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January 12, 1999
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32. World Wide Web Sites: TR-V

Keeping traditional Episcopal values in a non-political, spirit-filled environment. "The Traditional Episcopal Church was established byclergymen and laymen seeking to serve God, keeping traditional episcopal faith and practices, in a non-political, spirit filled Christian environment. There is no political agenda. We are charged only to worship Him and be faithful." - from About the Traditional Episcopal Church. Information about the Traditional Episcopal Church, including TEC's origin, doctrine, purpose, adherence to apostolic succession, co-operation with others, sacraments, language and liturgy, organization, clergy and lay education, and the League of Traditional Episcopal Parishes (LIEP) is provided. A document, The Other Alternative, distinguishes eight differences between the Episcopal Church in the USA and the Continuing Anglican Movement. TEC also provides the home page for The Oblates of the Holy Spirit Religious Order. This section includes a FAQ, explains the meaning, Oblate, provides a brochure and offers an application form on line. The Oblates Online Newsletter is available as well. Another section is devoted to TEC Churches and Missions around the world, including missions in Colombia and India and TEC's Laud Hall Seminary. One can get more information by asking for the TEC information brochure. TEC's On-line newsletter is available on line, and reported elsewhere in this guide. Recommended.

A well-established international ministry involved in broadcasting throughout the world, including people from many nations who would not otherwise know about Christ. TWR provides documents including "comments", FAQ, Overview, and Schedules at its web location. Find information about TWR Broadcasts, How to become involved with TWR, and free resources offered by TWR. TWR is also involved in a Radio Kids program and a Radio Minute program, described on line. TWR is a well established ministry that we highly recommend. If your brower is not frames compliant, check out the link below.
Non-frames version:

A Bible based training programme designed by International Christian Chamber of Commerce to equip Christians for the walk of faith at work. The basic programme covers a period of six days and is divided into two, three-day modules. This page provides more detailed information on the program.
ICCC Main Page:

The purpose of this site, being developed by Frank DeCenso, is to defend the historical, Biblical doctrine of the Trinity. His work to this end is greatly appreciated by this writer. The archive is divided up into Local Links (files that Frank has archived at his site) and links to Other Apologetics Sites. Local documents include: A Trinity Outline (with Bible verse); Quotes From The Early Church; Jesus Is Almighty God; The Creative Work of God The Son; The Submission Of God The Son; Arche; Jesus -- The Firstborn; Greek Scholar Philip Harner on John 1:1; John 12; Jesus -- Omnipresent?; Revelation 3:14; Jesus -- The Only Begotten; and, Titus 2:13. Very Highly Recommended.

Featuring the writing of William H. Krapfel. Literature available on line includes Orion Rising; An Offering; Children's Stories; and Poetry, all of superior quality and worth reading. We think that you will enjoy the skill that Mr. Krapfel has used to weave these works, and that your immagination will be challenged. Readers who want more writing of this quality on the network should contact him and express their support. Recommended.

Explores the history and doctrines behind Mormonism. Provides TTA's newsletter, The Truth: A Christian Perspective on Mormonism, described in the newsletters/ journals section of this guide, and research links to LDS resources on the internet.

A non-denominational Bible study providing IRC and e-mail services from America Online. (Refer to the Mail-based services section of this guide). The stated purpose of TruthSeekers is to meet for a weekly Bible lesson, fellowship, and praising Jesus by forming Bible study groups, evangelizing, providing prayer support for members, Encouraging local church participation and support. A newsletter, TruthSeekers Life Lines will be added.

TULIP dot ORG is a World Wide Ministry of Christ Covenant Reformed (PCA). Opened recently by Christ Covenant Reformed (PCA), this site offers a collection of Reformed teachings, and an emphasis on why the 5 points of Calvinism are important to them and their ministry. Sections include an online connection to Christ Covenant Reformed Church. A hypertext document entitled The Gospel of Truth, by Max A. Forsythe from the Great Lakes Presbytery (PCA) a challenge to today's generation, is comprised of introductory note, John 8:12-59, a presentation surrounding What is Truth, including Greek and Hebrew, New Testament passages, etc. The Reformers Fire consists of a series of sermons on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, Isaiah, and the Book of Romans. Do not overlook the section entitled, Why the Name Tulip?

