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October 10, 1997
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10. World Wide Web Sites: CS-EG

Established by Jan Groenveld in 1979, who is presently majoring in Psychology at the University of Queensland, has been involved in providing information and education about cults and isms, support for families of cult members and former cult members; arranging counselling for families desiring to communicate effectively with a loved one in a cult. His purpose is to make information more available. Basic sections at this site include: General Information You Need to Know; Psychological Issues; Leaving a Cult; Bible-based Cults and "Isms"; Commercial Cults and Multi-level Marketing; New Age Cults and "Isms"; Eastern Cults and "Isms"; Political Cults and "Isms"; Personal Stories from Ex-cult Members; The Occult; "False memory Syndrome" and Recovered Memory; Satanic Ritual Abuse; World Religions; and, Theological Issues With Cults and "Isms".

CULT WATCH [new 3/96]
Tim Baker's work at this location primarily addresses Mormonism. Guide 1 is a treatment of Mormonism evangelism techniques, beliefs and refutations. Also included are documents that challenge inconsistencies in Mormon doctrine, and compare the Book of Mormon with the Christian Bible.

Of particular note is a list of over 350 books that have been written by the Dallas Seminary faculty, and dozens of other works are in preparation. In addition many of the faculty have also contributed chapters to symposium-type volumes including Bible commentaries, articles in biblical and theological dictionaries, lessons for Sunday school literature, and articles for Christian periodicals and scholarly journals (too numerous to list). Also noteworthy are information resources that DTS people have assembled in relation to their Departmental Home Pages. The Department of Old Testament Studies lists: The Gramcord Institute, the Biblical Institute of Fribourg University (Switzerland), the Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database, Scrolls from the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship, Arch Net's (WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology), Material Culture of the Ancient Canaanites, Israelites and Related Peoples: An Information Database from Excavations, and ABZU - Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet. The Department of New Testament Studies lists: The Gramcord Institute, the Resource Page for Biblical Studies, the Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web, Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek (search and reference work), Liddell & Scott Intermediate Lexicon of Classical Greek (search and reference work). The Department of Bible Exposition includes: Biblical Studies Foundation, Resource Page for Biblical Studies, Virtual Tour of Jerusalem. The Department of Systematic Theology includes: Biblical Studies Foundation, Probe Ministries Guide to Early Church Documents, Creeds and Confessions. The Department of Historical Theology includes: Hall of Church History, Guide to Early Church Documents, Creeds and Confessions. DTS also offers an extensive extensions program.
DTS Faculty Publications:

Information provided includes: Purpose, Policies, and Procedures Statement, Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Statement, Meet The Channel Operators, Hannah's Testimony, NIV's Testimony, SolaFide's Testimony, Bible Resources, and a Links Page.

Danney Ball is an independent Christian singer who also teaches college level classes. Available from Danney Ball's site is information about what expect at a Danney Ball Concert, concert schedules, seminars and classes, management and booking information, products (including a listing of albumns available) and The Song Wrangler's Story. Some of the products available from this ministry include: The Danney Ball Country Songbook; I'm Coming Back to Church; Western Swing For The King; Let it Snow; Songs for Sale; The Danney Ball Gospel Songbook; Songs My Father Sang in Church; Say Hello to Jesus; Little Tear-Stained Silver Cross; and, Sing-a-Long Music Tracks. At the time of our survey the site is still being developed.

An exhibit of some of the Scrolls, historical background, presentation of historical context of Scrolls and Qumran community, account of discovery, aspects of the research, includes Introduction, The World of the Scrolls, The Qumran Community and The Qumran Library Today.
Gopher: gopher://marvel.loc.gov1/.ftppub/exhibit.images/deadsea.scrolls.exhibit/

