include noteworthy pastoral ministries and organizations active in the pro-life cause, like Bethany Chrisian Services, the Family Research Network, Feminists for Life, PASS Pregancy Centers (IL), AAA Women's Services (TN), The American Life League, Crisis Pregancy Centers (TX, AZ, IN, CA, NH, and Manitoba), Presbyterians ProLife, and National Right to Life, amongst others.

Carman does have an official internet presence. Available at this popular recording artist's site are his Tour Schedule, a Facts About Carmon file, and sound bytes as well as downloadable full sound files for R.I.O.T., My Story, and No Monsters. As well, provided on site is an Internet Relay Chat.

Pointers to sources for nearly all internet accessible Catholic Documents and several for general Christian information. Extensive and very well organized.

CBInternational (founded in 1943), is a church-based world wide missionary sending movement. It is the international church planting arm of the Conservative Baptist Church in North America, and is headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois USA. CBInternational deploys an annual missionary force of over 850 short- and long-term missionaries serving the Church on five continents impacting over 60 countries. The ministry focus at CBInternational is the fulfillment of the Great Commission through the primary tasks of evangelizing the lost, establishing new churches and equipping national leadership. (Prior to 1994, CBInternational was known as CBFMS). Information about CBI's mission, vision, and strategic priorities are detailed at the site. An e-mail directory of CBI personal is provided. The organization's Impact Magazine is available, detailed elsewhere in this guide. CBI's Frontier Missions is represented, with information about their commitment to the 10/40 window, and is also represented in The Edge newsletter. There is a stewardship and giving program known as Mission Advance. The short term missions agency, Delta Ministries, a subsidiary of CBI, and available from this site.

A part of the vision of what the Center for Biblical Literacy is trying to accomplish is to provide a fully developed online degree program in Christian Thought. CBL's journal, O Theophilus, is online as well. The site is under construction. The course catalog is the VISION, not yet the reality. CBL will not be able to process student registrations for some time. But anyone is welcome to review the course "The Church & Popular Culture".
O Theophilus:

A well-organized site with both classical and contemporary documents. Subjects range from soteriology/Calvinism, Bible information, social and ethical issues, bibliography, and eschagology. Jonathan also keeps a set of good links to substantial Reformed locations on the internet.
Frames version:

" Seeking to awaken those who are asleep to mission, seeking to mobilise those who are awake to mission and seeking to support those who are moving in mission." Based in New Zealand, the Centre for Mission Direction was formed with the express purpose of providing information, resources and courses to raise mission awareness within churches in New Zealand, mobilise for mission involvement, especially frontier mission involvement, and act as a catalyst in encouraging new mission initiatives and developments. CMD provides a wealth of mission related information. The reader finds detaile outlines of programs being offered by the Centre include Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, a course developed at the US Center for World Missions; the Destination 2000 Mission Awareness Course developed by Bob Sjogren of Frontiers Associates, and Catch the Vision, a courts based on Bill and Amy Stearns book. Also provided is sample information from CMD's monthly missions newsletter, Missions Direction, described in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide. Another serice, CMDNetis CMD's electronic networking acility, intended to spead relevant missions information/ resources to New Zealand, Australia, Asia and beyond. The latest CMDNet Weekly update is available on line, and reported in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide. CMD provides a superlative list of mission related books and of mission related videos. Books fall under categories: New, biography, Bible translation, Church planting and growth, cities and the poor, conflict resolution, culture, development, Evangelical Missiological Society series, Islam, Latin America, local church and missions, MARC/ World Vision titles, missiology and the theology of missions, mission awareness, pastoral care, prayer and missions, preparation for service, raising support, research and missions, 1040 Window, tentmaking, training, and World Evangelism Fellowship! The video list presently includes works from Christian Broadcasting Network, CREATE International, Institute of Chinese Studies, International Students, Inc., True Colour Productions, PROCLA Media Productions, and the US Center for World Missions! Also find a sample issue of 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus' bimontly newsletter (see the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide for more information). We also found two excellent directory resources: New Zealand Mission Agencies Contact List and CMD's Web Missions Resource List. More sections of information available on site include: Ministry Distinctives, Administration, Associated Ministries, and Other Information. Very highly recommended.

