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September 14, 1997
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17. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: REF-SD

by David Lampel. Reflections by the Pond is a weekly column of thoughts and observations finding God in the moments around us. It is not Bible Study, but it shares God's word; it is not preaching, but it does suggest application for our lives. Some of the most gifted insights come from everyday observations as we ecounter the facets of our relationship with God in the lead. One of the most gifted Christian writers on the internet today. Subscriptions are available from the web page.
Seeds of Encouragement:

Published by the Reformed Theological Seminary. A survey of articles includes: William Armstrong: A Businessman First, a Politician Second; How to Get Through the Hard Times, by Steve Brown; The Transforming Power of the Gospel, by Steven Childers; Serving Up a Relevant Gospel; The President's Column: Standing Firm in the Midst of Change; Is Your Pastor Burning Out?; Learning to Live With God's Will; and, a newsbriefs section.

Provided at the Protestant Reformed Churches in America web site, a sampling of broadcasts that are recent at the time of our survey includes: Go, Tell My Brethren (Matthew 28:10); Our Lowly King's Triumphal Entry (Matthew 21:1-9); Crucified with Christ ( Galatians 2:20); Betrayed with the Kiss of a Friend (Mark 14:43-45); The Christian: A New Creation (II Cor. 5:17); The Claims of Love (Mark 14:3-9); The Covenant of Marriage: (3) Beulah Land (Isaiah 62:4-5); The Covenant of Marriage: (2) Betrothed in Gracious Faithfulness (Hosea 2:19-20); and, The Covenant of Marriage: (1) The Indissoluble Bond (Jeremiah 3:1). Recommended.
Protestant Reformed Churches in America:

The Site for Regeneration Quarterly Magazine Re:generation is a magazine addressing the distinctive experiences, concerns, and perspectives of the rising generation of orthodox Christians - many of whom are moving in and out of the confessional, cultural, and political traditions of the moment. Re:generation offers cultural criticism and vigourous debate about moral, political, and theological issues. -- Introduction. Articles included in the issue we surveyed include: (1) Features: The Not-So-Naked New Public Square, by Rodney Clapp; The Book, the Screen, and the Soul, by Douglas Groothuis; He Ain't Sneezy, He's My Brother, by Eric Metaxas; (2) Conversations: MYSTeries Revealed, An interview with Rand & Robyn Miller, by Jonathan Bird; (3) Opinion: Evangelical Politics at the Crossroads, by Nick Lantinga; X-Phile, by Jason Pearson; Information Gluttony, by Read Schuchardt; (4) Reviews: Book: Jesus for a New Generation, by Kevin G. Ford; Music >> strangelanguage, by Charlie Peacock; Film: Trainspotting, by Danny Boyle; (5) Reflections: The Pilate Question, by J. Philip Ashey; Man's Conquest of Nature, by C.S. Lewis; Christ in the Ruin's, by Dan Philpott; The Information Bike Lane, by Christopher R. Huber; and, (6) Editorial: re:RQ, by Jeanette Rollins; and, Editor's Picks, by Kevin F. Offner. There is an RQ archive on site. More information about the editorial board is available on line, as well as conference information. Paper copy subscription information is made available as well. Regenerator, engaging postmodern culture with Christian perspectives,has received praise from figures such as John Stott, Mark Noll, and James Hunter. At the time of our survey, viewing this site requires a frames compliant browser; also turn on your graphics. Recommended.

Operation Mobilisation's new full-featured Worldmagazine, published quarterly for OM's members, friends and supporters. Relay serves to enhance the communication, relationship building and response of all its readers around the world to Christ's Great Commission. Articles included in the issue we surveyed include: Greetings from the Managing Editor, Greg Kernaghan; Hearing from God -- The ILG agenda is OM's agenda, by Peter Maiden; East & West need each other, by Paik Jae Hyun & Julyan Lidstone; Financial Development A spiritual ministry?, by Mike Lyth; World Wide What? OM & the Internet, by Tim Wright; OM Ruined My Life! An OM survivor's testimony, by Carey Hauri; OM World Partners, by Jonathan McRostie; Keeping In Touch. Find your friends among these former OMers!; Personnel-- What is the IPD?, by Mike Wheate; Lighten up!; and, Jesus loves me-- Loving the least of these in India, by Joseph D'Souza. Recommended.