The style of teaching you see here was encouraged by Don Wallace when he assigned the topic of "Repentance" to Dean VanDruff as feature speaker at a youth camp in Kansas City back in 1990. Thinking this was going to go over like a "lead balloon" with the youth, the Lord showed Dean the _gift_ of repentance, and it has been the basis of the VanDruff's teaching ever since. They just serve up a massive dose of Scripture, _stare at it_, and let God do His stuff. Perhaps the greatest influences Dean and Laura VanDruff's lives did not come from direct teaching, but from the crucible of relationships with others in the body of Christ. The ministry is non-denominational although the VanDruff's have experienced a wide variety of denominiations, including predominately Bible and Baptist church teaching. Provided at this site are the Acts 17:11 Bible Studies (which is detailed elsewhere in this section of the guide), Reflections and Snippets (containing articles such as Christ the Tiger, by Thomas Howard; Advent Hope, by A.W. Tozer; Meditation on the Great Commandment, by Israel Shema; Typology; Reflections on Prophecy; The Hand of the Lord; The Lure of False Doctrine; Reactions to the Holy Spirit; The Anointing; and, Christians and Conspiracy Theories), and another section on Articles and Humor. The site is orderly, the writing succinct, backed by ample Bible verses, a serious resource for serious Bible study and practical application to life. Recommended.
Acts 17:11 Bible Studies:

A short term missionary program for people between the ages of 14 and 99! DELTA (Discipling, Evangelizing, Learning, Training, and Assisting) Ministries International (DMI) trains and sends teams throughout the United States and many parts of the world. A DMIer's enthusiasm and willingness to minister will affect individuals, families, churches, and even whole communities and villages. Being on a DELTA team means working hard and letting God minister in you and through you. It is learing how to live with other people; to give all of yourself to everyone else! DMI offers a carefully balanced ministry for each short-term missionary. The building of relationships is emphasized. Information provided includes available mission team opportunities, information about a missionary and their church can expect, and issues on leadership.

The St. Mark's Devotion page is one developed to be interactive for proactive Christians and a source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement for all. It is hoped that the Christian devotional page will attract many members of the internet community to come and visit, read or print the week's devotion, and even provide their own devotion which will be printed in future weeks so others can benefit from it.
St. Mark UMC:

George Fletcher provides a short multi-page presentation of questions and answers that center around Christ's existence. The reader is asked to consider various answers to typical responses concerning the existence of Christ. This is one series of pages from his web site. To review other pages that include politics, humor, hobbies, and George's myotherapy practice, check out the index to his site, below.
George Fletcher's Index Page:

Provided as an outworking from the webmaster at the Number One Bellevue web site, this page is divided into two sectiions. Home School Families, Links, and Issues (which is comprised of specifically Christian resources), includes: Links to HomePages, Conferences, Organizations, and Legal Matters. The second section is very aptly named, Huge Listing of Educational Resources, and includes: Curriculum & Textbook Companies & Suppliers (both Large and Small); On-line Museums & Reference Resources; Educational Software Companies; Bible; Foreign Languages; Language Arts; Mathematics; Music; Physical Education; Science; Social Studies. Recommended.
OBP Webmaster Home Page:

If you don't find the organization that you're looking for in this Christian Guide, check out our ICLnet's domain directories. Additional references are included.

Most intersting are a number of original contributions by Scott Link, the developer of Disciple, found in the library section. Also included are sections on music, and connections to network locations: general, Christian, religious, and html-related information.

A Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Disciplemakers serves the Body of Christ by locating or developing resources for use in making disciples. Our goal is to see believers in Jesus Christ grow to maturity in Him and become effective in helping others grow to maturity. DMI offers some of the most effective disciple-making tools available.

Discount Christian Software & Books claims to offer the best prices on Christian Software. They carry all current publishers including, Logos, Quickverse, Parsons, PC Study Bible, Biblesoft, Wordsearch, BibleSource, MacBible, Hyperbible, etc. They also carry virtually every Christian Book, Bible, Cassette, CD Video, Gifts, that are in print, at great prices.

DIVORCECARE [new 10/96]
DivorceCare is a non-profit network of church support groups for people experiencing separation and divorce. The web site features a searchable database of more than 1500 locations in all 50 states and 15 countries, as well as other resources for someone going through a divorce. DivorceCare materials are Christ-centered and biblically based. -- Steve Grissom, President. Sections at the web site appear in the following order: Find a Nearby DivorceCare Group; Information About DivorceCare; Steps You Can Take to Recover; How to Form a DivorceCare Group; and, Forum for DivorceCare Leaders. Offered are publications covering the following considerations: Recovering From Divorce, Lonliness, Anger, Depression, TheBible and Divorce, New Relationships, Financial Survival, Children and Divorce, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Conflict Resolution, and, Growing Closer to God. Files offered online are offered under the section on Steps that You Can Take to Recover, including: The Foundation for Healing, "On Your Own" Daily Devotional, and, Support Group Finder.