El Centro de Estudios de la Reforma (CER), de caracter interdenominacional, tiene como objetivos: 1.Mirar al PASADO: Para recuperar la memoria histórica de la presencia de la Biblia y de los evangélicos en España. 2.Mirar al PRESENTE: Para cuantificar, analizar y exponer el crecimiento de las Iglesias Evangélicas en el conjunto de España y en cada una de sus comunidades. 3.Mirar al FUTURO: Para identificar las necesidades misioneras del mundo y las prioridades de nuestra responsabilidad. Para ello colabora con Seminarios Teológicos, Institutos Bíblicos, Educación Religiosa Evangélica e Iglesias locales en la investigación, preparación y desarrollo de actividades, cursos y materiales relacionados con la historia de los protestantes españoles y sus relaciones con el protestantismo en todo el mundo. CER is an association devoted to promote the knowledge of the history of protestantism in Spain. It's an interdemoninational group, sharing common objectives, and oriented to classical Christianity. The site consists of the extensive data, headed by these main sections: Agenda, Bibliografía, Chronología, Directorio, Enciclopedia, Otras Páginas de Interés.
Enciclopedia del protestantismo español:
Cronología de la Reforma en España:

Chalcedon is a Christian educational organization devoted exclusively to research, publishing, and to cogent communication of a distinctively Christian scholarship to the world at large. The foundation makes available a variety of services and programs, all geared to the needs of interested ministers, scholars and laymen who understand the propositions that Jesus Christ speaks to the mind as well as the heart, and that His claims extend beyond the narrow confines of the various institutional churches. The foundation exists in order to support the efforts of all orthodox denominations and churches. Chalcedon derives its name from the great ecclesiastical Council of Chalcedon (A.D. 451), which produced the crucial Christological definition... - adapted from "The Ministry of Chalcedon". This site provides descriptive documents including, The Ministry of Chalcedon, and an Introductory Letter describing the work and publications of Chalcedon. Contents pages and order information are provided for the Journal of Christian Reconstruction. Also provided is the Reconstructionalist Creed, a bibliography of the Works of R. J. Rushdooney, and Itineraries of Chalcedon scholars. Also on line is a section of excerpts from Systematic Theology, by R. J. Rushdooney, and numerous articles by Andrew Sandlin. A section providing articles from the Chalcedon Report is described in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide.

Campus Crusade for Christ, Planned Giving Strategy. On these pages is an insight into how you can be a better steward with the resources that God has given you. Sections include: What the Bible Says; What Are the Opportunities and Benefits; How to Capture and Redirect Your Social Capital, and, Learn About Nobel Prize Winning Investment Planning.

Crianças do Brasil para Cristo. CBC Rescue... A Child, Build a Future. Channel to Brazil for Chirst is a non denominal organization working with children at risk of becoming street children in Fortaleza Brazil. The emphasis of the ministry is education and Christian training. Believing that no child should ever have to live or earn a living on the streets CBC offers an after school program including, music, drama, Christian living studies, sports, tutoring, english as a second language, typing skills, and computer training. Rescue a child, build a future. CBC provides information concerning the mission, how visitors may help support these worthy projects, including prayer support and financial support, and a monthly newsletter, described in the Newsletters/ journals section of this guide.

"Many Christians want to witness but are too shy or just don't know how. If that's you, Chick tracts can help start a soul-winning ministry...and it's so easy! If you are shy, just leave them wherever you go. As you get bolder, hand them to people. You'll find they simply cannot resist Chick cartoon tracts. You don't need theological training to witness effectively. All you need is a supply of Chick tracts." This sit provides a catalog of Chick publications available for sale. Tracts, available in a number of languages, and listed and include descriptive information and excerpts. Topics range from Bible versions to evolution, aids, rock music, cult awareness, simple apologetics, Christian growth, and help for teens.


Associated with Campus Crusade for Christ. There is nothing more influential or more detrimental in a child's life than the power of a quiet example. Moral and character education (the training of spirit and mind toward good) involves many things. "It involves rules and precepts - the do's and don't's of life with others - as well as explicit instruction, exhortation, and training. Moral character education must provide training in good habits. Aristotle wrote that good habits formed at youth make all the difference. And moral and character education must affirm the central importance of example." William Bennett, "Virtue Man," Christianity Today, Sept. 13, 1993, p. 31. For children to take morality and character development seriously, they need a significant adult in their life who takes morality and character seriously. They need to see adults live out character traits and experience their choosing morality seriously. Theordore Roosevelt once said: "To educate a child in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." Who will teach the children Character?

