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October 10, 1997
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17. World Wide Web Sites: INTERN-INTERU

Available from the Gospel Communications Network.

ICCC Is a network of businesses and professionals in more than 65 countries, linking Christians in business, teaching Biblical principles, and reaching out in the marketplace. Regional Boards are located in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, The Pacific, and Latin America. There are also National Boards and Local Chambers. ICCC's stated purpose: There is an anointing available for those with eyes to see and ears to hear the call of the times. As with King David, whose anointing for kingship came long before the event and for whom circunstances made the eveent appear anything but likely, so ICCC calls ahead of the event to the Christian Business World to experience a release into a new dimension in shich corporate gaols, strategies and plans become the outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith. Their site is arranged into documents on ICCC's Vision, Strategic Goals, Operative Goals, Purpose, Membership Services, Related Organizations, Structure, Membership Information, and Activities and Events.
The Christian Business Network:

Hosted in Canada but administered in the Netherlands. This team work is just a type of the unity cry for the body of Christ. ICCM is working toward building a strong fellowship and prayer unity world-wide. Presently provided on line are a Christian Penpal Mailing List (and registration form), and a form for prayer requests.

The International Christian Media Commission is an association of Christian media professionals from around the world. ICMC's membership encompasses 121 countries on six continents. Together they've formed a global network of cooperation to make Christian communication a united effort. Membership in ICMC puts you in touch with communicators from many cultures and provides you and your ministry with a number of important benefits. The site provides descriptive information about ICMC's identity and work, membership services, directories (including a directory of corporate members), Catylist Online, available electronic conferences, research, fun stuff, and reference.

ICM supports missions work by nationals in Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, (Kampuchea), and Thailand. ICM people serve as liaisons between the financial supporters of ICM and the local workers in Burma, Cambodia, and Thailand. The web site describes ICM's involvement with, and support for, orphans in Cambodia, the Maesot Biblical Training Center in Thailand, and the Eastern Bible Institute in Myanamar. Numerous photos are photos and accompanying commentary is provided addressing concerns for Christians for these three countries. The web site provides good information at the time of our survey, but is still being developed.

Today, in light of its mission, that International Church of the Foursquare Gospel reaches into 72 countries of the world, with 24,796 ministers and workers serving 2,013,058 members and adherents in 19,060 churches and meeting places, as well as 13,040 home meetings. The task of the Foursquare Church is to present Jesus Christ in the language, culture and understanding of every man, woman or child and in every nation. General and doctrinal information, statistics and heritage of the Foursquare Church are available on line. An organizational outline, including affiliates, the U.S. national church, Foursquare missions, ICFG communications and officers, and a page for ICFG President, John R. Holland provide more information about the church's activities and focus. Foursquare Missions includes information about ministries in Africa, The Americas, Asia, and Europe. Presently under construction are sections relating to international personnel, a prayer update, resources, and World Im pact Teams.
Foursquare Missions International:

The International Institute for Christian Studies provides an excellent resource addressing informational needs related to international evangelism, and we therefore highly commend IICS for their thorough and critical approach. IICS works toward providing professors of Christian studies and professors from other disciplines who teach with a Christian worldview perspective. Basic sections presented at the IICS site include Opportunities for Service (which details their work, areas of specialty, types of resources, and lists cooperating universities throughout the world), IICS Programs (which include Christian Ministry and Christian Worldview), and an excellent section on Academic Resources (papers and bibliographics compiled by IICS professors and staff). Academic resources include Biblical/ Christian Issues, Bibliographics (Former Soviet Union, China, Eastern/ Central Europe, Africa, and Christian Worldview Studies), Educational Issues, and Law and Legal Issues. Additionally there are a number of interesting documents on line that address educational and legal issues, both from a historical and a contemporary perspective: The Church in Matthew 18:17, by Bill Bontrager, JD; Christians and the University, by Dr. Daryl McCarthy; Theological Themes in Early Higher Education, by Dr. Daryl McCarthy; The Beginnings of Medieval Higher Education, by Dr. Daryl McCarthy; The Christian Roots of Early American Universities, by Dr. Daryl McCarthy; Restorative Justice: A Concept Whose Time Has Come, by Bill Bontrager, JD; and The Path to Reconciliation, by Bill Bontrager, JD. Highly Recommended.
Academic Resources:

International Media Ministries (IMM). IMM's mandate is to train missionaries and national workers to use radio and television, and to assist them to produce broadcast quality programs in their language and culture to reach their people with the gospel. Now that many countries are giving permission to broadcast Christian radio and television programs, IMM is helping to build these stations and to train national brethren to operate the facilities. The apostle Paul would have described the ministry of the IMM team as "equipping the saints for the work of the ministry." IMM provides NetCaster News updates (described elsewhere in this guide), a PrayerLink section for members of the IMM Team, and information about opportunities to become involved.

