Simple Catechism Questions
                                 For Children
                             Rev. L.G.C. Ledeboer
                     Late Reformed Minister at Benthuizen
                               The Netherlands
  The Rev. L.G.C. Ledeboer
  The Rev. Ledeboer was born in Rotterdam, Holland, September 30, 1808, and
  died in the  year 1863. He was glad to leave this wilderness of the world
  and enter into the rest of Immanuel's Land.
  At  times he would tell what great things the  Lord had done to his soul,
  and how he obtained the Pearl of great price.
  In the days  of his youth, he  already had a desire  to become a minister
  and preach the Gospel. In the year 1838, the Lord  granted his desire. He
  was a true servant of God.
  Rev. Ledeboer was  also a  poet, and here  follows one  of his poems  for
                                 The Teacher
                    Little children do you know
                    The worldly things are only show?
                    Deceitful for the eyes;
                    Your little heart won't nourished be,
                    But those, who something better see:
                    Children! He will not despise.
                    Do you love the world still,
                    That your little hearts cannot fill?
                    May you renounce it and reject,
                    Early leave the paths of sin,
                    Looking prayerfully up to Him:
                    Jesus can your soul protect!
  Questions and answers                 Scripture-proofs
  l. Who has created you?               Gen.1:26  And  God said,  Let  us
  God. Gen. 1:26                        make man in our image,  after our
                                        likeness:   and  let   them  have
                                        dominion  over  the fish  of  the
                                        sea,  and  over the  fowl  of the
                                        air,  and  over the  cattle,  and
                                        over  all  the  earth,  and  over
                                        every    creeping    thing   that
                                        creepeth upon the earth.
  2. Who is God?                        Joh.4:24 God is a Spirit.
  A most perfect Spirit. John 4:24
  3. How must God be served?            Joh.4:24  God  is a  Spirit:  and
  In  spirit  and  in  truth.  John     they   that   worship  him   must
  4:24                                  worship  him  in  spirit  and  in
  4. Can you do this?                   1  Cor.2:14 But  the natural  man
  No, I cannot. I Cor. 2:14             receiveth not  the things  of the
                                        Spirit  of  God:   for  they  are
                                        foolishness  unto   him:  neither
                                        can  he know  them, because  they
                                        are spiritually discerned.
  5. Why not?                           Eccl.7:29  Lo, this  only have  I
  Because  I do not know Him. Eccl.     found,  that  God hath  made  man
  7:29                                  upright;  but  they  have  sought
                                        out many inventions.
  6.  How  is it  that  you  do not     Rom.5:12  Wherefore,  as  by  one
  know your Creator?                    man sin  entered into  the world,
  It is because of sin. Rom. 5:12       and  death by  sin; and  so death
                                        passed  upon  all men,  for  that
                                        all have sinned.
  7. What is sin?                       Rom.7:10  And   the  commandment,
  Disobedience to God. Rom. 7:10        which  was  ordained to  life,  I
                                        found to be unto death.
  8. What does God demand of us?        Matt.22:37  Jesus said  unto him,
  That  we   love  Him   above  all     Thou  shalt love the Lord thy God
  things. Matt. 22:37, etc.             with all thy heart,  and with all
                                        thy soul, and with all thy mind.
  9. What do we love?                   1  Joh.2:15 Love  not the  world,
  Sin and the world. I John 2:15        neither  the things  that are  in
                                        the  world. If  any man  love the
                                        world, the love of  the Father is
                                        not in him.
  10. How  did sin  enter into  the
  Through  the disobedience  of our
  first  parents,  Adam  and   Eve.
  Gen. 3-6
  11.    Where    was   that    sin
  In paradise.
  12. What was the first sin?
  Eating of the forbidden tree.
