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October 10, 1997
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23. World Wide Web Sites: MU-OO

MUSICTUS [new 10/96]
Questo sito contiene informazioni sul Gospel e sulla Musica Cristiana Contemporanea. Musictus e una Associazione senza finalita di lucro formata da Cristiani Evangelici, attiva dal 1994. I membri dell'Associazione hanno in comune la visione di divulgare il Vangelo con ogni mezzo efficace a tale scopo./ This web site contains information about Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music. Musictus is an authorized Association of Evangelical Christians active since 1994. Members have in common the vision of spreading the Gospel with any effective method. Sections on this web site are organized as follows: Chi e - What is Musictus?; Artisti - Artists; Canoni & Testi - Songs & Lyrics; Concerti - Concerts; Mailing Lists, and Web Sites.

Developed by Richard Holcomb, this Windows 3.x and Windows 95 shareware offers both a teaching aide and a tracking aide for prayers. It contains expandable lists for prayer offerings and concerns, a prayer journal, sample prayers drawn from the Bible and Spiritual leaders down thru the ages, and teachings from the Bible and Spiritual leaders. The site contains screen shots of all of these areas with further description. Therefore be sure that you have the graphics option on your web browser turned on. The software is offered as shareware for a registration fee of $20.00, both versions downloadable from Richard Holcomb's web site.

Presents information from the book of the same title (Tempe, AZ: Ktisis Publishing, 1994), a scientifically credible critique of the notion that natural processes are an adequate explanation for our existence.

Provided is information about the National Association of State and Regional Bible Societies, including the Preamble to the Society's charter, Articles of Association, and a Covenant Partnership Document. Their Directory of Member Societies provides contact information, including e-mail addresses and web site connections, when available.

The National Network of Youth Ministries links youth workers for encouragement and spiritual growth, and to share resources for more effective ministry. As a result, every teenager can be exposed to the gospel, discipled toward a biblical lifestyle, established in a local church, and equipped to help reach the world. Basic sections on site are named: Every Kid, Every Campus, Every Community, Scrapbook, and Resource Links. Every Kid is devoted to maximizing the impact of student leaders in the annual See You at the Pole activities. Every Campus is devoted to the Challenge 2000 Project of which many national ministries collaborate, the challenge: "Believing God has a special destiny and mission for me and my generation, I take this challenge, relying on the Holy Spirit. I join young people and youth workers around the world to pray for a spiritual awakening, and to help take the message of Christ to every school and every young person by the year 2000." A national Secondary School Database is a part of the Every Campus section. The Every Community section is under construction. NNYM's Scrapbook includes information pertinent to the Youth Ministry Executive Council, Atlanta 1996, The Forum 1996, and See You at the Pole 1996, and 1995. Resource Links provided by NNYM include NNYM affiliates and other Youth Ministries. Contact information for NNYM is also available. Recommended.

The mission of the National Reform Association is to maintain and promote in our national life the Christian principles of civil government, which include, but are not limited to, the following: 1.Jesus Christ is Lord in all aspects of life, including civil government. Jesus Christ is, therefore, the Ruler of Nations, and should be explicitly confessed as such in any constitutional documents; 2.The civil ruler is to be a servant of God, he derives his authority from God and he is duty-bound to govern according to the expressed will of God; and, 3.The civil government of our nation, its laws, institutions, and practices must therefore be conformed to the principles of Biblical law as revealed in the Old and New Testaments. The site provides a Statement of Purpose and the Association's magazine, The Christian Statesman's editorial calendar. In addition there is also provided Christian Civil Government, a document originally appearing in Christian Civil Government in America, by David McAllister. The document is sectioned into the following: Basic Principles of Christian Political Science; The Scriptural Basis for Christian Civil Government; The Scriptures Require Moral and Religious, Not Ecclesiastical, Qualifications and Duties of Civil Officers; and, The Scriptures Teach that Christ is the Ruler of the Nations. In addition to a listing of available audio tapes, new files on NRA's site include: Chalk Up One More for Religious Pluralism; The Necessity of an Exclusively Protestant Social Protest; Normalcy in Scriptural Anthropology; Federal Constitution, Product of a Christian Ethos; Social Witness and Christian Voting; Contradictions Are At the Heart of the Graham Crusades; Ideology and Lordship; A Christian Carpe Diem; Nailing Down the Flap Over School Prayer; Playing It Safe Can Be Dangerous; Theocratic Fools for Christ; The Judgment is God's; Biblical Welfare Reform; The Sure Path of Political Destruction; The Covenant Context of Christian Education; Christian Politics: Contending for the Faith; and, Where is Your Hope?

