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October 10, 1997
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14. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: MO-N

A bimonthly magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE). Articles from the sample we reviewed at the time of our survey (a special issue devoted to polemics) include: Polemics: A Brief Introduction, by Michael Horton; How To Be Polemical (Without Being A Downright Nasty Person), by Michael Horton; The Importance of Being More Than Earnest, by R. Scott Clark; Guarding The Gifts, by Rick Richie; Did The Galatian Judaizers "Love The Lord"?, by Gary L.W. Johnson; and, A Sentimental Journey, by Shane Rosenthal.
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals:

A weekly publication of Global Evangelization Movement. A sampling of files available at the time of our survey include: Megatrend 17: Christian human rights activism; Megatrend 18: Urban ministries; Megatrend 20: The AD 2000 megamagnet; Scripture distribution is improving, but much remains to be done; Prayer is key to starting a church mission program; Ebola & Company: Here come the killer viruses!; Sex: a stronghold of sin; and, Cutting deals on the frontier. The files are also posted regularly to MissionNet. Highly recommended.
Global Evangelization Movement:

MONEY MATTERS [new 5/96]
From Larry Burkett, Christian Financial Concepts. Feature articles of Money Matters is being provided on site. Articles surveyed include: Economy in Transition; Insecurity Inevitable (from April 1996); Economic Growth, Spending Restraint (from March 1996); and, New Career Test Labeled Efficient, User Friendly (from December 1995).

THE MORAVIAN [new 3/97]
A monthly magazine of the Moravian Church. Articles listed at the time of our survey include: Christ's Community, Maple Grove, Minn.: A ministry of prayer; Christ's Community, Maple Grove, Minn.: A ministry of healing; Moravian Daily Prayer, a worship resource; St. Paul's, Upper Marlboro, Md.: Spiritual renewal, a prayerful journey; A Moravian soul's journey home; Christian worship, public and personal: Letting God re-create us; Moravian Church, Lancaster, Pa.: Turning the corner with prayer; Asia Ministry Prayer Team; Moravian identity: We have lost our first love; CONVO; Poem: Keepers of the flame. Departments include: Annals of Athanasius; Death; Church World News; Global Witness; Official; Trials of Trophimus; In Our Churches. Not all articles are available at the time of our survey.
The Moravian Church:

A Christian publication grounded in the deity of Christ and the inerrancy of Scripture. Intent is to 1) give out the message of the Gospel and 2) to provide material to help the believer grow in the Christian walk. Archives of executable files in MSDOS and Macintosh formats. No longer published, but archives are still intact.

MP REPORT [new 4/97]
The monthly newsletter of Mission Possible Foundation, an evangelical missions organization that distributes Christian literature, trains church leaders and sends out church planters and missionaries predominantly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Articles in the issue reviewed at the time of our survey include: Rescued Off the Streets of Moscow; Miracles in Moscow; MP Newswire; and, Church Leads Bulgaria Out of Crisis. Distribution of current issues is available from the Registration Page, noted below.
Registration Page: htp://
Web Archive:
Mission Possible Foundation: http://

Thoughtful reflections from Mr. D's Notes on Theology, written by Reverend Stanley L. Derickson, Ph.D.
Alternate Site:
Mr. D's Notes on Theology:

MY PRAYER FOR YOU [new 3/96]
"First Compassion, Then Action", is the title of Bill McGinnis' most recent prayer offered at this site. "It is intended to be a constant source of love, with a new prayer each day, written as poetry, typically blank verse. These are my prayers directed to the Lord for the benefit of the readers, rather than prayers for the readers to pray, themselves." Bill's prayersreflect on the quality of prayer in and through Christian life, and distinguish it as one of the Lord's unique provisions for life. We recommend that you visit this site, where daily prayer is brought up against the issues of life. You will be enlightened, comforted, encouraged, strengthened.

News from the Church of the Nazarene is provided through Weekly Summaries, which can be requested via e-mail distribution. This is denominational newsreporting on the events, activities, and persons who are accomplishing the mission and key objectives of the denomination. News is published based on its timeliness, uniqueness, and projected reader interest. The second form of news is provided in the church's magazine, Herald of Holiness. Information about obtaining a paper copy (only) subscription is on line.
Current Weekly Summary:
Church of the Nazarene:

A newslettr for Church librarians from the Mennonite Book House.

NEW MAN [new 3/96]
Official magazine of Promise Keepers. It's purpose is to inform and equip men with Christ-centered perspectives in every aspect of their lives to be a godly influence in thier world.

