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October 10, 1997
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30. World Wide Web Sites: SI-ST

SIM [new 3/96]
SIM is a major international missions organization with offices in Australia, Canada, East Asia, New Zealand, Southern Europe, The UK and Northern Europe, and, the U.S.A. Articles located at the SIM site include information on the history, purpose, and roles of SIM ministry. Also included is a list of directors, a section on reaching people through the power of prayer, and the newsletter of SIM events worldwide: SIM Now.

The Sion's Jewish Instruction Pages project comes from rock solid ministry confirmed to make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Jew. Sion makes available an extensive apologetics archive, including conservatively based contemporary writing and heavily emphasized classical works. Jews are cordially welcomed to visit. The pages are also a most useful tool for those who are also involved in Christian apologetics ministries to Jews. Very highly recommended.
Archive Page:

SGA is now in its sixth decade carrying the love of Christ to the people of the former Soviet Union. Under the leadership of its president, Dr. Robert W. Provost, SGA trains pastors and layleaders, sponsors national church-planting missionaries, supports two national seminaries and seven Bible institutes, supplies Bibles and literature, provides humanitarian aid, and more...

SGN ongoing goal is to build a network of individuals, churches, publishers, and other resources to provide ongoing training and support for small group leaders and administrators of groups. We want to equip small group leadership to make disciples and strengthen disciples into disciplemakers. SGA provides a list of Small Groups resource providers, a Global Accountability Partners (GAP) survey, linking to Promise Keepers Accountability Groups. The Classified Ads section is a place to register Small Group services and needs. The organizations magazine, Small Group Dynamics (described in the newsletters/ journals sectiono of this guide) is available on line. SGA's Small Groups Library provides SGA files that fall into the following categories: Resource Reviews; General Articles; How To articles; Functions of Small Groups; Different Types of Small Groups, and Questions & Answers.

SOLA SCRIPTURA! [new 3/96]
A Reformed Theology Resource. The compilation and collection of files on-site represents a very well organized and carefully collected library of files representing the Reformed faith. The collection is much too large to detail in our guide, but author represented are James M. Chaney, Jonathan Edwards, Jerome Zanchius, Michael Bremmer, James White, John Calvin, Loraine Boettner, Charles Hodge, Charles Spurgeon, R.C. Dabney, A.W. Pink, George Whitefield, A. A.Hodge, B. B. Warfield, Ernest C. Reisinger, Michael S. Horton, Thomas Watson. Bremmer also provides links to the Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dordt. Sola Scriptura is an excellent collection that deserves repeated visits.

SOMA [new 11/96]
SOMA is a Christian mission agency in the Anglican Communion dedicated to: Fostering renewal in the Holy Spirit throughout the world; Enabling the Church to fulfill the Great Commission by ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit; and, Changing the world for Jesus Christ. SOMA is involved in countries such as Malawi, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Honduras, Argentina, Mexico, Equador, India, Boga-Zaire, Mozambique, and Nepal. Regular features at the web site include Field Reports, Prayer Call, Upcoming Missions, and Directors Notes.

Jesus: Songs of Praise. Gilberto Barreto is a Christian music composer from Brazil. His web site contains midi versions of his songs in English, along with lyrics and some music scores with guitar chords. Also provided is an MS Word file to produce song sheets. The site administrator encourages use of these songs in praise and worship. Visit the site often; new songs are added constantly.

Designed to provide informational support for and about Fundamental missionary efforts worldwide. Highlighted on the SONshine pages are TopicTalk, which will be a forum for contemporary issues. PASSport Passages, noted in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide, is a monthly look at missions worldwide. SONshine has a substantial Gateway of links to Fundamental resources and doctrinally sound information on the internet, including Universities & Colleges, Institutes, Christian Schools; Mission Boards & Ministries/ Missionaries; Fellowships and Organizations; and, Christian Literature.

Fred Greko is bringing together a well-organized set of connections to servers that are making these files available. Find here also a Puritan quote of the day which Fred calls A Dose of Puritan Wisdom. He has developed a topical page for John Owen, which includes a thorough chronological listing of Owen's work, and links to currently available documents. He is also working on a home page for John Bunyan. Theologians included are Luther, Calvin, Owen, Bunyan, Henry, Spurgeon, Warfield (in process), Pink, and Whitfield. He will also be including Manton, Baxter, Edwards, Boston, Watson, and Rutherford. Also find valuable information about bookstores where Puritan books are available for ordering. Here is an orderly aproach to cataloging sermons and such on the internet, and therefore making the information readily available. Recommended.
John Owen Home Page:

Correspondence courses and other ministries. Source of Light's purpose is to evangelize, edify, and disciple believers, strengthen existing churches and establish national churches. It's purpose, also, is to disseminate Gospel literature into the hands of the multitudes in as many lands and languages as possible.