For you mathematicians, here is something to ponder. Do the properties of the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic text, or the way they were dedicated to writing, help prove the Bible's authenticity today? Find at this site, "The Nature of the Miracle", and The Second Edge, by Vernon Jenkins.

THE NAVIGATORS [revised 4/96]
Available from the Gospel Communications Network.

Who else would a surfer expect to meet navigating on the World Wide Web, but The Navigators? The Navigators of Canada National Campus Mission has developed a wonderfully informative and friendly web site. The Navigators is a non-denominational Christian organization which was formed by Dawson Trotman in 1933, and who was killed in a tragic accident trying to save a fellow Christian. It remains a thorougly evangelical ministry devoted to the international community. Partnering with the Lord, Navigators seek to introducestudents to Christ one by one, coach them to grow in Christ, and teach themto invest their lives in others. A brief description of the Navigators of Canada National Campus Mission website includes sections as follows. Who We Are provides information on the organization, formation, objectives and goals. Included in this section is a super time line listing highlights from the beginning of Navigators to now. Latebreaking News includes information for subscribing to the Student Listserve for Navigator university students across Canada; a list of Adventure Opportunities: international, Canadian, and local retreats; News reports from Colorado, USA and Ottawa, Canada, as well as a message from Navigator Vice President, Jim Petersen. Canadian Campuses/ Ministries provides an image map by which visitors can navigate to their geographic area of choice. Alumni Notes is reserved for posting by any Navigator alumni. At the time of our survey, a file entitled Passing the Torch to the Next Generation is available. The administrators have also provided a link section which contains links to other Navigator sites, to other Christian campus groups, and to general Christian web sites. Another section, Adventure Opportunities provides information for international and canadian opportunities, and local retreats. The Navigators is an international organization. There are 3635 staff members comprising 55 nationalities representing 102 countries. It represents 136 languages. Their work is accomplished one-by-one. It has added up to one big difference in this world. Very highly recommended.

The promotional, educational, fund-raising, and program arm of missions for the Church of the Nazarene. It is also the organizational representative of missions for the church on the regional, district, and local levels. The society provides the structure and spiritual dynamic for mobilizing the church in missions. It keeps mission interest and thrust alive in the church.

NETCENTRAL, INC. [new 8/96]
NetCentral is a central source for music, books, chat and more. It's home to many of today's hottest contemporary Christian music artists, plus the most popular chat site on the Web. NetCentral hosts Tyndale House Publishers, Word Records, Pamplin Music Online, The Newsboys, CCM Online, dc Talk, A Closer Look, Creation '97, The Lighthouse, Note Station, Gospel Web (Gospel Music Association), Guitar.Net, The Art House, Brent Bourgeois, Timothy James Meany, Cindy Morgan, Sara Paulson, Charlie Peacock, John Schlitt, and Star Song. NetCentral was one of the first Christian networks to use computing to promote the Gospel. We are happy that they are part of our electronic neighborhood. Recommended.