                                        Rom.1:18 For the wrath of  God is
  13. What was the result of this?      revealed from heaven against  all
  Death and corruption. Rom. 1:18       ungodliness  and  unrighteousness
                                        of  men,  who hold  the  truth in
  14.   In  what   does  corruption     Eph.4:18        Having        the
  consist?                              understanding   darkened,   being
  In     total    inability     and     alienated  from the  life of  God
  unwillingness  toward  any  good.     through the ignorance  that is in
  Eph. 4:18                             them,  because  of the  blindness
                                        of their heart.
  15. What is the greatest misery?      Rev.3:17  Because thou  sayest, I
  Not  to  feel  our  misery.  Rev.     am   rich,  and   increased  with
  3:17                                  goods, and have  need of nothing;
                                        and  knowest  not that  thou  art
                                        wretched,   and  miserable,   and
                                        poor, and blind, and naked.
  16. Is that necessary?                Jer.3:13  Only acknowledge  thine
  Yes,    Jer.    3   :13,    "Only     iniquity,    that    thou    hast
  acknowledge thine iniquity."          transgressed  against   the  LORD
                                        thy God,  and hast  scattered thy
                                        ways   to  the   strangers  under
                                        every  green  tree, and  ye  have
                                        not  obeyed my  voice, saith  the
  17.  How  do  we   come  to  that     Joh.16:8 And when he  is come, he
  knowledge?                            will  reprove the  world of  sin,
  By the  discovering light  of the     and  of  righteousness,  and   of
  Holy Ghost. John 16:8                 judgment.
  18.   Wherein   does  this   true     Ps.51:3,4  For  I acknowledge  my
  knowledge reveal itself?              transgressions:  and  my  sin  is
  In  the  knowledge of  one's  own     ever  before  me.  Against  thee,
  guilt  and  in  the  approval  of     thee  only,  have I  sinned,  and
  God's punishment. Ps. 51:3,4          done  this  evil  in  thy  sight:
                                        that  thou mightest  be justified
                                        when thou speakest,  and be clear
                                        when thou judgest.
  19. Which punishment is this?         2   Thess.1:9   Who   shall    be
  Everlasting    destruction.    II     punished     with     everlasting
  Thess. 1:9                            destruction from the presence  of
                                        the Lord,  and from the  glory of
                                        his power.
  20. Where will that be?               Luk.16:23  And in hell he lift up
  In hell. Luke 16:23                   his eyes, being in torments.
  21. What is hell?                     Rev.21:8  But  the  fearful,  and
  A  lake which  burneth with  fire     unbelieving, and  the abominable,
  and brimstone. Rev. 21:8              and murderers, and  whoremongers,
                                        and  sorcerers,   and  idolaters,
                                        and all  liars, shall  have their
                                        part  in the  lake which  burneth
                                        with  fire  and brimstone:  which
                                        is the second death.
  22. Who will be there?                Luk.19:27    But    those    mine
  Unconverted adults  and children.     enemies, which  would not  that I
  Luke 19:27                            should  reign  over  them,  bring
                                        hither, and slay them before me.
  23.  What  does  it  mean  to  be
  To be  deprived of the  favour of
  God and His blessed fellowship.
  24. Wherein is this revealed?         Rom.8:7  Because the  carnal mind
  In  our  hatred for  God  and our     is enmity against God: for  it is
  neighbour.  Rom.  8:7  and  Titus     not  subject to  the law  of God,
  3:3                                   neither indeed can be.
                                        Tit.3:3  For  we  ourselves  also
                                        were      sometimes      foolish,
                                        disobedient,  deceived,   serving
                                        divers   lusts   and   pleasures,
                                        living   in   malice  and   envy,
                                        hateful, and hating one another.
