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October 10, 1997
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28. World Wide Web Sites: ROC-SB

Rockrageous is a ministry for kids... and their parents. Watch those buttons; they're tricky! Available from this site are a number of books, and audio and video tapes, useful to both younger and older generations, that can be ordered by from Rockrageous. Jehovah's Park; and, How to Build a Youth Ministry are available. The Code of Ethics section provides statements from well-known celebrities.
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Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises, very well established as a radio ministry, now has an internet outreach. At this site readers will find an Interactive Listing of Roloff Ministries and Family Altar Program Media Products and Publications, including Messages by Evangelist Lestor Roloff; Messages by Brother Wiley Cameron; Cassette Tapes and Devotional Albums; Free Literature; and, Special Publications. The ministry's Music Cassettes includes a substantial listing of music from such groups and singers as Lester Roloff, Sunshine Quartet, Rebekah Choir, Rainbow Quartet, Liberty Bells Quartet, Honeybee Quartet, Gene and Gina Sorenson, Master's Miracle Mens Quartet, and the Jubilee Choir! The ministry also provides internet connections to KSKY Radio (Dallas, TX), and WGNZ Radio (Dayton, OH), where visitors may find sound files (Real Audio format). Also provided is a complete listing of radio stations where one may find Roloff Ministries and the Family Alter Program on a local radio station. Family Alter News (described elsewhere in this guide) is also being made available, and an archive is being established. Recommended.

Provides practical answers to real life issues for adults and young people. Features Life Issues; Yours For Life; A Word With You; On The Radio. Youth Ministry, Parents, Counseling, Bible Resources, Bible Materials, and Radio Broadcasts.

Pastor Robert R. Harrell. The church provides information on its activities and scheduling information. Sections are outlined by Welcome, Beliefs, Our Desire, Pastor, and, Upcoming Events. There is also a link to webmaster James Braun's "My Page and My Story", who provides testimony, poetry, and words of wisdom. Stop by and chat.
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Christian youth ministry sponsored by the Assembly of God Church. Points to ftp site.
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RMN is the result of a cooperativeeffort between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Episcopal Church. It's goals are to promote effective communication between the Russian Orthodox Church and other Christians, to provide a cooperative environment between organizations, and to engage opportunities for coopertion between organizations. The site contains information about the relationship between the Russian Orthodox and Episcopal churches; a profile of Project Director Richard Kew, Testimony of RMV contacts, comments from Patriarch Alexy, a list of the RMN Steering Committee members, details of the Parish Partnership program; what kind of help they need, and a report covering Director Kew's recent trip to Russia and the Ukraine.

Through formal as well as on-the-job Christian lay training, RSE is committed to the principle of evangelistic multiplication. RSE is licensed by the Russian Federation as a nonprofit Christian educational institute. Approximately 25 students per year attend RSE and come from over 10 Russian churches of various denominations. Doctrinally our emphasis is the essentials of the Gospel, interpreting Scripture as the inspired and inerrant Word of God. Information is provided about RSE programs, including Bible Study, Hope (the RSE Pregnancy Center), Bread of Life (RSE's orphanage, hospital, and prison ministry). One can learn more about RSE Practicum, a missionary field trip which culminates a year of prayer that has been focused on where one might minister. RSE staff information also includes information about Russian mission trips, teaching opportunities, and RSE's material needs.

The Institute is a leading Christian legal organization seeking to defend religious liberty and human rights internationally. Available are legal information services, international services, publications, including a bookstore, and a questions and answers section entitled "On Target with John Whitehead". The Education Department, includes information on the Internship Program, law student chapter. The Rutherford Institute's Publications Section includes: Religious Liberty Bulletin; Washington Weekly; Freedom Under Fire transcripts, Legal Alerts, and Rutherford Magazine, also described in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide.

Part of a larger information resource, The Fasola Home Page. The Sacred Harp (1844) is a 150-year-old tunebook of historic American hymns, odes, and anthems. The songs in The Sacred Harp are a cappella, 3- and 4-part polyphonic pieces written using shape note notation. The term Shape Note music is often used to refer to this style. Many of the songs within its pages were written by the great colonial American tunesmiths, including William Billings and Daniel Read. Others songs date from the mid-1800's -- a period in which four-part shape note music was predominant at camp-meetings and revivals in the South and Southeast. Composers such as E. J. King, J. P. Reese, William Walker, and B. F. White typify the style of this time period. At this site you will find the words to many hymns and songs. "Grace! 'Tis a charming sound, Harmonious to the ear; Heav'n with the echo shall resound, And all the earth shall hear. Grace first contrived the way To save rebellious man; And all the steps that grace display, Which drew the wondrous plan. Grace taught my wand'ring feet To tread the heav'nly road; And new supplies each hour I meet, While pressing on to God. Grace all the work shall crown Through everlasting days; It lays in heav'n the topmost stone, And well deserves our praise." (Ninety-Third Psalm 31t, tune: Lucius Chopin, 1832; lyrics: Philip Doddridge, 1755).
Fasola Home Page:

Building Young Men of Character and Integrity Without Government Funding. The Safe Harbor LifeLine is a means of providing counseling services to individuals and families on the Internet. (Check out the LifeLine page for more information.) Safe Harbor Boys Home is the original program to use the waterfront and vessels as a residential facility. The program was founded in 1984 by Douglas R. Smith, D. Ministry and Robbie W. Smith, M.A. The program has been featured in People Magazine, World Magazine, Christian Reader, Wall Street Journal, and seen on ABC World News Tonight, CBS This Morning, CNN Parenting Today, NBC Weekend Today, and on CBN's The 700 Club. The web site is divided into sections that include History (and details the organization's approach in preparing troubled young men for life), Services, Testimony, and how one may participate. The Archive section includes project information, notes from the Executive Director, and organizational files. There is a small, but interesting list of connections to pertinent Recommended Sites, that includes Profiles in Character (by Jeb Bush and Brian Yablonski); No Matter How Loud I Shout (A Year in the Life of Juvenile Court); and, The Potter's House Girls' Home. The ministry also provides the current issue of The Anchor, its newsletter on line, which is reviewed in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide.

