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October 10, 1997
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9. World Wide Web Sites: COM-CR

THE COMISSION [new 4/96]
Many Voices - One Calling. A Short-Term Mission to Russia. The CoMission is a cooperative effort of 82 Christian organizations, denominations and local churches. Among them are the Navigators, Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ, Focus on the Family, and the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. The CoMission sends thousands of Christians to live for one year in the former Soviet Union. The job at hand is too big for any one organization or denomination.

An outreach to Jehovah's Witnesses providing valuable up-to-date information. This ministry also publishes a 16-page printed quarterly and offers dozens of unique books, tapes, and videos, in addition to maintaining a 24-hour recorded message and providing referrals to local ministries and support groups across the USA and abroad. Available at this site are documents and a substantial number of links to other sites.

A ministry of Christian child development in response to the Great Commission. CI is an advocate for children with intentions to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty, and to enable them to become Christian adults. Ministering to Africa, Middle America, South America, Asia, and North America. Included at the CI site are information on how you can help, publications (including special interest newsletters, and Compassion Magazine), a Kids section, and the CI Music Program, which involves well known personages in CI's ministry.

The Computer Aided Ministry Society (CAMsoc) is based in Vancouver, BC. It was started in November, 1988, to facilitate communication between Christians interested in using computers in the service of Christ.Current CAMsoc projects include the CAMsoc Update (described in the Mail-based services section of this guide), The Christian Telecommunications Toolkit (described in the Web Servers section of this guide), Church Bytes Magazine (paper subscription available; relates to most if not all computer platforms, with emphasis on reaching out), a Church-Related Software List (most platforms), CITC_NET (an international echomail discussion list available through various local bbs systems), Netmap (a list of all known Christian BBS systems around the world), a Public Domain Bible Project, and the Website hosted by Abiline Christian University.

Featuring the Recovery Bible, the only Bible computer program written specifically for people who are in recovery. This vigorous program allows you to unleash the full potential of the Bible for the recovering person. Quicklysearch scripture and easily access the comprehensive notes within the program. Hypertext links and color coding of text are only some of the valuable tools that make the Recovery Bible for Windows an indispensable resource for the recovering community. The Recovery Bible is available in Modern Language and in the King James Version, and for Windows and OS2 Platforms. Also available are Alcoholics' Anonymous Big Book, One Day at a Time, and 4Step.
Christians in Recovery:

Computers For Christ is a dedicated to using computer technology to expand God's Kingdom and share the Gospel of Christ. CofC's mission is to spread the Gospel of Christ. Computers For Christ does this by: Providing a quality Christian site on the Internet, Seeking new and inovative ways to use the Internet for Christian evangelism. Tools provided by CforC include the Spiritual Growth Discovery Tool, a nice King James Bible Topic List, and EvangeLinks. Additional reference tools include the Evangelical Dictionary of theological and Biblical terms, a hypertext version of the King James Version. A Translator's Reference Translation (to aid in understanding Greek) is also being developed. CforC also hosts The Cross o f Christ Lutheran Church, Project Can-Do, and The Church and Synagogue Library Association (North Texas). Also see the church locator, and web locater, an extensive database of World Wide Web links.

Working to encourage the Church to pray and prepare for coming world revival, this division communicates the biblical hope of revival through preaching-missions, mass rallies, radio, and the equipping of local and national leaders to become more effective "messengers of hope".

A bookstore supplying the needs of Orthodox Christians and those interested in Orthodox Christianity. This site includes the Conciliar Press Catalog, which details subscription information for Again magazine, and ordering information and other details for books, including Church history, devotional material, evangelism, apologetics, liturgical music and hymns.

Concordia Historical Institute is the Department of Archives and History ofThe Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. From its beginning in 1847, the Synod hasprovided for its archives, first entrusting the responsibility for maintainingthe church's records to the synodical secretary. In 1927 the Institute wasincorporated by interested individuals in the church to provide for thepreservation of its records. In 1959 the Synod designated the Institute as itsofficial repository. ... The materials stored at the Institute include records of synodical officers, boards, commissions, committees and other entities, as well as personal papers of church leaders, seminary professors, pastors, teachers, laypersons and missionaries. The Institute's reference library contains books, periodicals, parish histories, pamphlets, tracts and other publications relating to the history of Lutheranism in North America and its European antecedents. Museum artifacts, audiovisual resources and photographs round out the holdings.A considerable amount of resources are available on microfilm. -- Adapted from the introduction. The web site is in its initial stages of formation. Sections allocated on the web site presently include: Information on Archival Holdings (a database of titles is promised on line soon), CHI Quarterly (graphic of current cover and contents), Membership Information (Including a free paper subscription to the Institute's quarterly, Historical Footnotes), and Internet Links. Great picture of C.W.F. Walther on the subscribe page. Recommended.

Information available includes sections on Theme, Location, Speakers, Schedule, Register, Quotations, and Previous Conferences. There are brief biographical sketches and some of the authors' web connections available as well.

