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October 10, 1997
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10. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: IN-JD

IN OTHER WORDS [new 3/96]
Published by Wycliffe Bible Translators, this is my personal favorite. You will find insight here about what it takes to translate languages that have not heretofore been dedicated to the written word, and learn of the commitment that drives this excellent ministry.

IN TOUCH [revised 3/97]
In Touch magazine, is published by Dr. Charles Stanley's In Touch Ministries. The Current issue is available from the In Touch Ministries Home Page, noted below. Articles from the issue surveyed include: Dr. Stanley's greeting; The Symbol Of Supreme Love; Who Moved The Stone?; EarlyLight Devotionals; Are You My Neighbor?; Will Christianity Help Me?; Perspective; and, Today and Tomorrow.
In Touch Ministries Home Page:

IN UNISON [new 3/97]
A devotional written by David Lampel. Most issues of In Unison consist of two parts: The main article has been written to be the 'public' portion -- either re-printed for each choir member or read to them during a devotional time, and the supplemental material intended for the director or leader to use as background to further his or her own study. The complete set of articles is on site, including: One Voice; Up Words; Loving One Another; Demonstrating Praise; The Spirit and the Flesh; Three Little Words; Obeying Our Parent; A Fragrant Offering; Worship the King; His Wish, Our Desire; Because He Deserves It; A Longing to Be Near Him; Excellence: Beginning; Excellence: The Debt; Excellence: For the Prize; Excellence: Why?; To Be Like Him; In Spirit and Truth; and, Honesty.Note that In Unison is no longer being published and therefore is not available for subscription. Excellent writing. Highly recommended.
David Lampel Home Page:

INSIGHT [new 3/96]
From the Slavic Gospel Association. The issue surveyed includes the following articles: Explosive church growth; New conflict creates more refugees in Chechnya; Back to visit the imprisoned church of Russia; TEE program draws higher caliber students; Letters from the former Soviet Union;, and, Innercircle Perspective.

Now you can enjoy Chuck Swindoll's Insight for Living today in RealAudio, provided by the Involved Christian Radio Network. RealAudio software is necessary, and provided from IRCN's main page, referenced below.
ICRN Main Page:
Insight for Living:

An inspirational newsletter from Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll. Recommended.
Insight for Living Web:

... and INCN Development Network. Among resources provided at this network site are the Inter-National Christian News online edition, and a past issues / news archive, as well as Prayer News Updates. Articles in the issue surveyed include information on persecuted christians, the World Evangelical Fellowship, the March for Jesus, and Kuwait. There is a special section in the surveyed issue covering concerns in the People's Republic of China, and the Republic of China. Other countries reported on include Bolivia, Colombia, Eastern Europe, Finland, Mexico, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Turkey, Syria, and the USA. Highly recommended.
News Archive (in txt or html):

INTERACTION [new 7/96]
InterACTION is provided quarterly by InterAct Ministries. InterAct Ministries is a cross-cultural church-planting organization with current focus on Alaska, Canada, India, and Russia. Articles available at the time of our survey include: Death... and Life... on the Yukon River, by Celesta Richardson; Because You Gave: The Lasting Impact of Yakut Picture New Testament; Learning How to Grow the Native Church in the City, by Dan Woodard; and, Meet Me in Illinois This Winter: InterAct at Urbana 96. Recommended.

Although articles for this journal are not provided on line at the time of our survey, readers will find subscription information and a list of articles for the current edition, as well as information about upcoming articles. A publication of the Overseas Ministries Study Center, the current issue includes the following articles: World Mission Conferences: What Impact Do They Have? Norman E. Thomas; A Prayer, WCC Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, by Response to Norman Thomas, by Charles W. Forman; Latin America's Fifth Wave of Protestant Churches, by Clayton L. Berg, Jr. and Paul E. Pretiz; From the Evangelical Alliance to the World Evangelical Fellowship 150 Years of Unity with a Mission, by W. Harold Fuller; The Legacy of Charles Henry Brent, by Mark D. Norbeck; My Pilgrimage in Mission, by Eugene Heideman; Book Reviews; Index 1993-1996; and, Book Notes. Recommended.
Overseas Ministries Study Center:

A Christian news service monitoring the international press for stories of interest to Christians. The ICN editorial team comprises Christians endorsed by a number of Christian leaders throughout the world. ICN is ideally placed within the international Christian community to report, investigate and comment upon international religious affairs, taking into account the voice of the local church where possible.

