Project Wittenberg

Human Sexuality:
A Theological Perspective

Some Affirmations

A Report of the
Commission on Theology and Church Relations
of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
as prepared by its Social Concerns Committee
September 1981

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We may summarize the chief points of our discussion of human sexuality articulated in this report in the following propositions. We honor God and the neighbor rightly when we

    ... delight in our creation as male and female and affirm our identity as male or female;

    ... see in our creation as sexual beings an intimation of our creation for fellowship and give thanks for the healing which God offers in marriage;

    ... regard marriage as a divine, lifelong institution, ordained by God for the good of man and woman;

    ... respect marriage as the typical, though not necessary, expression of our creation as male and female;

    ... affirm God's will that sexual intercourse be engaged in only between a man and woman committed to a complete and lifelong sharing of their lives with one another in a marriage covenant not to be broken;

    ... affirm that the mutual love of husband and wife, while possessing God- given meaning in and of itself, is by divine blessing ordered toward the birth of a child; and

    ... affirm that this union of mutual love is the only proper context for human procreation.


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