Available from The Gospel Communications Network.

A resource provided on line by Guiding Light Video, Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Guiding Light Video markets Children's Christian Videos, featuring Gerbert as seen on the Christian Network. Entertainment kids love....Biblical values parents applaud. Give Young Hearts an Enthusiasm for the Bible that will last a lifetime. You are invited to come shop their secure on-line catalog.

Since 1977, the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ has been shared with boys and girls throughout the world using recorded telephone messages, free Bible lessons in the mail and colorful tracts designed especially for children. There is a Fair Ministry program, involving the use of special telephones taken to state and county fairs where boys and girls may listen to a short Gospel message and then sign up for free Bible lessons in the mail. Sketch Board is a colorful Gospel presentations using a sketch board and paints to share Christ with children in an open air environment in the inner city. Also Childrens Telephone Ministry had developed workshops for train believers to share the love of God with children are taught in churches. Provided on line is a section on The Gospel, a very simple theology for kids. One may sign up for Free bible lessons through postal mail. The Listen to This section provides a number of audio files in .WAV format. A Pictures section provides word pictures which include a biography of Ed Swehla, the founder of Childrens Telephone Ministry, testimony that is affiliated with the ministry, and the ubiquitous list of links. Mr. Swhla also provides downloadable software in the form of address database software and a Bible quiz program as well as information on other software packages. The Children's Telephone Ministry is an extension of the Evangelistic Association of New England.

Presently presenting information on the Chinese Congress on World Evangelism (CCOW). Information is presently available in Chinese Script via image file presentation. An English language presentation of this site is planned.

Information about the CCOW, provided by China Alliance Press. At the time of our survey, the information available is presented in Chinese Script by way of image files.
China Alliance Press (Canada):

Formerly "Ariel Ministries", this is an evangelical Christian organization directed by Mitch Glaser, devoted to bringing the gospel to the Jewish people. The web page presents Chosen People Ministries' burden for establishing outreach in the 11 key countries which are home to more than 94% of the Jewish people. Chosen People Ministries currently has staff in seven countries: United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Israel, and Ukraine. The information provided is generally useful. The ministry provides help for witnessing, as well as for understanding more fully the texts of Old Testament Messianic Prophecies: Genesis 3:1-16, 12:1-3, 49:10; 2 Samuel 7:12-13; Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7 (9:5-6 Heb.), 53; Micah 5:2 (5:1 Heb.); Deuteronomy 18:15; Zechariah 9:9, 12:10; and, Psalm 22. Provided are network connections to YASHAnet's extensive library, and an extensive listing of on line Messianic connections compiled by the Shuvee Messianic Congregation (Melbourne, Florida). There is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, which provides answers to seven key questions, as well as printed materials which can be ordered online.

Christ Covenant Reformed is providing a sermon series on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Other Bible expositions cover Romans, Isaiah, and Revelation. Presently there are over 40 sermons available, and Christ Covenant Reformed provides a weekly e-mail service for their sermons as well. See the Mail-based Services section of this guide, or subscribe at the web site.

" Reaching The Nations with the message of Christ's Redeeming Love and Grace." Christ to the Nations is working in Lithuania, The Philippines, Cuba and the USA. Their biggest need is new committed missionaries. Their mission is supporting many churches all over the world. The mission also has a support program, "Bless The Children", for the poorest children in Lithuania (400 children are in the program already). Information on line includes a specialized search utility to search Christian Research Institute Journal and Newsletters articles. Available is a list of staff members and a list of their mission churches. Lithuanian text files are available in compressed (.zip) form, and software utilities are also available for downloading. Included are The Gospel by John, Texts of Songs and Hymnals (both Lithuanian and English), Texts of more Songs (only in Lithuanian); Bible answers, by Dr. David L. Ralston (only in Lithuanian); Gospel by John studies, by Dr. David L. Ralston (only in Lithuanian); Personal testimonies about salvation (used in Bible studies by post), Different tracts from the Bible, and Picture files on a Bible topics. Also available is the on-line version of Christ to the Nations Newsletter.

Files from Practical Christian Life subscriber list's "Library", categorized by subject and author. Files include administration, creeds, issues, origins, prayers, predestination (Calvinism), and the Trinity. There are other important files at this well web established site as well.

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