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October 10, 1997
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14. World Wide Web Sites: GE-GRAL

Formed in 1981, the George MacDonald Society has noted an upsurge of interest in George MacDonald. George MacDonald influenced such Christian writers such as C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton, as well as a number of other important contemporaries: W.H. Auden, John Ruskin, Lewis Carroll, Octavia Hill, F.D. Maurice, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Greenleaf Whittier, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Mark Twain. The Society provides scholarly information about MacDonald, his works, and his contempories at the web site. Main sections include Related Links, which provide access to At the Back of the North Wind; Day Boy and Night Girl; The Golden Key; The Light Princess; Lilith; Phantastes; The Princess and the Goblin; and, the Prices and Curdie. Another section provides Book Reviews to MacDonald related publications. Book Central provides information about vendors and publishers that specialize in books by George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, and "The Inklings." Book Specials is a section that provides readers the opportunity to purchase a paper special edition of George MacDonald in the Pulpit, a work which includes Unspoken Sermons (The Hope of the Gospel; The Miracles of Our Lord, etc.). Also available are indexes from the Society's annual journal, North Wind, by which readers can choose to order the paper copy.

A nifty set of web pages developed by Pilgrim Gene Sasser. Available from the index is Giant Killing Weaponry, subsections including Today's Special Inspiration Feature (selected devotionals); Giant Killer's Resource Material (connections to Christian sites); Parents And Teachers (educational and safety links); Youth Links; Kid's Links; Political (US Congress by e-mail); Other Countries (news and culture); and, Matchless Love (John 3:16-17). From the second section, Some Giants We Must Slay are the Giants of Giant Of Despair, Greed, Bitterness, Resentment, and the Slave Giant, commentary provided by Gene Sasser. There's some good writing here, accompanied by a warm and friendly tone. A four-star site.

Henrietta Mears founded GLINT in 1961. An eminent Christian leader and trendsetter of her day, Dr. Mears spent her life helping people of all ages to read, study and understand the Bible for themselves. Dr. Mears traveled widely, and personally observed the urgent need for quality Christian education resources for all peoples of the world. Founder of Gospel Light Publications, she began sharing the Gospel Light curriculum with missionaries and national church leaders. Soon a flood of requests for publication rights and financial aid was pouring in from around the world. In response to that overwhelming cry for help, Dr. Mears launched GLINT, her last major achievement before her death in 1963. Now, over 35 years since its founding, GLINT continues to fulfill Miss Mears' vision to provide contextualized Bible teaching and learning curriculum to the nations of the world. nearly 800 books in over 50 languages. Currently, GLINT has more than 170 projects in progress in over 30 languages. They have assisted with publishing Sunday school curriculum in over 100 languages. The total number of GLINT's teacher and student Sunday school books sold or distributed in these countries totals over 1.1 million individual books. They work closely with Gospel Light and Regal Books. More information about GLINT, how to contact them, and their involvement in current projects is available from the web site.

GEM's researchers have written more than 300 articles, books and short studies on world evangelization. They are working to put as many online as possible. Presently available from this archive, which promises to be a major information cache are the following publications: Countdown to 1900: World Evangelization at the end of the 19th Century, by Todd M. Johnson; Forecasting the Future in Mission: Some Future Faces of World Mission, by David B. Barrett; The Fragmentation of Mission Into 4,000 Freestanding, Standalone Monoliths, by David B. Barrett; Quantifying the Global Distribution of Evangelism and Evangelization, by David B. Barrett; Contextualization: A New-Old Idea, by Todd M. Johnson; and, Research Fuels the Missions Movement, David B. Barrett & Justin Long. Highly recommended.
Global Evangelization Movement:

Pointing the Way to the Unevangelized. GEM packs online an immense amount of information ranging from statistical data, missiology, news, and cultural data. Newsletters (detailed in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide include the AD2525 Global Monitoring Report; GEM State of Persecution Bulletin; and Monday Morning Reality Check. There is an archive of Reality Check Essays as well. A report covering the Status of Global Mission 1987, by David Barrett, gives statistics of World Population, Worldwide Expansion of Cities, World Population by Religion, Global Christianity, Membership by Ecclesiastical Block and Membership by Continent, Christian Organizations, Christian Workers, Christian Finance, Christian Literature, Scripture Distribution, and Christian Broadcasting. Another section, The Stories of World A, includes testimony that deserves every Christian's attention. There is a large file of People Group information. A Knowledge Base provides information on: Rules and Policies; Generation X in Missions; Inactive Christians; Pastorial Vision-raising; and, Seniors in Mission. A Data Archives is organized by: Appeals and Manifestos; Plans; and, Glossaries, Dictionaries and Helps. GEM's Archive of Books and Papers (reviewed in the neighboring entry of this guide) promises to be a major online archive of GEM publications. GEM's Global Diagrams section includes Miscellaneous Charts, Global Diagrams, Annual Statistical Tables, and Other Tables. GEM has just set up an E-mail conference to discuss the Qashqd'i of Iran (more reported in the Mail-based Services section of this guide). As noted earlier, GEM "Research fuels the missions movement."GEM provides a mother lode. Highly recommended.

