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October 10, 1997
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21. World Wide Web Sites: M-MIR

A Christian Study Center based at the University of Minnesota. The purpose of the MacLaurin Institute is to present the Biblical worldview to university and international scholars so that they bring Christ's transforming influence to bear on their societies and academic disciplines. Featured are books by Vishal Mangalwadi. The Institute provides chapter titles, key quotes, and recommendations for the books featured. Included are: The Missionary Conspiracy; The World of Gurus; and, When the New Age Gets Old.

Writer. Thinker. Artist. Mystic. Christian. Mother. World Traveller. Unabashed L'Engle fan, Chris Smith, has sparked a web page to acknowledge L'Engle's contribution to Christian life. It is an informal web gathering place where L'Engle fans can congregate. Planned are an archive of notes on L'Engle's work, and an online quotable L'Engle database. The site's owner, Chris Smith has ferreted out a healthy number of links to additional information found on the internet. Included are pages by L'Engle fans, an introduction to L'Engle's life, a biography (and audio clip), an interview, magazine articles, the Wheaton College L'Engle archive, and another archive at the University of Mississippi. Amidst the links, find L'Engle's introduction to Christian Arnold's I Tell you a Mystery, a review of Troubling a Star, , and so forth. The work on this page represents that authentic spark seen so often amongst Christians who have devoted a portion of their time, and of themselves, contributing work here on the internet. The kind of devotion represented will, over the next few years, forge more information through new acquaintenances and the outwork of new ideas. We are delighted to find the groundwork at this site.

Man's Authentic Nature is the Men's Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International and is a ministry partner with Promise Keepers. A ministry devoted to the restoration of Biblical manhood. MAN is committed to helping men experience reconciliation with God, themselves, and others. Offered to men is authentic value, identity and restoration to their Biblical masculine function. MAN interprets the truths of God's Word from a unique masculine perspective. Ministry activities include men's conferences, ministry leadership workshops, an adult discipleship process, outreach retreat series focused on male spirituality, and specific training to help churches build their men's ministries.

Cults, the Occult, and Heresies. Breaking the chains of bondage by exposing deception for all the?world to see. Formed in 1976, Mandate Ministries is Australia's oldest counter-cult ministry. As you read the information on this site you may wonder why Mandate Ministries publishs the type of controversial information they do. There are two valid reasons. Firstly, we know that the information you will find at this site can literally save your life; or the life of a family member; or that of someone you will come into contact with in the future. In other words, their desire is to equip you to help prevent and stop spiritual suicides! Secondly, if you are already involved with a teaching, practice, or group named at this site, then the information could set you free from a bondage that perhaps you are not even aware of at this stage. The information is offered in a genuine spirit of love and is not a product of bigotry, hatred, intolerance, or any animosity towards any particular person or group. Read the biographical information. The Helps Topics section includes the following articles, and many more: What is a Cult & Six Steps to be Able to Recognise a Cult; Facts About the Occult; What to Do When Confronted by a Cult Member; How to Confront a Member of a Cult; How to Recognise the Christ of the Bible; Brainwashing and Mind Coercion; Bible Study - There is One God; Recommended Reading List; War Veteran's Resource Page. The Facts About section includes coverage of: Christian Science; Children of God (or, Family of Love), Cooneyites; Eckankar; Gurdjieff; Hare Krishna; Islam; Jehovah's Witnesses; Mormons; Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon (The Moonies); Seventh-day; The Toronto Blessing; and, The Christadelpians. More files on Freemasonry and New Age Philosophies and Teachings, as well as Mandate Ministries Catalog of Books, Tracts, Video & Audio Cassettes, are due to be added. A four star site!
Site Index:

A Christian relief and development organization serving people with medicines, hospital supplies, health education and leadership development from offices in North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia. On line the reader finds Recent News and Information: includes MAP News, MAP International Report, and MAP US News and Bulletins, as well as a history of MAP International, and a note from MAP President Larry E. Dixon. The WorldWatch section is intended to keep readers up-to-date on international crises caused by natural disasters, conflict and war by providing remote links to various news services. Included is a thorough list of links to remote sites that are geared to handle crisis situations. A Home Pages section provides local administrative pages to MAP US, MAP Latin America, MAP East and Southern Africa, and MAP Korea.

A project of World Vision International, this site will include: Strategic Information on Christian Mission; MARC Newsletter; MARC Publications; and, Some Other Global Mission Sites. Being developed as of May 1996.