"Christianity should make a difference in the way you hold your knife and fork" - Toyohiku Kagawa. The Kagawa quote at the head of the homepage may sound like a pithy anecdote, one you can tell your Christian friends over Sunday lunch, but it is very serious. Christianity should make such a difference. The effect is to be seen in our daily lives -- even in the mundane repetitive things of life. Christianity should make a difference in the way we use our knifes and forks. So what is the problem? In the West we live in a society where the Christian life should stand out like a beacon. Society is in such turmoil that anyone with clear direction is quite evident. Unfortunately the Church is not in such a position. Quite the opposite in fact -- it is losing, or even has lost, its value in society. We should not be surprised at this however because when society comes to the Church it tends to be greeted with a reflection of itself. Instead of unearthing what Jacques Ellul calls the 'social intolerability of revelation' they find the comfortable smells of home. We have woken from the sleep of Christendom to a society accommodated by the Church not changed by the Church as we had thought. Indeed so many 'offensive' cardinal doctrines of faith have been found expendable that an agnostic can write to the London Times saying: "Sir. There does not seem very much left for us agnostics not to believe in." -- From the Introduction. Aims of The Network for Gospel and Culture are documented on line, and a brief historical outline is provided. A section called Gospel and Culture Contacts includes information about its movements in North America Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia as well as their newsletter, called New Slant (detailed in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide). Biographical information relating to people who have been influenced by the gospel an culture movement, including Lesslie Newbigin and J.H. Oldham are included in the section entitled A Word in Season. At the time of our survey the following articles are provided at the web site: The Gospel and Contemporary Culture: An introduction by Hugh Montefiore; The Three Levels of Mission in New Zealand, by Rev. Dr. H. Turner; as well as the following historical articles: The Jerusalem Meeting and the Christian Message, by Oliver Chace Quick; and, The Western Crisis, an excerpt from Hendrick Kramer's book, The Christian Message in a Non-Christian World. A recent addition to the Network is the Access Service of the New Zealand Gospel and Culture Trust (detailed in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide). Readers can review the broadly scoped index/ digest listings in the Trust's tri-annual newsletter and order copies of articles from the Trust.

Overseas Opportunities for Christian Teachers and Administrators. NICS projects exist in Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Austria. Expansion projects may include India, Philippines, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Europe, South America, Africa, and elswhere. Available on line is NICS' Statement of Faith, a Five-minute Interview, and information about NICS' mission, objectives and locations.

Formerly Refuge Maternity Home, New Beginnings Maternity Home is a Christian home for young women based in Winfield Missouri. Support is offered young women who are planning an adoption for their unborn child as well as after the adoption while they complete their education. Refuge is a member of National Council for Adoption (NCFA), a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (EFCA), an affiliate of Heartbeat International. Information provided on site includes: Where Are We?; How You Can Help Us; If You Are Pregnant and Need Help; Maternity Home Program; Aftercare Program; and a section devoted to links to related sources on the internet, including prolife and maternity care information.

NEW LIFE LEAGUE [new 2/97]
New Life League is an interdenominational faith missionary organization that primarily specializes in printing and literature distribution, sponsoring national workers, and evangelism and church planting. Urgent needs include printing Bibles in many languages, especially Central Asia: Personnel with graphic arts and/or mechanical skills; Prayer partners; Financial partners to underwrite cost of printing Bibles. Did you know that a New Testament can be printed for the cost of a coke ($1), a whole bible can be printed for the cost of a hamburger ($2.00)? Highly recommended.

New Life is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. New Life serves Churches and Christians with a heart for ministry with resources to help accelerate fullfilment of the great commission in this generation! Sections cover Evangelism and outreach; Discipleship and followup, Christian Growth, Prayer, Leadership and Development Training. To view publications that are available on-line, such a those by Bill and Vonette Bright, and Paul Eshleman, see the Campus Crusade for Christ home page, noted elsewhere in this guide.

