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May, 2001
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22. World Wide Web Sites: MIS-MT

THE MISSING LINK, INC. [revised 6/97]
If you need help, or you know someone who does, then we encourage you to check-out this ministry, run by people who care about you. If they cannot help, they have a referral service. The Missing Link, Inc. is a full-time ministry to prisoners and to those who live in prisons of their own making. Bibles; Bible studies; life-changing literature; film and video presentations; counseling; correspondence with prisoners; prison, street and church ministry; crime prevention assemblies; referral services; coffee house, street, and prison ministry training.

Since 1945, MAF has been ministering to the world's most needy and isolated people. On five continents, in some of the world's most remote and rugged regions, MAF supports the work of some 300 Christian organizations in expanding the Kingdom of God. Their motivation is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to people in need. MAF's tools are airplanes, short-wave radios, satellite links, and other electronic communications networks. Their services in air transportation, electronic communications, and logistics help save on earth and for eternity. MAF's purpose is to multiply the effectiveness of the church using aviation and other strategic technologies to reach the world for Christ. MAF provides the reader with descriptive information on their identity, purpose, motivation, core values, and a brief history of MAF. A review of the Legacy of Servanthood calendar provides a thorough and very well presented chronological table of events that are a legacy to all Christians. MAF is is headquartered in Indonesia, Eurasia, Africa, Latin America, and North America. There are 242 MAF families serving from 40 bases in 18 countries. Provided are updates and excerpts from FlightWatch which reports on the worldwide ministry of MAF. Get information on how to serve with MAF or how to support MAF projects. There is a section describing the MAF Foundation. MAF has also established a networking ministry, MAFxc, which provides membership services that includes a broad array of networking services for individuals and ministries who want to establish an internet presence.
A Legacy of Servanthood:
MAF Information Technologies:

Made available on line by the Centre for Mission Direction (New Zealnd), this extensive publication catalogue includes the following categories: New Books, Biography, Bible Translation, Church Planting and Growth, Cities and the Poor, Conflict Resolution, Culture, Development, Evangelical Missiological Society Series, General, Holistic Ministry, International Student Ministry, Islam, Latin America, Local Church and Missions, MARC/World Vision Titles, Missiology and the Theology of Missions, Mission Awareness, Pastoral Care, Prayer and Missions, Preparation for Service, Raising Support, Research and Missions, Ten-Forty Window, Tentmaking, Training, and World Evangelical Fellowship.
Centre for Mission Direction:

Short Term Mission Specialists. This organization works to combine mission resources of churches around the U.S.A., providing opportunities for Junior High, Senior High, and adults. Preparatory missions training information is made available. Also provided at this site are supporting Bible verses.

A Home Base for Friends of Churches in Asia, Mission Forum is intended to be a platform for learning, sharing and growing in mutual respect and understand with the many and varied Christian churches of Asia all the way from India and Pakistan, Bangaledesh, Burma, Southeast Asia and China, Korea and Japan. Along the rim and important to Asia is Australia in the south and the Russian Far East in the north. Sample clips of the movie, China: Walls and Bridges are available for download. Also included is a list of Seminaries in China, on-line links to other network sites of interest. Included is a link to Wei Jingsheng: China's Spirit of Democracy. Wei is imprisoned in China. His biography and essays are provided. Readers are provided with information to intercede for his release from prison. Also included is a link to Aung San Suu Kyi, who was a prisoner in Burma. Included from this remote site are addresses, speeches and statements by Suu Kyi, as well as the international response pursuing her release.

A not-for-profit ministry that produces videos for and about Christian Missionaries. MMPI exists to inform individuals and churches of the activities, successes, problems and needs of missionaries throughout the world, primarily through the medium of video. The ministry's goal is for every missionary to be able to afford a video explaining to all the world what they do, and what their needs are. To this end, MMPI have been equipped with industrial-grade JVC editing equipment and the requisite Video Toaster. They can produce from concept to finished duplicates. They tape on-site and edit for returning missionaries. The web site includes sections on Policies and Related Ministries, The Manual (A "how to" booklet designed for missionaries who want to shoot films themselves; and Brother Pete's Short Term Mission Trip Report, and a newsletter (both described in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide).

A Unique Combination of Community Development and Christian Discipleship in Africa. Mission: Moving Mountains' purposes itself to facilitate thephysical and spiritual well-being of impoverished people in developingcountries. The ministry is a member of the Interdenominational Foreign Missionary Association of North America (IFMA). Provided is information on M:MM's Work in Africa, including people and affiliations. More About M:MM includes their Statement of Faith, an Overview of M:MM's Organization of Ministries (cf SF Foundation Reports), and M:MM's Leadership and Staff. Becoming an M:MM Missionary includes an outline detailing Wholistic Ministry Philosophy, Incarnatinal Ministry Lifestyle, Team Ministry Approach, M:MM Missionary Profile, and Role Descriptions.