MARRIAGE 911 [new 12-96]
Becky Freeman is co-author (with her mother, Ruthie Arnold) of the bestseller Worms in My Tea & Other Mixed Blessings (a Gold Medallion Finalist) and Adult Children of Fairly Functional Parents. Her third book (and "first solo flight") is Marriage 911. Becky has also written a newspaper column called "Laughter and Lessons", and began a new monthly column (appropriately called "Marriage 911") in the August edition of Home Life Magazine. A popular speaker and on-air guest, Becky has been a guest on more than 150 radio interviews, and was recently (May 1996) featured on the cover of Home Life with her co-author mother. Her television appearances include "Good Morning, Texas!", ABC's "Caryl and Marilyn Show", TNN's "Crook and Chase", and ACTS' "Home Life Television Show", where she is a regular "Backporch Storyteller". Becky is the wife of Scott Freeman (whom she calls both gorgeous and patient) and the mother of four children, ages nine to sixteen. The family resides in "the boonies of East Texas with a floor that eternally needs scrubbing and a chicken that eternally needs thawing." - About Beck Freeman. Click on the link below and check out her books.

Available on line are current news and publications, faculty information, a substantial collection of the noteworthy Master's Seminary Journal (reviewed in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide). The Master's Grace Library includes an Online Public Access Library connection, a listing of 750 Books for Biblical Expositors, and annotated bibliographies. There is another listing of Links to Theological Research and Information Sites. Various documents of general interest on line include The Callto Church Leadership, by Dr. John MacArthur; Training Men of God, by Dr. Richard Meyhew and Investing in Preachers for the Twenty-first Century. Also provided are connections to Grace to You Ministries, the Grace Community Church, and Grace Book Shack.

Matthias Media is an Australian publisher offering the following sections at its web site: Bible Studies, Evangelism, Training, Books and Booklets, Youth Ministry, The Briefing (sample articles on line; see our newsletters/ journals section), and Audio Cassettes. Paper copy subscriptions for Kategoria journal, a Christian critique of modern life, and Zed, a magazine for Australian youth, are available as well. A Pastor's/ Leaders Input Page is also supported at this site.

Provided are a very well organized system of information relating to various aspects of Christianity. Sections include a list of connections for Homeschool resources under the following categories: Internet Games, Geography, Geneaology, History, Science, Writing & Literature, Reformed Christianity, Various Christian Resources, and Related Education Resources. Another section of pages devoted to Links to Other Places is an expansive, nicely categorized list that includes Books and Other Publications, C.S. Lesis, Reformed Christianity (including Reformed Churches, Reformed Colleges, Think-Tank Publishers, Apologetics, and a section on Christian Reconstructionalism). More information can be found about Anglicans on the Web, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Evolution Controversialists. Recommended.

An exhibit of the Billy Graham Center Archives, Wheaton College. A short transcript of former missionary Kenneth McGilvrey with the Elim Pentecostal Assemblies of Britain, having worked in Northwest China along side friend and fellow missionary of Victor Plymire. The transcript comments on the development of the Three Self Movement. Recommended.
Documents in the Spotlight Series, BGC Archives:

Provided on the networks by Media House International are articles from several Christian newspapers published by university students from the United States, the former Soviet Union, Latin America and China! Included are: The Forerunner, America's campus newspaper; Predvestnik Articles, translated from the Russianlanguage Forerunner; The Mandate, China's Christian newspaper; El Campeon, Spanish Champion (in Spanish!); The Champion, Proclaiming the Crown Rights of King Jesus!; The Puritan Storm, A chronicle of the neo-Puritan revival now in its ascendency; Chalcedon Report, Articles from the leading Christian Reconstructionist magazine; and, Life Coalition International Reports, from pro-life missionaries around the world. Highly recommended.

MediaCentral is Gospel Films online store. Your source for Gospel Films Christian media resources: video, software and internet, books and print resources, bargain basement.

Medical Ambassadors International focuses on the Third World people who are poor, outcast, homeless, sick, and hungry -- especially children. Their main emphasis is to enable self reliance and Christian discipleship by using nationals to reach the poorest of poor, in their own country, to benefit the whole person -- physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Prepared by the Library at Biblical Theological Seminary, this internet guide provides a Bibliography, BioEthics Links, BioEthics Syllabi, Biomedical and Health Care Resources on WWW, Catholic Resources for Medical Ethics, End of Life Resources, and links to LifeWEB, the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago, and Religious Views on Organ/ Tissue Donation and Transplant.
BTS Home Page:

Provides book reviews from the Provident Book Finder. Juvilee Update Newsletter is a home page for any of the teachers of the Jubilee Sunday school curriculum (published by Brethren, Brethren in Christ, Quaker, Mennonite, General Conf. Mennonites, Mennonite Brethren and used by many churches). "Network" (a newsletter for church librarians) is a part of the Provident Bookstores (MPH retail stores). Provided is information on Gospel Herald, the magazine of the Mennonite Churches. Herald Press has several pages at the Mennonite Publishing House site, including a listing of new titles and a page of forthcoming titles.