Reaching New Tribes Until the Last Tribe is Reached. One of the most respected mission agencies in the world, NTM has headquarters in Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Greenland, Guinea, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, the Philippines, Senegal, Thailand, and Venezuela. Although, at the time of our survey, NTM is still working to develop their web site, there is still plenty of information provided, and all are welcomed to stop by for periodic visits. Readers will find information about NTM including their Doctrinal Statement, mission, goals, and history as well as the Destination Summit and NTM's Bible Institutes at Waukesha, Wisconsin and Jackson, Michigan. NTM's Headlines section includes recent news releases. The mission agency is also providing an online form for registered e-mail to NTM missionaries, groups, and projects. A section for Departments will include organizations that are affiliated with New Tribes Missions. Another section reports on recent publications, for example: Reborn to Multiply; Impressions of Taperillas (Bolivia); Do You Pray for Language Learners? (PNG); Too Late (Mexico); and, Apostle On a Honda (Paraguay). There is another section for NTM's Bookstore. At the time of our survey there is an e-mail link if readers wish to contact the bookstore for more information. How can we help share the knowledge and grace of our Savior? NTM provides a contact form for this purpose should visitors wish to join in prayer or become a member. NTM has provided a web site that welcomes visitors and echos the humble and unique character that one finds in NTM people around the world. Highly recommended.

Available is information on how to subscribe to the paper copy. Also available is an extensive list of books and tapes available on concerns relating to one world government, religious implications and the appearance of the Antichrist, and end-time prophecy, from the Toronto Christian Book Centre.

The New Worship Musician: Making Praise Flow, is a 145 page tutorial with 160 music examples to help musicians learn some of the skills, such as improvisation and modulation, necessary to play new music styles in worship. Downloadable Shareware from the web page for Windows or Macintosh.

Financial, Home-Management and Investment News with a Christian Perspective. No-Debt-Living is a monthly newsletter, featuring insights from nationally and regionally recognized professionals, including: Austin Pryor (author of Sound Mind Investing), Mike Yorkey (editor of Focus on the Family magazine and author of Saving Money Any Way You Can), Ron Blue (author of Master Your Money), Larry Burkett (president of Christian Financial Concepts and author of numerous books on personal finances) Dave Bragonier(executive director of Barnabas, the West Coast division of Christian Financial Concepts), Kerby Anderson, CEO of Probe Ministries and author of Signs of Warning, Signs of Hope), The Tax Foundation; Weiss Research, Inc.; Money Market Insight; WMA Securities, Inc.; Quantum Financial Planning Services; Waddell & Reed and many more. Plus, it includes valuable no-debt investing stock tips from analysts and brokers representing such prestigious firms as Richards, Merrill & Peterson; Piper Jaffray; ICM Asset Management; and Ken Roberts Investment Management. Articles that No-Debt Living has made available on line at the time of our survey include: What Topics Has No-Debt Living Newsletter Tackled Recently?; College Costs Too High? Grab a Free Education; Leave a Map So They Don't Get Lost; Wesley Provides Powerful Model for Giving Joyfully to the Lord; Miscellaneous Savings Can Lead You to $70,000; Four Guaranteed Strategies to Reduce or Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt; A Fund-Raising Opportunity for You; Cheap Car Camera Provides Protection. Subscription/ contact information is provided on line at the site. Recommended.

NOTAS DE GRACIA [new 7/96]
Grace Notes, edited by Warren Doud, are now being developed in Spanish, through the translation work of Dr. Roberto Reed, SIL Dallas.
Grace Notes English:

William O'Flaherty has assembled a collection of interesting connections to Christian issues and concerns, including weekly quotes from C.S. Lewis, and quotes from the Bible, the revival in Pensacola, Florida, favorite music artists, Freedom Forum, New Life Ministries, character education information, sites concerned with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and Christian activism. He has also provided a small but quite useful guide of selected World Wide Web resources for readers who want to know where to start and what's involved. Mr. O'Flaherty's contribution of original writing include his MA Thesis, An Analysis of the Beliefs and Writings of Richard D. Dobbins as a Theory of Counseling, and a number of articles that he has provided on Christian education, sex education, commentary on sexual issues, Christian character, and the Resurrection of Christ. More articles are forthcoming. The work done at this site presents a very good collection of information highlighting a Christian counsellor's view of social implications facing in our public school system today. Recommended.