NEW SLANT [new 3/97]
A newsletter available from the main page of the The Gospel and Culture Network, New Zealand. The issue we reviewed at the time of our survey includes the following articles relating to the theme, Religion in the New Zealand Herald (a response to the newspaper articles): Will the Martians Alter Our View of God? Perhaps We'll Stop Thinking That Mankind is the Centre of the Universe; Obsolescent Doctrine -- The Trinity; The Rediscovered Trinity; Escaping From Self as Centre; Democracy Has Its Roots in Christian Tradition; Christian Indigeneous Peoples; Buthelezi Steals the Show; We're No Longer Bound by Tradition. New World of Global Culture Means a New Set of Virtues; A Brilliant Cartoon; An Archaic Tradition; Swinging From the Enlightenment To Post-Modern Culture in the Cathedral; The Promise of Peace; Peace Through Pain; Dialogue At Chritmas; Gordon McLaughlan's Loves and Hates; The Catholic Church; Christian Individuals; Book Reviews; Reflections on the Press and Religion; Sport Versus Religion: Score 7-0; Nobody's Fault? Inherent Tension Between Christianity and the Press; G & C Gets Real; Report on DeepSight Progress; Inquisition Answers; Access Items: Grouping Subjects; Access Recommendation; and, Internet News.

A regularly updated, and fully hypertexed news service relating to the involvement, activities and concerns of the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches. Hypertext links are provided for e-mail addresses and for web sites when possible. Recommended.

A monthly newsletter provided by Open Doors International Field Operations. The newsletter provides two main sections: a list of News items at the top of the current issue, and a list of Prayer items toward the middle of the current issue. The issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include the following news items: Azerbaijan: Azeri Ministry of Justice Acts against Christians; Egypt: More Coptic Christians Killed in Second Large-Scale Attack; Egypt: Egypt Wants EU to Improve Image of Islam; Holland: Open Doors Publishes Reader on Persecution of Christians in Sudan; Indonesia: New Attacks on Churches; Israel: Israel to Ban Missionary Activities?; Lebanon: Chaldean Church to Hold Synod in Lebanon; Russia: State Targets Religious Minorities; Russia: Christian Couple Burnt to Death; and, prisoner information: Nelson Manawar Rahi (Pakistan) and Melek Akyil (Turkey). Prayer items include concerns for Azerbaijan; Central Asia; Egypt; (Northern) Iraq; and Israel. Back issues are available from the archive page. Highly recommended.
Archive Page:
Open Doors International Field Operations:

Provides information arising from Films for Christ, Eden Communications, and ChristianAnswer.Net. Articles included at the time of our survey include: Can Christians Afford Not to Help Spread the Word of God?, by Paul S. Taylor; ChristianAnswers.Net -- donations needed; Christian Videos for Prisoners; and, ChristianAnswers.Net -- One-year Anniversary.
ChristianAnswers.Net: http://www.ChristianAnswers.Net/

Included at the time of our survey is news on the Peoples Republic of China.

Up-to-date reports on religious trends and events around the world (external to OM), edited by Debbie Meroff in London. The sample issue surveyed reported on the following topics: Australia Campaign; Iran Update; New TWR Broadcast for Iran; 50 in Place of One!; Seeing Jesus; Family Breakdown in Ireland; Mission Ship Serves Polynesia; Libya Backs U.S. Cult Leader; TV in CIS; Vietnam Facts; Fatal Devotion; Africans Encounter Christ; Evangelism Explosion; Last Days; New Era; Top 10 Cities; A World on the March; People; Medical Alert; and, Resources. Recommended.

THE NEWS (CCCU) [new 4/96]
Published by the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities. The issue sampled includes the following articles: Coalition Peer Groups Gather: Joint Meeting on Spiritual Formation; Coalition Chief Development Officers; Global Stewardship Conference; National Forum on Christian Higher Education; Announcement of New MESP Director; Coalition Faculty Visit Russian Students Program; Murdock Trust Awards Grant for Faculty Development; CCCU Web Site Update; Film Studies Center Celebrates 5th Anniversary; Seattle Pacific Names New President; and, Need Summer Housing in Washington. Regular features include: From the Campuses...; and, Mobilities.
CCCU Home Page:

Text presented in the Japanese language.
Japanese International Food For the Hungry:

An outreach of Ariel Ministries New York, an evangelical ministry for Messianic Jews. Articles available at the time of our survey include: Can there be atonement without a Temple?, and, Yeshua the Messiah and The Feast of Sukkot.

Available only in Big-Five format (for reading Chinese Charactars). On-line help is available.

Provided by The 700 Club, these documents are transcripts from the TV news program, and are fairly current by the time they are uploaded on site. A list of sample articles provided by our survey include: Labor Union's Major Investment in Fall Elections; Legalized Drugs - A Swiss Experiment Gone Wrong; America's Teens in a Sea of Drugs; Taxes - How Much Is Fair?; A Better Medication for Arthritis; Cuba's Nuclear Time Bomb; Taxing and the Decline of Government; Bob Dole - Choosing A Running Mate; Did Clinton approve arms for Bosnia?; Saudi Arabia's Persecution of Christians; Religion on TV - The Results Are In; Arkansas-Clinton's Credibility on Trial; Ritalin and ADD Children - How Safe?; and, Clinton's Plan to Reduce Teen Pregnancy.

THE NEXT STEP [new 4/96]
A regularly updated feature provided by Women Today International, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.

