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October 10, 1997
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4. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: CHR-CHT

An international ministry with special focus on Lithuania, the Philippines, Cuba, and the United States. This is a newsletter to supporters and friends.

Provided on the internet by the Orthodox Christian Foundation. Published by James Buchfuehrer, and edited by Frank Schaeffer.

Provided by the Christian Coalition. The issue surveyed contains the following articles: Primary Importance The Most Crucial Votes of 1996 Will Be Cast LongBefore November, By Jeffrey M. Peyton; and, Priorities, by Ralph Reed. Search utility available.

Christian Brotherhood Newsletter allows our 25,000 subscribing families to practice the New Testament principle of bearing one another's burdens (Gal. 6:2). Subscribers do this by sharing one another's medical bills up to $1,000,000 per illness without the aid of insurance. Subscribers do not send their money to the ministry but directly to one another along with their prayers and words of encouragement. Christian Brotherhood has been publishing the Newsletter since 1982. Their subscribers pay over $4,000,000 of medical bills every month through the ministry of the Christian Brotherhood Newsletter, over $50,000,000 was shared in 1995.

An newsletter on Christian counselling, posted approximately every other month to 2,500 pastors and Christian counselors across the U.S. and in a few other countries representing many denominations. Its purpose is provide short articles, book excerpts, bibiographies, book announcements, and other helpful items for those who work in pastoral care.

Press releases from the Christian Coalition. The issue surveyed contains the following articles: Gentlemen's Quarterly Magazine Smears Christians; Union Official Corrects Bigoted Remark Against Christians; Local AFL-CIO attacks Christian Coalition.

The premier magazine in Christian computing. An extensive collection of articles, reporting on all aspects of computing of interest to Christians. There is an extensive archive, and a search utility is provided. Also, check the remove links CCM provides to Christian software vendors.

Provided on line are liberal excerpts from the books being introduced for the month, most available from the bookstore. Subject areas that will be considered for review are Biography, Christing Living, Counseling, Issues and Ethics, Love and Marriage, Parenting and Family, Prayer and Devotional, Children, Teens, and Fiction. A cross-referencing system provides listings by author, title, and subject. At the time of our survey, works being reviewed are published by Tyndale House, Questar, Zondervan, Word, Barbour Books, InterVarsity Press, Victor Books, Bethany House, Moody, and Chariot. This site does not provide an exchaustive list of books from which to order, but rather focuses on giving the reader a thoughtful selection of books with meaty documentation to give one an opportunity to evaluate a work before buying it. Editor Drew Lawler also provides a link to local Christian bookstores via a connection to the CBA Member Bookstore Directory. He is also establishing forums for the following topics: Spread the Word; Readers Recommend; Personal Testimony; Questions and Answers; and, Favorite Verses. We like this site because of the innovative ideas that Drew Lawler has introduced, and the spirit of cooperation set forth.

The Voice of the Christian Community. A pro-family magazine with sections relating to education, finance, health, state, national and worldnews, who's who in America's churches, community view, family life, music, art and entertainment, a pastors' study, and travel.

CGN is no longer actively published, but an archive of the old issues is being added to on-line. A sampling of articles includes: Brainstorming: How Can We Use the Internet? Part II; Oh Be Careful Little Mouth, What You Say Stay Alert at All Times; Brainstorming: How Can We Use the Internet?;Thoughts on the California Earthquake of 1994; Hazy; Battle Ready; Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