Connections Christian Counselling is run by James Rye and Nina Rye who are members of King's Lynn Baptist Church. Both are regularly involved in personal ministry (and have been so since 1989), have served on the Pastoral Team at Living Waters, and occasionally receive referrals from other Christian agencies. They have written a number of Christian Books concerned with pastoral issues. James Rye is part of the church leadership team, and is an accredited counsellor with the Association of Christian Counsellors. ?Nina Rye is a member of the Association of Christian Counsellors and is currently seeking accreditation with them. James Rye is currently Head of Humanities at Norfolk College, King's Lynn. He is involved in delivering Teacher Training and Communication Courses. Nina Rye is a housewife, and part-time lecturer in Child Care at Norfolk College. She is also an NVQ Child Care Assessor. Main Christian Publications include: The Communicator's Craft, by James Rae (1990: Inter-Varsity Press; The Survivor's Guide to Church Life, by James and Nina Rae (1992: Inver-Varsity Press); Facing Frustration: Finding Fulfilment, by James and Nina Rae (1997: Crossway Books). James and Nina have also edited books on Marriage Preparation, Self-Image, and Loss for other Christian authors. In addition to counselling services, CCC provides practical information files on line that includes: Problems People Face; Terms of Councelling (guidelines including Appointments, Responsibility, Work Between Sessions, and Acceptance), Confidentiality; Questions to Ask Your Counsellor; Questions CCC Asks (before counselling); Problems in Church Life; Frustration; and, Protecting Children in Churches. The Raes also provi de a document prepraration and evaluation service for writers. The service includes writing and re-writing your documents and analyzing your documents to achieve maximum clarity and impact. Recommended.

Focuses on cults, occult and aberrant Christian teachings. Articles will be added on a regular basis as they become available. The current archive addresses problems associated with the Toronto Vineyard Movement and Promise Keepers, covering topics of Kingdom Theology, and New Age as well.

A Networking Resource from the Pew Scholars Program. The goal of the Pew Scholars Program is to strengthen intellectual activity among Christian academics in North America by supporting specific research and writing projects designed to bring Christian voices to important scholarly problems in the humanities, social sciences, and theological disciplines. This program is supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts. Although the primary goal of this web site is to be a research and networking resource for Christian academics, our hope is that it would eventually be a valuable tool for all scholars. All are welcome and invited to join us in this enterprise. There is more information about Pew's projects on line. Main sections include a very nice online searchable database. The search will produce a list of scholars for a particular discipline or range of disciplines, and output descriptive and contact information for each scholar. Also is a searchable database reporting on Academic Happenings will be thoroughly welcomed by the Christian internet community. Under development at the time of our survey is a Library that includes a Links List (connnections to on line collections), Library of Christian Scholarship, Virtual Libraries, Journals and Other Publications, Bookstores and Publishers, and general Reference (eg. foreign language dictionaries, Roget's Theasaurus). Another major section, Networking, includes Current Networking Iniatives, Networking Among Christian Scholars, Christian Academic Societies, Christian Academic Journals, General Academic Societies, Career Resources, Colleges and Universities, and the like. The Pew Scholars Program also provides an occasional electronic mailing of announcements, NDPEW-L, which is featured in the Mail-based Services section of this guide.

Mark Copeland's Executable Outlines Series includes exposition, sermon outlines, and study guides in msdos format, and, of course, World Wide Web.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library:

The Internet World Wide Web Ministry of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Senior Pastor, D. James Kennedy. Information is presented on line in the following order: Sanctuary (includes Internet Audio broadcasts and welcome message; Fellowship Hall; D. James Kennedy (a message from Reverend Kennedy); WA (Westminster Academy Online); Radio/ TV information; Resource Center (books and tapes available from Coral Ridge); Comments; EEIII (a frames based home page); Concert schedules; WAFG-FM Radio program schedules and guide; Hot! (Today's Hot Items, also included in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide); Knox (a home page Knox Theological Seminary); and Youth (this page is under construction at the time of our survey). Graphics dependent navigation.

Cornerstone Software exists to provide our children in private schools the samequality software that is available to children in public schools. The big difference is Cornerstone develops software based on the Holy Bible. Currently available are 2 software packages. The first, is a multimedia spelling bee (SPELL - Spelling Expert for Little Learners) that helps students learn to spell through interaction just like a teacher would do in the classroom. SPELL keeps track of the students progress to be viewed later by the instructor. The second package (to be made available in December 1997) will be "Joseph's Coat" which will involve ABC's, the story of Joseph, and painting the scenes of the story. Due out by Christmas. The web site offers downloads for demo programs for MSDOS operating environment.

A well organized discussion of about 150 apparent Biblical contradicti ons collected from posts on the soc.religion.christian usenet board.

