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October 10, 1997
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15. World Wide Web Sites: GRAM-H

Featured at this site are the Institute's software, modules, and development news. GRAMCORD for Windows, Library Master (a bibliographic and textual database manager for Windows), and Accordance/GRAMCORD for the Macintosh operating environment are included, as well as downloadable demos. As a member of the networking community, the Institute has also provided web indexes for the B-Greek discussion list digest, and the B-Hebrew discussion list digests emanating from the University of Virgina, and promises an on-line search utility as well. There are also a number of links to web sites that would interest students in the development of online databases and text research.
B-Greek Archive:
B-Hebrew Archive:

GCCU is a group of Christian people (students and staff) who gather together to learn about learn about God, to build their relationship with Him, to pray for all who work and study in the College, to encourage each other and to spread the Word about God's saving grace and truth. - from the introduction. Provided on line is information about the Union's beliefs, work and contact information. There will eventually be place informal Bible studies. The Union is located in Grantham, Lincolnchire, England.

Great Christian Books began in 1970 as a Puritan Reformed discount store. It now offers 15,000 titles (at discount for a nominal membership fee), including a substantial store of 6,000 homeschool titles. Our hats are off to GCB's survey of links to network homeschool sites, including the Home Education Radio Network; Amanda Bennet's Unit Study; Homeschool Guide to the Online World; CIN's Homeschool Forum; Prodigy's Homeschooling Information Center; and, Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal. This is an excellent site.

New Media Commuications. Developed by Dale Lature. In a word, it is a place where exploring goes on. Dale's own studies on Theological Implications of the Internet are offered in progress, and a sizeable number of links to related sites are given, as well as experimentation in online hypertext relating of his personal journey from a theological perspective. To be a community in this new media age, we need to recover the idea that the church can be and provide one of those places which Oldenburg calls a "third place"?in his book, "A Great Good Place". In a world where electronic communication has thus far aided to reduce the number of these "third places", we may see in online, Computer Mediated Communications a chance to pull the elements of community back together, and draw us closer together. Here we might re-learn the value and the wonder of the riches we have to offer one another, and provide a place where we can discover that there is indeed much to "encounter"?in the space where two or more are gathered. May we recommend the vision: a "Great Good Place". Be a part of what's being done to develop Community here on the internet.

Simplified Prophecy for the Last Days. This site features selections from Jim Searcy's book of the same title, based on a historical premillenial view. You will likely find the 20 questions and answers on line provocative reading. Topics include: How to identify the Antichrist?; Abomination of Desolation -- 1997?; What is the New World Order Religious System of the Antichrist which began in 1993?; What do the Bible Prophets tell us to look for in 1996 & 1997?; What is the proof that we are in the middle of the final 7 years and what should we be doing to prepare for the 42 months of Great Tribulation?; Who is Yeshua?; What is the danger of failing to support the altar and morning and evening oblation that the Jews will soon begin on the temple mount?; Has God given a Battle Plan for His people in their war with the Antichrist?; Who is the god of Freemasonry?; Where is the Ark of the Covenant and why is itimportant?; How do you tell true prophets from false prophets?; Encouragement that everything is going to be all right.; Yeshua is salvation. What it means.; How is a right understanding of Israel central to understanding true Christianity, Judaism, the Great Tribulation, and Bible Prophecy?; Just for fishermen?; Tongues?; Trinity?; Mormons?; Messianic Prophecy?; and, 31 Days of Scriptural Prayer for Israel? Also provided is information about how to get the book, and how to contact Mr. Searcy. Recommended.

GreatWorld features The King James Version of the Bible, The Constitution of the United States, The Declaration of Independence, and soon to be made available International Child Molester Database, and, Online Helping Hand Database. The network is the home of Christian Educators' Association International, Mantle Ministries, Self Test Software, and Family Friendly Website Information. Great World Computer Services provides free services to pro-family, pro-life, Christian pro-education, and pro-Christian groups. Some services include web site hosting, electronic mailing lists (listservs), email accounts and services, email auto-responders, and web consulting services. Although they don't create web pages they will point their clients to free resources which can be used to easily design and create your own web pages.

A family oriented Christian ministry. GGWO preaches the Gospel and the whole counsel of God from a Finished Work perspective. It's a Christ-centered church that believes and practices the cardinal doctrines of the faith. Through a diverse array of ministries GGWO seeks to help reach many, with over 100 churches planted worldwide, including Asia, Africa, North, Central and South America, and Europe. You will find on this site recordings of GGWO's call-in talk format radio program, Grace Hour. Conference and seminar announcements are posted, and Faith Thoughts Daily Devotional is available. A missions oriented church.
Site Table:

This site is presently under construction, but contains the beginnings a Directory of Greek Orthodox Parishes in North and South America, and will contain Archdiocesan Departments and related information.