A publication of Christianity Today, Inc. The sample we reviewed at the time of our survey includes: 1. Cover Story: Eastern Orthodoxy -- The Great Divorce of East and West, by Mark Galli; and, East Criticizes Roman Pope; Two Attempts to Reunite; 2. Icons, by Bradley Nassif; The Spirit-Bearers, by John Chryssavgis; What the Orthodox Believe, by Daniel B. Clendenin; On the Deep Mysteries of Faith -- An Excercise in Wonder; The 7 Ecumenical Councils, by Standley Samuel Harakas; A Taste of Glory: Orthodox Worship, by Paul Meyendorff; "We Do Not Wish To Blur The Faith" -- An Interview with Bartholomew I; An Evangelical Appraisal -- An Interview with Harold O.J. Brown; 3. and other data, including: Did You Know? -- Little-known or facinating facts about Eastern Orthodoxy; From The Editor; Letters From Readers; CH Timeline Eastern Orthodoxy to 1453; The Gallery: Impact Pray-ers; and Recommended Resources Eastern Orthodoxy.
Current Issue:
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CNN is a monthly tabloid-sized newspaper serving the evangelical Christian community in Portland and Salem, Ore., Vancouver, Wash., and dozens of surrounding communities throughout northwest and central Oregon and southwest Washington. The ministry news-oriented publication is available free of charge at about 850 locations, including hundreds of churches as well as bookstores, agencies, libraries, schools, businesses and public locations. The CNN site provides information under the following categories: About CNNW, Feature Articles, Calendar of Events, Advertising, How to Subscribe, and, Talk to Us. Articles on line at the time of our survey include: Next Heritage Month May Lack Kitzhaber Nod; Ministry Targets Street-walking Women; Opportunities for Workplace Ministry Grow; Court Keeps Battleground Church Open; Group Aims to Fill Potential Local Music Gap; and, Networkers Offered Insights Into Their Work. CNN also provides links to four other sites that are members of the Christian Newspaper Association.

A publication of Christianity Today, Inc. Articles in the issue reviewed at the time of our survey include: 1. Cover Story: Interview: Judge Moore, by Jay C. Grelen; 2. Articles: Front Porch (Bonne Steffen, Editor); Granny's Mouse Took Her to Australia (Kay L. Pliszka); Prison Riot! (Sheila Anderson with Eric Larson); What Children of Divorce Really Think (Angela Elwell Hunt (Today's Christian Woman); What If There Is Life on Mars? (Richard Nouw (Letter); Guerrilla Hostage (David Ramsdale (Beyond); Contagious Worship (Art White (Canada Lutheran); Time to Unload; 3. Departments: Kids of the Kingdom; Family Tree; Lite Fare: Return to Shore; Build Your Bible Power: Following Strange Commands; and Ordinary Heroes: Fred Robb, "Centurion" Preacher.
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Articles from the sample surveyed include: Let Your Heart Burn!; Disaster Response Update; Free a Family Through CRWRC; CRWRC--Guinea and TNT-Labe -- Income Earning Project Takes Off; Dominican Republic: DesCo -- Meet Jean Jaques -- Reading, Writing, and Riding; and, Prayer Requests.

An international news service from Australia. Sections are arranged into an Index which provides links to the CRNews articles available at the web site and also serves as an alternative to the graphical presentation. The CRNews is very current and arranged chronologically. Information and Services includes copyright, useage, and policy statements, information about how to subscribe to the paper copy of CRNews. More information is provided about this news agency's Archive Service by which readers may request e-mail copies or disk media copies for a nominal fee. Also find Keith Suter's 2GB News Commentary, a section on Government Enquiries, Prayer Points for the Sydney, Australia area, and Announcements.
CRNews Index Page:

Reprinted articles from the Christian Research Institute's newsletter.

Published by an established leader in Christian apologetics and cult awareness ministries, included in the archive are reprints from the Christian Research Institute's major magazine.

The Christian scholar, experiencing the redemptive love of God and welcoming the enriching perspective of divine revelation, accepts as part of his or her vocation the obligation not only to pursue an academic discipline but also to contribute toward a broader and more unified understanding of life and the world. Objectives are to integrate Christian faith and learning on both the intra- and inter- disciplinary levels, to provide a forum for the discussion of the theoretical issues of Christian higher education, to encourage communication and understanding both among Christian scholars, and between them and others.