GLOBAL MAPPING INTERNATIONAL [new 2/97] Christian leaders access to mission information. Global Mapping International (GMI) exists to provide Christian leaders with access to mission information. The mission's highest priority is serving evangelical mission ministry leaders in the Developing World. GMI is an evangelical mission support agency comprised of about a dozen staff members. GMI publishes mission research material on CD-ROM, provides a referral service pointing mission researchers to the information they seek, provides specialized training and consultation inmission research, conducts mission research projects, creates custom missions maps, provides mapping software support, and develops geographic databases for missions. GMI was founded by Robert Waymire in 1983 on the campus of the U.S.Center for World Mission in Pasadena, California, USA. -- Adapted from Quick Overview of GMI. GMI devotes detailed information about who GMI serves, current programs, products, contact information, outreach and publications. Their products include overhead transparancy map sets, world maps (1040 Window Gateway Cities, Status of Global Evangelization, World Map Mural, and Custom Mission Maps); Software (including 20:21 Library of Mission and Evangelism Resources on CD, Global Ministry Mapping System CD, African Proverbs CD, Atlas GIS Mapping Software; an Electronic edition of Johnston's Operation World, and related Operation World Data Files), Maps (see above). A section on missions is devoted to various on line internet resources. Another section relates to GMI and other training programs. Highly recommended.

A ministry to the Church, pastors, ministers, congregations, Christians,helping to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the sexual and homosexualsinner. Despite what we hear the world telling us, the truth is that the Lord speaks of only two sexual lifestyles, the married husband and wife, and the unmarried man or woman who abstains from sex. Even among Christians there are many myths, and misconceptions about homosexuality, and redemption for those involved in such sins. Jay Harter spent 17 years in the homosexual lifestyle before he was Saved by Jesus Christ. That was four years ago. As the Lord has burdened his heart Jay and his new wife are working full time in the ministry. Their mission is to empower the Family of God, both Pastors and congregations to understand the truth, as expressed in Scripture, regarding homosexual sin and redemption through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pr ovided on site are an Online Newsletter, a Chat Room, Testimony (Out of Darkness, by Jay Harter), information on Workshops and Seminars, files (Homosexuals: How Should the Church Respond?); a Question of the Week; and Related Links.

GOD'S WORD WINDOWS 95, v.2.0 [new 7/96]
A full featured Bible research program for Windows 95, developed by Kevin Rintoul. The suite of 16 files that comprise the program includes the full King James Version, Strong's Numbers, Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, Bible dictionary, commentary and topical index. The program supports keyword, phrase and phonetic searching using optional logical connectives, verse notes, and 4 color hilighting. The full suite for Windows 95 is available for downloading. A very modest shareware price is requested for the very big return users get in ease and performance. This is an excellent package which we highly recommend. Also available for OS/2, W3.1. Contact Kevin Rintoul.

Good News Australia! recognizes the ups and downs of life, the restlessness of the world, its unwelcome surprises, and that many would say - Stop the world I want to get off! However, in the turmoil of life there is encouragement and hope from many sources on this site. Hope and encouragement are what you will find here! Find at this site an ample supply of original documents relating to evangelism and apologetics. Sections are divided into: Good News for Everyone (which includes files Leaning What You Never Knew About Life!; God's Plan for This Earth; and, Some Interesting Issues of Life); The Gospel in a Nutshell: Twelve Steps for Sinners); Good News Australia Feature Files from Good News Australia! BBS (An Amazing Fact!; Bulumia; A Tale of Two Fires; Who Wants to be a Billionnaire?; Having a Good Time!; Tender Talk; The Priceless Presence of Jesus; and many more files); Studying the Bible Today; Some Intersting Issues in Life (In a Restless World as This is...; Stop the World I Want to Get Off; The Miracles of Thankfulness, Forgiveness and Encouragement); The Unwelcome Surprises of Life; Is There Really an Ending to this World?; Tel Me About Life, Death, Heaven and Hell!) Following the section of files relating to What is Christianity? is Ken Walker's full length book, Do You Want to Escape Into Life? The book is comprised of three major sections: What Are the Concerns of Your Life?, Spiritual Truths and You; and, Putting It All Together. More information is provided about the beautiful country of Australia, and the State of Victoria. As we said, there is a good supply of document here relating to evangelism and apologia for earnest seekers and also people who want to share the Good News in Australia! (and elsewhere). Recommended.