International Missions Outreach (IMO) is a non-profit Christian missionary organization, founded in 1991 with the conviction that God loves people, and He desires for all, from every nation, to hear the truth of Jesus Christ. The primary, but not exclusive, scope of IMO's vision is Central and South America.

If you ever have an opportunity to go there, may I recommend that you do so. The purpose of IMC is to increase interest and empathy for people who have no written language, and second, to demonstrate the progress that has been made in reducing unwritten languages of these people to writing, then translating portions of Scripture into these languages. SIL's web page provides more detail about this fascinating museum, its gift shop, and its publications. By all means take time to check out the wealth of commerce that Dallas/ Ft. Worth has to offer by way of beautiful scenery, excellent cultural attractions, and wonderful Texans. And then take time to stop by the International Museum of Cultures and grab hold of a slice of the world. Highly recommended
SIL Web:

International Needs commenced in 1974 when Ray Harrison, then World Director of Youth for Christ International, attended the World Conference on Evangelism in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its distinctive is helping Christians serve God in their own countries. The International Needs partnership comprises two groups - one support and one ministry. The support countries are autonomous, each with its own board of directors or trustees. These are Australia, Canada, Great Britain,Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States of America. There are growing support centers in Austria, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. The ministry countries number more than 30 and serve through autonomous IN national boards of oversight or established local partners: Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech, Eritrea, Fiji, Ghana, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Liberia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Africa, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia. This site is set up to provide easy and fast downloading of informational brochures that IN provides. IN provides a history and a vision statement. Available is information about the need, and about how one may help. Also made available is a very good newsletter, and testimony from around the globe. Additionally IN provides information about its Philippine Church Planting Program. Highly recommended.

Demonstrating the world's most successful rehabilitation program. -- IPM. The IPM web site presentation begins with a series of documents dealing with crime and the Christian response, IPM involvement, and an invitation for Christians from the networking community to become involved: Problem - Crime & American Society; Solution - Religion is the Most Effective Rehabilition Method; Implementation - IPM's Successful Rehabilitation Program; Evidence - International Ministry. The Getting Involved Section includes information on how you can support efforts by IPM; includes a section describing Books, Video and Tapes which may be ordered from IPM's catalog. Prison ministry books, available in English and Russian languages. As an example of what's available, English books include: Changed Lives in San Quentin; Al Capone's Devil Driver; The Enforcer; Where Flies Don't Land; Gretchen and Nick; Jewels for the Jounrey; and, God's Prison Gang. A monthly newsletter is available if your browser supports frames. The IPM's International Department includes information on International Events, a directory of American/ East-European Christian Organizations, an Internet Database (under construction), Internet Links and E-mail addresses, and information on IPM Projects in Russia, the Baltic States, the Ukraine and India. A link to IPM's office includes documents: Chaplain Ray's Bio; Why Prison Administrators Need and Want Religious Volunteers; A Speech from the First International Conference on Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation Through Religion; and, Mission to the World, an article by Joan Houghes. Highly Recommended.

Between 1980-1990 IRR/TV broadcast Christian radio programs to the USSR from a network of 11 international superpower short-wave radio stations around the world. In 1990 a historic contract was signed the Soviet National Radio for weekly Christian programming on the Soviet Union's internal network of 2500 local radio stations. The reported audience was 120,000,000 listeners. Indeed, a single IRR/TV radio program triggered 10,000 letters in response. Formats will include Russian (web reader utilities provided online), Finnish, and English. Included are a historical overview, a book offer, links to internet sites about Russia, and information about getting involved in this worthy task. Also provi ded is the Russia Report, described in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide. IRR has also provided a Russian Bible to the international networking community.

Campus Crusade for Christ. Mentoring at the Graduate Level. ISOT's role is to educate and train potential leaders to become highly effective as developers of people who are committed to Christ, the Church and the Great Commission. This is accomplished through an integrated process of graduate academic instruction and supervised ministry experience. Included is a message from Don Weaver, President of ISOT, and also a message from a former "skeptic" of ISOT. ISOT provides a mailing list (described in the Mail Based Section of this guide).

A mission outreach of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Information presented includes state contacts, including some e-mail and web connections, prayer requests, and an informal chat corner. Information about ISM, Inc. (ISM's mission society) is also included. See the related information about ISM's Sellebration in our newsletters/ journals section.

ISI provides cordial help to foreign students to adjust to the culture. Help is provided in a number of ways, includeing hostfamilies and friendship partners, work with conversational English, special events and holiday trips, an international student wives program, a campus club for friendship with other internatioal students proram, individual Bible study groups, etc. The server provides nuerous practical resources that meet potential needs for students living in a foreign country. A lot has been done on this site to reach out with the hand of friendship to students visiting the USA.