The site includes Current Issues and Headlines that are pertinent to ethics and religious liberty (reviewed in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide). The Major Areas of Interest secion includes position papers for Biomedical Ethics, Christian Citizenship, Eductaion, Gambling, Homosexuality, Hunger and Religious Liberty (including Religious Persecution) and Sanctity of Human Life are available at the time of our survey. Position papers addressing Alcohol and Drugs, AIDS, Environment Pornography, Race Relations will be made available. The Commission makes available it's newsletter, Salt and Light, on the internet. (Refer to the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide.) There is provided an online catalog of publications and order information. The archive is supported by online search.
Descriptive Index:
Southern Baptist Convention:

and Covenant Tape Ministry. Founded by the late Dr Greg Bahnsen, a former student of Cornelius Van Til and an exponent of his teaching on apologetics - probably one of the most rigorous thinkers of recent years. Featured at the archive is information on SCCCS staff members, degrees and course descriptions. A sampling of the growing articles collection includes Dr. Bahnsen's: Radical Empirism Made Foolish, and, Religious Pluralism and Social Anarchy; Dr.Booth's: Theonomy and Baptism; and Dr. Wagner's: Who Should Fund the Culture Wars? The Covenant Tape Ministry provides a big assortment of tapes pertinent to Apologetics, Ethics, Theology, Calvin (Institutes), Philosophy, Eschatology, Churches and Christian Living, and various Bible books as well as Other Biblical Studies. Books available from SCCCS fall roughly into the same categories. Don't miss samples of the Center's newsletter, Penpoint, it's location described in the journals/ newsletters section of this guide.

Being developed by Jim Ellis, this set of pages centering on Reformed Theology features downloadable theology resources, links to other sites, on-line Bible Study, and more. Provided under the heading, Reformation Theology and Sovereign Grace are works by L. Boettner, A.W. Pink, R.L. Dabney, and the text of The Cambridge Declaration of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (1996). There is a large collection of documents under the Creeds and Historic Church Documents section, ranging from the Apostle's Creed to the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1833. Writings From the Past include short works or portions of larger works by Augustine, Luther, Calvin Zanchius, Owen, Edwards, Whitefield, Bonar and Spurgeon. Contemporary Tehological Essays include: Sufficient for All?; Are All Men Forgiven?; Agorazo in 2 Peter 2:1; Vital Signs; Decisional Regeneration; and, The Legacy of Charles Finney. There is a sizeable collection of Related Web Sites, including many resources related to the Reformed faith. Amongst them are Whitefield Review, Jonathan Edwards On Line, and, the Cumberland Valley Bible Book Store.

SOWER'S SEED [new 3/96]
Sower's Seed is a family enterprise devoted to publishing (formerly) out-of-print classical Christian texts, some hard to find. Besides order information you will find some gems on site, including excerpts from: Richard Baxter's "Labour to Know Christ", John Calvin's "On Christian Liberty", "The Duties of Parents to Their Children", by Cotton Mather, "Growth in Grace", by Rev. Archibald Alexander, amongst other complimentary files.

SPEED THE NEED [new 7/96]
Urgent Needs Network for Christian Missionaries. For readers who have not yet experienced the great urgency and the high rewards connected with intercessory prayer for warriors on the field, then connect to Speed the Need. For the warriors that already know the burden, then you will enjoy the proximity provided by Speed the Need. David Hatch brings something special to missions by way of continual energy, deeply felt concern for Christian missions efforts world wide, dogged intercession, and unending hope. STN Base is diligently being reconstructed. One of the new information bases that is being constructed is STN's Emergency Medical Reference Room, which includes Poison Control Centers, Internet Emergency Rooms, Surgical Procedures, Medical Specifics Reference Links, Drug Databases, Disease Info Centers, and CPR Refresher Links. Another is STN's Missions Toolbox, which will eventually include sections onEmergency Medicine, News/ Weather/ Quakes Hurricanes, Mission Links Around the World, Dental Technology, Country Inforation, Furlough Assistance, Amateur HAM Radio, and more. Find on line the latest STN Bulletin (Urgent Needs for Missions), the latest edition of CyberFaith Newsletter (including mission related news, and follow-up information from STN Newsletter), and the latest version of STN PrayerPad (non-urgent needs). STN provides a way to subscribe from the home page. Highly recommended.