Greg's W3 location is presented in the following sections. Hynmsite includes MIDI, Finale, QuickTime and Text files of Hymn arrangements. The Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers (CFAMC) is now online! The Choral archives includes Midi, Finale, and QuickTime files for the full text of Handel's Messiah, and transcriptions of anonymous Madrigals. "Scheer" includes Greg's web pages, ready to print praise songs, a new html version of "Cruel Inventions: a study of artistic restrictions in CCM"; "Amy Chords" a new way of playing Elton John; the GS Memorial Electronic Performance Contest; the history of the Swanee Weather Bureau; and, lots of other info and compositions.

ICLnet's early Church history guide brings together a number of documents with brief commentary. The guide is divided into the following categories: New Testament Canonical Information; Writings of the Apostolic Fathers; Patristic Texts; Creeds and Canons; Later Documents; Related Documents; Miscellaneous; Texts; and, Related Internet Sites.

Provided by Andrew Blamey Architects, located in Australia, the guidelines have been prepared as a service to Christian churches. They will enable them to more accurately determine their needs when considering the construction of new buildings or alterations to existing buildings. They also introduce in a non-technical way, basic concepts of 'Master Planning' and an understanding of looking beyond immediate short term needs. -- from the introductory information.

An "Answers to Catholic Answers" section is under development. Includes links to the Jesus Witnesses' archive, and to Steve Ertelt's Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List. Presently under construction.

1 Samuel 2:1-11 offers a prayer of song to the Lord by a woman named Hannah after the birth of her son, Samuel. She wondered if she was ever to have a child, so this unexpected blessing brought her great joy. Her ultimate source of joy was not in the child however, but in God who answered her prayer. This web site has a similar purpose in praising God. Also available at this site is the All Roads to Calvary sermon series:
Sermon Series:

Affiliated with the Independent Fundamental Churches of America, Harmony Bible Church. Following is a brief description of information provided at their WWW site. Included are descriptive files such as: What is a Bible Church?; doctrinal information supported by Harmony Bible Church; information about the Independent Fundamental Churches of America (a connection to the site is provided). Find also a number of posts from Missionary Emeritus Don Sraill, including the title, The Verification of the Historicity of the Bible Through Archaelogy. A Bible Studies and Surveys section is being developed.

Harvest Online is the networking ministry of Harvest Christian Fellowship, headed by senior Pastor Greg Laurie. Pastor Laurie began his ministry at age 19 by leading a Bible study of 30 people. Today, that small group has grown into a church of some 12,000 people. In 1989, Chuck Smith, pastor of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, asked Laurie to resume conducting a Monday night Bible study at his church, the largest church in California. Soon, some 2,500 people were attending this weekly gathering. Out of this movement, more than 90,000 people attended the first Harvest Crusade at Costa Mesa's Pacific Amphitheater. More information about Pastor Laurie can be found at this site, including his books, his Foundations for Living series, and monthly newsletter. On line visitors can locate information about the Harvest Crusades, including the a schedule, press releases, and sound clips. Tools for the Harves: Resources for Spiritual Growth is a section that contains information about available books, video, music and audio tapes. Docuents entitled Finding the Right Church, How do I Share My Faith?, a Foundations for Living sermon notes series are provided. A budding Harvest topical Bible Studies includes files like Good News and Bad News, No Excuses, Bridging the Gap, Justification by Faith, and Victorious Living. Another series of sermon notes highlighted at this site is Foundations of Our Faith. Be sure to visit Harvest Online. Learn more about A New Beginning, HFC's radio program, and other Harvest Christian Fellowship ministries. Recommended.

Hatkott Ministries provides Christian conciliation to settle disputes according to Biblical principles. Also provided is Christian career counseling to assist individuals in finding God's plan for their lifes's work. Find out about enrolling in the ministry's Isaiah Bible Healing School correspondence courses (regular or advanced) at very reasonable prices. (Diplomas are available.) The emphasis is on learning the basic principles of biblical healing and applying them to yourself and to others. Bible Healing School Topics include: Chronic pain and Fatigue; Anxiety; Bitterness and Unforgiveness; Anger; Grief and Loss; Heart disease and Cancer; Hypertension; Irritable bowel syndrome; Meaningless and Life direction; Sleep disorders; Depression; Addictions; Migraines; Arthritis and Joint pain; and many more.

