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October 10, 1997
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27. World Wide Web Sites: REF-ROB

Work on this site is written and compiled by Daniel Knight, a student at Calvin Theological Seminary and member of Immanuel Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. The files on site represent much research including both historical and contemporary informtion on the Dutch Reformed Church and Reformed churches in the United States. Under the Reseearch section the reader finds General works (Dutch Reformed Timeline, a history by Daniel Knight; The Dutch Reformed Presence in Canada, by Daniel Knight); Membership data for various Reformed dominations in North America and The Netherlands; and an Overview of Minutes of Classis Holland (1848-58); documents Specific to CRC including Evangelism in the Christian Reformed Church; Earliest Christian Reformed Congregations (1857-1889), by Daniel Knight; Former Names of Christian Reformed Churches; and, Former Christian Reformed Churches. Documents touching upon the church in the Grand Rapids area include: Christian Reformed Congregations in Grand Rapids (1970 to present); Reformed Churches in Grand Rapids, 1840-918; a General Index of Reformed Churches; a Christian Reformed Church Index; and a Protestant Reformed Church in America Index. Research by Others includes the following documents at the time of our survey: Unfulfilled Expectations of Church Planting, by David Snapper, and responses; a "Scattergram" showing changes in congregational membership for CRS in the United States (1985-95); and, A Brief History of the Protestant Reformed Churches, by Rev. Allen Brummel. Also provided are maps showing Distribution of CRC Churches in the United States; Grand Rapids Churchs 1970, 1980, 1990, and projected 2000; and Classes Ostfriesland, 1899. Web site directories include links to Reformed Denominations; Denomination Links in North America, Overseas, and Afrikaans Sites; Presbyterian Denominations in North America, and Overseas; and Other Reformed Links. Recommended.

Developed by Eric Cosens of the Free Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, this page represents a large selection of resources. Its purpose is to serve as a springboard for locating useful Christian resources that have distinctivelyReformed, Calvinistic, Presbyterian, Puritan slant, but a variety of material is represented. It is an orderly directory, broadly classified under the following sections: Bibles/ Bible Software; Commentaries, Works & Other Writings; Theology and Doctrine; Organizations/ Ministries; Book Sources Online; Reformed Colleges/ Seminaries; Reformed Churches/ Denominations; Newsletters, Mailing Lists, etc.; Reference Material; and Search Engines/ Indices.

The site contains a cache of documents on line that speaks to the Reformed Episcopal faith, including the Apostle's Crred, the Nicene Creed, the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, and a Short study of workship. Also provided are links to the new Missionary Diocese of the west, Cramner Theological Seminary (PA), and other parish web sises of the Reformed Episcopal Church. Additionally the Reformed Episcopal Chuch has added resolutions (and is adding accompanying sermons) entitled Abortion and the Sanctity of Life, and Sexual Ethics.

Available from this publishing house are a variety of books, including Protestant Reformed Church standard texts, biography, pastoral care, and bible study by authors G.J. VanBaren, David Engelsma, Cornelius Hanko, Gertrud Hoeksema, Herman Hoeksema, Homer C. Hoeksema, Carl Haak, Ronald Cammenga, and Calvin's Calvinism, a translation by Henry Cole.

The Reformed Network provides free web sites to Churches and ministries, including those outside of the United States, as well as various web publishing resources. Available on line are organizational documents, a Statement of Mission Belief and Accountability, and doctrine. The main page highlights noteworthy news. The main section of Directories includes Reformed Network resources and selected outside links under the following categories: News, including Church News, The Apostate Church, and The Persecuted Church; Books, including Libraries (Church Documets, The Early Church, The Reformed Church, Fine Reading, and Recent Documents); Bookstores; Studies (including Bible Schools and Seminaries, and Cults and Religions); Computers (curently client software downloads); and Church and Geographic Resources (Churches, Christian Organizations, Educational Institutions, etc.) The Reformed Network is developing multi-language capabilities: English, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, and French.