It's News Worth Listening to! Many Christians today are vitally concerned about our world and helping to fulfill Christ's Great Commission. Yet they lack areliable source of current news about world missions. A service of CornerstoneCollege, Mission Network News can provide you with the most current, most relevant, most inspiring news about world missions -- every day. With thesatellite facilities of Ambassador Inspirational Radio, USA Radio and other major networks, MNN is able to air the latest-breaking mission news within hours of it happening. Mission Network News is committed to producing the finest quality mission news program available today. Each daily newscast willfeature news from a wide range of evangelical mission organizations. -- information adapted from the main page. More information about MNN's organization, projects, locations and staff made available at this site. The Map shows broadcasting affiliates, and a place to write to find the nearest radio station near you. The News section includes the latest news in mission happenings internatinally. There are pertinent interviews with international missions personnel. A Media Partners section provides information about Christian organizations that share financial interests with Mission Network News. There is another section promoting participation from people who might wish to support MNN's worthy projects. A search untility is also provided for this site. Highly Recommended.

Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the People of India. Mission of Joy exists to reach India with the Gospel. Mission of Joy has built numerous churches, and three orphanages in Andhra Pradesh, South India. Clothing, food, shelter, Christian education, and staff support is presently provided for 75 orphaned children. Funds are provided by caring American Christians. A monthly newsletter (described in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide) is sent to all interested. Mission of Joy is not funded or supported by any church or denomination. The Mission provides an information page detailing its goals and its work through orphanages, native missionaries, churches, evangelicalistic crusades, and food ministries. The web site is loaded with information on Children (including photos and letters from some of the Mission of Joy orphans); Prayer Team News (including prayer requests, ongoing prayer needs, and praise reports); Sponsors (you can sponsor a child or a native missionary or contribute to other needs), Educational Resources (good information sources for India and for missions related internet sites). Also provided are Picture Pages, including series on The People of Ministry of Joy, Images of India, and a 1996 visit to India. Very highly recommended.

Mission Possible is an evangelical missions organization that distributes Christian literature, trains church leaders and sends out church planters and missionaries predominantly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Detailed information about Mission Possible is provided in the Ministry Overview section, which presents information in sections on Mission, Bibles and Literature, Training, Humanitarian Aid, National Church Planters and Missionaries, and Your Opportunity. A Prayer Guide section helps concerned people understand the needs of the mission by listing some of the e-mail posts from missionaries. Mission Possible also provide current and archived issues of its newsletter, MP Report, as well as online distribution, services mentioned in the Mail-based services and Newsletters/ journals section of this guide. A section detailing the School of Ministry of the International Education Fellowship is also available on line. Recommended.

"Suggestion: Find out about cross-cultural mission service opportunities in your own community or city. Is there an unreached people group near your congregation? Plan ways to reach them with the Gospel." The publications information page of the Lutheran World Mission. We have highlighted some of these publications in our guide, but due to the vast extent that the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod is involved in international missions, and the speed with which LCMS is adding valuable new resources to its world wide web sites, we recommend that readers review this official index page regularly.

A service of Helps International Ministries, the directory is a classified list of links to remote servers designed to help missionaries and other interested individuals locate information, people, and organizations.

Mission To Unreached Peoples is an inter-denominational and international ministry of tentmaker missionaries. MTUP champions the potential of lay people in missions and help train, place, and support vocational workers, often in countries closed to traditional missionaries. With headquarters in Singapore and Seattle and over 100 tentmakers in 15 countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, Mission To Unreached Peoples seeks to obey the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by investing our lives, gifts, resources, and vocational skills in God's work.Areas of ministry include China, India, hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia, Poland, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

An excellent list of mission related videos prepared by the Centre for Mission Direction (New Zealand). Videos are categories by publishers: Christian Broadcasting Network, CREATE International, Institute of Chinese Studies, International Students, Inc., True Colour Productions, PROCLA Media Productions, and the US Center for World Missions. Highly Recommended.
Centre for Mission Direction:

Mission Training International (formerly Missionary Internship) has been offering user-based, on-site training programs and workshops to missionaries. These programs include Program in Language Acquisition Techniques (PILAT), Pre-Field Orientation (PFO), Culture and Language Learning (CLL), Missionary Family Orientation (MFO), Debriefing and Re-entry (DAR), Interpersonal Skills Workshop, and much more. Over 12,000 people have graduated from MTI programs and our client list reads like a "who's who" of sending agencies. MTI provides information about their training programs, workshops and products that aid in language acquisition and intercultural skills.

The Missions Hotline is a well respected organization that has been involved in missions work. We are pleased to note that The Missions Hotline has established a web site. The organization works in remote areas (especially Africa, and right now, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya because the probems are critical: famine, slavery, conflict and persecutiion). They also offer a travel safety program for Christian travelers. Their goal is to bring the light of God's love, and the truth of His word, to unreached people groups. More information about The Missions Hotline is provided on site. Guiding Principles are forthright witness, obedient and willing spirit, accountability and integrity, they confess their faith, not their culture, and they are non-politcal and non-violent. More information is available regarding Expeditions to the Horn of Africa. The Travel Advise Program includes information on wealther, transportation plans and communication, equipment and food, staying healthy, money and currency, and emergencies. Highly recommended.