This set of pages presents announcements for past sessions and a program outline for the recently completed 1996 session (Abline, TX). Conference reports and summaries are attached to the program outline. At the time of our survey support files for the following topics are available: God has Used Technology to Change the Way We Do Missions", by Pete Holzmann; The Sociology of Cyberspace Part II: Information Technology and the Changing Definition of 'Human', by Curt Byers; Principles of Web Document Design and Navigation, by James Langford; Missions Managed By Use of PETRA, by Roger Taylor; Creation and management of a Web site, by Christian Interactive Network Staff; Computer Viruses Roundtable, by Greg Slade; Case Studies in Collaborative Mission Information Publishing, by Bill Dickson; Collaboration on the Web, by Greg Darby; The Virtual Christian Organization - Myth or Reality?, by John Reynolds; Database Provision and Access Via the World Wide Web, by Jonathan Marsden; Collaboration in Research Information Sharing Networks - Dreams and Accomplishments, by Ron Rowland; 20:21 Library--Where do we go from here?, by Mark Patterson; Collaboration in Mission Mapping, by Loren Muehlius, John Gilbert, and Ron Rowland; Demonstration of a Communication Community Center for the Majority World, by Don McIntosh; North-South Differences in Technological Capabilities - How Do We Collaborate?, by Mark Patterson and Don McIntosh; Lessons Learned From Collaboration Via or Concerning Modern Information Technology, by Pete Holzmann; Report on Researchers and Librarians Pre-session Conference, by Virginia Kinman; What's Hot and What's Not, by Pete Holzmann and Bill Jack; Reflections on Being a Christian in Cyberspace, by Galen Hiestand; Project '95 and other Innovations; and, an open discussion on Resources for Technology Mediated Collaboration.

This is a very good missions newsletter provided by the International Needs mission agency which we recommend highly. Articles that were surveyed online include: Message In the Garbadge (Bangladore, India); Oh What a Relief It Is (Manila, Philippines); Viewpoint From the Philippines; On the Road in Nepal; Paryer Fuel (Nepal); In India; and, Transform a Child's Life (Eritrea, Philippines and Sri Lanka.
Plain Text:

LightSource Online describes this department as Worldwide news reports on issues of importance to Christians. It provides this task very thoroughly. A large collections of articles is now available. Articles noted from the sample at the time of our survey include: Three Christians Beaten to Death in House Church Crackdown (Compass Direct), China Expels Christian Evangelist (Compass Direct), French Mourn Seven Trappist Monks (Compass Direct), Ten Churches in Indonesia Destroyed by Muslim Mobs (Compass Direct), Multinational Team Brings Health Care to Benin (SIM), Sudanese Come to Christ Despite Persecution, War, and Poverty (SIM), Trans World Radio Stakes Out Presence inside China beyond July 1997 (Trans World Radio). This is a major mission awareness tool, nicely kept current, and highly recommended.
LightSource Online:


The ISOT archive housed at Leadership Univerity includes ISOT Monographs, Faculty Articles and Student Articles. At the time of our survey articles available include: Monograph Series Articles (Accountability for Christian Workers, by Dr. Ted Martin; Are the Persons described in Hebrews 6:4-6 Christians? by Art Hurtado; An Argument Against Abortion: Germain Grisez, by Dr. Paul Cox; BioMedical Ethics, by Dr. Paul Cox; The Local Church and The Para-Local Church A Proposal for Partnership in Ministry, by Dr. Roy Rosedale; The Lordship Salvation Issue, by Dr.Ted Martin and Dr. Don Weaver; The Lordship Salvation Issue: What Is Biblical, Saving Faith? by Dr. James McHann; Mobile Training Centers: Key to Growth in Thailand by, Dr. Roy Rosedale; Six Laws of Organizational Communication, by Rev. Don Burgess; and, Women in MinistryAn Exegetical Study of 1 Timothy 2:11-15, by Ann Bowman); Faculty Articles (to arrive soon); and, Student Articles (The Neo-Orthodox Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr; An Overview of Eastern Orthodoxy, by Susan Moeller; Partnership and Partings: A Comparison of the Genres and Themes of C.S. Lewis, by Mark Linder; and, Pentecostals, Charismatics, and the Third Wave, by Michael Ramos).

A Partnership Update for the Prayer and Financial Supporters of International Teams/USA, the newsletter provides insight/ updates into various parts of the world where IT is located.

A daily worship service provided by Bill McGinnis at Gospelgate Christian Ministries, available by subscription or on the world wide web. The service includes a Scripture reading (for example John 15:12), an Invocation (an example is Inviting the Lord to be With Use Openly), a Worship Poem (for example Beatiful Words About the Lord), an Exhortation, a section on Reading of the Scriptures, a Doxology (for example, Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow), and a Benediction. Recommended.
Gospelgate Christian Ministries:

A selection of Christian sites from the Internet Times. The sites are judged to be some of the best sources of Christian information and guidance currently available. More sites will undoubtedly become available as Christians catch up with the reality of cyber-revolution and begin to spread the good news on this hitherto untapped medium. With multi-media capability at your finger tips, thegospel should be preached right where the people are looking and listening, right here online!
Internet Times Home Page:

Israel My Glory is a magazine published by the Friends of Isreal Gospel Ministry founded by Elwood McQuaid. Articles from the current issue at the time of our survey include: The Woman's Relationship to Home & Family, by Lorna Simcox; Women in Modern Israel, by Anat in Israel; Jesus and the Role of Women, by Will Varner; and, Godly Women Who Made a Difference, by Herb Hirt. Also available on site is an archive of past articles. The articles online represent a small sampling of what is published in paper. The site offers a six-month free subscription to the paper copy for perspective subscribers. Recommended.
Articles Archive:
Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry:

Current selected excerpts from Israel My Glory newsletter, published by Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, provided online at YashaNet. The current selection of articles (2/96) contains the following titles: God-Makers,by Elwood McQuaid; Jesus in Modern Judaism, by Fred Hartman; The Jewishness of Jesus, by Herb Hirt; Messianic Trends in Israel, by Will Varner; Jesus in the Rabbinical Literature, by Will Varner, etc.

A publication of Christian Friends of Israel house on YashaNet, promises to provide pertinent, accurate news, and special articles that are intended to give the reader a better picture of happenings in the Middle East.

ISSUES is a forum of several messianic Jewish viewpoints. The author alone, where the author's name is given, is responsible for the statements expressed. Articles in the issue surveyed include: Jesus of Nazareth: Miracle Worker or More?, a two-part series by Laura Barron; In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos; Poems: Prayer and The Substance of Regret, by Michael S. Glazer and Fredrick Zydek. Provided by Jews for Jesus.

JAF NEWSLETTER [new 12/96]
The monthly newsletter of JAF Ministries headed by Joni Earickson Tada, formerly named Joni and Friends. Articles included in the issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include: A Vision for the Future Expressing the Love of Christ; He Went Out and Made a Difference; Dallas Area Director Selected; Joni Speaks at Charlotte Crusade; Oklahoma City Comes Through For Wheels; The Usual labels Don't Apply; Letters like this one encourage our Retreat Staff; Calendar; From Joni's Heart; and, Contributions. Recommended
JAF Ministries Web:

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