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October 10, 1997
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8. World Wide Web Sites: CHRISTIAN'S-COL

This set of pages, written by Claude Eric Rabb, provides a good working knowledge to World Wide Web in a friendly, easily understood manner that is greatly appreciated. Its purpose is to give readers some appreciation for the virtual resources available to Christians for informational research and entertainment in light of the fact that every high thing exhalting itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christ is to be cast down. Included are the following sections: Web vs./ and/ or Internet?; Who's in Charge of the Internet?; Getting Online without Getting Soaked; Cruising the Intenet; Here Today ... Where Tomorrow?; A Whirl-wind Tour of Some Internet Web Sites; Hey! What About that Christian Intro to the Web?; and, Give a Man a Search Engine, and He Might Find the Time to Thank You... Mr. Rabb's informative and likeable style will make this site the Christian Web Consulate for those who find themselves floundering amidst big waves of information. Likewise those accomplished navigators can embark with a better compass. Recommended.
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A conservative Christian network, offering a healthy collection of documents (answers) on Creation/Evolution, Archaeology and the Bible, Christian Theology, Religion and Cults, Family and Marriage, Government and Social Issues. CAN is also providing a multi-lingual versions of daily Bible verses. ChristianAnswers Net hosts the following organizations as well. Kid's Quest and a Video Review section. CAN also provides a home for Eden Communications, Answers in Genesis, Arizona College of the bible, Associates for Biblical Research, Summit Ministries, and Wall Builders. ChristianAnswers Net is looking for qualified volunteers for the very worthy task of translating documents into multiple languages. Visitors who are willing to help can contact CAN from the Web page. Recommended.
Text-Based Home Page: http://www.ChristianAnswers.Net/canhmtx.html

CHRISTIANET [new 4/97]
ChristiaNet is a Christian internet provider based in Texas, USA. ChristiaNet's mission is to be the premier worldwide Christian marketplace for: Christian business directory, web page design, management consulting and Internet training for Christian-run businesses. Connecting Christians with Christian businesses. Financing Christian ministries so that millions of souls will be won to Jesus Christ during this worldwide harvest. ChristiaNet's web site provides the following sections at the time of our survey: How to Use ChristiaNet; ChristiaNet's Vision; Christian Business Directory; Management Consulting; Business Resource Links; Internet Training; Christian Job Postings; Special Events; and, Soul Winning Reports. The web pages are exceptionally well done. Pages are exceptionally well designed, providing access to both high end and low end web browsers.

This set of web pages will eventually provide a brief comparative analysis of the major religions, and a number of cults with Christianity. Sections include information about the founder, key writings, how they view God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, how the view salation, what happens after death, and, other beliefs and practices. This will be a very useful site once webmaster Charles James has the site completed. Right now there are working sections on Christianity, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witneses, the World Wide Church of God, and the Unification Church.

From Greece, this site features connections to Radio Station 93.9 FM, a Hellenic Christian Radio program. It provides the first Hellenic Christian newspaper, Christianity, in Greek, English and Spanish languages. Forthcoming will be an edition of the Bible in ancient Greek text. More information will include the history and related information of the Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost. To read portions of the information on this site, the administrators also provide downloadable access for Greek fonts. The pastor is a cardiologist who was converted to Christ in 1946, called ten years later to serve the Lord as pastor of Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost (FAPC) which is rapidly expanding itself abroad. Churches have been established in Germany, Belgium, Nigeria, and USA where in 1995 the first Greek American convention took place, in Warren. Ohio.

CHRISTIANITY.NET [revised 5/97]
Christianity.Net is the official web site of Christianity Today, Inc. Its purpose is to cultivate a global online community that enhances Christian communications, provides abundant Christian content, and affirms Biblical values. Presently the site sports two substantial searchable databases: The Christianity.Net Web locator appears in both alphabetical form and subject form. The Christianity.Net Church Locator is ordered by location and by denomination. As proof that CT is serious about developing an "internet presence", promised are full text articles from Christianity Today's growing repertoire of magazines:, Books and Culture: A Christian Review; Campus Life; Christian History; Christian Reader; Christianity Today; Leadership Journal; Marriage Partnership; Today's Christian Woman; and, Your Church.
Net/Search Utility:
Church Locator Search Utility:

CHRISTIANITY.NET MESSAGE BOARDS [new 5/97]$webb.exe/~4/list/
Free membership in Christianity.Net gives users access to over a dozen message boards. Users find a wide variety of discussion topics, ranging from current issues to youth interests, here.