MERCY HOUSE [new 9/96]
An interdenominational ministry founded for the purpose of aiding pregnant women who have no support. In addition to providing a home environment for these women, Mercy House is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual support of the family. Discipleship, becoming a part of the local church, and training for life skills are vital for helping women establish a godly lifestyle and a healthy home for their children. Mercy House offers a woman: A safe home environment with caring house parents to nurture her during the time of her pregnancy and for six weeks after; Complete prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum care from pro-life midwives and doctors free of cost; Education in the areas of nutrition, exercise, childbirth, infant care and feeding, and parenting skills; Spiritual guidance through personal discipleship, counselling, and involvement in local churches; and, Help in securing a high school equivalency diploma or other vocational training in order to establish an independent household. The web site provides information about the Executive Director, House Parents, and facilities. Offered is an opportunity for readers to become involved. E-mail contact is provided as well.

MERCY SHIPS [new 4/96]
Mercy Ships owns and operates four relief vessels which sail to areas of natural disaster or chronic need with the three-fold purpose of mercy and relief, training and ministry. Since 1978, Mercy Ships has provided needed surgeries, dental care, medical supplies, clothing, food, seeds, construction materials, development projects, and a message of hope to more than 60 port districts worldwide.

MERELEWIS is a networking forum for the discussion of the life and works of C.S. Lewis. Discussion of larger theological or denominational issues apart from Lewis, has been avoided. This related archive contains "A Life Outline of C.S. Lewis", sections including the thoughts of others about Lewis, bibliographies on his fictional works and non-fictional works as well as related works, image files and sound files, and internet links. The Tidbits section represents the making of a MERELEWIS FAQ. The archive for the MERELEWIS subscriber list is also available here through an FTP link... 100 volumes so far. Better than our own recommendation for the work being done at MERELEWIS is the "well done" that Douglas Greshem, C.S. Lewis' stepson gave to this site, and which can be seen when you visit.

Messenger Films abides in the believe that professionally made motion pictures, anointed by the Holy Spirit of God, are strategic in carrying out the Great Commission - taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to a needy world. The organization is committed to producing films that... declare the glory of God among all peoples (1 Chronicles 16:24); clearly present the saving gospel of Jesus Christ (Mathew 28: 18-20); and, foster unity within the body of Christ (John 17:21). Messenger Films included descriptive information, information about current projects, testimonials and kudos about its films, as well as a column, From the Director's Chair, in its on line Film Library. Another section, entitled Communion, includes contact information, subscription information for Messenger Films' newsletter, Action!, a section devoted to Questions and Comments, and a section requesting for prayer for ongoing projects. Order information is available. Recommended.

John Rylands Memorial Library, University of Manchester. Find on line some great image files of Wesley and contemporaries in the Methodist Picture Gallery. JPEG image manuscripts include: Letter sent by Sarah Wesley junior to her brother, Charles; Letter sent by Charles Wesley to his wife, Sarah; and, George Whitefield preaching in Leeds. Guides available at this site include: Researching the History of a Chapel...; Researching Your Family History...; and, Researching Women in Methodism... The on-line presentation is obviously reflects the existance of the library's immense traditional text collection. The John Rylands Memorial Library also provides an OPAC (a joy to use) from which the on-line user can research the collection, including special collections of which the Methodist Archives is a part.
Web OPAC Searchable:

Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. is an apologetics and counter cult ministry in the Chicago area. MCO publishes a bi-monthly journal (it is on-line also), operates a number of pre-recorded helplines for those in cults or needing to hear information in a non-threatening way. The ministry operates a live helpline. It operates a weekly radio program on WYLL, 106.7 FM in Chicago, every Saturday night from 6:00 - 7:00 P.M, called "Defend The Faith".

A directory of the ministries of the Evangelical Missionary Alliance, New South Wales, provided by the Sydney Centre for World Missions. Contact information includes addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses and web connections, when available.
Sydney Centre for World Missions:

Formerly Buddy Bell Ministries, Ministry of Helps International is for Pastors, Laymen, Missionaries, and all leadership in the Local Church. The ministry also publishes five teachings in 17 different languages available. (Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Malayalam, Mandarin, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Tagalog, Telugu, Thai, and Vietnamese). Provided at the we site is information about the workings and vision of MOHI, it's itenerary, and a product catalog that includes videos, books, free materials, and information pertinent to the MOHI Video Club. Also a section for the Carpenters' Shop and book store. The site is frames dependent.

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