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. The web site includes a Radio Schedule database, and information about Turning Point publications, including Personal and Group Study Guides, Books, Inspirational Booklets, Albums (by Bible book and topic), Study Tapes, and Single Tapes. A search utility is provided. The site is frames/ graphics dependent.

21st Century Christian Bookstore and Publishing provides information on site under sections for: Bibles, 21st Century Christian Publications, Puppets, Bible Study Software, Bible Study Curriculum, and Current Specials. Services include a Bulletin Board for posting public notes, automatic e-mail updates, and an on line order form.

Helping Churches Grow. The site, developed by Josh Hunt, features church growth articles and Sunday School lessons based on the Baptist Sunday School Board Life and Work Series. At the time of our survey there are well-stocked sections that include studies on Proverbs, Hebrews, People Skills, and Church Growth. Mr. Hunt provides a good selection of files that include practical and easily understood information. Recommended.

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., was founded in 1962 by editor and author Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor. Concerned that his ten children weren't understanding the family's devotional reading of the 17th-century English in the King James Version of the Bible, Taylor wrote what has become The Living Bible?so they could hear and understand the Scriptures in everyday English. In 1962, Taylor exhibited his self-published Living Letters?at the Christian Booksellers Association convention. The following spring Billy Graham saw a copy of Living Letters?and decided to purchase copies and offer them on the telecasts of his crusades. Half a million copies were given away through the Graham crusades. Ken Taylor's dream had become a reality and more -- a publishing entity had been born. -- from Tyndale House's Corporate profile. The site features information and files from The New Living Translation. Information about other Bibles sold by Tyndale are also available from the NLT information page. Tyndale House also provides a directory of information about Where to Find Tyndale Products. Children's entertainment is featured in the Follow McGee! pages. Included is information about videos, audio tapes and cassettes, CDROM and Bibles for kids. If your kids like coloring (and what kids don't!) download some pages for coloring. The Page-Turners' Journal (reviewed in the Journals/ newsletters section of this guide) features noteworthy Tyndale notes in the Christian publishing world. Also find a promotional of the Tyndale Calendars, graphics included. The last section, Corporate Profile, provides a brief corporate history, contact information, and information about how to submit manuscripts.

The site's major sections include Purpose, Rules, IRC, Resources, People, IRC Interface, Logs, Listserv, and Forum. Also check out the description of their subscriber list, Apologetics-List, in the Mail-based Services section of this guide.
Apologetics Resources:

Founder of the China Inland Mission (now OMF International) and mission worker in China, the full title of this classic work is Union and Communion, Or Thoughts on the Song of Solomon. The work is archived at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library:
OMF International:

Home page of United Christian R/O, an amalgamation of eighteen different Christian groups at MIT. Includes info on activities, outreach, prayer and publicity. Also has a page of links to:
Christian Resources on the Internet:

An independent faith mission planting churches in Canada, United States and Mexico among native and hispanic people groups. UIM has provided information on line about its Fields (Canada, United States, and Mexico), its Technical ministries (the Aviation Services Center, and Film Ministry) Camping (in British Columbia, Canada, New Mexico and Mexico), publications (United Indian Magazine), and Affiliations. It also provides links to other ministries with the same or similiar outreach. There is an extensive e-mail contact list for UIM as well.