Papers presented at the annual meeting of the Christian Theological Research Fellowship. At the time of our survey the following documents are available, or will be made available once prepared for on line use: On Doctrine and Ethics, by Stanley Hauerwas; Making Systematic Theology Moral, by D. Stephen Long; Evangelical Witness and the Roots of the Theological Disciplines, by Paul J. Wojda; The Indispensability of Theological Meta-ethical Foundations for Morality, by William L. Craig; Theological Freedom and the Therapy of Desire: Thinking With and Beyond Karl Barth and Karl Rahner, by Lois Malcolm.
Christian Theological Research Fellowship:

An important Christian newspaper from Greece, supporting a broad circulation around the world, now available in three la nguages here on the internet. Sample articles include: The Good Year Begins And Ends Up With Jesus Christ, by Leonidas Fengos; The Gospel Was Written in Greek: Eight Jews Along ith a Greek Man Have Written The Gospel in the Greek Language; Do Not Be Afraid - Jesus Christ Is Alive; Christ Loves You And Calls You, by K. Kondilis; To a New Horizon with New Visions. Christian Testimony includes: ...Now the Kingdom of Heaven Suffers Violence and the Violence Take It by Force; "Blessed is the Man Who Walks Not in the Counsel of the Ungodly, Nor Stands in the Path of Sinners, Nor Sits in the Seat of the Scornful" What the Word of God Does Not Say--"That We ShouldNot Examine Churches Doctrines", and, Love is a Medicine for Longevity and Remedy.
Spanish (Cristianismo):

The following articles were available from the issue we reviewed at the time of our survey: 1. Cover Story: Faith Without Borders, by Kim Lawton; and Myanmar's Christians Flee Buddhist Militias; Mothers Movement Awakens Brazilian Church; Mozambique's Great Gun Swap; Ethnic Translators Study Hebrew at the Source; 2. Feature Articles: Is Persecution Good for the Church?, by Mark Galli; Anatomy of a Giver, by Tim Stafford; 4. Do They Know Us by Our Love?, by John Ortberg; 2. Departments: Inside CT: Going to the Prayer Mat for Jesus; Letters; Editorial: To Heaven on a UFO; Editorial: North Korea's Hidden Famine; Highlights: The Culture Is Overrated; Conversations: Robert Bork... ; Books: Little Cherubs, Little Devils; Books: Devotions on the Run; Reflections; Yancey: Jesus, the Reluctant Miracle Worker; 5. News: Reconciliation: More Than Partners; Crusade: Latino Catholics Boost Graham Crusade Attendance; Canada: Teachers Group Contests School's 'Sexual Sin' Policy; Israel: Christians Protest Proposed "Anti-missionary" Legislation; NBEA: Still Playing Catch-up; Technology: No Free Cyber Ride; New ERA: New Era's Bennett Pleads 'No Contest' to Fraud; 6. North American Scene: Watch Your Vegetables, Johnny; 'Jesus' Offensive for Miami Paper; Clinic Contests $1 Million Judgement; Nation of Islam's Chavis Suspended; Religious Leaders Blast Recording; Hope '97 Tour Draws Protesters; News Briefs; 7. World Scene: Palau Crusade Last in Hong Kong? Calver New World Relief President; and, News Briefs.
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Stay informed using the Christianity.Net news area. Daily updates from Religion News Service keep you up-to-date about the latest developments in the world of religion. This area also provides access to in-depth features from Christianity Today magazine. Articles in issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include: and, New Christian Coalition Congress; Mexican, U.S. Church Leaders Meet.
Religious News Service Archive:

Christians Against Torture is affiliated with Amnesty International, and works under the umbrella of Cytun (the Council of Churches in Wales). Articles contained in the newsletter at the time of our survey include: Mehdi Zana Released (Turkey); Christians Against Torture on the WorldWide Web; Urgent Actions; Saving Lives for a Brighter Future; Abergele Conference a Success; 1996 Regional Conference - Swansea; Concern as Mordechai Vanudu's Condition Deteriorates; GAM Thanks Supporters; and, Iran Jails Woman for Murder of Two Christian Priests.

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