Religion News Today is a daily summary of Christian and other religious news. It includes worldwide reports on church-state issues, religious freedom, persecution, abortion, missions, evangelism, and revival. Headings in the sample reviewed for our survey include: Religious freedom issues belong "squarely" in discussions about U.S. foreign policy; The U.S. House of Representatives' voted Thursday to release funding for international population programs; Illegal euthanasia is widespread in Australia; Croatia's six main churches have set up a new committee; Lutheran Men in Mission, the men's organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Israel's National Parks Authority is sprucing up Megiddo; and, The world got 2.9% more weird in 1996 than in 1995.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY [revised 5/97]
Monthly updates and news concerning the legal battles for the rights of Christians worldwide, provided by LightSource Online. Articles included in the sample surveyed include: Sent to Prison to Share Christ's Love (Open Doors With Brother Andrew), Prison Fellowship Excluded from List of State-Sanctioned Charities (Alliance Defense Fund), Supreme Court Strikes Down City Ordinance against Street Preachers (Alliance Defense Fund), Evangelicals Face Serious Problems in Romania (Compass Direct), and British Pilot Resigns to Protest Kuwaiti Apostate Ruling (Compass Direct). Recommended.
LightSource Online:

Also see The Rutherford Institute, Publications Section, in our World Wide Web section of this guide.


Produced by the Christian Coalition, the issue surveyed contains the following articles: City Policy Redefines Role of the Church; Fourth-Grader Wins Right to Distribute Religious Fliers; Court Rules that Town Discriminates; Judge OK's High School Choir's Religious Songs.

The Indonesian edition of Our Daily Bread straight from Yogyakarta.

THE RISING SON [new 11/96]
A quarterly newsletter from The JapanNet, sponsored the International Student Resources Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, The Rising Son is a training newsletter for Christians involved in ministry to Japanese internationals in the USA or returning to Japan. Themes for issues that The JapanNet has made available from their Table of Contents Page at the time of our survey include: How to Be a Witness to Japanese; The Importance of the Group in Witness to Japanese; How, Then, are They to be Reached?; Potential Hindrances to Understanding the Gospel; Potential Reasons not to Embrace the Christian Faith; Building a Bridge of Understanding; and, Turning a Conversation to Spiritual Things. The index of articles include: Why Japan?; Idea for Easter; Missed Opportunity; Pre-Evangelism Resource; General MacArthur and the Emperor; How to Turn a Conversation to Spiritual Things; Barclay Buxton - A Spiritual Leader; Cultural Insights I and II; and, How to Describe Concepts Japanese Find Hard to Understand. Information for the paper copy subscription is available. Highly Recommended.
The JapanNet:

ROOTS AND WINGS [new 3/96]
Published by International Teams, this newsletter addresses the needs of missionary families, particularly the needs of missionar wives and MKs.

RUSSIA REPORT [new 3/96]
A church bulletin insert from the Slavic Gospel Association. Available in PDF downloadable version. SDA provides a link to download Adobe Acrobat.

RUSSIA REPORT [new 4/96]
Provided by International Russian Radio/TV, and to be made available in Russian, Finnish and English. IRR/TV stresses the importance of acting on behalf of Christ in Russia now. Previous editions of Russia Report are available from the bottom of each Russia Report page.

Also see The Rutherford Institute, Publications Section, in our World Wide Web section of this guide.

The monthly newsletter of Saints Alive in Jesus, providing news, comments and insight. Contents of the issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include: Notes from Ed Decker; Israel in Mourning; On Judgment; and, the Soul Ties of Masonry. An on line archive is available and back issues are being stocked.
Saints Alive in Jesus Web:

SALT AND LIGHT [new 6/97]
Salt and Light are bimonthly publications of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. At the time of our survey, the following articles are available from Salt: Partial Birth Abortion Ban Increases Strength in House; Court Faces Liberty and Death; new Congress: Conflict Likely. The following articles are available from Light: Proposed Religious Freedom Amendment; Real Racial Reconciliation (Seminar Issue); Religious Freedom Amendment Debate.
Ethics and Religious Liberties Commision:
Southern Baptist Convention:

SALT ON THE NET [new 3/96]
Also see description in the Mail-based Services section of our guide.

