Memoirs of the Life, Time, and Writings
of the Reverend and Learned
Thomas Boston, M.A.
Sometime Minister at Simprin, afterwards at Ettrick

Divided into Twelve Periods. Written by Himself, and Addressed to his Children. To which are added some Original Papers, and Letters to and from the Author. New Edition with Introduction and Notes by the Rev. George H. Morrison, M.A., Dundee


Recommendatory Note


The Author's Address To His Children

Memoirs Of The Life, Time, And Writings Of Mr. Thomas Boston

Period I From My Birth, Till I Left The Grammar-School

Period II From My Leaving The Grammar-School, To My Laureation

Period III From My Laureation, To My Being Licensed To Preach The Gospel

Period IV From My Being Licensed, Till I Removed Into The Bounds Of The Presbytery Of Stirling

Period V From My Removal Into The Bounds Of The Presbytery Of Stirling, To My Return Unto The Merse

Period VI From My Return Unto The Nierse, To My Ordination To The Holy Ministry At Simprin

Period VII From My Ordination, To My Marriage

Period VIII From My Marriage, Till My Removal To Etterick

Period IX From My Removal To Etterick, To The Oath Of Abjuration Refused

Period X From The Oath Of Abjuration Refused, Till The Transportation To Closeburn Refused By The Commission

Period XI From The Transportation To Closeburn Refused, To The Notable Breach In My Health, And Alteration In My Constitution

Period XII From The Notable Breach In My Health, To The Time Of The Closing Of This Account



Original Papers

Letters To And From The Author