The project represents the continuation of work being done by Dr. Hans Rollman and staff at the Department of Religious Studies of Memorial Univeresity of Newfoundland at the MUN gopher site mentioned elsewhere in this guide. The resources provided cover a broad range of the historical religious experience in Newfoundland and Labrador. Anglicans are represented by T.F.H. Bridge, Aubrey George, and Edward Field. Congregational texts include files about John Jones and James O'Donel. Methodism is represented by John Stretton and Eliza Bennis, John Hoskins, the Wesley brothers, and William Black. Moravianism: Spangelberg, Brother Jens Haven, Benjamine and Anna Kohlmeister, George Kmoch, Sauel Liebisch, and Theodore Reichel. Pentacostal files include Alice Belle Garrigas, Robert Chauncy English, and Eugene Vaters. The Restoration Movement is represented by the Stones and Campbell, Robert Roll, T.R. Bennett, and others. The Salvation Army, by John Reed. Dr. Rollman has also brought together network information on the Reformation. The archive sports an on-line search utility. There are also numerous picture galleries intersperced throughout.

Statements about religious persecution today, from the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. At the time of our survey articles addressing general subjects, Israel's Anti-Evangelism Proposal, and China, are available, as well as a statment on persecution by SBC president, Thomas D. Elliff.
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission:

A service of Ligonier Ministries, included are an online order catalog of books and tapes, the Renewing Your Mind radio log, an interactive internet version of Tabletalk magazine. See the description in our newsletters section. On the Gospel Communications Network.

Compiled by Scott Barkat, and made available on the internet by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the Resource Center provides a large bibliography of titles under the following categories: Articles, Books, Films and Video, Journals/ Periodicals, Pamphlets, and Simulation Games.

Compiled by Torrey Seland, Volda College, Norway. Page 1 details Bible translations and related texts, Linguistic resources, Lexica, and Libraries. Page 2 covers Electronically published articles, reviews and course material, Searchable Bibliographic databases, Bibliographies on the Web. Page 3 includes Aspects of the Mediterranean Social World, Including Archaeology, Israeli/ Jewish info and other relevant Web pages. Page 4 covers Ethical Aspects, Interesting Software, Search Engine Pages, and some more general Web Info. Page 5 is Torrey Seland's Philo of Alexandria Page, including Articles, and other sites of interest for Philo scholars.
Philo of Alexandria:

A site developed by teachers in Saipan, The Northern Marianas Islands,who educate students from other Pacific islands, the Philippines, Korea, Japan,Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, and the USA. Their prayer is that their lives will show forth Christ's love to those with whom they come in contact. Information on site is arranged to provide informational links to educational resources, Christian web sites, and other ministry resources (puppets, skits, etc.) Well arranged sections include General Education Resources (including general education, periodicals, tech links, and schools on the web); Lesson Plans and Curriculum (including miscellaneous lesson plan archives, music, art and PE, language, science, math, social studies, early childhood, special ed, and ESL); Miscellaneous Sites (including crafts, coloring pages, clip art, puzzles, puppets, books, and holiday links); Christian Web (including Link databasees, Christian school associations, education resources, Bible lessons, quizzes, verse searches, and music); Children's Ministry Resources; Miscellaneous; and Reference Links (including search engines, geographical, and miscellaneous). A good amount of care has gone into selecting the resources. Care should also be extended by the reader in reviewing the secular education resources as the disclaimer on site implies. The site would also be a very good reference for people in missions and for home schoolers.

Neo-Evangelical Missiology and the Christian Mission to Islam. An article from the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal (1995:Nov.). Protestant Theological School. Recommended. See also the April 1996 file at the link below.
Protestant Reformed Theological Journal:
Protestant Reformed Theological School:
April 1996 Rethinking Missions Today:

The site is dedicated to promoting a world vision for missions with an emphasis on the Chinese people. The developers hope you will find the information included valuable as you endeavor to win the lost at any cost. Sections include the following: Revival Christina Church. Included are RCC's mission statement, vision, information on the history of missions in China, opportunities, logistical information, and an invitation to join in the projects. Hong Kong Ministry. Articles include Worship, Church Growth, Discipleship, and A Forward View (to 1997). Ministry Projects. Basic information on a number of projects involving children, street kids, foster children, Church leaders, and prisoners and their families. The Chinese Church. Includes a good overall history provided in three parts, and entitled Understanding China and the Chinese: A Christian Perspective of the History of China in Outline Form from Antiquity to 1949. Another docuement available is entitled God's Revelation to the Chinese People. A third section, entitled The Challenge of China, includes a collection of articles that include: The Cry of the Indigenous Chinese Church; Northwest China; Miracles in Henan Province; God Manifests Supernatural Power; and, Religious Freedom. Provided also is a section on Networking and Asia, including Tibet, Vietnam, and Vietnamese Camps in Hong Kong. Finally a reminder to Christians world-wide. 1997: What Next? And, the answer. Coming soon! Recommended.