Good News Radio Broadcasting, Inc. owns and operates KVOI-AM and KGMS-FM and the Good News Magazine. KVOI is a commercial, full gospel, Bible-teaching,news/talk daylight station. KGMS is a commercial contemporary Christian music, 24 hour station. The Good News magazine is a free Christian, pro-family monthly publication that explores social issues and ministry topics. The site provides access to the organization's Good News Magazine, reviewed in the Newsletter/ Journals section of this guide. Recommended.

THE GOOD WAY [new 12/96]
"Why surf on The Good Way ? find the straight path to God, find answers to your questions about God, submit an e-mail quiz - and win a prize!, get spiritual articles in different languages, download Arabic articles, read the Bible in Arabic, get literature for others, ask us any question, tell us your opinion." -- The Good Way. Provided on site, and for downloading, are files in Arabic and English, including introductory articles, articles, and books under the following topics: Sources/ al-,usul, God/ Allah, Salvation/ al-Najat, Christ/ al-Masih, Confession/ al-Shahada, Worship/ al-'Ibada, and News.

A Bible study program developed by Leo P. Voegtli, for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT. The objective of the Good News Bible Study is to teach God's Word pertaining to His will that all men be saved. Specifically, its goal is to teach answers to the following questions through scripture: What is God's will for man?; How does one become a Christian?; Why should man respond to God's will?; and, How can one recog nize and identify a church following the New Testament pattern? The program features 1060 Questions, 45 Lessons, 1750 Verses, New King James Version, New American Standard. The program is free. It comes in a self extracting zip file named gnbs_1_0.exe. After running this file to perform the extraction, one must use the setup.exe file to install the program on a hard drive.

Goshen is a premier Christian network provider and information source of four-star quality, and recommended highly. Goshen, the networking ministry of Religion Today, and Media Management, has assembled a substantial classsified internet-wide resource directory in addition to hosting many organizations. Amongst tools and devotionals are Bible Pathway's Daily Devotional, Nave's Topical Bible, and the New Topical Textbook. Being the networking ministry of Religion Today, Goshen also provides its own excellent National and International Religion Report, and Servant Life. A sampling of ministries hosted are AMG International, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Emmaus Road International, the Caleb Project, Global Evangelism Movement, Lausanne, the National Association of Evangelicals, the Network of International Christian Schools, Kirkbridge Bible & Technology Information, Baker Book House Online, The CoMission, Baptist Press News Online, Walk Thru the Bible, the International Institute of Christian Studies, AIM International, Zondervan, the American Tract Society, Prison Fellowship International, the National Councilon Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, and so forth.

Goshen's premier Christian internet search utiity and classified guide. An orderly and comprehensive finding aid. Discrete search options. Includes major sections under: Christian Education; Church & Pastoral Resources; Churches; Denominations; Evangelism & Discipleship Resources; Family & Individual Resources; General Internet Resources; Ministries & Organizations; News & Periodicals; Personal Pages; Radio Stations; and Television Stations, each further divided into numerous sub-sections.

A gathering of Christian ministries. GCN's hope (and growing realization) is to be an informative and useful site. Along with Nick Hengefeld's well established Bible Gateway are fully represented ministries, including the following major organizations: Children's Bible Hour, Christian Camping International, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Gospel Films, Inc., The International Bible Society, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, InterVarsity Press, The Navigators, Radio Bible Class, R.C. Sproul's Renewing Your Mind, Words of Hope Online, Youth for Christ, Youth Specialties, and, GCN's List of Christian Resources,called Hot Spots. Links to ministries supported at GCN are listed individually throughtout this guide.
The Bible Gateway:
Hot Spots:

GOSPEL FILMS, INC. [revised 4/96]
Available from the Gospel Communications Network.

