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October 10, 1997
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19. World Wide Web Sites: K-LD

Mr. Collins has contributed a substantial number of articles to the networking community. He also provides readings from the Sunday lectionary for the current week and week following, and the daily lectionary. Mr. Collins has organized his work into the following basic sections: Jesus: Insights into His character; Discipleship: Living a Christian life; Worship: Personal and common prayer; Prayers: Help for the spiritually tongue-tied; Devotions: Daily devotionals; Hope: For Christians with hard lives; The Bible: Information; Explanations: Why things are; Holy Days: Reliving the life of Christ; and, Fiction: Encounters with an unfallen race. To give readers an idea of the coverage provided at this site, the Bible section includes works regarding Bible Translation (The Art and Agony of Translation; Translations of the Bible Into English; and, How to Select a Bible and Read It), Parts of the Bible (The Torah in Modern Scholarship; The Apocrypha and the Old Testament; and, New Testament Scholarship), and Biblical Issues (Slavery and Sonship; Are There Contradictions in the Bible?; The Rescue of Lot; Evolution and Creationism, and Reading What Isn't There). Through his work, Mr. Collins provides a insight into orthodox Christian practices and beliefs, and challenges readers to think about our faith.

KEN'S PAGE (EX-MORMON) [new 6/96]
Ex-Mormon, Ken Algier, explains why he left Mormonism. Ken explains, "As an Ex Mormon I have my opinions, just like anyone else. I am not our to get anyone. It's up to each one of us to determine what we want and who we want to believe. I cannot accept the doctrine of the Mormon church. And I suggest, if you are a Mormon, to really learn what it is that you are committing your eternial life to. Roll the stone over and examine the other side. If your a Christian, open yourself up to the Word of God. Live it and become independently dependent on God. Let the local church be your place of worship, your teacher, your place of fellowship. Live God's Word."

KID'S QUEST [new 6/96]
Acclaimed by many as the best children's site on the web. Have fun and learn about God as your explore the videos, sounds, activities, coloring contests, quizzes and answers on the sight - all in the colorful environment of the tropical rainforest.

A very well presented set of substantial arguments in favor of using the King James Version (1611) vs. later translations. Information presented in the form of comparative verses, a FAQ, software programs, and internet sites.

New pages for all ages. God not only made the waves, He shreads them. -- King of the Net! King of the Waves! If you ride the waves or have surfing interests, check out these pages. You'll find links to related sites: Best Real Surf Weather Report; The Man Who Carried the Cross Around the World (Arthur Blessit has a home page on the internet!); or share a cup of coffee with Larry Norman. Want to learn Spanish, French or Italian? (In two days!), or by a tee shirt, or get some free clip art? There is more. Find a brief explanation for the reasons behind this web site, the reason behind the life of the fellow who put these pages together -- for you. What do you think? Jesus is Cool. Jesus is Lord of the universe. I don't like Christ. He offends me. I belive Christ to be King of the next millenium. Jesus is coming soon. Whether you object or agree, there is a choice involved. There is a response form if you wish to bounce your thoughts off another surfer. Pages available in English and Spanish languages.
El Rey de las Olas (Spanish):

King's Kids International is a world-wide youth ministry committed to leading children and teens of all nations into a proven knowledge of God and together make Jesus Christ known to all peoples in the fulfilling of the Great Commission. King's Kids equips, challenges, mobilizes, and establishes this "emerging generation" of young people through a partnership with the family, the local church, and YWAM. This site includes information about King's Kids programs, a list of regional office e-mail addreses, and web links to King's Kids servers, including Australia, Flanders, and Impact Kings Kids, the latter which includes IMPACT News and Views online, which we recommend.

KKLA is an award winning Christian Talk Radio network that offers 24 hours of great talk programming every day. In Southern California - listen to KKLA live in Los Angeles and Orange Counties at 99.5 FM and in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties at 1240 AM. On October 19th, 1995, KKLA celebrated 10 years of broadcasting excellence and was the 1995 National Association of Broadcaster's Marconi Award Winner for Religious/Gospel Station of the Year. Their web site provides KKLA's Chat Rooms for readers interested in on-line chat. A program index is available. Program sechedules, directories, an event calendar may be downloaded, as with KKLA's magazine when it becomes available. They have also provided a lists of Christian resources, including some interesting Christian sites for kids.