English and Welsh languages. Christians Against Torture (CAT) is a growing voluntary human-rights organisation, affiliated to Amnesty International and working 'under the umbrella' of Cytun (the Council of Churches in Wales). CAT campaigns on behalf of "adopted" political prisoners or issues, publishing details of these campaigns through "Action Sheets" with updates appearing in their regular newsletters. Some CAT supporters are also members of Amnesty International's Urgent Action Scheme. Information about CAT's campaigns is posted at the web site. Campaigns include: Greetings (sending messages of hope to prisoners); Street Children; Disappearances; Urgent Action; and, Adopted Prisoners. Docuents available include: Why Christians Should Be Concerned About Human Rights Abuses; About Torture; How to Start a Christians Against Torture Group; How to Write Letters on Behalf of Prisoners...; and, Some Sample Letters. This organization has also made its latest newsletter available at the web site, and which is described in the Journals/ Newsletters section of this guide.

The project's purpose is to answer the claims and challenges that are posed by Muslims to Christians. Included are Bible passages on fasting and prayer, comments on the Trinity, testimony from Muslims who have become Christians, a review of the debates between Christian scholars and scholars of Islam, a comparison between Islam and Christian, and more.

Dedicated to mutual sharing of strength and hope as we live each day in recovery. We work to regain and maintain balance and order in our lives through active discussion of the 12 Steps, the Bible, and experiences in our own recovery. Support for Christians who are in recovery or for those who wish to discuss recovery in a Biblical setting. Includes are a FAQ, an outline of, and Biblical references to, the 12 Step program, connection information for interactive Recovery Internet Relay Chat, and more.

Tour of the SISTINE CHAPEL, Raphael Stanzas and Loggias at the Vatican, The Vatican Art Collections (an enormous collection of images)

CHURCH HELP [new 3/97]
A very well organized resource for pastors and church leaders that has been established by United Methodist Pastor David Mitchell. Resources are organized in the following way. Good Books is a suite of lists of recommended books. Lists include: Pastor As Person, Evangelism, Curch Planting, Children's Ministries, Leadership, Lay Employment, Marketing, and Small Groups. Another section is devoted to Stories, including Pastors' Horror Stories and Humor. Church Help provides two on line discussion forums. Both forums, Pastors' Forum and the Church Planters' Forum are reported in the Mail-based Services section of this guide. A section devoted to Services makes consulting services, and Essays by Reverend David Mitchell available to internet readers. Selected links provide internet information on Christian Conferences, Institutes of Learning, New Church Developments, Research Tools, Ministry Resources, and Other Christian Links. Recommended.

Provided are a Memorandum of the Holy Church: Christmas Greetings from His Beatitude the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos. A calendar of Holy Days is provided. Information about Cyprus churches that have been destroyed by Turkish troops is being kept updated at this site. A presentation of the icons of Cyprus is also available, and the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostomos.

An Evangelical Episcopalian Church. Reverend Quigg Lawrence, Jr. Documents available on line include a message from the pastor, a mission statement and a statement of faith. If you click on Quigg Lawrence you'll find, amongst other useful information, an abstract of the original dissertation, and preface, to his forthcoming book, Blinded by the Light, a thorough response to the claims associated with near death experience (NDE), to be released by Word Publishing in August, 1996. Associate Pastor, John Childress, and his wife Joan, founded National Organization of Episcopalians for Life (NOEL), amongst other distinctives. To make visitors comfortable, Church of the Holy Spirit provides a link to The Bible Gateway, to Web Chapel's Bible Concordance, and to a Christian Chat gateway. And the last time I saw Reverend Lawrence, he was scouting the internet for a copy of the Books of Homilies. If you find them before he does, stop by and let him know.