A quarterly newsletter of the First Baptist Church of Sausilito, California, also available in paper throughout the USA. At the time of our survey, articles being provided on line include a series on Archaeology and the Bible, by J. K. Eakins; a series on Christian counselling entitled One Counsellor's Opinion, by Lars A. Williamson; and a series of articles on theology by Herb Drake, entitled The Theology Corner. Recommended.
First Baptist Church Sausalito:

Also refer to the Mail-based Services section of our guide.
Southern Baptist Convention:

SCP JOURNAL [new 6/96]
A publications outreach of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project. Available on line are annotated tables of contents for the current issue, and back issues, and information about the paper copy subscription. The issue we surveyed includes the following articles: Cyberspace: Storming Digital Heaven, by Tal Brooke; Welcome to the CyberMillenium. Part One: Hidden Building Blocks of the City of Bits, by Donald L. Baker; Virtual Man, by John Moore; Extropianism: Techno-Anarchy for a Brave New World, by Brian Godawaw; and, The Faustian Bargain: Computers and Human Potential, by Brooks Alexander. As one of the monthly features, SCP makes the Cyberspace article available at the time of this survey, in which Tal Brooke share some of his thoughts on Cyberspace based on how networking may impact our culture and values. Recommended.
SCP Home Page:

SCP Newsletter is a publication of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project. Provided on line are an annotated table of contents and price list for individual issues, and informationon how readers may subscribe to this paper publication. A sample article is also provided. To give you an example of what SCP Newsletter contains, the issue we surveyed included the following articles/ information: In Search of Maitreya, by John Moore; The UN and the Leaven of Bejiing--goddesses & gender bending, by Peter Jones, PhD. Department include: Letters to SCP, Daniel Pearson ed., and Beyond the News, Brooks Alexander. An SCP Premimum: Maitreya and Benjamin Creme--by Tal Brooke, a cassette tape of a radio interview of Tal Brooke, by Craig Roberts on the S.F. Bay Area Christian superstation KFAX. The first mentioned article by John Moore is on line at the time of our survey. Recommended.
SCP Home Page:

See description in the Mail-based Services section of this guide.
Gopher Archive: gopher://ns3.CC.Lehigh.EDU/1CFNEWS
Finger Updates:[email protected]

Have you thought about setting aside some of those valuable bookmarks for the purpose of tending to daily devotionals? Scripture of the Day, based at the University of Calgary, Canada is a worthy addition. But there is a bonus to using web based devotionals. That bonus are the little extras that set the mood and provide a virtual desktop, reference works and all. The webmaster does not solely provide a great devotional in Scripture of the Day, but also accoutres visitors with additional daily devotionals from other ministries, three of the best online Bibles available, a Christian internet search utility, RBC's excellent Answers to Tough Questions, and a couple of well placed evangelical tools that would make this an excellent bookmark to recommend to friends who may be considering a personal relationship with Christ... a quiet place for that introduction to occur! More information through a link to the Christian Stuff at the University of Calgary web site. We give this page a four star rating for friendly orderly design, ease of use, solid reliable content. Also, one more thing. It may not seem all that notable on a Christian page. But, it ends with "God bless you." Highly recommended.

Provided by the Scripture Union (UK), this newsletter provides information about activities of Scripture Union around the world. Information at the time of our survey included brief reports on SU activities in India and Rwanda.
Scripture Union (UK):

Provided by Teus Benschop from the Institute Practical Bible-education in the Netherlands, The Scriptures Opened provides thoughtful and thorough commentary from both O.T. and N.T. books. This weekly posting once originated from the EXP-CHR (Explanation of the Scriptures to Israel) subscriber list, which has been closed. The files will remain available at the Web site.
Related Web:

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