NEXT STEPS [new 5/97]
Next Steps Follow-up Program is produced by InterVarsity Missions & Urbana to provide practical help in integrating the Urbana 96 experience and missions into everyday life. Articles included in the issue available at the time of our survey include: Looking Back on Urbana (God Showed Up, by Melody Hanson; Parable of the Fog, by Carol Sherbeck; and, Floored, by T.V. Thomas and Liam Corley); Campus & Missions (Robbie Chats About Urbana and Beyond, by Meg Epperly; Top Ten Answers to..."Now What?"; What's the Big Deal About Skipping Church?, by Amy Carden; Friends Across the Miles, by Amy Carden; and, Racial Reconciliation, by Paula Esealuka); Missions: How & When (Don Your Bridal Gown, by Scott Bessenecker; Taking Time for Plan B, by Liam Corley; Straight Talk About Short Term, by Lisa McNees; and, What If You're Called to the Marketplace? by Jonathan Hansen); Resources (Enrich Your Life: 12 Bible Studies on Giving, by Yvonne Vinkemulder; Speaking of Jesus: A Book Review, by Amy Carden & Carol Sherbeck; Perspectives Study Program; Fuller Seminary School of World Mission). Next Steps is available from the Urbana main page. Very highly recommended.

Preparing Godly Stewards to Touch the World for Christ. No-Debt Living provides financial news with a Christian perspective with insights from folks like Larry Burkett, Ron Blue, Austin Pryor. The organization strives to challenge, encourage and inform its readers from both a financial and spiritual perspective. Their desire is to help raise up an army of Christian stewards who not only want to eliminate their debt, but who want to touch the world for Christ, through their skills and resources. The people at No-Debt Living are looking for (1) people who are tired of playing at Christianity, (2) people who want to live out the principles God provides in the Bible without compromise, so that they might share in the blessings He promises, and (3) people who want to reach and maintain freedom from debt, so that they might be able to say, like Isaiah, "Here I am Lord, use me." Or "here are the resources you have loaned me, how can I be of help?" They point out that a wise steward also tries to make maximum use of the resources God has loaned him or her. As a result, No-debt Living provide news and information on budgeting, shopping for food and clothing, insurance, banking, time management, health, stock investing and other issues. The difference is, we try to provide this information with a nondenominational, Biblical perspective. Information on site includes excerpts from No-Debt Living Newsletter (at the time of our survey general articles included: Leave a Map So They Don't Get Lost; and, Eight Strategies to Cut Your Food Costs by 45 Percent or More, by Robert E. Frank). NDLN provides a method to subscribe (readers can order a sample issue for a nominal fee.) At the time of our survey the Book Review Section included a substantial excerpt entitled Real Prosperity Biblical Principles of Material Possessions, by Gene A. Getz, and a Credit Cards section included complete articles: Four Guaranteed Strategies to Reduce or Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt; and, People in Debt Need to Uphold Good Name and Biblical Precepts. A Giving section included a complete article, entitled, Wesley Provides Powerful Model for Giving Joyfully to the Lord, by Larry Ruddell and Robert Frank. Two more articles in their Insurance section included: Protect Your Largest Asset -- Your Earning Power, by William J. Humber; and, Eleven Steps to Cutting Disability Insurance Costs, by William J. Humber. The Personal Finances section provides information on Miscellaneous Savings Can Lead You to $70,000. Another section, Work and Career, included full articles entitled: Women Returning to the Workplace, by Jeff Burg (an interview with Larry Burkett); and, Keys to Home-Based Business Success, by Jeff Berg. A No-Debt Investing is being developed as well. Finally, the organization provides a "Net Crusin" section, including more educational, financial, and general Christian locations around the internet. No-Debt Living is a fully equipped internet site with lots of solid information on line that provides a compelling argument to subscribe to the hard edition. We highly recommend visiting the web site, and subscribing to this excellent publication.

This site contains much information about the North Carolina area, but is certainly not specific to North Carolina. The Prayer Home Site includes The Plan of Salvation, and a Bible Promises Study (answers to questions). Confidental prayer requests may be made. Also there is a Community Prayer Sites/ Bible Answers and the News section with a list of links to networking sites for prayer and prayer requests. The second section, Bible Questions & Answers, includes Bishop James. W. Williams' IBBCS Bible Study Teaching Itinerary and Bishop Williams' Home Page as well as links to devotional material. There is a section on North Carolina Church Activities, and on North Carolina Groups and Singing Program Sites. More connections include those to Give the Gift of Life (blood donor sites and American Red Cross sites), and the International Bible Believers' Church Seminary (IBBSC) site. There are listings for North Carolina Radio and Television programs. The concluding section is devoted to Biblical Resources, Bible Study Aids, Sermons, and Seminaries that includes Hebrew Resource Web Sites, sites providing Ministers Resources and Apparel, sites specializing in Apologetics, Book Stores, and locally owned Christian companies.

Provided by the Scripture Union (UK), Noticeboard contains Scripture Union Press Releases. Included at the time of our survey are: Different Denominations Combine with Scripture Union to Appoint new Children's worker in Bermondsey; Changes Announced at Scripture Union; Fun, games and excitement at Scripture Union's Terrington Holiday; and, Lion Publishing & Scripture Union.
Scripture Union (UK):

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