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October 10, 1997
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34. World Wide Web Sites: WORL-Z

A Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Provided is a current radio log, and other useful information about Dr. Bright's ministry on radio.

Into All the World. "And he said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation." - Mark 16-15. WGM is an interdenominational, international, missionary organization committed to making Christ known to all peoples. Founded in 1910 by the National Holiness Association, now known as the Christian Holiness Association, WGM is comprised of over 330 missionaries from more than twenty denominations. These missionaries currently serve on five continents. Although World Gospel Mission has not been controlled by the Christian Holiness Association for many years, WGM remains solidly committed to the proclamation of scriptural holiness. Although the Mission's focus is on evangelism, WGM ministers to the whole person through church planting, education, medical care, community health and development, and even crisis relief for persons with whom the Mission is directly involved. The Mission concentrates on developing self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating churches which are indigenous to their respective country or region. The Mission is currently involved in ministering to the whole person on many fields. Currently the World Christian Encyclopedia lists WGM as the second largest of the mission societies of Wesleyan theology and the largest of the Wesleyan interdenominational missionary organizations. Included on site are organizational documents detailing WGM's history, goals, and vision, a Statement of Faith, and Statement of Purpose. WGM's Fields of Ministry include needs and background information for most countries to which WGM ministers. WGM's Fields of Ministry include: American Indian Field, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Dominica, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Paraguay, Papua New Guinea, Peniel Compassionate Ministries, St. Croix, Taiwan, Tanzania, and Uganda. The mission has set up a web-based under the heading WGM Bullletin Board, designed to host conversation relating to WGM activities and missions in general. Posts are made from the web page, and a posting FAQ has been made available. An Urgent Prayer Requests section is provided as well, and is reported in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide.

The Church of the Nazarene is a very strong participant in international missions and in relief work around the world. Available from this part of the Nazarene network are links to information resources of the Nazarene World Mission Society (highlighted elsewhere in this section), the Office of Volunteerism (including programs Work and Witness, Nazarenes on Call, Nazarene Disaster Response, and Nazarenes in Volunteer Service). The Nazarene Compassionate Ministries includes Child Development and Child Sponsorship programs, and Social Transformation and Disaster Response activities. Plans are underway to provide World Mission Magazine.

The information on this page rates top notch as an information resource directory for missions. The page is divided into three sections: International Missions Organisations; Missionary Radio; and, Other Missions Organisations, Information and Resources. Developed by James MacDonnell, University of Edinburgh, Scotland as a part of his The Christian Zone!! resources. Recommended!

WORLD RELIEF [new 6/96]
As commissioned by the National Association of Evangelicals, World Relief works with the Church in alleviating human suffering worldwide in the name of Christ. World Relief brings hope to some of the world's poorest people, continually meeting the changing needs of suffering families through local evangelical churches. World Relief is uniquely committed to working with local churches in the areas of disaster response, community development, and refugee assistance. More information about World Relief, it's commission and goals are provided at the web site.

WORLD TEAM [revised 4/97]
One Mission Fused by the Vision of Two. Combining the ministries of RBMU International and World Team. The organizsation's purpose is to glorify God by working to establish reproducing churches among the least-evangelized peoples of the world. Their work is ultimately for the glory of God. Their energies are focused on the least-evangelized in city and rural situations. Their task is to establish churches that reproduce. World Team helps people assess how they fit into God's plan for the nations, brings together committed and enthusiastic world Christians from around the globe, provides comprehensive, effective and practical training for church planting, and sends teams to establish churches among the world's least-evangelized urban and rural peoples. World Team provides information about it's programs and vision. They are in the process of developing a page that will provide links to information about World Team ministries around the world. World Team uses the Cell Church model, and provides a document that gives a basic introduction to Cell Church. A Cell Church Resource Catalogue and Conference Schedule is also on site. Highly Recommended.