Winning and Training Servicemen and Women for Jesus Christ. Established in 1958, Missions to Military has been ministering to the servicemen and women through thier strategically located Military Christian Centers. E-mail connections to the centers is provided on line. The centers resemble a combination of a "home-away-from-home," and a Bible Institute. The free bunks, meals, recreation, and Bible studies are but expressions of Christian love and concern. Their design is that these young men and women become "good soldiers" of Jesus Christ today, and tomorrow become pastors, missionaries and Christian leaders in their communities. MTM also publishes a paper copy newsletter that may be ordered from the web site. Missions to Military functions as an Independent Baptist Mission Board, and is committed to Biblical evangelism that views our highest goals in life as worship and service to the Lord of Glory.

MIT's Christian a cappella singing group. Includes info on a cappella music, good presentation of the gospel and pointers to Christian Resources.

"The Moravian Church is a mainline Protestant denomination with more than five hundred years of history. Founded before the Lutheran, Presbyterian, or Methodist churches -- even before the discovery of America -- Moravians have long been centered on Christ and focused on faithful living and Christian unity. Rather than concentrating on divisive doctrines, the Moravian Church preaches the basics of the faith which all Christians share in common. Moravians are encouraged to live out their faith through service to those in need. Our mission work has concentrated on the poor and the powerless, and groups largely unreached by other denominations." - From What is the Moravian Church, The Moravian Church. One may find information under the following headings at the Moravian Church web site: Who are the Moravians?; Where is the Moravian Church (U.S. Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, etc.), Moravian Daily Texts, Covenant for Christian Living; The Moravian magazine (reported in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide); contact information and linking inforamtion for Related Links to other WWW Pages, and Related Organizations of the Moravian Church.

The Ministry has been challenging the claims of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1979. Our site contains numerous articles dealing with the subject of Mormonism and how it differs from biblical Christianity.

Resources for Investigating Mormon Scripture & History, Sponsored by the Institute for Religious Research (IRR), devoted to the study of religious claims in the light of the Bible. Provides relevant, scholarly resources for investigating the foundational claims of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS church) in light of history and the Bible. The site offers extensive and authorative documentation, sorted under the following categories: The Book of Mormon; Book of Mormon Archaeology; The Book of Abraham; Joseph Smith and Mormon Origins; LDS Doctrine in Biblical Perspectives; Book Reviews. Note that files in the Spanish, Portugese, and Philippine languages are also available on line.

Comment: "I collected the World Christian Internet Resources, and typed the text of that famous old We Are World Christians! poster, out of simple frustration. I saw that the existing Christian information resources on the Interet were focused primarily on nurturing the North American church. Few carry any material to help mobilize the church for its assault on the gates of Hell, particularly when the battle is carried cross-culturally, behind enemy lines." RAS, MorningStar Tech Services.

We seek to encourage and enable others to help fill that gap. We gather projects and pointers under our home page, participate in relevant conferences and network discussion forums, and provide facilities as needed for other organizations.

Mr. D's notes represent conservative Christian systematic theology. The theology is a practical work divided into small portions that would be the start of good lessons. It should be a good reference work for readers even ifreaders disagree with the conclusions. He has always encouraged my students to "chew and spit" - chew what you hear and read - then spit out what doesn't stand up to the Word of God. Mr. D., Reverend Stanley L. Derickson, Ph.D., has pastored, interim pastored and copastored churches over the years. The ministries have been self support ministries. He taught at a Bible Institute for four years. He has earned a B.A.from Denver Baptist Bible College and Seminary, a Th.B. from Western Baptist College, Salem, OR, a Th.M. from Toledo Bible College and Seminary, and his Ph.D. from Trinity Seminary, Newburgh, IN. Mr. D and his wife and I were on deputation for five years with WEF Ministries (Now Biblical Ministries Worldwide), unable to raise the necessary support. In response to the Lord's leading, they are presently allocated to the United States. This work is admittedly very strong on missionsand fundamentalism. The author believes these are two topics that the fundamental churches of America have forgotten to teach to the present generation. He trusts that readers will be challenged by the work. One may read the theology on line or may download portions of the work, or the whole work in one file. There is a detailed alphabetical index and another simple index that makes it easy to navigate through the online book. Sections are divided into: 1: A Bibliography, Theology Proper, 2: Christology, Pneumatology, Angelology, 3. Anthropology, Hamartology, Soteriology, 4: Ecclesology, and, 5: Eschatology. In addition to meat, there is dessert. Pulpit I've Filled contains a good supply of humorous anecdotes about the pulpit experience. Recommended.
Complete site:
Alternate complete site:

This site includes the basic theology work noted in site one, but additionally provides an Article of the Month, an extensive section devoted to Topical Studies (Mr. D's Notes on Just About Anything), and humor: With Everyone Telling You Where to Go These Days, I Would Like to Tell You How Not to Get There. Recommended.
Theology site:
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