Founded by former missionaries to Guatemala, Ralph and Roberta Winter, in 1976, the US Center for World Mission is dedicated to furthering the Great Commission throughout the earth. The primary focus of the Center is to promote Christian missions mobilization activities that all peoples of the world may have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. "You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation." - Revelation 5:9. In the area of strategy, the Center is instrumental in the cultural study of Hindus (The Institute of Hindu Studies), Indians (India Mission Center), and Native Americans (Institute of Native American Studies), and collaborative efforts with Institute of Chinese Studies, Institute of Korean Studies (Korea International), Zwermer Institute for Muslim Studies, Sunrise Center for Buddhist Studies, and Institute of Latin American Studies. The Center offers a number of tools and programs to further the cause of missions amongst individuals and churches, including: Adopt-A-People Campaign, Mission Frontiers magazine, Global Prayer Digest, Frontier Scan, Vision for the Nations, Global Countdown 2000, World View Video Library, Adopt-A-People Advocate's Kit, Mission Mobilizer's Handbook, Frontier Media, Regional Offices, Latin American Mobilization, Korean Amercian Center for World Mission, and Mission Resource Center & Children's Mission Resource Center. Also available are integrated course work and extension classes through such programs in the Center's BA/MA/PhD: World Chrisitian Foundations Curriculum; Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Study Program; and, Serve, Work & Study Program. -- Adapted from the introduction. The Center has provided highly informative sections devoted to introductory and background information . Sections devoted to Strategy, Mobilization, and Training provide good detail regarding the Center's projects and cooperative efforts as mentioned in the introduction. More information is provided for readers interested in the Center's publications. Highly recommended.

Information available from the main page includes information about the faculty, courses and programs of the Departmet of Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Another section provides tables of contents and subscription information for the department's Journal of Northwest Sematic Languages. The department overseas activities of the Centre for Bible Translation in Africa, and it provides descriptive information about the activities of the Centre and the Centre's involvement with co-operting institutions.

Acknowledging our faith in the triune God, the authority of the Word of God, our Reformed heritage, the historical ties with the Dutch Reformed Church, our belonging to the one general church of Christ, the Faculty aims at... providing professional theological training to students of the Dutch Reformed Church and other churches and individuals, cultivating scientific and thorough theological scholarship in teaching and research, providing continuing community service, while taking into account... the challenges of changing times the need for the comprehensive training of students, the calling to confront all people and all spheres of life with the Gospel, the ethos and service morale of the Gospel. - Mission Statement. The web site provides information about the Faculty of Theology, Old and New Testament Studies, Missiology, Practical and Systematic Theology, and Ecclesiology. A page representing its Kuratorium is being developed. Information is provided about its library. There is also an Afrikaan language version of this site.
Buvton: Afrikaans Language Page:

University of the Nations, a part of YWAM International, seeks to apply biblical truth to every area of life. Students develop intellectually, culturally and spiritually and also gain international perspective as they take courses in several nations. A live-learn environment leads to enduring relationships among students and staff. The index, mentioned below incorporates a substantial number of web sites related to University of the Nations. Additional sections include: International Colleges and Facilities (Christian Ministries, Communications, Counselling and Health Care, Education, Humanities nad International Studies, The Arts, Science and Technology); Centres and Institutes (Community Development, Educational Resources, Environmental Resources Stewardship, IMPACT, Discipleship Training Schools, Youth and Family, Regional Pacific Islands, Equivalency Institute, Field Ministry Internships); Geographic Locations (there are 1124 courses worldwide, including 200 fields of discipline); and, Academic Information.
Various Languages:

In addition to information about the history and development of University of the Nations, it's curricula, etc., you'll find the following documents: Foundational Values -- Guiding principles for our past and future growth; The Manila Covenant -- Affirming YWAM's role in world missions; The Christian Magna Carta -- The basic rights of every human being; The Lausanne Covenant -- A commitment to evangelise the world; Books by Loren Cunningham -- Plus how you can order these and other YWAM books.

... With Dr. David Jeremiah. A multimedia suite that has recently been put on line by Bob Bryant, allowing visitors to study on line with Dr. David Jeremiah. The Internet Radio Ministry of Turning Point utilizes the True Speech Internet Player, which can be downloaded free from this site. The Internet Radio Bible study is unique in that it offers the listener four things: (1) insightful Biblical commentary by Dr. David Jeremiah, (2) on-line Scripture text in six different versions; (3) Bible Study Guides from Turning Point, and (4) capability to take Notes, as well as answer Application Questions pertinent to the study. Requires frames/ Javascript compliant browser.