The mission of Koinonia House, a publishing ministry, is to develop and provide materials that stimulate and encourage serious study of the Bible. Includes resources for sale by Koinonia House, speaking schedule, radio log, shortwave log, internet resources.

Read "Goal for the Year 2000", goals of KCCC and Vision 2000 Beyond Movement. Included at this site are messages from Dr. Joon Gon Kim, President of KCCC, including the Annual Korean Presidental Breakfast. Vision Frontline Letter, provided in English and Korean, is described in the journals/ newsletters section of this guide. The Jesus Column is provided in Korean text. The Reference Room will include documents of interest to readers who wish to know about the Korean Christian experience. The KCCC provides a link to the Resource Institute for Information Management, an index of publications onboard the KCCC server, and a section on JAMA (Jesus Awakening Movement for America). We highly recommend a visit to KCCC.

KCM's purpose is to "propagate the spirit and truth of Christ through democratic, self governing activities; to preach the power and Gospel of God in the present age of the sweeping current of heighten science in which people do not fear God while making an idol of science; to help people make the most of ever developing science for the cause of God; and to gather accurate information about the legacies of belief left by our ancestors and pass then on to future generations in a correct and prompt way." Primarily Korean language with some English language materials. Sections include Korean Church News; links to churches in Korea and a photohistory of the Korean churches; information about the Korea Computer Mission; a Korean Bible; Stories of the Bible (Gustave Dore, Ludwig Richter); Missionary Vision in Korea (Hannah International Mission, Korea Wheat Mission, and Foreign Workers Mission), and a KCM data search utility.

The Korean Center for World Missions, as it strives to conquer the world with the gospel in obedience to Jesus' last command to be his witness to the ends of the world, was no more than a small prayer meeting 15 years ago. In 1977, Korea was going through a severe political instability and economic depression. The chaotic situation in Korean society desperately called for prayer warriors, like Esther, who would pray for the nation. Dr.Hyung-Ja Lee began her prayer meetings with her relatives and friends; as the word about the prayer meetingspread, more people joined in. It was joined by Ewha Alumnae Prayer Meeting, and they formed a regular prayer meeting and called it "The Torch Assembly" Eventually, Ewha alumnae formed an independent "Ewha Torch Assembly." The Torch Assembly, for the purpose of better organizing its meetings, registered with the Ministry of Culture and Publicity as a nonprofit religious organization under its current name, "The Korean Center for World Mission." ("Torch MissionsCenter" is still concurrently used.) The Center was reorganized according to professional and functional groups. It now has about 20 assemblies in Seoul, Taejun, Taegu, Pusan, Junju, and Juju, The Korean Center for World Missions has been involed in the following work: scholarship fund to raise future Christian leaders, mercy ministry to help the needy children, supporting the Far East Broadcasting Company, the Hallelujah Soccer Team for the sports ministry, TorchChoir for the music ministry,publication ministry,Torch Seminary for Lay People, Torch Library for providing resources for pastors, Torch Institute of Biblical Research, Torch-Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Lecuture Series, Torch-Westminster Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation Lecture Series, Torch-British Ministers Lecture Series, Creation Scientist Assembly, Korean In addition, for the purpose of overseas missions, the Korean Center for world Missions supports the Philippines Technical School in the Philippines and a technical School in China, as well as, sending missionaries to Russia. Byanalyzing the information we have gathered on the 12,000 unreached peoples in the world, we help missionary candidates better prepare for the work. The new Facilities for the Korean Center for World Missions were bulit in 1991 and are located in Yang-Jae-Dong in Seoul. -- adapted from Development of the Korean Center for World Mission. The web site provides information on Overseas Ministries (Missions Information Center, Missions Cooperation Center, Missions Education Center, Missions Sending Center, Missions Training Center); Information on Special Ministries (sports and music ministries, a publications ministry, and the Torch Institute for Biblical Research); information on the Torch Library, The Future of the Korean Church for World Mission, Faculty Information, and other organizational data. Highly Recommended.
English Language Index:

Noted as "The most comprehensive directory of Korean Christian resources on the internet," this set of web pages presents a noteworthy and extensive listing of sites concentrating on Christian information relevant to Korea and Korean Christians. It contains bilingual listings of Korean Christian resources around the world. Included are lists of links for sites located in Korea, including churches, fellowships, organizations, and other resources. Also, included are lists of links for sites located in the USA for the same categories. Additionally, there are sites from North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, all sharing an interest in Korean Christian ministry. This site is very well organized and very highly recommended for the extensive collection of invaluable information it provides to the internet community, and for the promise of thorough, up-to-date research that will continue.
Frames Based Pages:

An excellent site providing a KAMR Chat Room (Netscape 2.0 or Java is necessary), an extensive listing of Korean Churches with World Wide Web sites. Another large Korean-American Ministry Directory provides e-mail links to Korean ministers. KAMR provides a very active World Wide Web forum devoted to The Future of Korea-American Church. Utility is also provided for Korean-American ministry opportunities. Recommended.

THE KRY ONLINE [new 7/96]
Featuring Jean-Luk Lajoie, Yves Lajoie, and Pete Nelson. Available on line is information about the band, answers to your questions, albumns and lyrics, KRYCHAT (temporarily discontinued at this writing), information on dates and bookings and The Kry Newsletter.

Asbury Theological Seminary, in nearby Wilmore KY, will provide their facilities. Speakers include L'Abri workers from the Massachusetts, Switzerland and Dutch fellowships, and Dr. Jerram Barrs from Covenant Theological Seminary.

The ministry was established for the purpose of proclaiming the soon return of Jesus. They do not believe it is possible to know the date when Jesus will return. But they do believe it is possible to know the season of the Lord's return, and it is their conviction that we are living in that season. The message of the Ministry is directed at both believers and non-believers. Much information can be found on this well organized web site. Good detail is provided about its nature and purpose, creedal statement, bios for the organization's leaders, its recent accomplishments, and trustees. The ministry's message is well amplified by director, Dr. David R. Regan. Lamb and Lion Ministries has an admirable outeach, including radio, meetings, conferences, and seminars. The ministry provided an online archive of their Lamplighter newsletter (described elsewhere in this guide). There is provided a catalogue of the ministry's publications, video and cassette tapes. Lamb and Lion Ministries also sponsors pilgrimages to Israel and has a growing involvement in international missions outreach, including Israel, Mexico, Russia and Eastern Europe. The ministry provides a number of articles under major sections that include Key Articles About Prophecy, Commentaries on Current Events and Religious Issues. A brief review of the Key Articles on Prophecy include files addressing its abuse, its importance, how to properly interpret prophecy, examination on the Biblical evidence relating to prophecy, the Christian imperative of Christ's emminent return, the rapture, the danger of date-setting, millenia, eternal perspectives, death, and, recommended reading. Finally, this conservative ministry provides a reliable list of online links to prophecy ministries, other ministries, and resources on Israel that are available by network connection. Lamb and Lion Ministries is an excellent site that we highly recommend.

Christian physicist Dolphin has established a formidable ministry that makes us highly recommend his internet site. Included are the Library that includes sections on Basis of the Christian Faith, Small Groups, Biblical Essays, God, Israel & the Church, Eschatology, the Temple Mount and the Jewish Temple, Sexual Identity and the Wholeness of Christ, Science and the Bible. Included are "Guest Articles" by Winslow, Stedman, Colson, Shearer, and classical writers of the faith. Supported by online search.

