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October 10, 1997
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11. World Wide Web Sites: EH-FAL

In addition to typical information found on Christian college web sites, the reader will find three distinctive and valuable additions to the internet from Emmaus Bible College. The include The Emmaus Journal (mentioned in the newsletters and journals section of this guide), an extensive set of cogent topical devotionals for growing Christians by David Reid (Be patient for these pages to upload; there's a lot here.), and The Emmaus Correspondence School.

An Educational Resource in Cross-Cultural Ministry -- The Field is the World. EMI's goal is to see the Church alive with a vibrant cross-cultural outreach ministry. It's focus is to help mobilize cross-cultural outreach in your church, to help train your cross-cultural teams (its ministry embracing both servers and to senders), and to network your teams with ministries on every continent who are asking for help. ERI provides publications, training videos and tapes, seminars, and short-term mission opportunities. More information about these activities is on site. Publications available in paper copy also includes several periodicals. On-line order capability provided. Highly recommended.

"In about 1770, American colonists formed Committees of Correspondence to keep each other informed of events affecting their hopes for independence. We want to see the Internet serve just such a purpose, equipping Americans, and persons of goodwill in other countries, to resist the advance of totalitarianism in all its forms. We also hope to share what our faith means on a personal level. After all, there can't be a righteous nation without righteous individual citizens." -- Mary and Joseph Ravitts, Empowered For Freedom. This ministry provides source materials (The Great Either-Or), including files relating to: The Resurgene of Marxism; the Decay of Education; Fallacies of "Global" Thinking; Misuses of the Bible; Christians Themselves Being Deceived; The Attempt to Make God Female; and, Getting More Alert to Evildoers in Power. Personal testimony by Mary Ravitts includes concerns involving the importance of Christian activism, the curbing of runaway promiscuity, and a general lack of willingness to receive guidance from God. Personal testimony from Joseph Ravitts includes a short biography, and the following files: The Facts (A Leap in the Dark? No, a Leap Toward the Light); Belief System (It's All the Same -- Not!); Moral Validity (The Response to Criticisms of God and His Worshippers); The Promises (The Value of Hope); Personal Conduct (Bear Fruit That Befits Repentence!); Miscellaneous Musings; and, Space Aliens (The Cornelius Principle). Empowered For Christ also provides an online newsletter, described in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide. Highly Recommended.

Specializes in the bestselling books by today's most inspiring authors. Access to thousands of titles. Encouraging Words can take orders online without transmitting credit card information over the internet.

One can get a sense of identity, and encouragement, by checking out these pages! What we find at Enjoy Life and Praise Him! is a comment on the things that make a Christian mother... well... a Christian mother. Let's face it. You moms out there have at one time supported Welsh Corgi, cats, rats, chickens, bunnies and fish. Right? Check out the list, enjoy the links, and see if you have one or more of these as a pet. If you do, you've been blessed by a facet of the Lord's expansive creative ability. (And, maybe your kids would appreciate this site too.) Also find a thoughtful treatise on Homemaking and Mothering. The way our society functions today, perhaps homemaking is undervalued. Whatever a mother's role in society today, mothers gain the respect that comes with a lifetime's devotion to their family. Other aspects of a mother's life include gardening, crafts, eating chocolate, and rollerblading! And, if that's not enough, and you're the proprietor of web pages, check out the little links at the bottom of almost every page for doodads that you can use to spice up your own web page. Recommended.

Proclaiming the Gospel, Producing Disciples, Preparing Workers, Planting Churches. The section for Newsletters and Articles announces the Church's forthcoming newsletter. Two articles are available at the time of our survey: On the Road to Revival, and, What Are the Distinctive Marks of a True Work of the Spirit of God?, by Pastor Barry L. Wissler. There is also another document being written by Edward Hersh, a staff member at Millersville College, and webservant for the Church home page, under the banner of John 3:16,17. A part of Ed's biographical notes say this: "God may not have given me the miracle of sight, but he has performed many other miracles in my life. As a matter of fact, the ability God gives me each day to get up in the morning and face another day of living with a serious sight limitaion, is far greater a miracle than if he would restore my eyes with sight. There is simply no way to overcome adversity without having adverse situations to overcome. Trials and tribulations are sometimes the only means to a healthier dependence on God."

Purposes to enagle Episcopalians to be more knowledgable, active and effective in fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Information includes: New Wineskins for Global Missions; Mission Awareness Seminars; ReachOut Bulletin/ Prayer Calendar; Workshop/ Videos; Missions Clearinghouse (sites at Episcopalian.Org); Introductory Course in World Missions; Missionary Council; and Tentmakers.

