Guide to Early Church Documents

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This hypertext document contains pointers to Internet-accessible files relating to the early church, including canonical documents, creeds, the writings of the Apostolic Fathers and other historical texts relevant to church history.

The latest version of this document is located at: Additional resources or corrections should be directed to the document maintainers at Include CHISTORY as the subject.


1. New Testament Canonical Information

2. The Apostolic Fathers

3. Patristic Texts

4. Creeds And Canons

5. Later Text

6. Related Documents

7. Miscellaneous Documents

8. Relevant Internet Sites

  • Apologia
  • The Ecole Initiative Building a Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History.
  • Doctrine of the Trinity, by Dr. Francis Beckwith
  • The Church Fathers page, Wesley Center for Applied Theology, Northwest Nazarene College.
  • CHURCHRODENT: R.A. Tatum's Glossary of Church History
  • The Early Church Fathers collection at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, Wheaton College.
  • The Internet Medieval Sourcebook, a comprehensive project that includes Readings in Medieval History, Full Texts for Readings, etc.
  • The Christian History Institute provides an ample archive of Church History documents for all periods of history in its Glimpses archive. Particularly germaine are two sections on Early Church History that include: Foundations of Our Faith, Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles?, The Spread of the Early Church, Accusation, The Canon, and biographical information on Polycarp, Constantine, Clement of Rome, Justin Martyr, Blandina, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Origen, Jerome.

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    This document copyright © 1994-1999 by John Brubaker and Gary Bogart. Reproduction and/or distribution for non-commercial purposes is permissible providing that the guide is left fully intact. Please do not modify this document in any way without prior written consent. Send additions or corrections to the compilers at the address noted in the introduction. The authors wish to express their thanks to Professor James O'Donnell at the University of Pennsylvania for graciously proofreading the original edition of this document, and for offering invaluable information by his critique.

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