  25.  May we be redeemed from this     Act.10:43  To  him give  all  the
  state?                                prophets  witness,  that  through
  Yes, we may. Acts 10:43               his  name whosoever  believeth in
                                        him  shall  receive remission  of
  26 In what manner?                    Act.2:38  Then  Peter  said  unto
  By true conversion. Acts 2:38         them,  Repent,  and  be  baptized
                                        every one of  you in the  name of
                                        Jesus  Christ  for the  remission
                                        of  sins,  and ye  shall  receive
                                        the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  27.  What  is  it   to  be  truly     Ezek.36:26 A new  heart also will
  converted?                            I  give  you,  and a  new  spirit
  It  is  receiving  a  new  heart.     will  I  put  within  you:  and I
  Ezek. 36:26                           will  take away  the stony  heart
                                        out  of  your flesh,  and  I will
                                        give you an heart of flesh.
  28. Who can give us this?             Luk.18:27   And   he  said,   The
  God only. Luke 18:27                  things which are impossible  with
                                        men are possible with God.
  29. What is it  to receive a  new
  To love God above all.
                                        Ps.139:21 Do  not I hate  them, O
  30.  Wherein  does  this  further     LORD, that hate thee? and  am not
  consist?                              I  grieved with  those that  rise
  In   a  hatred   of  sin,   which     up against thee?
  naturally  accompanies  it.   Ps.
  31. Wherein must we hate sin?         Rom.7:7 What  shall we  say then?
  In its first cause. Rom. 7:7          Is  the law sin? God forbid. Nay,
                                        I had not  known sin, but by  the
                                        law:  for I  had not  known lust,
                                        except  the  law had  said,  Thou
                                        shalt not covet.
  32. What is the cause of sin?         Jam.1:14,15  But  every  man   is
  Covetousness. James 1:14,15           tempted,  when he  is drawn  away
                                        of  his  own lust,  and  enticed.
                                        Then  when  lust hath  conceived,
                                        it bringeth  forth sin:  and sin,
                                        when  it  is  finished,  bringeth
                                        forth death.
  33.   Wherein  do   evil  desires     Matt.10:37 He that loveth  father
  consist?                              or  mother more  than  me is  not
  In  desiring  other  things  than     worthy of me: and  he that loveth
  God wills that  we should desire.     son or daughter  more than me  is
  Matt. 10:37                           not worthy of me.
  34.  What does  God will  that we     Ps.73:25  Whom have  I in  heaven
  should desire?                        but  thee? and there is none upon
  Him only. Ps. 73:25                   earth that I desire beside thee.
  35.  May we  then not  desire any     1 Cor.10:31 Whether therefore  ye
  food or drink?                        eat, or  drink, or  whatsoever ye
  Yes, but that  they may serve  to     do, do all to the glory of God.
  direct us to God. I Cor. 10:31
  36. What is  it to have food  and     1  Tim.6:6,7  But godliness  with
  drink serve to direct us to God?      contentment  is  great gain.  For
  It is  to acknowledge  Him to  be     we  brought  nothing  into   this
  the giver of them. I Tim. 6:6,7       world, and it  is certain we  can
                                        carry nothing out.
  37.  Why does  God  give us  food     Deut.8:10,11   When   thou   hast
  and drink?                            eaten  and  art full,  then  thou
  In order  that we may  serve Him.     shalt  bless the LORD thy God for
  Dent. 8:10,11                         the  good  land   which  he  hath
                                        given  thee.  Beware  that   thou
                                        forget not  the LORD thy  God, in
                                        not  keeping   his  commandments,
                                        and   his   judgments,  and   his
                                        statutes,  which  I command  thee
                                        this day.
  38. What is it to serve God?          1  Cor.6:20  For  ye  are  bought
  To  surrender  soul and  body  to     with  a price:  therefore glorify
  Him with submission  to His will.     God  in  your body,  and  in your
  I Cor. 6:20                           spirit, which are God's.