The front door for Episcopal/ Anglican ministries working in evangelism, world mission and church planting. The organization, developed jointly by the South African Missionary Society and Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry represents a conservative return to traditional Episcopalian/ Anglican worship. This site emmerges from an immense effort to include Church Home Pages; News and Events; Anglican and Episcopal Dioceses; Editorials and Columns; Organizations on Episcopal.Org; Items of Current Interest; Anglican/ Episcopal Links; and Ecumenical and Other Links. Organizations represented at this site include: The American Anglican Council; Anglican Frontier Missions; Bible Reading Fellowship; The Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Inc.; Church Army USA; Episcopal Church Missionary Community (ECMC); El Hogar; Episcopalians United; The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion USA, The National Organization of Episcopalians for Life; North American Missionary Society; The Prayer Book Society; Rock the World Youth Mission Alliance; South American Missionary Society USA (SAMS); SAMS Short Term Missions; South American Missionary Society Great Britain; Sharing Ministries Abroad (SOMA); The Emerging Church Network; Concerned Clergy and Laity of the Episcopal church (CCLEC); Trinity Episcopal Extension Ministries; The Evangelical Catholic; United Voice; and, Episcopalians United.

The Great Commission. Be Equipped for Christian Life! Equipping the Saints is a step-by-step program designed to train and equip lay people to do the work of ministry. A four-volume text set containing 16 lessons per volume, this work has been field-tested and revised by David L. Dawson who has been active in discipling as a veteran missionary leader and staff member of The Navigators for over 34 years. Sections on the web site include Training and Application, Bearing Fruit, Spiritual Multiplication, Content of the Course, information about the director, and testimonials by users. Prices and an order form is provided.

Bible studies in the Spanish language, provided by Dennis Allan and Gary Fisher.

EPM is a nonprofit ministry devoted to teaching biblical truth and morality and drawing attention to the needs of the unpeople for whom Christ died -- unreached, unfed, unborn, uneducated and unsupported, including women exploited by abortion. Material available from the web site includes: descriptive information about Randy's novels, Dominion and Deadline; Scene from Randy's new book Dominion; Euthanasia: Mercy or Murder?; Denying the Holocaust (from EPM's upcoming newsletter). EPM offers an exciting approach in Christian novels which we think is a very good one.

A hypertext article, by Ken McMullen at St. Charles City-County Library District, MO, published in Atlantis Reference Review, a publication of the American Theological Library Association.
ATLA Home Page:

A Developing Fellowship of European Prayer Networks. The European Prayer Link represents the Prayer Track of Hope for Europe (HFE) and the AD2000 and Beyond Movement in Europe and the CIS. EPL purposes to encourage prayer in and through the church for repentance, reconciliation and revival leading to reformation of society (the 4 R's); to listen and learn from God as to His will for Europe and to communicate that back to the church to encourage prayer and intercession, to provide a forum for sharing, encouraging and informing one another about prayer needs, initiatives, models and direction; to foster cooperation and coordination between European prayer ministries, networks and the church to see raised up a prayer army and prayer movements; and to support initiatives of prayer actions where God is directing.

Página Evangélica de Chile. A BBS Service for Christian churches in Chile. EVANGEL also provides internet connectivity at mail only or web level. Their BBS has been operating since July 1994 and has almost 50 people, churches, and organisations as users. At the time of our survey, the web site is undergoing extensive development.

If It Happens in Christian Publishing, You'll Find It Here. Visit members, get the latest news, view job openings. Submit your book proposal online for publishers' review. Search the database of hundreds of books. Learn about international translation rights.

Encouraging Evangelicals to Make a Positive Difference Under Christ. Convictions of the EMU are based upon the Biblical witness, the Apostolic gospel, the Trinitarian faith, the Reformation doctrines, and the Evangelical origins of the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist churches, such convictions being held within the parameters of the Basis of Union. It's stated purpose is to Preserve the unity of the Uniting Church, Provide a fellowship of support and encouragement for evangelical believers, enabling them to continue within the life of the Synod, Provide a fellowship which works for justice and respect for evangelical believers, encouraging them to make a distinctive, vital and faithful contribution to the church, and Encourage and nurture that evangelical faith upon which the Uniting Church is founded. The web site provides a doctrinal statement and constitution. It will feature studies on a number of difficult issues that face the Church today. Included at the time of our survey were a number of informative reviews on the Church's approach to homosexual behavior. The writing is lucid, thorough, and easily understood.