The mission of the Church of the Nazarene is to respond to the Great Commission of Christ to "go and make disciples of all nations." Our key objective is to advance God's Kingdom by the preservation and propagation of Christian Holiness as set forth in the Scriptures. -- introductory information. The International Center page presents an organizational approach to reviewing the vast amount of information the Church of the Nazarene provides at its internet site. Sections include: The Board of General Superintendents (including the Hiram F. Reynolds Research Institute); the Communications Division (including Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City; Herald of Holiness; Media International); the Nazarene Communications Network (including NCN RadioNet RealAudio broadcasts, and NCN Satellite Broadcast System System Information; Nazarene Communications Network News (including NCN Late Bulletins; NCN Late Breaking News in RealAudio; and, NCN News Weekly Summary); Publications International; World Mission Radio (including NCN RadioNet International Language broadcasts and World Mission Video Magazine); the Church Growth Division (including Chaplaincy Ministries; Church Size Strategies; Evangelism Ministries; Grow Magazine; Multicultural Ministries; Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (USA); New Church Strategy; Pastoral Ministries; a Research Center; Work & Witness (Canada/USA); Church Growth Message Board; and a Guestbook and User Survey); Nazarene General Secretary and Headquarters Operations Office (including an Archives; General Assembly 1997; Human Resources; and, Information Technology; General Treasurer and Headquarters Financial Office (including Accounting and Financial Services; General Church Loan Fund - USA; Pensions and Benefits USA; "P & B News" newsletter; Stewardship Development Ministries; Planned Giving Services, and, Stewardship Services); International Board of Education, including "Together" newsletter; and a list of Nazarene Colleges, Universities and Seminaries); NYI Ministries (including For Teens Only!; Youth Leader Stuff; Events & Mission Projects; San Antonio '97; and, "Words To The World" NYI Mission Project); the Sunday School Ministries Division (including Adult Ministries; Children's Ministries; Continuing Lay Training / Lay Ministry; Youth Sunday School Curriculum Resources and Products; General Events & Resources; Sunday School Ministries General Convention; International Lay Conference; the Second Mile Award; Sunday School Growth Campaigns; and, TEACH Conferences); World Mission Division (including World Mission Regions: Africa, Asia - Pacific, Caribbean Region, Eurasia, NCM Eurasia, Mexico and Central America, and South America Regions; World Mission Organizations; Deputation Services; Nazarene Compassionate Ministries; Nazarene World Mission Society (including Prayer Mobilization Line); Nazarene in Volunteer Service (NIVS); Nazarenes on Call/Nazarene Disaster Response; Work & Witness; Resources; World Mission Magazine; and World Mission Video Magazine. For many of these sections there are information files. For other sections there are more thoroughly developed presentations. For yet others there are also archives. Very highly recommended.
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An Orthodox Christian site that supports historic Christianity and seeks to build bridges between Orthodox Christianity and all Christians by a common heritage. Highlights of Church history, a FAQ, Church history for children, and historical and doctrinal text are provided.

CHURCHLINK [new 10/96]
Christian Resource Networking. Churchlink is provided by the Fountaingate Christian Foundation, based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. The Foundation specialises in the training of Christian leadership and the development of teaching materials, particularly for Asia and Africa. Fountaingate is just beginning to develop links into Eastern Europe and South America. Churchlink endeavors to provide original quality Christian material on the internet. Sections are organized as follows: Bible Study Warehouse (including documents such as Starting Point; Destiny of the Church; and, God's Magnificent Goal); WorldScope (an international reporting service under development); Leadership Forum (a Christian leadership platform intended to introduce articles and papers on issues of vital importance to the missio of the Church and to the continuity of the Gospel messge); Cartoon Commentator; Partners in the Gospel (how to help with ideas, reports, submissions,prayer, and funding); Book Express; The Jesus Files (a study being developed to answer the question: Who is Jesus?).
Fountaingate Christian Foundation:

CHURCHPLANTERS [revised 10/97]
The vision for the CHURCHPLANTERS discussion list is for Church Planters to build up and encourage each other through the sharing of overall vision, questions, specific problems, experiences, testimonies and practical suggestions. Other Christians who are interested in churchplanting are also welcome. Norbert Bollow has also assembled a section of networking resources useful to churchplanters, including How to explain the need to plant new churches; information on how to recall files that have been archived from the discussion group; Ralph Wilson's Christian Articles Archive; the Churchplanting page of the New England District, Church of the Nazarene, and the Evangelism and Churchplanting course offered by Northern Baptist College, Manchester, England. Also provided are more generalized Christian resources. Recommended.

Here is a very handy reference tool in the form of a simplified short Chistian History provided in glossary form. The documentation is supported by a simple, yet effective, indexing scheme that makes the information easily and quickly found. Entries are well-written, and open to future editing sessions and critique. Started as the only course requirement for a correspondence course, R.A. Tatum enrolled in for the Spring of 1992 (Southwestern Assemblies of God College, now SAGU). The sole course assignment required him to take the entire index of Bruce Shelley's Christian History in Plain Language and write a paragraph defining each item. That index came in three parts: People, Events, and Movements. That format was not selected for this site for various reasons. Finally, but not least, one visits this site with the idea of chasing down a definition, and finds a comfortable place to visit as well. There is a wonderful graphic of Rich Tatum's photograph of the Cross in a distant sunset, and the quiet self-effacing humor that we are convinced is a part of the energy behind faith and motivation that makes this ongoing project doable. Recommended.
Richard Tatum's Home Page:

You Won't Find These in Your Bookstore! From Voyle Glover and Brevia Publishing, find very reasonably priced classics from very compelling preachers amongst other noteworthy collections: B.R. Lakin, Billy sunday, John Jasper, Dwight Moody, Sam Jones, George Whitfield, Peter Cartright, John Wesley, and others. Recommended
Brevia Publishing:

CLÉ are members of evangelical churches whose aim is to spread the Gospel to the French speaking world, which includes parts of Belgium, Switzerland, and many countries of Africa...