OC INTERNATIONAL [revised 2/97]
Founded by Dr. Dick Hillis, OC International, began working with the church in Asia, helping them to reach their countries for Christ. In the early days, OC was known as Orient Crusades. As OC began to expand to other areas of the world, the name was changed to Overseas Crusades and then OC International. Since that time, the ministry of OC International has expanded to include 22 countries with resident teams on five continents. OCI's strategy is assisting national Christian leadership to reach their own nation for Christ and in to reach unreached areas of the world. Our strategy is based on four foundational distinctives: Focus on the whole nation, multiply the church, work through the entire Body of Christ, and teamwork. Provided is information on OCI's ministry locations (Asia; Western, Central, and Eastern Europe; Africa; Latin and North America), Short Term Mission Opportunities, Career Opportunities, Hot From the Field (recent news), OCI's Sports Ambassadors, OCI's Church Ministries, and a link to Outreach Canada.

A ministry of Christian military officers from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces united by a vision of working within the military to proclaim the Good News of God in Jesus Christ. OCF focuses on evangelizing, equipping and supporting officers and their family members for outreach and service to the entire military society - including enlisted men and women and civilian employees and their families. OCF aims at reaching the military with the biblical revelation of the truth and love of Christ through officers and their families who live and work within the armed forces. Their vision includes respect for the U.S. Military as a way of life and dedication to professional excellence as well as excellence in Christian ministry. OCF cooperates with other Christian ministries that emphasize outreach to military people, such as Christian Military Fellowship (CMF), Association for Christian Conferences and Teaching Services (ACCTS), and the Association of Military Christian Fellowships AMCF). The home offices of OCF and CMF are in Denver, Colorado. Provided at this site are information on coming events, a detailed introduction of the OCF, and OCF publications. A sample of publications includes articles such as Faith and Profession -- bug or Windshield?, by Lt. Col. Lou Best; the Highest Rank, by Col. Robert A. VanAntwerp and Paula VanAntwerp; and, Mom to Mom, by Sarah Hemminway, and includes pamphlets such as Leading Effective Small Group Bible Studies, by the OCF Staff; May a Christian Serve in the Military?, by Lt. General William Harrison, Jr.; and, The Pray-and-Plan, by Paul C. Pettijohn, and the OCF Staff. Under the section, Prepared Bible Studies, find the following: Soldering: A Biblical Perspective. Also available is a BookNotes section, which reviews books and papers that OCF has received, and information on how to order them. OCF's COMMAND magazine is planned to be added to OCF's suite of online publications as well.

OMF INTERNATIONAL [revised 5/96]
Formerly the China Inland Mission, established by Hudson Taylor 130 years ago, and then as the Overseas Missionary Felowship, OMF International is a major mission agency that has done much work in Asia. OMF International includes 1,000 members working in as many as 75 unreached/ unevangelized people groups in East Asia. They also provide an immense amount of missions information by way of the OMF Books ministry, newsletters and so forth. Available on site are sections describing a few of the countries where OMF International is involved, including Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Pages are provided for OMF's Regional Offices, including Australia, the British Isles, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Southern Africa, Switzerland, and the USA, including contact information. Detailed digests of selected books are available, and an on-line "response form" to provide a way to get their book catalog or request related information. There are also detailed digests describing OMF International's video tape collection. Finally, but not least, is information about how to obtain the paper copy of OMF International's four-star magazine, East Asia's Millions. Highly recommended.

Gregg Brekke has performed a much needed service in carefully preparing Jermome's Biblia Sacra Vulgata (Vulgate) for web access. Review the "Changes in Canon" document.

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