GOSPEL FOR ASIA [new 5/97]
Gospel for Asia is reaching the most unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel for Asia trains, equips and sends native missionaries to evangelize their own people. Gospel for Asia's more than 9,500 native missionaries have planted hundreds of churches in previously unreached areas in 11 Asian countries. With more than thirty missionary training centers right on the field, Gospel for Asia is annually training thousands of new missionaries. The GFA web site provides current Reports and GFA's bimonthly publication, SEND!, (reported in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide.) Also available, in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format is K.P. Yohannan's book, The Road to Reality. At the time of our survey, publications offered for order include two books: Revolution in World Missions, by K. P. Yohanan; and, Living in the Light of Eternity. Two videos, include Driven to the Extreme; and, Operation Boot Camp. The Ministries page includes information about Joshua Project 2000 - GFA, GFA's radio ministries, it's Gospel literature program, GFA contact and scheduling information as well as organizational information. Offered is a free book, Revolutionize Your Life, by K. P. Yohannan. Readers can also get a free copy of GFA's book, ACCESS, by calling their 800 numbers. Highly recommended.

THE GOSPEL OF TRUTH [new 9/96]< br>This document is a strong challenge for today's generation written by Pastor Max A Forsythe of the Greak Lakes Presbytery (PCA) and provided on the internet by TULIP dot ORG. The work includes Introductory Notes, and John 8:12-59. Sections include What is Truth?, The Meaning of Truth (Hebrew, Greek, and NT meanings), The Gospel of Truth, and The Purpose of Truth. The document is heavily annotated by bibliographical references. As noted, the challenge is a strong one: "To a generation wallowing in self pity, rutting in primal feelings, and floating on sensual emotionalism, we say boldly, and without apology: You must know the truth, and that truth will set you free."

Timely sermons by Pastor Paul G. Naumann of the Ascension Lutheran Church, Washington, a member of the Church of the Lutheran Confession. The sermons are clear, concise, have strong Law and Gospel content, contain good concrete application to the lives of everyday people, and are centered in the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Samples of classic hymns in midi sound format include Just as I Am; how Great Thou Art; Rock of Ages; Holy, Holy, Holy; and, The Lord's My Shepherd.

A dynamic networking ministry being developed by Bill McGinnis, whom we first met as he developed Prayer for You, described elsewhere in this guide. The work at Mr. McGinnis' site has expanded at a phenominal pace. You will find a document entitled Basic Concept of Christianity, by Bill McGinnis; and a collection of Favorite Christian Worship Poems. The Internet Daily Chapel is archived on line, but you can have it delivered to your doorstep by e-mail every morning. The Gateway to Jesus includes An Invitation, a Prayer of Salvation, by Mr. McGinnis, a section on Gospel Presentations, including presentations by Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ, and Calvary Chapel, and finally a Prayer for New Christians, also by Bill McGinnis. He has also provided a Home Page for New Christians, links to Bibles online, and a section on Essentials of the Christian Faith, which includes the Apostles Creed, Fundamental Belies of the Assemblies of God, and the Baptist Faith and Message. More information includes Details on Crhistian Doctrine, Based on Scripture, Christ Music (including access to Mr. McGinnis' original works in MIDI format, to other hymns and Christian songs available on the internet, and a MIDI file help section). Another section includes the Original Work of Other Christians who don't otherwise have web pages: works by David Heischman and Linda Tart are featured at the time of our survey. Additional sections include Deliverance From Demons; Christian Commentaries, Based on Scripture; Instructions From the Lord; and a collection of internet connections. Recommended!

Pastor Bruce D. Gerencser. Grace Baptist Church provides the internet with the CHARIS Mailing List, noted in the Mail-based Services section in this guide. The church also provides a free paper copy of its newsletter, Grace for Today, which includes Grace Baptist Church News, and feature articles addressing concerns of today's Church. Another great services includes free weekly sermons on tape. (Grace Baptist is in the process of assembling a catalog of tapes that include such notable preachers as Rolf Barnard, Al Martin, Walter Chantry, Ferrell Griswold, and John MacArthur. Ask for a copy of the catalog.) The Pastor's Thoughts and Comments page includes the following files: Letter to the Editor of the Bryan Times Subject-Abortion (January 18, 1997); The Preacher and His T.V. March 1997 Grace For Today Newsletter; and, The Christian and Television March 1997 Grace For Today Newsletter. Grace Baptist Church also provides links to some pretty good sites of interest around the internet. Recommended.