A nonprofit Christian humanitarian organization committed to serving God by working with the poor and oppressed in more than 100 countries. World Vision supports more than 4,200 projects, including long-term community development projects focused especially on the needs of children, emergency relief assisting people affected by conflict or disaster, promotion of justice seeking to change unjust structures, strategic initiatives serving the Church.
WV Australia:
WV Canada:
WV Locations:

Every day, 35,000 children die of hunger-related causes. This website givesyou the chance to do something about it.

World Wide Christian Web provides the following sections: Conservative Christian News (noted elsewhere in this guide), Book Reviews, Bible Questions and Answers, NetBible (an online Bible search utility), Stewardship, Prayer Requests, Surf'n the Net, Free Stuff, and a Tech Page.
WWCW in 3-D:

A twenty five year old Independent Baptist Mission board consumed with the passion of helping churches accomplish the Great Commission. The focus of the mission is in its name. WWNTBM is World Wide in its Perception, New Testament in Practice, Baptist in Principle, and have Missions as its Purpose. Information provided on line by the mission includes the Bylaws and Statement of Faith, and contact information for the Board and membership. Files are available in Adobe PostScript and Powerpoint formats.
Alternate URL:

The most innovative and integrated approach to an electronic bible involving internet technology, the World Wide Study Bible incorporates both classical and contemporary text as study notes to Bible Books. The World Wide Study Bible is a part of the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Highly recommended.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library:

Proclaiming Radical Grace. Included on site are Bible Studies (including series on Grace, Colossians, Romans, and topical studies), WorldNet Grace Ministries' International Student Ministry, Bread for Life (committed to taking the unchanging message of Jesus Christ to a rapidly changing world, in words and in deeds...meeting physical, spiritual and social needs of mankind), a Statement of Faith, the WorldNet Newsletter (described elsewhere in this guide), and a directory of internet links. The International Student Ministry includes documents intended to challenge our thoughts on missions in the section entitled A Fresh Look at the Great Commission: How the Early Church Evangelized the World; The Biblical Mandate for Ministry to Internationals; The Obsticles to World Evangelism; The Window of Opportunity; How Our Foreign Policy is Being Undermined; and, Who is Influencing Whom?

WorldVillage is dedicated to a clean networking environment, screened from pornography and violence. They go one step further by providing reviews and information about resources they offer online. WorldVillage is sectioned off into the following areas: Games Zone (includes software reviews, downloads, articles, links); Multimedia Cafe (CDROM with a similar information outline); School House (software reviews, special features, shareware, etc.); Internet Hotel (a place to locate the internet software you need); and Village Chapel, which includes The Joy of the Lord (an internet pick of the week), and a lively series by author, humorist, mother, Mary Lawrence entitled "CrossWalk".
WorldVillage Chapel:

Encouragement and Inspiration for the Soul. WorldVillage Chapel is a service of the WorldVillage family safe network. Featured is the weekly premier internet site review, The Believer's Weekly, written by William T. Yates. When we say "written" we mean just that. Time is given to review each site in a personal and friendly manner. Slices of Life is a monthly web newsletter devoted to applying Christian concepts to everyday life. CrossWalk also features thoughtful contemporary Christian commentary at its best in the forms relating to Parenting, Comic Relief, Interacting With Others, and Christian Living, by Christian humorist Mary Lawrence Comm. Another page devoted to Bible Downloads provides descriptive information for Christian Software downloads (compressed .zip format). Available on line are Scripture Quest, Sunday School Colors, The Grape Vine, Crossing the Read Sea, and The Animated New Testament.Highly Recommended.

WWWEB CITY [new 8/96]
WWWEB CITY is an evangelistic cyber city. The network believe that the Internet is a very useful communications tool for the Church. It's mission is to fulfil Isaiah 61 vs. 1 through Internet ministry, fellowship and prayer. The network's directory includes sections on Business, Churches & Ministries, Community Services, Internet abyland & Helps, Computer, Devotionals, Entertainment, Expressway, Food Court, Individuals, Kidz Korner, News Stand, Schools, and WWWEB City Hall.