If you've not been to the Fountainview Faith Assembly Church in Ft. Myers, Florida, then perhaps you have visited the Peace Baptist Church, or the Buffalo Bible Institute, Houghton College or Grace Theological Seminary. Maybe you've met Paster William Campbell and his wife, Janice, in your travels. If you've not met them, then maybe you've met their kids at Cedarville College, Wright State University, Liberty University, Newbury College or elsewhere. Now you can meet them on the internet. There's another place to visit too. As Pastor Campbell says, "The first best place to visit is Heaven." May Heaven be our first and foremost destination. Until then, bookmark The Hearald and Tacker Page, and make it a point to stop by and visit.

A Division of Southwest Radio Church. Publications being offered for sale on line are: The Man Who Would Be GOG, by y Scot Overbey; Who's Watching The Playpen?, by David Benoit; and, Petra In History & Prophecy, by N.W. Hutchings.

A non-demoninational Charitable trust organisation from Wales, dedicated to providing the Christian community worldwide with Reformed, Puritan, Calvinistic, Conservative, Evangelical Gospel literature. There is much to be seen at this site. Books offered for the month are carefully described and are exemplified by Sketches of Church History, by S.M. Houghton; David Brainerd, by John Thornberry; The Beatitudes Today, by John Blanchard; and, Look to the Rock, by Alec Motyer. An archive of descriptive digests for past selections is on site. Books available for purchase fall under the following categories: Religious Experience in Wales, Revival, Lloyd-Jones, Biography, Hymns and Hymn Writers, Children, Miscellaneous, Tapes & Videos, and Bargains. But being a charitable organization you will find more, for example the Heath Evangelical Church Newsletter. Short Articles On Line include The Value of Reading, by Alan White, Spiritual Pride, by Jonathan Edwards, and a few hymn stories relating to "Just as I Am", and "O God of Bethel". There is a wonderful series of Summarized Biographies being developed -- a real gem. Included are R.M. McCheyne, Dafydd Morgan, Walter Craddock, Ion Falconer, C.H. Spurgeon, Evan Roberts. More to follow include Doddridge, the Wesley brothers, Bunyan, Christmas Evans, Edwards, Bernard of Clairvaux, William Williams of Pantycelyn, Bonar, Daniel Rowland, William Grimshaw, William Chalmers Burns, John Beveridge, Robert Barnes, Tynsdale, and Studd. Contemporary literature includes Evangelistic Gospel Sermons by Reverend W.V. Hingham, and Reverend Hingham's Sermons of the Solemn Assemblies series. Show Me your Glory is a series of Bible studies by Reverend Richard Owen Roberts. A series by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is also being developed.

THE HIGHWAY [revised 4/96]
"... So, where does this road take us? Well, the first three stops along the highway can be seen in our rear view mirror - they are all in the past. We have sinned. God, being perfectly just and holy, demands that our sin be punished. Yet, just as I could pay a speeding ticket for you (don't hold your breath!), Jesus paid the price for our sin. There's one more stop along this highway: belief. Maybe that part isn't so easy for you? Join the crowd! It certainly took me a long time. But, is there any greater question than where are you going to spend eternity?" Rick Abshier presents a thoughtful and concise look at Calvinism and the Reformed faith. Included is an explanation of TULIP, the five major tenants of Calvinism, sections on Calvinism and the Reformed Faith, Creation and the Existence of God, Glimpse into Eternity, Infant Baptism, Personal Testimony, Predestination, a Statement of Faith, The Local Church, and Why the Resurrection is Vital. Rick also provides an interactive Web chat area. If you're statistically minded, there is also a statistical work-up most and least used subjects used. A home page that's personal, and one that welcomes everyone interested in knowing more about Calvinism and the Reformed faith.

HIS COMPANY [new 3/97]
Author Dave Lampel says, "We are excited about this brand new way for those interested in Christian drama to make use of the resources available through His Company. Until now the catalogue has been available in two formats: printed, available by postal mail, or as an ASCII text file, available for downloading. Now the catalogue is available as an interactive Web site, where all the benefits of the printed edition have been incorporated -- along with the immediacy of the Internet. Contained in this new Catalogue is all the information about every play and musical resource currently available through His Company -- along with the complete text of every script, available for immediate reading or downloading. His Company plays, musical and worship resources are continually being updated, as well as new items being added." There is a very large selection of files made available, very nicely organized into sections for monologues, sketches, one-act plays, three act plays, grist for those who love music, plays with which to help celebrate special events like Christmas and Easter, writing crafted for worship, dramatic character studies, including our favorite, a must read: "The Twelve"! In our humble opinion His Company represents the standard in Christian drama. We highly recommend His Company.