A British charity supporting the church in Romania. Information on site includes a briefing on current conditions in Romania, The Cleaford Christian Trust's Guiding Principals, and information on how to become involved. Also covered are a number of projects being managed by the Trust, including, Brasov Children's Hospital, Village schools, Casa Sperantei Hospice, Cluj Seminary, Harghita Christian Camp, and Aid through the Brasov Church. Also find the Trust's Late News which details recent activities (described elsewhere in this guide.)

The directory, provided by the Centre for Mission Direction (New Zealand) lists many international mission agencies.
Centre for Mission Direction:

The directory, provided by the Centre for Mission Direction (New Zealand) contains contact details for most of the mission agencies located in New Zealand. E-mail addresses are provided when available.
Centre for Mission Direction:

As a professional association of academic institutions, the Coalition focuses on helping Christian colleges and universities better fulfill their mission to effectively integrate biblical faith, scholarship and service. The Coalition coordinates professional development opportunities for administrators and faculty, off-campus student programs, public advocacy for Christ-centered higher education, and cooperative efforts among member colleges and universities. There is an immense amount of well-coordinated information available from this site, including professional development aids, student programs, special projects, public advocacy, research and resources. CCCU provides an excellent directory of links to home pages of CCCU member institutions. Professional development resources include CCCU e-mail listings, a listing and instructions for subscribing to many professionally oriented e-mail discussion lists for CCCU membership, and a staff directory. CCCU's The News (described elsewhere in this guide) is available on line. The Coalition also provides a new searchable database of Coalition-wide job openings. Links to affiliated CCCU projects, like the Faith-Learning Institute at Cedarville College, provide such nuggets as a Selected Bibliography of Integration of Faith, Learning and Life, from Cedarville College Centennial Library -- very well prepared, and a series of Integrated Papers: Churches in a Technological Culture, by T.W. Baker; A Cursory Look at Christian Epistomology, by A.L. Monroe; Money, Wealth and Mammon, by A.L. Monroe; The Theological Basis for the Integration of Scripture and Knowledge, by J. Riggs. Provided also is the Academic Links collection from Southern Nazarene University, a broad range and well-developed bibliography and on-line links. CCCU also coordinates a Tuition Waver Exchange Program, a FIPSE Assessment Project, and an Executive Leadership Development Program. Included amongst Coalition Projects, Publications and Research is an Annotated Inventory of CCCU Research Files, by Stanley Clark, and a Research Ideas document. Online order information for CCCU's large assortment of textbooks, tapes, course syllabi and papers is also available at this site.
CCCU Membership Directory:

Affiliated with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, The Coastlands provides visitors to their site with descriptive and doctrinal information, and ministry resources that is valuable to the networking community as a whole. The Coastlands CTW Resources (Commended to the Word) includes a noteworthy collection of local tapes and books for sale, mostly prepared by Pastor Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D., Pamela Brown and members of The Coastlands. A small sampling of the media available, classified by subject, are: Leadership (Becoming a Company of Peoples); Growth (Getting the Most Out of Your Bible); Family (What I Want for My Children); Freedom (Good News for the Afflicted); Topics for Today (Psychology and the Bible); Dry Times (New Wine Skins); Women (Escaping Common Traps); and, Music (Running the Race to Win). The Coastlands is a missionary church, with international partners.

Initiated and fuelled by the industry Nate Roskop, these pages have grown into a formidable resouce for the Colorado area. We might add, for the added value that many of these ministries add to the networks, this site adds substantial gateway to anyone connected to the internet. Their hope is that the CCWR pages will always be a blessing to the Colorado community, used as a resource used by Christians in Colorado or moving to Colorado and desiring the opportunity to be connected with the church or ministry the Lord impresses upon them. Their mission is to provide timely information about upcoming Christian Events happening around the state; to provide a comprehensive list of churches and ministries located in Colorado with online web pages or email contacts, to provide a comprehensive Colorado ministry and church needs list focusing on volunteer opportunities, and to unite the Colorado Christian Community by being a single contact for the dissemination of information via the WWW and promote partnership among Colorado ministries and churches. Resources are cataloged under the following: Colorado Events Calandar; Colorado Church Pages; Colorado Christian Ministries; Colorado Christian Radio and Television; Colorado Christian Newspapers and Bookstores; Colorado Christian Education; Colorado Youth and Singles Ministries; and general Christian Links.
Nate's Home Page:

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