An extension of Grace to You, the ministry headed by John MacArthur. Provided is an on line catalog with descriptions and pricing under the following sections: Bible Software, Bibles, Biographies, Children, Christian Living, Church History, Commentaries, Counseling, Cults, Devotional, Ecclesiology, Evangelism, General Theology, God, Grace Church Publications, John MacArthur, Leadership, Marriage & Family, Music, Pastoral, Puritans,Reference, Systematic Theology, and Women.
Grace to You Ministries:

A non-denominal ministry based at the University of Virgina. Although GCF is predominantly Asian, they welcome people from all ethnic backgrounds who want to seek God and worship Him. GCF Web includes a new section of sermons and also a nifty prayer request page.

To focus worldwide attention upon the distinction between the freeness of eternal life and the costliness of eternal rewards. Grace in Focus is provided on line, as well as information on how to subscribe to the Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society. Cassette tapes by J. Kevin Butcher, Arthur L. Farstad, Zane C Hodges, Larry Moyer, Earl Radmacher, Bob Wilkin, and Ed Underwood are listed.

GRACE NOTES [new 7/96]
Grace Notes, a ministry directed by Warren Doud, distributes and archives verse-by-verse Bible lessons, topical articles (word studies), and historical studies related to the Word of God. My theological orientation, briefly, is evangelical Christian. Mr. Doud graduated from Prairie Bible Institute, Alberta, Canada, with majors in Bible, English, and Christian Music. He later received BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, and an MS in Mathematics (Abstract Algebra and Topology), from the University of Southwest Louisiana, Lafayette, LA. Amongst other dutie he spent three years with Christian boarding school and mission in the U.S. and three years as principal of Christian school in Austin, Texas, in a local church, grades 2 to 12. As a layman his Christian work is Bible teaching and writing, spending 12 to 15 hours per week in research, teaching, and writing, principally in the areas of doctrine related to the basics of the Christian Way of Life. Cassette tapes are also available through postal service. Grace Notes are also available in Spanish thanks to the work of Dr. Roberto Reed from SIL Dallas. The World Wide Web site supports a large and growing topical library. Random samples taken at the time of this survey include: Agriculture in Palestine; Armor of God; Christians in the Early Church; Dortrine Text; Inspiration; Old Testament History; Positional Truth -- Union With Christ; Religions of the World; Suffering; and, Zacharias Presenting Innsense in the Temple. From the Grace Notes Biblic Study Counses available at the time of our survey, are Ephesians, Hosea, Romans, Ruth, and Titus.
Notas de Gracia Espanola:

Bible-based Radio, Books, and Audio Tapes. Grace to You is the Bible-teaching media ministry of John MacArthur. In addition to producing the world-wide Grace to You, and Grace to You Weekend radio broadcasts, they distribute more than two dozen books by John MacArthur and have produced more than ten million audiocassette lessons in their twenty-seven-year history. The hallmark of Grace to You is the systematic, verse-by-verse teaching of God's Word. Each member of the Grace to You team is committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and to helping believers grow stronger in their relationship with Him. Provided on line is a correspondence link, and an introduction to Grace to You. The Old Curiosity Shop will be a FAQ with answers. The Bells and Whistles section includes sound clips from the radio program. Another section, On the Wireless includes anouncements, and Where in the World Are You? includes program logs and related information on a city-by-city basis. A daily devotional entitled Food for Thought (also described in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide) is authored by John MacArthur. Finally there is a document entitled Who Do You Think that I Am?, and an offer to talk about it.

GRACEWEB [new 11/96]
Being developed by Bert Pasquale and Carl Aude, GraceWeb purposes to be an answer to those asking the question: "What is Christianity?", and encouragement for those who desire to obey Jesus' command: "Follow Me.", to demonstrate the credibility of Christ and faith in Him, to be a resource of information about other religions & worldviews, and, to help Christians respond to the challenges issued by these, to be a topical index of faith-related resources, both on and off the internet. Under development at the time of our survey, a basic framework has been established and files are being added. Extensive main sections include: Christianity's Main Message (An Overview of the Gospel of Grace); Christian Living and Prayer; the Defense of Christianity (including Answering Objections, and Theological Objections to Orthodoxy); Religions and Worldviews. To give readers an idea of the extent to which GraceWeb is being developed, note that the Religions and W orldviews section includes the following subsections: History of Other Religious Developments; Dictionary of Religion-- related terms; World Religions; Religious Innovations in Early America; TheCivil War to World War II; Eastern Groups in America, and Miscellaneous. Pastors Pasquale and Aude also provide extensive support files for this site, including a Topical Index, Scripture Index, Glossary, File List, and additional sections covering Reference Works, Further Resources (internet and otherwise), and Christian Ministries. GraceWeb promises to be a very orderly and extensive theological presentation on Web. Highly recommended.

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