Canada Needs a Spiritual Awakening. Revival will only occur when God's people return to a Christ-like relationship. We need to rely on the power of prayer. We need to study the Bible each day. We need to hear God's Word taught uncompromisingly. Provided on this page is conference information provided by Reverend Allan McQuarrie, the General Director of Canadian Perspective Ministries, ordained by the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada. The ministry centers on personal evangelism. Conference information and topics of the conferences are detailed. Recommended.
Canadian Perspective Christian Radio:

EL REY DE LAS OLAS [new 10/96]
The Spanish edition of King of the Net! King of the Waves!
English edition:

Not your normal normal web page! Rather is is a personal expression that challenges and applauds our creativity. Mr. Pot's collection represents an effective and intriguing integration of ASCII graphics and tons of information put at your fingertips, quite tastefully done. In an era where we allow html 2.0 to do all our work for us, this presentation reclaims the skill and imagination of the artist. Mr. Pot's page includes carefully selected information from various secular and Christian sources, gathered together under the following headings: Search, Libraries, News, Christian, Literature, Adventure, Humor, and Home Pages. C h e c k i t o u t !

Rich Tatum is the webmaster for the Assemblies of God, a graduate of Southwestern Assembly of God University, and currently attending the Assembly of God Theological Seminary. Several months ago we reviewed his CHURCHRODENT page, an excellent Glossary of Christian History reviewed elsewhere in this guide. The Eclectic Hodgepodge is an assembly of Rich's involvements and interests. It is also a chock-full toolbox for people who may like to tweak their networking expertise. Provided is a list of pages that are uniquely Tatum pages: an unrivalled internet search page accompanied by descriptions and user hints that we have incorporated into section one of this guide, and which we highly recommend; the CHURCHRODENT glossary, New Mexico links, Global Village, and Ozark Internet Users' Group. If you need a font utility for Win95, Mr. Tatum has developed TypeRodent. Does any reader wonder which way to turn next on the internet superhighway? Make your next one at the Hard Drive Coffee House!, a series of informal classes designed to make your trip more enjoyable. Mr. Tatum has provided a wealth of additional information intended to help folk find our way onto the internet, and locate much needed information. As internet information sources continue to explode, here is one of the friendly refuges that promises not solely to make the work of understanding less intimidating, but also more enjoyable. Recommended.

An MK boarding school in Kenya.

Made available for the networking community are a Purpose Statement, Essential Beliefs, and Practices statements. There is an extensive WWW directory of network connections to other PCA sites, including A Brief History of the Presbyterian Church in America, and Michael Quillen's/ Jon Barlow's very nicely presented html version of the Westminster Confession of Faith with Scriptural Proofs, a PCA e-mail directory, and more.

Sections include Watchman Prayer List, Music, Ministries, Arms Around Denver, Christian Education, Vision 2000, and Optimum Marriage. Riverside's Hope for Today section includes sermon outlines. A sizeable collection of complete sermon manuscripts may be ordered for a nominal price.
Topical Index:

Written by the President of Gospel for Asia, this book is available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, roughly 1 megabyte in size.
Gospel for Asia: htp://

A Grace Ministry dedicated to teaching the Word of God, Robert R. McLaughlin Ministries teachs the Word of God from the original language as it was originally inspired by God the Holy Spirit. More information is provided in the Ministry's doctrinal statement. Also find information about the Radio Bible Doctrine Hour, airing from Providence, R.I. Robert R. McLaughlin Bible Ministries provides a list of the very large collection of audio tapes and collections pertaining to doctrine available. No prices for these tapes are posted in the list, and no funds are requested. The ministry relies on contributions. A random sampling of tapes available includes: Testing (Moses), Thankingiving (1 Timothy), The Things God Prepared for Those Who Love Him (Prog. Doc.), Things Above (Colossians), Thorns (Acts), Thought Testing (Colossians), Divine Timing (Colossians), Tongues (Acts), Total Depravity (1 Timothy), Characteristics of a Traitor (Colossians), Treasures (Colossians), and, Tree of Life (Moses). On line order capabilities are provided. There is also a growing list of doctrinal documents available in hard copy.

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