Featured are exhibits and single documents from the vast document collection archived at the Billy Graham Center Archives at Wheaton College. At the time of our survey the following are being provided on line: Who's In Charge? (An exhibit which examines the transition of authority from missionaries to national Christian leaders); Willis Haymaker's "Suggested Plan of Organization for a Billy Graham Crusade," ca. 1950; MacGilvray's Notes, 1950 (On Early Three Self Movement meetings); Missionary Mary Wilson's Letter From South Africa, 1836; Dwight L. Moody's Letters To His Family, 1884-1897; and, Hitting the Sawdust Trail with Billy Sunday. Recommended.
Billy Graham Center Archives:

The Dove Foundation reviews movies and videos based on Judeo-Christian ethics. Dove publishes a list of over 1500 secular and religious movies available on video that are safe for family viewing, and they publish valuable information and statistics for students, journalists, parents, teachers and clergy interested in wholesome entertainment issues. Included at this site are the Dove Retailers List, Dove Approved Video List, The Top Ten List, Research and Statistics, and "Dove in the News.

Eric Haynes .... is a Playwright Dramaturge and Church Drama Consultant having a lifetime of experience in all aspects of the theatre. In addition to directing, acting, and design, he is an award winning playwright whose plays can be sampled at this site. Other plays from the consortium, and a newsletter is available to registered users.

This page has information on the Dutch Reformed Church Sasolburg West. Also provided is a summary of the previous Sunday's service and MIDI files of hymns sung at the service.
Webmaster Jako Oliver:

E-PRAYER [new 5/97]
E-Prayer is a free collection of Internet services that minister to the bodyof Christ. Services offered at E-Prayer include: 1. Daily E-mail Devotionals embodying Prayer, Scripture, Famous Quotation, Humor, Poetry, Inspirational Message and other Christian Happenings; 2. E-Prayer Network: An automated database that allows people to post real time prayer requests; 3. E-Praise Network (Prayer would be incomplete without praise. E-Praise is a real time service that allows people to post their answers to prayer); 4. Chapter-A-Day (An email service that is provided in conjunction with Logos Software and Zondervan Publishing House); and 5. Guidelines (An outreach ministry of Dr. Harold J. Salsa.). Highly recommended.

EAGLE FORUM [new 7/96]
EAGLE FORUM stands for the fundamental right of parents to guide the education of their own children. Parents should have the right to choose private schools or homeschooling without oppressive government regulation. In public schools, parents have the right to expect that schools -- educate children in factual knowledge, true history, and academic skills (reading, writing, arithmetic), with an overall purpose of encouraging excellence; respect the religion and values of parents and children; and, obey the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment. Included at this site are archives for the Phyllis Schalafly Report, Education Reporter, Eagle Forum Alerts and Eagle Eye. Eagle Forum also provides an online search utility and an index of articles by Phyllis Schalafly. Provided also is a directory of contact information, and an outline of Eagle Forum activities, including Radio Live with Phyllis Schalafly, and Eagle Forum Collegians.

Consortium for Post Graduate Theological Education. A consortium of ten theological seminaries and institutes in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria, who have combined to provide opportunities of postgraduate study which will help towards training East European teachers and lecturers for these and other seminaries in the various countries. Seminary members include: Biblical Theological Seminary International, Wroclaw. Poland; Bulgarian Biblical Academy "Logos", Sofia, Bulgaria; Emmanuel Bible Institute, Oradea, Romania; Evangelical Theological Seminary, Osijek, Croatia; Evangelical Theological Seminary, Prague, Czech Republic; Odessa Theological Seminary, Odessa, Ukraine; Protestant Institute for Mission Studies, Budapest, Hungary; St Petersburg Christian University, St Petersburg, Russia; St Petersburg Evangelical Theological Academy, St Petersburg, and, Russia Theological Mission Seminary, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. Partner Institutions include: Church Leadership International (formerly BEE International); Schloss Mittersill Study Centre; and, TCM Institute for Biblical Studies, Haus Edelweiss. Provided on line is information about each member of EEPST; the Oradea Declaration (Oct.7, 1994), the theological principals to which all members of the consortium abide, a link to All Nations Christian College, an internet search page, and a reference to EEPST's e-mail conferences through MAFxc (Mission Aviation Fellowship, Cross Connect).