Unravelling Wittengenstein's Net is a "complex of pages that represents one man's Christian journey through 20th-century Western thought. It contains his reflections on philosophy, on theology, on spirituality, on apologetics. These are not abstract opinions, but rather serious, committed, and honest attempts to confront the urgent and contemporary questions of skeptics, of believers, of himself, and of his God... (well, it is a bit melodramatic, but it does make the point that it is not an 'official religious' site... its just my cognitive meanderings...)" - Glenn Miller, Unravelling Wittengenstein's Net. Find at Unravelling Wittengenstein's net an immense amount of good apologetical material. A Directory of Questions Answered includes sections on Questions of Fact, Questions of Opinion, Arguments, Big Pieces, The New Testament Bias Debate. More sections cover: Letters from the Man Behind the Curtain (Glenn Miller); Projects in the Priority Queue; Thumnails (short replies to Tough Questions); The Global Sunday School (a syllabu); The Hall of Arguments (including Ongoing Series, and Individual Pieces); The Process of God's Communion; An Argument for the Faith; Relevance of the Christian Worldview in the 20th Century; and, The Mailbag. Cyber-Peripateticism, another major section, includes: Larger Works - Looking at the Linguistic Wall; Consciousness; Self-reflexivity; Languages and Hermenutics; Philosophy of Religion; Apologetic Theory; Theological Method; and, Theology and Biblical Studies; Epistemology. There are yet more sections: Comic Relief for Theologians and Philosophers; A Book List; Lessons Learned; Tough Questions of the Quarter. The work being done at Unravelling Wittengenstein's Net invites activity through suggestions and feedback, a Visitor Belief Survey, the Tough Questions series, Prayer Requests, and the compilation of a Think Tank Glossary. Mr. Miller also includes a number of links to spice up the conversation. A Travelogue logs his recent visits to other sites, and he includes links to relevant documents as well as jumping off places and search engines, selected apologetics sites, sites related to philosophy and logic, and skeptics sites. Very highly recommended.
Key Word Search:

One of the most influential gatherings affecting missions mobilation amongst students, Urbana has inspired many to commit their lifetimes to missions. Provided on site are Urbana Live, which includes transcripts from the most recent Urbana conference, an Online Store (providing access through InterVarsity audio and video products), RealAudio files, and Urbana's magazine, Next Steps, noted in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide. Urbana also has provided a database service for students who are interested in pursuing a career in missions. The database, an Online Options Guide, provides a way to find opportunities in education related to missions and in mission organizations. Very highly recommended.

For students who are interested in pursuing a life in missions, Urbana provides an extensive database service. The database is comprised of Educational institutions and Missions organizations that provide either educational expertise in missions or contact information and detail for mission organizations. The database is set up to search Educational Exhibitors and Mission Agencies through a guided checklist. One may also browse the entire database.

The first in a series of Library of Congress presentations of the great libraries of the world. Artifacts within the exhibit are commented upon by scholars. Presentation of 200 Vatican Library manuscripts, books, maps, that play a key role in the "humanist recovery" classical Greek and Roman heritage. Also accessible via gopher and via aFTP.
Gopher: gopher://

The purpose of this organization has been to provide a forum for dialogue that continues to thest the question, "Is there truth that brings unity to the diversity of the university and society?" Join the Veritas e-mail group, take the reality quiz, includes information about Veritas speakers, a FAQ is available, as well as campus news and ways to get involved.

VOM is an international organization that concerns itself with the torture and persecution of Christians throughout the world. Founded by Reverend Richard Wurmbrand who was held captive for many years in Romania, VOM has developed a unique Christian ministry. Main sections at the web site include the Feature Story; Global News Briefs; Resources; Ministry Opportunities; and, Pray for the Persecuted. Turn the graphics option for your browser on to navigate this site.
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