  39. How can this come to pass?        Joh.3:4,5  Nicodemus  saith  unto
  By being born again. John 3:4,5       him, How  can a man be  born when
                                        he  is  old?  can  he  enter  the
                                        second  time  into  his  mother's
                                        womb,   and   be   born?    Jesus
                                        answered,  Verily, verily,  I say
                                        unto thee, Except  a man be  born
                                        of  water and  of the  Spirit, he
                                        cannot enter into  the kingdom of
  40. What is it to be born again?      Eph.4:22-24   That  ye   put  off
  It  is a  complete change  of man     concerning       the       former
  in  all  his  inclinations.  Eph.     conversation  the old  man, which
  4:22,23,24                            is   corrupt  according   to  the
                                        deceitful  lusts; And  be renewed
                                        in the  spirit of your  mind; And
                                        that  ye  put  on  the  new  man,
                                        which  after  God is  created  in
                                        righteousness and true holiness.
  41. Who can do this?                  Tit.3:5    Not   by    works   of
  God,  by  His  word  and  Spirit.     righteousness   which   we   have
  Tit. 3:5                              done, but according  to his mercy
                                        he  saved us,  by the  washing of
                                        regeneration,  and   renewing  of
                                        the Holy Ghost.
  42. Must  we pray to  Him for His     Matt.7:7  Ask,  and it  shall  be
  Spirit?                               given  you;  seek, and  ye  shall
  Yes, certainly. Matt. 7:7             find;  knock,  and  it  shall  be
                                        opened unto you:
  43. Have we a warrant thereto?
  Yes, in our baptism.
  44.   In  whose   name  are   you     Matt.28:19  Go ye  therefore, and
  baptized?                             teach   all  nations,   baptizing
  In the name of the  Father and of     them in  the name of  the Father,
  the  Son and  of the  Holy Ghost.     and of the Son,  and of the  Holy
  Matt. 28:19                           Ghost.
  45.  Is  it enough  that  you are     1 Joh.1:7  But if we  walk in the
  baptized?                             light, as he is  in the light, we
  No, I  must be  cleansed from  my     have    fellowship    one    with
  sins  in  the blood  of  the Lord     another, and  the blood  of Jesus
  Jesus. I John 1:7                     Christ his Son  cleanseth us from
                                        all sin.
  46. Where did He shed His blood?      Gal.3:13 Christ hath redeemed  us
  On  Golgotha,  on  the   accursed     from the curse of  the law, being
  tree of the cross. Gal. 3:13          made a  curse for  us: for  it is
                                        written,  Cursed  is  every   one
                                        that hangeth on a tree.
  47.  Why did  the Lord  Jesus die     1  Pet.2:24 Who his own self bare
  on the cross?                         our sins in his  own body on  the
  For  the  sin  of His  people.  I     tree,  that  we,  being  dead  to
  Peter 2:24                            sins,     should    live     unto
                                        righteousness:  by whose  stripes
                                        ye were healed.
  48. What are the greatest sins?       Rom.5:19  For  as  by  one  man's
  Unthankfulness and  disobedience.     disobedience   many   were   made
  Rom. 5:19                             sinners, so  by the  obedience of
                                        one    shall    many   be    made
  49.  Where did  God  give us  His     Rom.2:15 Which  shew the  work of
  commandments?                         the law written  in their hearts,
  First of  all in our  hearts. Our     their  conscience   also  bearing
  conscience  testifies   to  this.     witness,  and their  thoughts the
  Rom. 2:15                             mean   while  accusing   or  else
                                        excusing one another;
  50. What  have our  hearts become     Rom.1:29-31  Being  filled   with
  through sin?                          all              unrighteousness,
  A dwelling place  of devils. Rom.     fornication,          wickedness,
  1:29, etc.                            covetousness,      maliciousness;
                                        full  of  envy,  murder,  debate,
                                        deceit,  malignity;   whisperers.
                                        Backbiters,   haters   of    God,
                                        despiteful,   proud,    boasters,
                                        inventors    of   evil    things,
                                        disobedient  to  parents. Without
                                        understanding,  covenantbreakers,
                                        without    natural     affection,
                                        implacable, unmerciful.