An exceptional collection by Tim Muth, the theme calls for Reflections on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Muth aptly frames art from such masters as DaVinci, Roselli, Bruegal, Lorenzetti, Mantegna, Caravaggio, Giollo, Bellini, and Michaelangelo with quotes from Scripture. This makes a visit to this project a memorable experience. Also included are a Music and Hymns section, Sermons of various traditions and ministries, and a number of selected links. We congratulate Tim Muth on his very moving presentation, excellent skill and devotion in crafting, which could have very easily been overdone, but wasn't.

ECHO [new 6/96]
ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) has two networks of people. ECHO provides a Tecnical Network with ideas, information and seeds to help in their work with small-holder farmers or urban gardeners in Third World. They also provide a Friends of Echo Network, with current information about ECHO's ministry and free educational tours, alert them to special needs, describe interesting plants they can grow in their own gardens, offer an unusual collection of books for sale, and answer questions about finances. ECHO's supporters are also welcome to watch our technical ministry in action by visiting our technical pages. Our technical network is invited to learn more about ECHO itself by visiting the pages for ECHO's friends and supporters. There is an immense amount of information relating to food-related missions, that is valuable to planners, strategists, and even people who might wish to go on a trip to a third world country. Are your missionary friends intersted in growing a garden, helping friends improve their food supply, etc.? There are many applications that this invaluable information can afford the reader.

The work headed by Anthony Beavers at the Ecole Initiative deserves more recognition than we have space to provide. This is an extensive and extraordinary contribution of Early Church scholarship to the internet community.

A ministry of Films for Christ, an interdenominational, non-profit, evangelical ministry now active for nearly four decades, and involved in over 100 countries. Eden Communications specializes in the production and distribution of Christian motion pictures, literature, and computer software. Find at this site Eden's Films for Christ Prison Ministry, which offers free loans. There are posted on line comments from Chaplains as well as stories of changed lives. Eden Communications Public Schools ministry provides free loans to schools. Films include The Great Dinosaur Mystery, The Origin of Mankind, and The Fossil Record. Eden also provides an extensive list of worldwide reports information from representatives in various countries that are using Eden's products. There is a section on Internet Ministry, a cooperative project with Christian Answers Net to involve the the talents of Christians on the internet. Their online catalog provides information on ordering Software (Bible study, theology, sermon illustrations, homeschooling, a screen saver), in addition to Videos and Films (creation, science, children, teens, drama, curriculum) and books (Biblical creation, scientific creatio, dinosaurs, American history, Bible study, and theology).

The publishing ministry of a Christ-honoring local Church in Huesca, Spain, which provides Christian literature in Spanish. Pastor Carlos Tomás, who has been a missionary to Spain for the past 11 years, was discipled by and co-labored with William MacDonald (author of Believers Bible Commentary, True Discipleship, etc.). He also a co-laborer and friend of James G. McCarthy, the author of The Gospel According to Rome, and director of Good News for Catholics. Editorial Disípulo has translated and published some of William MacDonald's books, to make them available to the Spanish speaking world. At the time of our survey, the site is organized into four sections: Quiénes Somos (Questions); Libros (Library); Vídeo (Video), and Víinculos (Links to other sites on the internet). Highly recommended.

Provided is an appreciable listing of ideas and activities for youth group functions, arranged by Name, Source, Age Group, and Description. There are numerous pages devoted to Bible Reading & Prayer, Bible Studies, Community Outreach, Fellowship & Friendship, Fund Raisers, Indoor & Outdoor Activies, Mission Events, Parent & Teen, Party Menu/ Food, Parties and Socials, Retreats, Scavenger Hunts, Worship, and miscellaneous activities. If you have run out of creative ideas, here is the place to find some. If you are an expert witness, then they welcome new ideas as well!

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