CRAIG'S WORLD [new 8/96]
Craig Rairdin is the Vice President of Parsons Technologies' Church Software Division, and also a committed Christian. Available from his site is Parsons Technologies Related Stuff (including a History of Parsons Tech Church Software Division, STEP (Standard Template for Electronic Publishing), The Real FAQ's -- answering some of the harder questions raised at the Parsons Tech web site, and other information clearing up recent misconceptions related to Parsons Tech. Personal Stuff includes Mr. Rairdin's personal testimony, Recommended Reading, a dialogue (to be continued) for and about Christian Homeschooling, entitled We Teach Our Kids at Home, a section on 3D photos, and the Soapbox (personal issues faced by conservative Christians in the USA today).
Parsons Technologies:
Church Software Division:

CREATION '97 FESTIVAL [new 2/97]
Claimed to be the world's largest Christian music festival, Creation '97 Festival will be held June 25 to 28, 1997, in Mt. Union, PA. This year marks the eighteenth annual event, which is considered to be the "Woodstock" of contemporary Christian music.

Creation Outreach is an organization that provides a forceful argument in favor of "Special Creation". There is a series of files online that provide a logical and faithful argument. An impressive listing of books, and audio and video tapes is provided with ordering instructions. COA has also developed a good set of links to related network sites.

CRS is a scientific organization, originally formed in 1963 by group of ten like-minded scientists. A major impetus for this effort was to establish a forum to support and publish scientific information that is favorable to the creation viewpoint. Articles and abstracts from CRS' Quarterly Journal are available.
FTP archive:

Provides books and such. Also a source of Scientific and Biblical Creation network sites.

A thorough list of internet locations is included in brother Mark McKinney's list of resources, and he has added a number of documents. Mark has also established a well-ordered database to serve as a clearinghouse.

Dan Reynolds provides an very well planned internet introduction to Biblical Creationist belief. Sections include Astronomy and Cosmology, Evolution, Geology, Internet cites on creation/ evolution issues, media sources, societies, institutes and expeditions, newsgroup discussions, and pictures of God's handiwork.

Founded by Perry and Tonya Hancock. During their 10 years of pastoral ministry, the Hancocks were always concerned with finding new and innovative ways of sharing the Gospel through helping those in need. From a meals ministry foritenerate carnival workers, to a newborn home ministry for needy mothers, the Hancocks have helped to develop unique and imaginative social ministries. The Hancocks now serve on the faculty and staff of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. With a keen awareness of the growing poverty and loneliness in America and a renewed commitment to service, the Hancocks have established Creative Ministries. -- Adapted from the introduction. Current projects include Newborn Home Ministry which provides underprivileged mothers, an Extended Care Ministry which provides support for those patients and families who endure prolonged stays in the hospital, regular visits andprovision of gift certificates and other necessities, and care through family ministries. Children and For the Homeless provide assistance for economically challenged children and adults. Food, clothing, and financial aid are provided for those in need.

CTA is a family owned and operated, educational game comapany providing over 200 non-electronic games and teaching aids to public, private and homeschools for 25 years. Their new line of Bible games are having an impact and CTA would like to invite you to visit. CTA's Bible Games, The Good Steward Game, Facts In Act, And Old & New Testament Pattern Block Task Cards are promised soon. The internet site is organized into the following sections: CTA Products, and NCTM Math Correlation Tables. This is an excellent place for homeschoolers and for Christian missions. Stop by and visit. Recommended.

Duncan Sharpe describes this site about the character of God and how that leads us to faith in Him. If you are a Christian, you are probably aware there is a gap inside many of us when it comes to Spiritual matters - a gap between what we say we believe, and what we actually believe. Why is the gap there? And how can it be closed? A monthly essay is planned, the current essay being "The Credibility Gap". Other document include an online book entitled God and the Gospel; and, Four Important Facts About God; Sharing with God and with Others; Our Sins Paid For; Faith; Creation; and, For Visitors Who Aren't Christians. All are welcomed.

Graphics dependent links. Poetry Proclaiming Christ as King. This site provides a poet's page (as well as other references) that includes writing from contemporary poets; a book page that includes poetry related to the Psalms, and a bibliography section called Who's Who in Christina Poets which gives brief biographical details of past poets.

Producing Christian daily television for over 40 years. Includes such ministries such as; Cal's Commentaries, Circle Square Ranches, Christian Counselling and much more coming.

The page represents a network listing of ecumenical organisations which "provide specialist activities or services in a Christian context for people with a disability in Australia." The listing provides detailed descriptive information and contact information about participants. Also provided are links to related or other networking sites.

CROWN VIDEO [new 4/96]
A large Christian video distributor based in Canada. Included on line is information about Crown Video, their mandate and objectives. Provided also is information on various membership plans. (The videos can also be purchased without membership at non-discounted prices.) There is a large list of Top Picks that underlies this company's discretion in selecting the videos they sell, and information on new releases available from Crown Video. Avid video buffs can also ask to receive Crown's complete catalog by mail. Also provided is a link for membership feedback. Crown Video has about 850 titles in stock, with access to about 1,100 videos.

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