  51.  Who  bruised   the  head  of     Gen.3:15  And I  will put  enmity
  Satan?                                between thee  and the  woman, and
  The Lord Jesus Christ. Gen. 3:15      between  thy seed  and her  seed;
                                        it  shall  bruise thy  head,  and
                                        thou shalt bruise his heel.
  52. Who  has come to  destroy the     1 Joh.3:8 He  that committeth sin
  works of the devil?                   is  of the  devil; for  the devil
  The  Lord  Jesus Christ.  I  John     sinneth  from the  beginning. For
  3:8                                   this purpose  the Son of  God was
                                        manifested,    that    he   might
                                        destroy the works of the devil.
  53.  What  is written  in  I John
  "For this purpose the  Son of God
  was  manifested,  that  He  might
  destroy the works of the devil."
  54.  What  are the  works  of the     Joh.8:44  Ye are  of your  father
  devil?                                the  devil, and the lusts of your
  Lying,  slandering,  and  murder.     father  ye  will  do.  He  was  a
  John 8:44                             murderer from the beginning,  and
                                        abode not  in the  truth, because
                                        there is  no truth  in him.  When
                                        he  speaketh a  lie, he  speaketh
                                        of  his own:  for  he is  a liar,
                                        and the father of it.
  55.  What does the Lord say about     Ps.5:6  Thou  shalt destroy  them
  liars?                                that  speak  leasing:  the   LORD
  That He  shall destroy  them. Ps.     will   abhor   the   bloody   and
  5:6                                   deceitful man.
  56.  Can those  who do  the works     1  Cor.6:9,10  Know ye  not  that
  of the devil enter heaven?            the    unrighteous   shall    not
  No. I Cor. 6:9,10                     inherit  the kingdom  of God?  Be
                                        not       deceived:       neither
                                        fornicators,  nor idolaters,  nor
                                        adulterers,  nor effeminate,  nor
                                        abusers   of   themselves    with
                                        mankind.    Nor   thieves,    nor
                                        covetous,   nor  drunkards,   nor
                                        revilers,    nor    extortioners,
                                        shall  inherit  the  kingdom   of
  57. Who will enter heaven?            Ps.65:4 Blessed  is the  man whom
  Those who  love God and  the Lord     thou  choosest,  and  causest  to
  Jesus Christ. Ps. 65:4                approach unto  thee, that  he may
                                        dwell  in thy courts: we shall be
                                        satisfied  with  the goodness  of
                                        thy  house,  even   of  thy  holy
  58. How must we love the Lord?        Prov.23:26 My son,  give me thine
  With all our heart. Prov. 23:26       heart,   and   let   thine   eyes
                                        observe my ways.
  59.  To whom  have  we given  our
  To Satan and the world.
  60. What must then  happen to us,     2  Cor.13:5  Examine  yourselves,
  shall we enter heaven?                whether  ye  be   in  the  faith;
  The  Lord  Jesus  must  come  and     prove  your own  selves. Know  ye
  take up His abode  in our hearts.     not  your  own selves,  how  that
  II Cor. 13:5                          Jesus  Christ is  in you,  except
                                        ye be reprobates?
  61.  Must  we  pray  to  Him  for
  Yes, because  He has  said, "Seek
  ye  the  Lord  while  He  may  be
  found,  call ye upon Him while He
  is near." Isa. 55:6
  62. Will  it do  to wait  till we     Hebr.4:7  Again,  he  limiteth  a
  have become old?                      certain day, saying  in David, To
  No; because I  am not assured  of     day, after so long  a time; as it
  my life for one moment. Heb. 4:7      is said, To  day if ye  will hear
                                        his   voice,   harden  not   your
  63.  What does  the Bible  assure     Joh.3:36  He  that  believeth  on
  us of?                                the  Son  hath everlasting  life:
  That  if  we die  unconverted  we     and  he  that believeth  not  the
  shall come to eternal  damnation.     Son shall  not see life;  but the
  John 3:36                             wrath of God abideth on him.
  64. Do you wish to be there?
  I show by my works that I do.