ISI is a Christian friendship organization promoting friendships between international students and Americans (USA). ISI helps international students adjust to and enjoy life in the United States and receive a well-rounded picture of this country and its people. If you are an International Student in Orange County, CA and looking for an American friend, ISI can help. Provided on site is a good list of links to related remote resources, including ISI National.

International Teams is an international missions agency that focuses on short term placement. The ministry is driven by thier purpose to make Jesus Christ known and see lives transformed by the power of God. IT provides their missionaries with the tools they need for success, hoping to remove or minimize the barriers that might hinder them. Their four point program to accomplish this objective focus on teamwork training, personal care, and innovation. Countries such as Crotia, the Czech Republic, France, Mexico, Austria, Spain, Hungry, and the U.S.A. are included. The site includes International Teams Current News, Ministry Family and MK Resources, Multi-Ethnicity In Missions Resources, Leadership Resources, Future Trend Resources.
Planning for New Realities:

IUGM provides exhaustive information about the efforts of the work of the association and its memnbers, offers help to people in inner city ministries, and opportunities for Christians to get involved helping the homeless through regular listings of career and volunteer opportunities. Provided are IUGM's member's directory, historical information about inner city missions. The annual IUGM Short-term Urban Missions Directory features paid and volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups in over 50 cities in North America. Highly Recommended.
IUGM Member Organizations:
Short Term Urban Missions Directory:

An extension of Campus Crusade for Christ International. IURNet provides ministry materials and tools and facilitates communication among university students throughout the world. Their purpose is to establish a movement of university students around the world who desire to know and follow Jesus Christ and who d esire to help other students come to know and follow Him.

Librarians have traditionally been one of the most authorative information organizers and information providers. Internet and Christian Librarians, compiled by Linda Hyman, is a joint project of Packard Bell's Education First Iniative and the College of Education and Educational Technology Department at San Diego State University. Detailed are very well organized sections on Resources, Usenets, Listservs, and Webstuff. The Resources section is comprised of traditional resources (including subject lists, magazines and newspapers, reference materials, and search engines), and Christian internet resources. The Usenets guide includes information on News Groups. The Listservs information includes documentation on how to subscribe, and listserv resources, including lists of library oriented lists and Christian Mail based services, and recommended subscriber lists. Webstuff provides information on Technology Integration: Acceptable Use Policies, Copyright, Legal Issues, and Censorship Software. This site is not only a great information site, but the compiler provides a valuable lesson in evaluating, selecting and organizing information. That is why librarians are among the first people you want to consult when you need to find information. Recommended.

Formerly known as Creation Station, this site provides a thorough list of internet locations is included in brother Mark McKinney's list of resources, and he has added a number of documents. Mark has also established a well-ordered database to serve as a clearinghouse.

Being developed by Paul Halsall at Fordham University, the Internet Medieval Sourcebook is a comprehensive project providing Readings in Medieval History, Full Texts of Basis Texts for Readings, Newly Translated Texts in the Medieval Sourcebook, and New Additions. Included is lots of source material relating to the position of the Church during this period, and Mr. Halsall does a good job organizing many resources into a most useful outline for his index. The Sourcebook is a very large document, so make sure you have enough computer memory reserved for your web browser.

One of many well designed resource guides compiled by Jay Treat at the University of Pennsylvania's CCAT project. Sections in the guide include: Important Links to Link; Reference; Texts and Translations; Language; Palaeography and Textual Criticism; Archaeology; Christian History; Jewish Studies; Ecclesiastical and Ecumenical Organizations; Course Materials; Libraries; Journals; Software; and, Prospects.

INTERSERVE [new 6/96]
Professionals in Missions. InterServe is a fellowship of Christian professionals and technically trained personnel who work cross-culturally in churches, hospitals, schools, church agencies, and with government organizations. They serve primarily among Muslims, Hindus, and Tibetan Buddhists in Asia and the Middle East, an area commonly referred to as "The 10/40 Window". Although Inter Serve is one of the oldest interdenominational, foreign, faith missions in the world, InterServe is not known by many Christians in North America. A major reason is that we work in and through other organizations. InterServe began in England in 1852 as the Zenana Mission and in the USA in 1860 as the Woman´┐Żs Union Missionary Society. The work began in Calcutta, India among women. Over the years they have had a special emphasis on ministry to the poor and the oppressed. Presently available on site is information on Inter Serve's objects, its statement of faith, and information about its project, Timothy Team. There is also an e-mail contact who can help prospective members match their particular skills with Inter Serve openings.
InterServe Canada:

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