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October 10, 1997
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13. World Wide Web Sites: FOO-GD

"About every two seconds a child in the world dies from hunger or hunger-related causes. Every minute 24 people die of hunger. That's: 35,000 people every day. 245,000 people every week. 980,000 people every month. 13 million people every year." -- quoted from the main page, statistics courtesy of The Hunger Project. Yet, through a child sponsorship program with Food For the Hungry, you and I can provide a child with food, clothing, medical care, and spiritual nourishment for $22 per month. A two second interval... a lifetime... an eternity redeemed. More information is available at Food For the Hungry's web site. The World Crisis Network, a service of Food For the Hungry, is part of a larger initiative designed to produce a virtual learning environment for people who want to learn more. Included are news articles about Food For the Hungry, child sponsorship information, an e-mail form contact sheet, and information about FFH's collaborative efforts with other organizations such as Brown University's World Hunger Program, and InterAction. Also available are current awareness articles such as: Food For the Hunry Building Housing for Returned Refugees From Zaire to Rwanda, and FHI Aids Victims of North Korea Famine. Curriculum for VBS and for Home Learning relating to hunger are provided. Information on overseas involvement opportunities is also available as a member of the Food For the Hungry International Hunger Corp Program. In the section, Sponsor a Child (Your Heart Can Make a Difference), we learn what child sponsorship is. We have the opportunity to examine information from country lists of children in need of sponsorship in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Additional links to Canadian Food For the Hungry, and Japan International Food For the Hungry are provided on site. The Lord bless the kids of this world. May it be that we love them as He would have us love them.
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Footstep Studios exists because of a desire to provide a recording facility at a reasonable price to help Christian Musicians with their ministry. They want to reach the lost, edify the Body of Christ, and glorify Jesus Christ through Christian recordings. Associated with Footsteps Studios is Footsteps Recordings, a record lable with the same desires and ministry as Footsteps Studios. Please contact them at Footsteps Recordings (link available from the web page); if they can help you record your music ministry.

The Foreign Mission Board offers ways to become more involved in missions: Praying, Giving, Going, and Learning. Prayer items and news items are available through an e-mail via the FMB mailing lists from the special FMB page. Also available are a periodic feature from FMB President, Jerry Rankin, the Rankin file, FMB Headlines --Recent Press Release and News Items, and a link to Baptist Press articles --Your link to the News Service of the SBC.

A Reformed apologetics ministry that deals with a wide range of subjects: from Reformed theology, biblical ethics, church history, eschatology, and politics to cult/occult groups (i.e. Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the New Age Movement, etc.) and heretical teachings within the Church (i.e. the Faith Movement, Arminianism, Christian psychology, etc.) On site find an online library which includes Theology, Christian Living, Political Issues, Cults and False Teachings, Eschatology, Miscellaneous. Also provided is information on how to subscribe to the paper copy of two of FBS's periodicals, and an electronic subscription to Sola Scriptura, the Foundation's newsletter. Other sections include Historic Creeds (many which are referenced in ICLnet's Guide to Early Church History) an Online Directory of the Reformed Church in America, and a Questions, Answers and Definitions section.

Foundations of Christian Leadership is a ministry offering seminars and assistance in leadership development for churches, ministries, and Christians in business. They assist in developing vision and mission statements, establishing strategies for moving toward the vision, developing teamwork, empowering workers, and continually advancing ministry. FCL outlines the Need for Leadership Development, Biblical Principles of Leadership, Modern Methods of Leadership, and objectives pursued by the organization. Lists of Church and Ministry, and Business seminars are provided. Text files include Lessions in Leadership: Quality Leadership in the Church, Pt.1, and a Leadership Bibliography.

THE FOURTH GOSPEL [revised 2/97]
Home Page for Research. Established by Joe Gagne, the administrator of the subscriber JOHNLITR, described in the mail based services section of this guide. The site has a listing of over 600 books and journal articles on the Gospel of John, citing the author title, book or journal, date of publicationand name of Journal. This is an excellent source for both the researcher and student to use in order to find various prior publications. It has been compiled over a 40 year period, but is by no means an all inclusive listing. In fact, there is a place on this site to submit any articles or books that you may be aware of, and you will be given credit for these submissions. There are also links to other sites to obtain tools that can be used.