  65. By  what kind  of conduct  do
  children show this?
  By their disobedience  to God and
  their parents.
  66. Where will  those children go     Luk.16:24 And he  cried and said,
  who remain disobedient?               Father  Abraham,  have  mercy  on
  With  the  devils in  hell.  Luke     me,  and  send Lazarus,  that  he
  16:24                                 may dip the tip  of his finger in
                                        water, and cool my  tongue; for I
                                        am tormented in this flame.
  67. May children  run the streets     1  Cor.15:33  Be  not   deceived:
  or  associate with  other naughty     evil communications corrupt  good
  children?                             manners.
  No,  for  though  I  am  just  as
  corrupt,  I  should  learn   more
  evil there. I Cor. 15:33
  68.  What  do children  learn  in
  the street?
  Swearing   and  speaking   filthy
  69. What has the  Lord said about
  those who swear?
  That   He  will   not  hold   him
  guiltless who taketh  His name in
  70. What does that mean?
  That He will visit them  with the
  very   greatest  punishments   in
  both soul and body in hell.
  71.  What  must the  children  do
  Pray,  read  God's Word,  and  be
  72.   What   must   children   be     2  Cor.5:10   For  we   must  all
  mindful of?                           appear  before the  judgment seat
  That  I must at  one time give an     of  Christ;  that every  one  may
  account  of everything  I do.  II     receive  the things  done in  his
  Cor. 5:10                             body, according  to that  he hath
                                        done, whether it be good or bad.
  73. Where do we read this?            Eccl.11:9  But  know  thou,  that
  In the  sermon of  Solomon. Eccl.     for  all  these things  God  will
  11:9                                  bring thee into judgment.
  74. What do we read there?
  But  know  thou,   that  for  all
  these things God  will bring thee
  into judgment.
  75.  What does the Lord say about
  those who seek Him early?
  That  they  shall  find  Him  and
  obtain favour of the Lord.
  76.  And  what  does  He  say  of
  those who hate Him?
  That they love death.
  77. Where do we read this?
  Prov. 8:35,36
  78. What do we read in verse 35?
  "For  whose  findeth  Me  findeth
  life, and shall  obtain favour of
  the Lord."
  79. What do we read in verse 36?
  "But he  that sinneth  against me
  wrongeth his  own soul:  all they
  that hate me love death."
  80.  Must  the children  seek  to     Joh.5:39  Search the  scriptures;
  become acquainted with the  Bible     for  in  them  ye think  ye  have
  while they are still young?           eternal life:  and they  are they
  Yes,  they must,  for  it is  the     which testify of me.
  word of God and He  has commanded     Prov.22:6  Train  up a  child  in
  us to do so.  John 5:39 and Prov.     the  way he  should go:  and when
  22:6                                  he  is old,  he  will not  depart
                                        from it.
  81.  Are  we able  to  understand     Act.16:14  And  a  certain  woman
  it?                                   named Lydia, a  seller of purple,
  No, to  that end we  need to have     of  the city  of Thyatira,  which
  our  hearts  opened by  God,  the     worshipped  God, heard  us: whose
  Holy Spirit. Acts 16:14               heart the  Lord opened,  that she
                                        attended  unto  the things  which
                                        were spoken of Paul.
  82. What  has the Lord  caused to     Act.4:12    Neither   is    there
  be written in the Bible?              salvation   in  any   other:  for
  The way of salvation. Acts 4:12       there  is none  other name  under
                                        heaven  given among  men, whereby
                                        we must be saved.