WYCLIFFE ASSOCIATES (UK) [revised 10/97]
Click on any link and the reader will be delivered to information that provides three statements that underscore the ministry of Wycliffe Associates: to use the expertise of ordinary men and women like you and I to help in the Great Commission. There are three selections provided for the reader. The first two: "Yes, I would like to help a missionary", and "Yes, I would like some help from a Christian volunteer", bring together the specific needs of individual missionaries and the specific qualifications that volunteers have to provide. In effect the site offers a very novel kind of placement service. If the average internet user thinks he or she is not qualified to help, then review what's needed: Urgent prayer; Computer keyboarding, Library research, Shopping, Translation, Sending magazines and comics, Professional advice, Help with newsletters, Computer help, Forwarding e-mail, and Abstracting news information. The third selection is, "Yes, I would like to know more". Provided is information on WA's Christian basis of faith, Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL, The Summer Institute of Linguistics, as well as a link to the Ethnologue, an immense database that provides details about language groups around the world. Recommended.

Presently included on the WBT server are a Fact Sheet, General Statistics, a FAQ including addresses for WBT's regional offices, Press Releases, their outstanding magazine, "In Other Words" (See the newsletters/ journals section of this guide.), a section on Computing in Wycliffe, and WBT's Doctrinal Statement.

Xenos is an innovative group of over 2500 Christians working through about 70 ministry teams in central Ohio. The ministry has provided a substantial amount of information on line, highly relevant as Christian response to today's cultural milleau. The Fellowship's Crossroad Project, intended to equip Chrisitans to communicate knowledgably and effectively, includes documentation on The Postmodern Challenge to Christian Thought; Postmodernism in Daily Life; The Summer Apologetics Institute; The Death of Truth Conference; Apologetics and Evangelical Resources, and weekly highlights centered on postmodernism and apologetics questions. Readers are challenged with The Church in the 90s Quiz. Provided are sections for Teaching Outlines, Books, Tapes, Ministry Team Accreditation, Urban Concerns, Courses, and Papers. As an example of the quality of documents contained at this archive, a small portion of papers made available are: The Waldensian Movement from Waldo to the Reformation; Watchman Nee and the House Church Movement in China; Philip Jacob Spener's Copntribution to Protestant Ecclesiology; The Objection of Religion: Universal Themes; The Strange Details of Stephen's Defense; and, How to View Changes in the Church. Featured are Xenos' full length book, Understanding Ministry, and a substantial review of the ministry's Christian Principles class.

XRYSOSTOM [revised 7/96]
Presented by Xrysostom, that is, "The Golden Mouth", a page coined by Pastor Walt Snyder. Pastor Snyder is a theologian, newspaper columnist, co-moderator of the LTHRN'L discussion list here on the internet, and Texan. Here, Pastor Snyder links a number of internet sites, including Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, from which he hails, the LCMS Texas District, other Christian points of view, information points, and search utilities. Of special value is Walt's newsletter, "Ask the Pastor". Included is a good range of thoughtful articles designed to make us think about our faith and its application in our daily lives. A sampling of articles includes: What Do You Think?; Justice, Sabbath and Sabaoth, Divorce--A Smorgasbord; Giving Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good; Sensitivity to Humor and Culture; What Was It Like in the Good Old Days?; Jesus' Name and His Supper; and, Pain and Suffering: Why God?
Ask the Pastor:

David Filo and Jerry Yang's Yahoo Server with user submitted information. Christianity section includes pointers to many resources in this guide. Subcategories include: Bible, Churches on the Web, Ministries and more.