SCP is a well established front-line ministry confronting the occult, the cults, and the New Age movement. SCP provides print and counselling resources to provide sound information about these spiritual counterfeits. The Spritual Counterfeits Project will focus on a Monthly SCP Feature, highlighting a media of special interest or importance. At the time of our survey two items are noted: the SCP Joural article, Cyberspace: Storming Digital Heaven; and, Phillip E. Johnson's book, Reason in Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law and Education. Tables of contents and order information is provided for issues of SCP Journal and SCP Newsletter. The Product Catalog give more information about how to subscribe to the serial publications, and also lists books (by Tal Brooke, President of SCP, Will Barron, Randel Baer, Phillip E. Johnson, Michael S. Coffman Ph.D., the SCP staff, Walter Martin, Charles Strohmer, J. Ankerberg, J. Weldon, and C.S. Lewis.), booklets, profiles, audio and video tapes, and Access Packets. SCP provides information about it's Access/ Counselling Hotline which is available by phone two hours a day, four hours per week. They may also be reached by e-mail.

In Touch Ministries, with Dr. Charles Stanley, provides a page of short inspirational bios. At the time of our survey, one can read about J. Hudson Taylor, C.S. Lewis, Oswald Chambers, Amy Carmichael, and Jim Elliot. It's interesting to note that, Elisabeth Elliot wrote an excellent biography on missionary Amy Carmichael, entitled "A Time to Die".)
In Touch Ministries:

Christian retailer with sales for digital games, books, children's books and videos, jewelry, apparel, food, music.

St. Michael's is a traditional Anglican parish located in the Tulsa, Oklahomametropolitan area that is evangelical, liturgical and traditional. St. Michael's provides a list of recommended reading compiled by the Reformed Episcopal Publication Society. Following comes a brief position statement on the Church's determination to be "Evangelical, Liturgical and Traditional. The Church also provides links to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, Anglican Worship, the Episcopal Synod of America, Evangelical Catholic Magazine, Chronology of Religion in England, and Anglicans Online. Also provided are links to general Christian resources, such as Homeschool World, Touchstone Magazine, and a Liturgy Archive. Recommended.

A small Anglican church in Wales.

STAND TO REASON [new 6/96]
Building Christian Thinkers for the Public Defense of the Faith. Stand to Reason is not a counter-cult organization. It is not a political action group. Instead of demonstrations and boycotts it uses moral and rational suasion and fair-minded advocacy to make the point that Christianity is worth thinking about. It gives the average believer the tools of thought and the facts he needs to stand to reason for the historic Christian faith and for classical Christian values. It aids him in communicating facts in a compelling even-handed and gracious way. First presented on the web site is an overview of organizational principles and goals, and second, e-mail from readers. Featured is a collection of 105 commentaries on line so far covering abortion, apologetics, ethics, evolution, homosexuality, philosophy, life, science, social issues and theology. Also available is a listing of all publications that are available, on line, or by ordering from Stand to Reason. Included in the large on-line archive are titles such as: How Do You Know Christianity is True; Jesus Seminar: At It Again; Regarding Apologetics: An Apology; Minimalist Ethic: Too Minimal; Ten Tips to Help Your Prayer Life; The Real Constitutional Amendment; Augustine on Evil; Essential Doctrines, and many more. Visitors can order from STR's list of available audio tapes. Also available from Stand to Reason's site is information about how to subscribe to Clear Thinking, Gregg Koukl's quarterly collection of essays on critical issues of life-- ethics, values and religion. (Tables of contents for recent issues are provided on line.) Provided also is a substantial archive of Stand to Reason's monthly Newsletter.