It has been said that the norm for Christians, either in today's world, or throughout history has not been comfort, but rather violence has been the norm. Throughout countries that do not face opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ there exists freedom, and a tendency to forget the great price paid on the Cross, and also shared by Christian Saints. Fox's Book of Martyrs should be one of the first books read by Christians today. As noted in the preface, ""After the Bible itself, no book so profoundly influenced early Protestant sentiment as the Book of Martyrs. Even in our time it is still a living force. It is more than a record of persecution. It is an arsenal of controversy, a storehouse of romance, as well as a source of edification". This edition of Foxe is housed at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Wheaton College.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library:
The Beginnings of American Foreign Missions:

France Mission is an evangelical mission concerned with church planting in France. The France Mission is a member of the Federation Evangelique de France, and supported by the France Mission Trust. It has placed churches in 30 major towns and has 110 church-planting missionaries. France Mission provides its prayer news on line, and details about the work being done by France Mission. A link to UNC's Parisean tour is available. Visit the catecombs in Paris.

This site, now under development, contains biographical material on Fanny Crosby. Contributors are invited to contact developer John Hernandez, Coordinator of the New York Institute for Special Education to help further develop the on-line information about Fanny Crosby. Also included at this site are links to an excellent biography on Fanny Crosby, more biographical material from the Concise Dictionary of Christianity in America, Hymn Story Programs for Church or Christian School, and hymns. John is working to develop resources for kids with special needs. If you like what he is trying to accomplish for the sake of our kids, and you feel that Fanny Crosby should be better represented on the internet than she presently is, John welcomes visitors to join this worthy project.
New York Institute Special Education:

Information is currently being provided about the Fracis A. Shaeffer Institute, Covenant Theological Institute, and Covenant Theological Seminary. Visitors can obtain a paper copy of FSI Worldview, the Francis A. Shaeffer Institute's quarterly newsletter, or a copy of the Shaeffer Institute Resource Catalog. Also find information about L'Abri Cassettes, the Christian Resource Institute, and selected connections to other useful Christian sites. More information is planned to be added in the near future.

Dr. Beckwith is Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Whittier College (Whittier, CA), and Professor at Large in Philosophy and Public Policy, Trinity International University (Simon Greenleaf campus in Anaheim, CA). He has written many apologetic works, including regular articles in the Christian Research Journal, has made a number of appearances on CRI's Bible Answer Man, and attended many conferences around the country. This archive contains Dr. Beckwith's four part series on The Trinity, and numerous articles, including a three part series on abortion; Baha'i-Christian Dialogue: Some Key Issues Considered; Operation Rescue: Debating the Ethics of Civil Disobedience. Two Opposing Views (co-authored with Paul Feinberg); Philosophical Problems With Moral Relativism; and, Philosophical Problems with the Mormon Concept of God. Highly recommended.

This site includes a schedule of events, and features Operation Andrew, Christian Life and Witness Classes, Goals and Message, Organization, Method, Follow-up, and Prayer For. A Related Links section has a Profile of Franklin Graham, Operation Christmas Child, Franklin and Billy Graham Calls Saskatchwan to Peace With God, and links to the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove.

Graphics are created by Scott Yardley at WebCord. Have your browser graphics turned on and select the color settings as indicated. After that, go visit the collection of excellent custom graphics that Mr. Yardley is presenting at his site. Mr. Yardley's graphics are distinctive and also exceptional. Because Mr. Yardley's graphics are provided free, I think we are going to see some great web pages around the internet. Maybe there are other applications too. In addition, he is quite capableof developing specialized graphics at very reasonable prices. A four-star site.

These tracts are free to download. Apologetical literature from Pastor Myron Peterson, literature presently on site includes free tracts: Go to Church; Spiritual Revival; The Trinity; L.D.S. Mormons; Jehovah's Witnesses; Roman Catholics; Black Muslims; and, Freemasons.

A project being compiled by Dr. L.E. Brown, Jr., of the West Sedonia Baptist Church, as the title would indicate the material is fresh material, and as Spurgeon said, "Illustrations stick in the soul, like hooks in a fish's mouth." Includes are anecdotes from historical, Biblical, personal, contempoary, and fictional composition, quotes, statistics, a back issues section, other preaching tools, web searchers, education on the internet, scholarly links, networking sites, illustrations in ASCII, and, This Week's Sermon. Information on the PROCLAIM subscriber list, which centers on exegesis, exposition and homelitics, is provided. While developing his projects here on the internet, L.E. Brown has become a scientist, using the tools aptly and wisely. Visit the site... we highly recommend it.