Scholarship in Worship Studies and Biblical Theology. The ministry was established to encourage biblically informed worship and scholarship in theScriptures. Its activities include: publishing books in worship studies and biblical theology under the Laudemont Press imprint; editorial work in worship studies for other Christian publishers; writing articles for Christian publications; and, teaching at worship conferences and seminars. Links are provided to LM affiliated work: Articles and Studies; Laudemont Press Books; Related. Laudemont Ministries also provides information about the Institute for Worship Studies based at Wheaton College. At the time of our survey, Articles and Studies include the following on line works by Dr. R.C. Leonard: Suggestions for Worship Leaders, The Word Made Visible, Worship and Inclusive Language, and Worship in the Early Church. Laudemont's Complete Library of Christian Worship (edited by Dr. Robert E. Webber and Dr. R. C. Leonard, contributing author J. E. Leonard) is detailed under the Other Publications section.

Fresh Perspectives on Biblical Truth. Laudemont Press was established to help maintain the bridges which link worship, theology and biblical teaching. Their publications seek to unite depth of scholarship with a fervent belief in the supremacy of the Word of God, in the hope that they can make a thoughtful contribution to the life and worship of the church of Jesus Christ. Laudemont provides descriptive files highlighting Laudemont Press Books: Worship Studies, Biblical Theology, Biblical Commentary, Eschatology, and Children. Authors connected with Laudemont Press are introduced. Please be sure to check out Laudemont Ministies, also described in this section of the guide.

The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (LCWE) originated with Billy Graham in 1974, involving Christian leaders from 150 countries and many denominations. The movement is comprised of 30 committees, involving the volunteer work of individuals and groups who affirm the Lausanne Covenant, committed to support the work of world evangelization. LCWE provides World Evangelization magazine at this site, and provides information on LCWE documents, including books and papers, an Occasional Papers series, Lausanne videos and the Lausanne Directory. Information is available in multiple languages.

In addition to Lawrence Veinott's popular Patricia's New Testament Greek Hypercard stack, a very well received program for learning or reviewing New Testament Greek, there are several other teaching tools that we find attractive for teaching kids. Natalia's Dots is a Macintosh program which contains almost seventy dot-to-dot puzzles that can help children learn the alphabet and the numbers 1-26. It is suitable for ages 2-6. Most of the puzzles are in color and several contain animations. Heather's Notes is a Hypercard stack that helps students learn the notes of the bass and treble clefs. Mr. Veinott developed it to help my daughters learn the beginning notes on the piano. Patricia & Heather's Math is a Hypercard stack that teaches basic addition and subtraction. Features drills, tutorial, record keeping. Good for beginners. Heather's Multiplication is a HyperCard stack that helps teach children the multiplication tables. There is a very modest shareware charge for these programs if you find them useful. Highly recommended.

... providing leadership for dynamic global outreach. The Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod shares the love of God in Jesus Christ in over 50 countries around the world (Africa, Asia, Europe & the Middle East, Latin America, and North America). LCMS World Mission is Lutheran Christians employing the gifts God gives his people in joyful response to the word of Christ: " Go, make disciples of all nations!" What else does God tell us about His mission? The place to find out is in His Word. Find out where and how LCMS is involved in world missions. Provided is a pretty good Reference Desk with numerous LCMS supporting documents and a directory of links to mission related networking sites is being developed. Information about how to subscribe to the paper copies Harvest, the organization's premier magazine, and Missionary to Missionary (for LCMS missionaries) is provided. Two other periodicals are provided on line, the former described in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide: Mission News Online, and Pray for Us. Also included are counselling documents about how readers can be involved with LCMS World Mission projects. Recommended.

Published on word wide web by the Lutheran Church -- Missour Synod, the index provides very convenient access to all activities of LCMS that address or touch upon world missions. The primary focus is on LCMS missions, but subjects introduced in the guide (for example country locations) branches out to cover projects in which other mission agencies are involved. Highly recommended.
Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod:

Resources on line are divided into the following sections: Disaster response (includes Disastergram, detailed in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide); Inter-Lutheran efforts (including Lutheran World Relief, New York); Partnership With Mission and Partner Churches (including Projects in foreign countries (being developed); Domestic Grants (including Projects in the United States (being developed), and "Sharing"); How to Get Involved; Free Resource Materials.
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod:

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