Being developed by the former editor of Morning Star Magazine, YASHAnet promises to be an exciting site as resources are developed. Devoted to Mesianic Judiaism, and to Israel find information in the News Room, from the Secular Archives, Remote URLS, and YASHAnet's Spiritual Library. Also available from YASHAnet is the Christian Friends of Israel, including general information, outreach and publications of CFA, such as Israel News Digest, Watchman's Intercessory Prayer Letter, and Zion Quarterly, as follows:

Yeshua's Ministry's main purpose is to glorify the Lord Jesus in all ways. Showing the true meaning of christianity first by example and second by word. Yeshua's Home for special children is their first example. These very special children have many complex medical problems from birth or abuse. Over the years Yeshua Ministry has cared for over 30 children with drug addictions, medical problems, rare genetic diseases, forms of muscular dystrophy, and victims of physical and sexual abuse. Five of these children have gone on to be with our heavenly father, some have been successfully returned home, and others have been adopted by the Hodapps. Their is more information available from the introductory file on line. Yeshua's Ministry advertises and provides commercial versions of the following products to support their work: The Online Bible, The Sage Digital Library, Macintosh Online Bible CD, Hebrew World, David & Goliath Interactive CD, Hebrew Word Pictures, and Upward Way Publications.

Young River's primary focus is the one million junior high and senior high youth in the 12 county area of Southeast Michigan. Included on site are sections named Riverton Cafe (including a feedback form, information on the ministry, and highlighting a youth group of the month); Roller Blades (featuring Young River events); Thrift Shop (including projects such as The Wall, Bible clubs, student rights, The Net, and How to Share Your Faith); The Underground (local music, music links an interviews); Volleyball Pit (sporting events); Beach Party (Links to WWW resources for students and youth pastors); and, The Buzz (concerts in Detroit, and places to hang out). Graphics dependent navigation.

Youth Development International intends to reach out to kids in need of help. YDI is composed of caring men and women (mostly volunteers spread out in over 120 regional outposts throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world. Founded in 1959, YDI for the past 36 years has served on the front lines in bringing the message of hope to young people. Available from this page is information about the National Youth Crisis Hotline, which provides ministry to a wide variety of emotional and physical issues, the YDI Christmas Outreach Program, and their Wilderness Expedition. The YDI Online section provides Notebook Updates (encrypted zip file), and Messages for Volunteers (also encrypted and zipped), and will contain YDI Spotlight. There is a section telling how you can be involved in helping to field the 1100 calls a day YDI is currently receiving, 40% who cannot be helped because YDI needs more people. If readers want to provide a Christian response to the need, YDI is offering you a partnership that is such a solution. Recommended.

YOUTH FOR CHRIST [revised 4/96]
Available from the Gospel Communications Network.

The Connection provides resources, helps and support for Youth Workers of all types and all levels. The Connection is directed by Keith Sharp who has been involved in Youth Ministry for 10 years and is serving as a Student Minister in Birmingham Alabama. He also speaks at Youth Revivals and Retreats and Educational Workshops and is currently developing a Youth Worker Training Program to help equip lay youth leaders. - Adapted from the introduction. The Cool Menu Thing includes sections devoted to Youth Ministry Helps, Hot Topics, Prayer Concerns, a Youth Workers' Network, The Ham Cam, and a good list of relevant links to internet sites.

The labor behind the Youth Ministry Policy Manual is the six to seven years' experience that Stef Mahoney has devoted to youth ministry. While attending Bible College it occured to him that there are a lot of things that we do in ministry that are are not documented, and that there are ways we expect things to work, but we fail to tell others what we expect. The purpose of the manual is remedy at least part of the problem. In addition to help coordinate ministries, we think that you'll find that the guide provides invaluable insights and ideas. The guide is formed into a very orderly presentation. To give you an idea it presents sections on Organization, Youth Pastor, Youth (Students), Leadership Teams, Ministry Training Programs, Growth Programs, Outreach Programs, Emergency Procedures, Transportation, and Event Safety Guidelines. The Organizational section includes sections on Authority, Statement of Faith, Purpose, Funding, and Properties. Highly recommended.
Stef's Home Page:

YOUTH SPECIALTIES [revised 7/96]
Youth Specialties has been servicing adults who minister to teenagers for over 25 years. They produce books, curricula, periodicals, and training events. Provided at their site are a Quote of the Week excerpted from Youthworker journal. Posted weekly are Five Free Tips, Timesavers & Tricks of the Trade. Registered users may avail themselves of The Mall, which provides youth specialty products, online ordering, samples, and professional advice. Information is provided about the National Youthworkers Convention and National Resource Seminars. This ministry also has an interesting collection of links to remote networking sites called Youth Ministries Central. In particular we think that the sections on Christian Youth Organizations, College and Universities with Youth Offices & Sites, Youth Groups with Web Sites, and Youth Ministries Resources may be of special interest to youth workers, but the other selections are not only appropos, but quite interesting. For folk who may be interested in youth work, check out the forum provided for job placement. Finally, a youth ministry discussion list, Youthministry-L (also described in the Mail-based Services section of this guide) is supported by Youth Specialties.

YWAM is an international movement of Christians working to help make a difference in a needy world. It is now one of the largest interdenominational Christian ministries, with over 9,000 volunteer staff based in about 600 locations in 120 countries. In addition, tens of thousands more people from scores of nations are involved on a short-term basis each year. Coming from many different backgrounds and working in a wide range of situations, YWAMers are united in their desire to be part of changing people's lives for the better. They have responded to "The Great Commission" --Jesus' command to His disciples to go into all the world and tell the "good news". YWAM provides an immense amount of information reporting on all aspects of missions at it's networking sites. Its International Communiations Network incorporates Press and Media Services, PROCLA-MEDIA Productons, Research and Information, and World Christian News and Books. The latter provides order capability of 280,000 titles, including all YWAM Publishing titles; books ranging from cross-cultural ministries, missions application, missionary biography, apologetics, theology, anthropology, periodicals, and so forth. If you have a moment or so, check out Mary Filides' wonderful artistic abilities via the samples of People Group Drawings in the News and Books section, and see what the 30 Days of Muslim Prayer project is all about. Links to YWAM Base Pages (web sites), and YWAM's Public E-mail addresses are provided. Did you know that King's Kids International, Mercy Ships, University of the Nations, Operation Impact (from the YWAM Netherlands), and many other ministries) are integral parts of YWAM's exceptionally well coordinated international ministry? You'll find links here. Europe NOW! is YWAM's newsletter focusing on needs in Europe. YWAM has provided much more information than can be outlined in this guide. The site is exceptionally well organized, and is highly recommended.
YWAM Base Pages:
YWAM Public E-mail Directory:

From its modest beginnings in a Michigan farm house, back in 1931, Zondervan has become a leader in Christian publishing. Zondervan provides an NIV Bible Verse of the Day. Find information about Zondervan Publishing Housse, including it's history and growth, mission statement, and product line. The Just for You section includes various newsletters, articles and information resoures. Included are a Help Desk (contact information and product support), Professor (includes the Academic Catalog, and portions of Munce's Basics of Biblical Greek). More sections include Pastor/ Church Leader (Read How to Lead an Effective Small-Group Bible Study, by Jack Kuhatscheck, ThM, MCS.), ZPH Novels (including excerpts from Marilyn Quayle's The Campaign). There is a Listserv/ Feedback section that gives information about jobs at ZPH, and the Zondervan Mail Room. The Orders section links readers to information from the Zondervan Order Desk. Reporter/ Producer includes sections on Media Relations/ Public Affairs (including the Zondervan Press Syndicate, a monthly magazine of copy-ready articles about ZPH products, and an immense Zondervan Author/ Speaker Directory that provides online information links and contact information). Another section, Retailer, includes Author Tours and Reviews. Feedback includes subscriber list information for such e-mail services as Zondervan Daily Thought (provided from books in Zondervan's devotional library), Zondervan NOW (events at Zondervan Publishing House), and, Election96. There are also sections on Rights and Permissions, and Writer, the latter including submissions information, the ZPH History, ZPH publishing areas, and Resources available from Zondervan for Christian writers. Intersperced throughout is information about Zondervan publications, including What's Hot, and items in the Warehouse Clearance Sale. Due to the proportions of this site, and the information available, take time for a leisurely browse.
Responsibility in Free Speech:

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