FRIENDS IN CHRIST [revised 8/96]
A group of believers united together in the workplace to encourage one another in the name of Jesus Christ and to reach out in love to others with His gospel. Friends in Christ provides a non-judgmental environment that is not focused on theology or religious doctrine although does not condone actions that are directly against the Word of God. All are welcomed to join in this mid work day get together which is intended to help strengthen believers and to help those who do not believe in Christ come to a saving knowledge in Him. The network provides an opportunaty to encompass and support many beyond those who gather together weekly. This is being done by notes of encouragement, praise reports, the use of daily scriptures, and prayer requests. Provided at the web site are sections on FIC at Silicon Graphics, and information on Starting an FIC Group.

Founded by Elwood McQuaid, Friends of Israel aims to reach out to Jewish people in love, help in times of crisis, and teach Christians their Jewish heritage. The organization was born out of the fires of the Holocaust. And over half a century later, thier love and concern for the people so near to the heart of God continues. FOI has home Bible studies, camps, medical clinics, special events, and other activities to share Messiah's love with Jewish people worldwide. In the early days, they helped feed and clothe needy Jewish people, sought to bring them to safety, and let them know their cries for help were being heard. Thier ministry of compassion is just as strong today. FOI offers a wide-ranging ministry of Bible teaching and training that helps acquaint believers with the Jewish background of the Bible, and the special place Jewish people hold in God's plan. In the most practical sense, FOI wants to inform, encourage, and equip readers in our relationship with Jewish people and our personal spiritual growth. The web site offers three serial publications, also described elsewhere in this guide. First are weekly sound byte files in Real Audio format of Elwood McQuaid's Eye on the Middle East. Readers are also provided full length articles from the organizations bimonthly magazine, Israel My Glory. Additionally, Friends of Israel provides a biographical document: With All Her Heart: The Story of Lorne Simcox, as well as an apologetic document by David Levy, entitled Can a Jewish Person Find Peace. Should readers wish to get more information about FOI publications, the publications catalog may be sending an e-mail note to the ministry. The Friends of Israel broadcasting log is also made available. Recommended.

A partnership based in London which networks, supports and resources ministries in Urban Priority Areas and amongst disadvantaged children, young people and their families. Sections available on site include general information about The Frontier Centre and sections on its affiliates and partners in ministry: Scripture Union Urban and Justice Mission, Youth for Christ, Armonia UK Trust, International City Ministries Network, Frontier Youth Trust, Chrildren in the Urban Situations (CURB), and Scripture Union Bible Reading promotional information.

A Christian network dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God by supporting, resourcing, and training those working with and on behalf of disadvantaged young people. The Trust include general organizational information, includeing FYT Contacts, Regions and Addresses. Find information about the Frontier 2000 Strategic Plan and Event, YYT Training Events and Opportunities, the FYT for Youth Workers project, and Spiritual Development Project, and, a section including information on Publications and Resources.

FRONTIERS [new 6/96]
Frontiers is a well-established mission agency solely dedicated to planting churches in Muslim countries. Since 1982 they have seen that creative, empowered teams with a clear goal and strong mutual commitment can plant churches in the Muslim world. Frontiers' passion is to glorify God by planting, reproducing churches among the world's one billion Muslims. By God's grace, Frontiers now has nearly 500 missionaries on 80+ teams in more than thirty countries. They're not all Americans. Missionaries with Frontiers are sent out by Sending Bases in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland/Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Their web site includes information about their commitment and involvement. Learn how you can be involved in this crucial ministry. Review the list of Hot Needs, Upcoming Events, Short Term Mission Opportunities, Serving With Frontiers, Partnering With Frontiers. They provide some pretty cool stuff for missions mobilization and education, including video and seminar services under the headings: Muslims: The Final Frontier; Drama Presentations; Mission Speakers; Destination 2000 (in adult and children's versions); and Women's Ministries. Also provided is an e-mail form with which to contact Frontiers.

Find more information about FTS' Schools of Theology, Psychology, and World Mission. Of particular interest are the pages related to Continuing and Extended Education (Fuller's CEE and DMin programs). Continuing Education offers seminars and conferences that would be of interest to many people interested in developing their ministry, whether they are serving in a church or lay people. CEE/DMin also has a number of Extension Sites that offer in class courses at remote locations around the western portion of the USA, including Washington, Colorado, and Arizona. Also offered are Individualized Distance Learning opportunities where people can take courses through the mail and get credit at Fuller. There is also a mailing list available for poeple who are enrolled in some of the courses.