  83.   By  whom   was  the   Bible     2 Pet.1:21 For  the prophecy came
  written?                              not in  old time  by the  will of
  God has caused  it to be  written     man:  but holy  men of  God spake
  by His Spirit. II Peter 1:21          as  they were  moved by  the Holy
  84.  May we  add thereto  or take     Rev.22:18,19  For I  testify unto
  away from it?                         every man that  heareth the words
  No, the part of  any one who does     of the prophecy of this  book, If
  so,  shall be  taken away  out of     any  man  shall  add  unto  these
  the book of life. Rev. 22:18,19       things,  God shall  add unto  him
                                        the plagues  that are  written in
                                        this book.  And if any  man shall
                                        take away  from the words  of the
                                        book of this  prophecy, God shall
                                        take  away his  part  out of  the
                                        book  of  life, and  out  of  the
                                        holy  city, and  from the  things
                                        which are written in this book.
  85.  What   must  we   be  mostly     Hebr.9:22  And almost  all things
  concerned about?                      are  by   the  law   purged  with
  Whether  we  have  received   the     blood;  and  without shedding  of
  forgiveness of sins  by the blood     blood is no remission.
  of the Lord Jesus. Heb. 9:22
  86.  Of  what does  the  greatest     Eccl.12:13   Let   us  hear   the
  good consist?                         conclusion  of the  whole matter:
  Of  knowing God  and loving  Him.     Fear    God,    and   keep    his
  Eccl. 12:13                           commandments:  for  this  is  the
                                        whole duty of man.
  87. What must we fear the most?       Gen.39:9 How  then can I  do this
  Sin. Gen. 39:9                        great    wickedness,    and   sin
                                        against God?
  88.  Who  can   be  comforted  in     Rev.14:13  And  I heard  a  voice
  death?                                from   heaven  saying   unto  me,
  Converted  adults  and  children.     Write,   Blessed  are   the  dead
  Rev. 14:13                            which  die   in  the   Lord  from
                                        henceforth:   Yea,    saith   the
                                        Spirit, that  they may  rest from
                                        their  labours;  and their  works
                                        do follow them.
                                        1 Joh.2:17 And  the world passeth
  89. What must we forsake first?       away, and  the lust  thereof: but
  The world and  the lusts thereof.     he  that doeth  the  will of  God
  I John 2:17                           abideth for ever.
  90.  What  will   become  of  our     Gen.3:19  In  the  sweat  of  thy
  bodies?                               face shalt  thou eat  bread, till
  They will  return to dust  and be     thou return unto  the ground; for
  eaten by the worms. Gen. 3:l9         out of  it wast  thou taken:  for
                                        dust  thou  art,  and  unto  dust
                                        shalt thou return.
  91. Who only can be called rich?      Col.1:12  Giving thanks  unto the
  Those  who  have  a  treasure  in     Father, which  hath made  us meet
  heaven. Col. 1:12                     to    be    partakers   of    the
                                        inheritance  of  the  saints   in
  92. Who have  a desire to  gladly     Philip.1:23 For I am in  a strait
  depart from this world?               betwixt two,  having a  desire to
  Those who have the  Lord Jesus as     depart,  and to  be with  Christ;
  their portion. Phil. 1:23             which is far better.
  93. What  did Asaph  say of  them
  in the seventy-third psalm?
  "Whom  have I in heaven but thee,
  and  there  is  none  upon  earth
  that I desire beside thee."
  94.  Who   are  the   most  happy     Joh.4:34  Jesus saith  unto them,
  people?                               My meat  is to do the will of him
  They  who  know   and  desire  no     that sent  me, and to  finish his
  greater  joy  than  to  do  God's     work.
  will. John 4:34
  95.  Who  are  the  most  unhappy
  They  who  continue  doing  their
  own will and way.
  96.  What  will  be  the  end  of
  Eternal destruction.
  97. And  what will be the  end of     Matt.25:46  And  these  shall  go
  those who fear God?                   away       into       everlasting
  Eternal   salvation  and   glory.     punishment:  but   the  righteous
  Matt. 25:46                           into life eternal.
                                   Psalm 34
                               Psalter No. 90:6
                    Ye children, come and hear my voice,
                    And learn to make God's fear your choice;
                    Who seek long life and happy days
                    Must learn to walk in wisdom's ways.

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