Jesus-Witnesses seeks to link ex-JWs thereby providing a means of fellowshiping and "talking out" the concerns and hurts they harbor as a result of their association with the Watchtower Society. "Fellowshiping the Disfellowshiped". Although the list takes its name from the words of Jesus (Acts 1:8), membership neither requires nor implies any specific religious belief.

One of our purposes is to bring open-minded JWs into a forum to discuss and question things which is forbidden for a JW to do within "the Society".

We are also a resource for those with a scholarly or personal interest in the WT organization & JWs in general.

People may subscribe to the JESUS-WITNESSES subscriber list by sending an email request to the List Owner. Confidentiality is assured.


Topical Arrangement:

Eventually we hope to place compressed files in the FTP Archive.

Jesus' Witnesses

All documents in this archive are supplied by Jesus' Witnesses . Comments regarding docrine, content, etc. may be addressed to Jesus' Witnesses at the above address.

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