Don Sraill notes that fighting on the front lines is not all action and glory. If Butte, Montana or Orr, Minnesota qualify as the front lines, then he has been there. He knows the discouragement that comes when standing firm, and the joy of faithful service to the Lord Jesus Christ. He shares some feelings and views from these pages, and he welcomes replies. He intends the information to be contemporary and controversial. He observes that a whole new generation is growing up in the world of cyberspace. They need to be challenged with Christ as much as any previous generation. The old ways are still the best ways, even in cyberspace! Mr. Sraill, a retired fundamental missionary, provides careful and a very readable exposition, with Bible proofs applied, to current issues surrounding prophecy. After ending his years on the field he now represents his view of the big picture. The material is relevant to today with a gospel message included in each area represented. The following studies are available at the time of our survey: Know About the Apology from a Tomb; Know About the Era in Which We Minister; Know Where the Last Jihad Takes Place; Know Why Environmental Sin is the Worst; Know Why it's an Almond Bud. Mr. Sraill's presentation is well worth the visit. Recommended.

The Internet Site for Independent, Fundamental, KJB Baptists. The purpose for TFT is to help independent, fundamental Baptists network (find and keep in touch with each other); to provide a place on the internet where they can find Christian resources from the independent, fundamental Baptist perspective; and to provide a repository of useful information to help Christians grow and be blessed in their personal lives and ministries. Included at this site are sections for Bulletins, Resources, Ministries on the Internet, Electronic and Paper Periodicals, and Directories and Other Resources. The TFT Bookstore offers books on: The KJB Issue, Christian Classics, Soul Winning, Inspiration & Testimony, books for Ladies, Family, and Kids, and Music. A TTF FAQ is provided on line. Offered also is an e-mail course onFoundations of the Faith, described in the Mail-based services section of this guide.

Gary Bisaga is a Christian musician who provides his praise songs, variously in Post Script and text formats. Included you will find: Happy Is the Man (Psalm 1); God Comforts Me (Psalm 77); Sing to the Lord a New Song (Psalm 96); Sit at My Right Hand (Psalm 110); God Has a Plan: when life seems like only problems; Are You Happy: do you have Jesus walking by your side?; The St. James Song: a life of St. James, brother of John; Thank You Lord: a song of renewed relationship with God; and, Jesus Died For My Sins (Romans 3, Psalm 14). His nearly finished Mass promises to be a good one, and will include: Kyrie: a three-part fugue for SAB voices; 2nd voice counterpoint easily invertable for tenor or congregational use; Gloria; Nicene Creed; Sanctus/Benedictus or "Holy, Holy, Holy" (Isaiah 6:3); The Lord's Prayer; Incidental Music For the Great Thanksgiving: "Christ Has Died, Christ Has Risen, Christ Will Come Again", pre-Sanctus, pre-Lord's prayer; and, Agnus Dei. Stop by and pay Gary a visit.

Gateway To Joy, with Elisabeth Elliot, is a daily program providing practical biblical advice for women. Its purpose is to invite women to consider their roles and responsibilities in light of biblical principles. Elisabeth addresses topics such as marriage and family, training children, roles of husbands and wives, what it means to be a godly woman, godly living, holiness and more. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, an empty nester, single, divorced or widowed, Elisabeth wants to "show how God's Word is good news for all ofus - relevant, alive, piercing to the very heart of our need." She says,"I try not to preach but to sit down, as it were, at the kitchen tableor in the passenger seat and simply talk to people." Hostess Lisa Barry opens and closes each program in a warm, friendly manner that invites you to grab a cup of coffee, sit down and take a break from your daily activities. Presently, Gateway To Joy is heard on more than 250 stations in the United States. -- from the introducton. The ministry provides information about Where to Listen to Gateway to Joy, including geographical location, time, call station call letters and frequency. Available is a transcript of Today's Program (mentioned in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide), also available in RealAudio format. A Program Calendar provides a topical listing of the month's programs. A Daily Devotional (mentioned in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide) is made available. An archive search utility is provided. Highly Recommended.
Elisabeth Elliot:

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