The ministry website of Saints Alive in Jesus is, at the time of this survey, in the process of uploading years of apologetical work and material, emphasizing Mormonism and Freemasonry. Saints Alive in Jesus is an apologetics group, evangelical in nature, who generates research and study material that compares cult groups with orthodox Christianity. While the minisry majors in Mormonism and Freemasonry, you will find numerous other groups covered. Their on line Resource Library includes tracts, pamphlets and other formats. Material is divided up into six major sections: Mormonism Resource Files, Freemasonry Resource Files, General Resource Files (including general information on cults, from JWs to world religions, and secular holidays to music to New Age), a Book Store (with on line order capabilities), and Communication. The Book Store offers for sale books, videos and audio cassettes. The Communications corner includes e-mail contact with Ed Decker, a correspondence section, archiving letters, testimonials, and other pertinent correspondence. A section of links to other apologetics sites is in the works. The organization also makes its newsletter available at its ministry website. The newsletter is surveyed in the Journals/ newslettrs section of this guide. Recommended.

SALT & LIGHT [new 8/96]
The site, organized by Ben Rickert, provides information on music and guitar, with a Christian edge. There are a number of connections to guitar/ music resources and CCM bands provided. A list of links to web sites includes categories of Musical Equipment, Guitar/ Music Magazines, and connections to home pages for Favorite Bands... Jars of Clay, DC-Talk, Petra, Newsboys, Audioadrenaline, and MxPx. Mr. Rickert's Band Search section provides free advertising space for musicians looking for bands, and bands looking for gigs. Salt & Light also provides a very nice graphical Guitar Chord Archive page showing how to play guitar chords.




Provided at this site is contact information, links to other SA chapters, an international news release service and other Salvation Army publications, including the NIV Bible with Word of Life study notes. Sections include Partners in Mission, WWW Discussion Group, "Contacts Required", and Thought for the Week.


Where one click of the mouse can lead you to the foot of the cross where Christ is waiting to pick up the pieces of your life. Your eternal future will be changed when you have your name written in the Lamb's book of life. -- Joel Anderson, Salvation Corner. Provided are a series of questions that you might be entertaining, and Bible verses that address them: Who needs salvation?; Who is Christ?; What's next?; Saved from What?; About Salvation; and, About Sin. The section on Salvation provides The Salvation Prayer, and The Sinner's Prayer. Soul Thoughts includes original poems by Joel Anderson, entitled: Blood; The Soul Yearns for God; Another Blessing; Storm; Chains; and, Too Late. This is a good site... check it out.

SAMOVAR BOOKS [new 12/96]
Greetings From Ireland! -- Louis Hemmings, Samovar Books. Are you interested in second hand theological books? Samovar Books has approximately 1500 titles for sale. Subjects include: Church History (Early/Reformation/Anglican/General); Holy Land; Bible Dictionaries; Biography; Greek/ Hebrew; Commentaries/ Exposition/ Lectures/ Theology; Antiquarian; Roman Catholicism (from Reformed perspective); Anglo-catholic; Missionary; Hymnology, and related subjects. Readers can ask to have the current booklist (all 109 kilobytes) mailed via e-mail, or review Louis' current booklists at the web site.

SAMS-USA is a voluntary missionary society in the Episcopal Church working in Latin America and Spain to proclaim by word and deed the the message of new life in Jesus Christ. SAMS sends long and short-term missionaries to for evangelism, church planting, youth ministry and a wide range of social ministries. SAMS USA is a sister society of SAMS Great Britain (founded morethan 150 years ago), SAMS Australia SAMS Canada, SAMS Ireland and SAMS New Zealand. Available on line are a Letter from SAMS' Director; SAMS' Staff and Missionaries; information on SAMS Short Term Missions; information about SAMS' E-mail update service (which includes news and prayer concerns); an invitation to Come and Help; Requests for Long Term Missions; details for those Thinking about Missionary Service; and, Helpful Links. At the time of our survey some of the above links were still being developed.
Statement of Faith:

SBCNet is the official online service for the Southern Baptist Convention. It provides a number of resources for Southern Baptists that includes a history of Southern Baptist, the Baptist Faith and Message and a directory of Southern Baptist resources on the web. The Convention provides information about its organization and purpose, distinctive beliefs, history and growth, and its involvement in missions from SBCNet web site. A thorough treatment of the Baptist Faith and Message is provided. Information about its Seminaries, Commissions on Brotherhood, Christian Life, History, Radio and Television, Stewardship is made available. There are links to associated organizations, Woman's Missionary Union and Baptist World Alliance. The SBC resources page proides information or links to the Baptist Press, Boards and Agencies, Seminaries, Colleges and Schools State Conventions (an extensive directory), and Other information.

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