A directory of over 70 mission agencies and Bible colleges which are members of the Evangelical Missionary Alliance, New South Wales (includes some members of Missions Interlink not operating in NSW), provided by the Sydney Centre for World Missions. Contact information includes address, telephone, e-mail, and web connectons when available.
Sydney Centre for World Missions:

Ex-Mormon, Mark Champneys, provides insight into how Mormons view evangelical Christians, and provides a Biblical response.

A Christian referral and reource network that purposes to proclaim that freedom from homosexuality is possible through repentance and faith in Christ. Available are a list of conference audio tapes, and articles by the heads of Exodus International.

Presented is a summary of Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King, LifeWay Press, Nashville, Tennessee. This presentation includes the Seven Realities of Experiencing God, verses to memorize, and outlines. This text is provided on the internet by courtesy of the Southwest Chinese Baptist Church. There is also an Experiencing God conference, detailed in the Mail Based Services section of this Guide.
Online Conference:

Pastor Ralph H. Flynn. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house." - Acts 16:31. Being provided on the network site are studies by pastor Flynn, including: What is Salvation?; How Long Does Salvation Last?; Unto What Has God Saved Us?; What the Bible Says About Baptism; We Must Learn to Study God's Word; Let's Study a Book; Now That I'm Saved, Where Should I Go to Church?; Witnessing for Christ: The Need of the World; The Principles of Prayer; The Matter of Scriptural Giving; What is My Relationship to the World and Worldly Things?; From Whom Must I Separate Myself in These Latter Days?. Other sections available on site include: a Guest Book, Pastor's Link Page, Questions of Life, and 1996 in Review.
OBP Webmaster Home Page:

Know Him... Serve Him... Make Him Known. Faith Covenant Church is a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Information provided by Faith Covenant Church includes Goals (Faith Covenant Church Challenge 2000 Goals: Living Our Vision); Ministries (local ministries, affiliation with the Evangelical Covenant Church, and North Park College and Theological Seminary); Staff, People, and Youth. The Youth Section includes information on SWAMP (Students with a Mighty Purpose), and CHIC (Covenant High in Christ). The Messanger (reported in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide) is Faith Covenant's monthly newsletter. The on line archive begins with the May 1996 issue of The Messanger.

There is information provided about the church and documents describing who Lutherans are and what Lutherans believe, as well as a list of events and projects. Also provided is local information about Ventura County and nearby communities. Faith Lutheran Church also provides a weekly Bible Reading Guide, containing comments and notes from Pastor James Nelesen.

THE FALLIS FILES [new 10/96]
This morning, the sun came up in Papua New Guinea just as it has for hundreds of years: blazing over the ocean near the islands; darting through the gaps in the trees and leaves and vines of the Sepik River jungles; creeping over ridge after ridge after ridge in the Highlands. Tomorrow it will do the same. Thousands of tribal people live on those islands, in those jungles, below those ridges, and life seems to change little there. Many still live in darkness. Almost 2,000 years after Jesus Christ gave His life that all who call on His name may be saved, nearly 2,000 years after He told His followers to make disciples of all nations, many of these tribes have never heard the gospel. -- Ian Fallis, The Fallis Files. You may wish to consider a career in international missions, and maybe you need some answers. Or you may have already decided that The Great Commission is crucial to life and wish to be more closely involved in seeing that hope more fully realized personally. There's a good chance that you'll find answers for both at this site. The Fallis' provide information about one of most dedicated mission organizations, New Tribes Missions, and about Papua New Guinea -- the needs for help, the geography, an overview of religious practices, language, economy, and health needs amongst the people of PNG. Provided are answers about who the Fallis family is, and why they are committed missionary elects to PNG. Reading the News Updates and Travelogues provides valuable insights into the process of deputation, visiting various churches and groups: work necessary to attain the funding necessary to live overseas, fellowship through sharing the hope of salvation, ministry to fellow Church members. Why should I care? Provided are the Scripture imperatives. How can I help? Find an up-to-date prayer request. Or, if you have it on your heart to give (or would like to have an idea regarding the expenses that missionaries face) review the documents that detail logistical needs and support level needs that are required. We opened this brief report with a quote from Ian Fallis, NTM missionary elect. The sunrises in this part of the world are truely awesome. Against this backdrop outshines the love and endurance of a faithful God sharing His wish upon the hearts of His servants. Highly recommended.

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