There is a company using state-of-the-art technology to produce family centeredmultimedia titles which are based on Biblical themes and principles. Starborn's first product is Star Chasers, a CD-ROM and illustrated storybook set designed to deepen a child's knowledge of the Bible through the engaging tale of three children of one of the Magi who experience the majesty of the Nativity first hand. Full motion videos, music and 3D animation entertain, while an interactive quiz game challenges throughout the storyline. Interactive maps educate children about the geography of the Holy Land and help them to trace the journey of the Magi. Answers to many of the quiz questions can be obtained by accessing the topical reference sections where Bible scholars have provided background on many areas of interest to children such as angels, the Magi, Jesus' birthplace and the history of the period. Included are works such as the following: The Textual History of the Qur'an and the Bible (A Study of the Qur'an and the Bible), by John Gilchrist; God is one in the Holy Trinity, by Archpriest Zachariah Butrus; What Must I do to be Saved?, by Iskander Jadeed; The Cross in the Gospel and the Qur'an, by Iskander Jadeed; What do you Think About Christ?, by Abd al-Masih; A Question that Demands an Answer, by Abd al-Masih; In Search of Assurance, by K. K. Alavi; Why I Became a Christian, by Sultan Muhammad Paul; and, How do we Pray?, by Iskander Jadeed.
Contents (Arabic):
Contents (English):

(In the Context of 20th and 21st Centuries). This publication is a statistical chart showing numbers. Caterogies are: World Population; Worldwide Expansion of Cities; World Population by Religion; Global Christianity; Membership by Ecclesiastical Block; Membership by Continent; Christian Organizations; Christian Workers; Christian Finance; Christian Literature; Scripture Distribution; and, Christian Broadcasting.
Global Evangelization Movement:

Step by Step With the Bible is a clear and simple method for understanding the Bible. Is not a line by line commentary of the Bible, but a method to understand its message. A new chapter is added almost every week. As such, it will be extremely useful in conveying the Bible message to people who are not familiar with the Bible.
About the Author:

Primarily geared to the sale of discounted Reformation texts, however included are valuable summaries of rare bound photocopies, books, and videos. Newsletters, tracts, and previously published books are also available online. The Free Books, Newsletter section contains a healthy number of classical Christian documents. Search engine provided. Recommended.
Free Books, Newsletters, etc.:
New Resources:

StraightWay International is dedicated to providing an answer and alternative "straight" lifestyle to the social problems of contemporary living through fulfilling Christ's mission to bring the Way of Life, Peace (shalom) and Goodwill to all men through proclamation (outreach) and demonstration (community). It provides residential training and rehabilitation to whole families, unwed mothers and single fellas and girls. It has gained international recognition as one of the most effective programs in existence offering drug and suicide prevention, guidance counseling and human services. Its outreach arm, called StraightWay, challenges a quarter of a million public school students with a positive answer to drug abuse, delinquency, suicide and sexual promiscuity. Besides its information and preventative education services, it offers two main sites---one in Texas (USA) and one in Europe (Slovakia)---for training in family life, Christian leadership and basic vocational and living skills. Documentation available at the web site includes information about the FamilyLife Training Center, a therepeutic community providing residental rehabilitation and ministry, the LifeWay Training Center (Europe), which provides Christian life leadership training and academic study for those interested in pursuing a ministry in Euroasia, StraightWay Outreach, bearing the positive message of young people, addressing drug abuse, suicide, and so forth. For your reading, Restoring the Role of Fatherhood is a polemic giving definition to StraightWay's response/ ministry. How do Discern Cults from Genuine Therapeutic or Intentional Communities is another document available on board.

Presented at this site are facts about the book, and how to order it. The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus is a book directed at those who would consider themselves biblically illiterate, though many with a Bible background willprofit from its reading. As a narrative, the Bible is explained chronologically from the beginning to the end, starting with the simple and moving to the complex. The goal is to make the Bible's message clear and logical. Comprised in 318 pages, 6 X 9 by 3/4, illustrated with over 100 drawings, maps, and diagrams. Author John Cross is lecturer, author, photographer and family man. Over the years his interests have included fishing, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, sailing, flying, and amateur radio. Among other things he has written and directed three award winning videos. He has lived and worked in three countries, visited twenty-one others. No passion has equaled his desire to explain simply "The Book." Originally from Canada, John and his family live in Papua New Guinea. Information for this book is being provided by Good Seed International, Durham, Canada, an organization with a vision for equipping the individual to clearly present the message of the Bible. GSI invites you to share its vision to publish and distribute tools tailored to post and non-Christian societies around the world. It is GSI's hope to translate The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus into all the major language groups. Profits will be used to this end.

STUDENT LINC [revised 2/97]
Student LINC (Leaders In New Campus) Ministries is a service provided by the Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, International, and can provide college students with information for the locations of evangelical interdenominational campus ministries for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Navigators, and Campus Crusade for Christ. If these ministries are not present on your campus, they can help you start a ministry by providing resources, encouragement, and direction.

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