Not Just Bibles
A Guide to Christian Resources on the Internet

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October 11, 1997
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10. Bulletin Boards

CACTUSBOARD BBS (Cedarville College)
Telnet to: (Login as BBS).
Desc: Internet accessible bulletin board. Need to apply for clearance; follow the instructions provided online. A number of discussion forums catering to Christian ideas, including Creation/ Evolution, The Funnies, Comedy Central, Christian Theology, Late Breaking News, Quotes, World Missions, Support/ Survivors.

11. USENET News Groups

USENET news groups are usually accessible via a news reader on your local host. Most academic institutions and bulletin boards provide such facilities. Alternatively, public access via gopher is also available at numerous sites including,

An unmoderated group with an emphasis on messianic jews.

Support group organized to support youth and discuss youth-related activities. Royal rangers is an extension of the Assembly of God Church. See NJB entry for Royal Rangers WWW site.

Posts cover cult awareness and information.

Includes moderated posts distributed via the Christia List.

News, issues, guidance in issues relating to youth, and working with youth. Providing support, monitoring recent developments, sharing available resources, and info on projects.

Moderated discussion touching KJV, Tanakh, Catholic "deuterocanonical books", and books recognized by the Orthodox Churches. Archives accessible via mail or via aftp to

Unmoderated group with a stated purpose to focus on Christian music. Many threads diverge from the stated focus. FAQ available at

This is the religion segment of a fee-based news group available by subscription to clarinet news. While not publicly available, many academic institutions subscribe.

12. Miscellaneous

Mail: Linda Kreitz at: [email protected]
Desc: Non-profit contact providing info, search, mail assist, with Hackman's Bible Bookstore, a Christian emporium w/800 no, and overseas shipment. BIG inventory: Bibles; Church apparal, equipment; CDs, cassettes. Computer programs, incl. Bible, games; books, incl. Spanish; VBS, Sunday School, teaching aids, incl. flannelgraphs, craft books, puppets, children's interest.
Note: Detailed FAQ available from Linda at the above address

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