HIS PRAISE MAUI [new 12/96]
His Praise Maui (Maui, Hawaii) is a site being developed by Tom and Madeleine Fernandez, members of the First Assemblies of God in Maui. Provided is a broad array of Christian information. His Praise Maui includes under Home School resources, CHEM newsletter (Christian Home Educators of Maui), E-Books for Kids (a wonderful color tutorial written by Madeleine Fernandez and Cheryl Rico), Unit Study Curriculum -- Maui Desktop Curriculum and Learning Sites, and Action Alerts selected from various internet ministries. Feed the Spirit is a section incorporating Kingom Life Newsletter, and Virtuous Women Online, both reported in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide. Also provided is a Praise and Worship Page, including links to other praise and worship sites around the networks. There are also sections on Family (which includes testimony), and Just for Kids (incorporating Colors of the Kingdom, Links to Kool Kid Sites, David's Diving Page, Ryan's Page, and Joanna's Page. Winner of The Golden Crown Award, Kool Kidsite Kup Award, and the HPM Family Friendly Award. Recommended.

EL HOGAR [new 10/96]
An Episcopal Mission in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. It's purpose is is to providea loving home and education in a Christian environment for abandoned, orphaned and hopelessly poor boys, enabling them to fulfill their ultimate potential as productive human beings in Honduras. Included is are sections detailing: The Project; Success Scoties; Supporting Us; Contacting Us; and El Hogar Newsletter.
Spanish Language:

Holiness Data Ministry, a Holiness, Wesleyan/Arminian oriented data ministry conducted by Rev. & Mrs. Duane V. Maxey, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, USA, provides an immense archive of 297 digitized publications. Files can be downloaded from their primary site, and from three alternate sites. As stated, this ministry provides an immense collection of files, too numerous to mention in this short digest. May we refer you to one of the web sites noted below or to the document entitled All Publications of The HDM Electronic Library Listed (an listing by author.)
Wesley Center NNC Web - HDM Web:
God's Acres Voice of the Nazarene Web:
Northwest Nazarene College FTP:

Dedicated to Restoring Biblical Values to The Homes of Britain...and Beyond! Taking a Biblically balanced view of spiritual warfare, Home Life Ministries seeks to assist Christian families facing spiritual attack. HLM provides an extensive list of resources for strengthening Christian marriages and families. HLM is available to help to readers and families, or assist readers in ministering to others. On-line sections include Helps for Counselling Children (documents include: Leading a Child to Freedom, What to Pray for Your Child, and, Changing the Heart of a Rebel), Counselling for Those Under Spiritual Attack (documents include: Possible Evidence of Spiritual Oppression, and, Breaking Family Iniquities, and Curses, and, Dedicatioin Prayer), Marriage and Parenting Helps (documents include: Questions to Ask Your Wife, and, How to Protect Your Children), Miscellaneous Sermons and Broadcasts (including numerous documents on spiritual warfare, marriage and family, and miscellaneous subjects). HLM also provides a list of videos and tapes available for ordering, and a section on Where to Go For Help (England, Germany, and the USA are included).

Home Life Ministries is dedicated to restoring Biblical values to the homes of Britain (and beyond) through radio broadcasts, church seminars, Biblical counseling, and the supply of quality resources that will help strengthen Christian marriages, families and individuals. HLM is involved in Counselling, Boradcasting, Seminary and Bible Teaching, and Publishing Ministries. There are special sections of file on line devoted Marriage and Parenting, and Spiritual Warfare, as well as another section (Programs and Files) which houses classical compressed texts and software programs (.zip format). HLM provides a good online catalogue of carefully selected texts, etc. which is organized in the following sections: Christian Art, Books, Bibles, Home Education, Gift Items, Tapes (Courtship and Family), Video, and Children's Tapes. Online search is provided. This highly recommended web site adds value to the Christian experience on the internet in the form of the texts that it provides for internet visitors, including expository work by owner William Hull. It is well worth visiting.

HOPE FOR EUROPE (HFE) [new 7/96]
Helping Christians convey the contemporary and eternal hope of the Gospel. HFE is a pan-European evangelical initiative developing specialist networks across Europe. The organization is committed to praying and working together, to encourage local and national evangelistic initiatives that contribute to the spiritual, social and cultural transformation of the peoples of Europe, for the mobilization of Europeans for world evangelization. HFE provides on line the European Prayer Link, a Pan-European prayer network, including HFE's tracks; HFE Online, a newsletter distributed online (also mentioned in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide); Tracks (information on conferences as well as related resources); and a link to the DAWN Church Planting Initiative with whom HFE cooperates.

HopeWeb contains information about Christian groups and activities on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Includes UT-Austin Christian Ministry Contracts, Campus Ministries (Faculty Friends, Hope Student Fellowship, IVCF, Probe Center, Young Life College Fellowship), pointers to Christian resources on the Internet and HOPENet mailing list archive ([email protected]).
HOPENet Archive:

Also, check out the Conference on Faith and History web page for anouncements and related information about the conference and CFH's four-star journal, Fides et Historia.
Faith/History Conference:

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