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October 10, 1997
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33. World Wide Web Sites: W-WORK

Developed by our friend Steve Swartz, a member of the Australian aboriginies and Islanders Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, this site delivers important insights for linguists, but it also proves to be a very good resource for anyone who may wish to know more about the considerations faced by Christian linguists and provide insight into how carefully Bible Translations are prepared. Whether the reader is in missions, is considering a career in translation, or wants more intercessory insight, you can get them from someone who has been on the field for about twenty years. Steve has included his favorite web sites, including SIL, Huntington College (Indiana, USA), The Bible Society in Australia, The NJB Guide (that's us folks!), and David Nash's Linguistics Database (ANU), including extensive Warlpiri research listings. For intercessors, and perpective partners in the Warlpiri Project, visitors will find a Newsletter, Prayer Points, and an e-mail connection. Documents provided on line include a Warlpiri Dictionary (size 987 kb), and sections for the Warlpiri Bible: Genesis, Jonah, Ruth, and Luke, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Titus, Philemon, and 2 & 3 John, all transitional at time of our survey. Following are Linguistic and Bible-related Articles: Aboriginal Iniation and Jewish Circumcision; Aboriginal Shame and Biblical Condemnation; Amen, Amen: Introduction or Response?; Because: The Case of the Missing Reason; Warlpiri Expository Discourse and Paragraph Structure; and, Hiding the Light -- Anther Look at Luke 8:16-18. Over the years, Steve has also assembled the following Warlpiri Text Collection: Parable of the Sower; Jobs I Do as a Warlpiri Pastor; Christian Corrobrees; Traditional Warlpiri Punishment Practice; Warlpiri Death Practices; and, Personal Testimony. One can order Warlpiri Books and cassettes from The Bible Place is a bookstore run in cooperation with the Bible Society in Australia and the Australian Aborigines and Islanders Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. What's the Lord doing in Australia. Well, here's a pretty good place to find out. Highly recommended.

A Ministry of Christian Discernment. Included at this site is an extensive online annual Index of Cults, Occult Organizations, New Age Groups, New Religious Movements and World Religions with Related Terms and Doctrines, a very large cache of nicely indexed articles from The Watchman Expositor magazine, and links to outreach groups.

One of many extraordinary documents provided to the internet community by the Xenos Christian Fellowship from Columbus, Ohio, and written by a co-founder of Xenox, Dennis McCallum. The document represents a very well organized study of Watchman Nee, a review of a very crucial period in the formation of the indigenous House Church Movement in China, and as noted by the author, "also demonstrates some of the problems the church can inherit when patriotism is confused with Christianity." Highly recommended.
Xenos Christian Fellowship:

Hosted by Chaplain Steve Woods, you can find an online form page to ask for prayer. Provided are an online KJV and Concordance, and a maps section is being planned. Steve is developing a Bible Study & Devotion section, these files then being archived by Bible book name (under construction). Steve has developed "4-star" set of Christian home school resources.

Compiled by Bill Weaver, "webresources"; is a selection of Christian web sites around the internet. This list includes This Week in 1926, Bill's pick of the week.

Northwest Nazarene College. A major site that features not only an immense collection of Wesley sermons, but an excellent Church Fathers collection. Also noteworthy is the Holiness Reading Room, a substantial collection of text files by authors including 65 Christian writers. These are but some of the hightlights. The site offers sections on Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, The Pentateuch Page, a Noncanonical Home Page, a connection to Northwest Nazarene's Department of Philosophy-Religion, including handy links to various remote internet sites.

Wesleyan World Missions has a vision that all people have opportunity to believe in Jesus Christ and worship in a Biblical Church. WWM exists to exalt Jesus Christ by calling Wesleyans to evangelism, church planting, leadership development, and ministries of compassion for the establishing of a flourishing international Church. WWM provides contact information and Wesleyan World Currents (a newsletter for Wesleyan missionaries), and Wesleyanafone (weekly prayer information) on line at their web site. WWM is involved in Albania, Australia, Brazil, The British Isles, Cambodia, Central Europe/ CIS, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Germany, Guyana, Haiti, Hondorus, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, The Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sierra Leone, Southern Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, and Zambia.

The purpose of the Institute for Small Church Health, a part of Western Seminary, is to encourage, train, and equip small church leaders so that the small church may effectively evangelize, disciple, and train individuals for the ministry of Christ's church in their local community. Its vision is to support small churches by: Providing resources and training for the specialized needs of small churches; Making the ministry and resources of Western Seminary and the Institute for Church Health available to the leaders of rural, suburban, and urban small churches; and, Developing and distributing materials that address the specialized needs of small churches in rural, suburban, and urban situations. Presently on line at the web site is Mikros, a bimonthly newsletter for small church leaders (described in the Newsletters/ Journals section of this guide). Under development is a bulletin board, resources, and web sites listings. Recommended.

WTS Bookstore is a Reformed Bookstore associated with Westminster Seminary that specializes in theological texts. WTS supplies books to ministries, seminaries, libraries and individuals worldwide at a substantial discount. WTS also provides monthly specials, book searches and book selection support, and order information for their on-line location. Sections include recent faculty publications, publications from current and former WTS faculty members, Top Picks, counselling resources, software (including a Van Til CDROM), and Bible commentary (commentary sets as well as individual volumes).

A complete online book that answers intriguing questions about the modern and historical church, by Dale A. Robbins -- 212 pages from Victorious Publications. Pastor Robbins covers a wide scope of subjects as demonstrated in the chapter titles noted below. The book also includes a Glossary of Church Terms, and a Bibliography. A sample of chapter titles include: What is it like to be a pastor of a church?; Should ministers receive pay for their ministry?; How come a pastor only has to work one day a week?; What is a dysfunctional church?; What are the qualifications of ministers and pastors?; Why have some churches been accused of teaching cannibalism?; Why do churches practice the Lord's Supper?; Why are some churches considered nonprofit organizations?; Why do many churches have a Constitution and By-laws?; Why do some churches require counseling for couples before they will perform a marriage?

The lives of three men, captured in a tiny spacecraft, hung in suspension on April 13, 1970, after the explosion of the oxygen tank for the Apollo 13 command module. People around the world were bought to focus on this one event to intercede in prayer. To pray for a miracle from a sovereign and merciful God. And, God answered those prayers. One of the men at NASA's mission control was Jerry Woodfill, the Apollo 13 Alarm System Engineer. He asks if we have seen the movie APOLLO 13? He continues by saying that "Millions experienced a 'heart-warming' sensation watching the movie. At a loss to explain the tears shed, viewers exited the cinema wanting 'something more.' That something more was explained in an article published in the NASA Houston space community. 'What Really Happened to Apollo 13' details testimonies of answered prayer which resulted in the rescue of Jim Lovell and his crewmates.'" The web site gives details in Woodfill's own words about the miraculous events surrounding the near tragedy of Apollo 13. He talks about another miracle as well: How the Lord brought a sinner into fellowship with Him. Other files include What Really Happened to Challenger? the tragedy that brought the lives of American astronauts to an end, and the response in lives of those affected.

WHERE IS CHRISTMAS? [revised 12/96]
by Paul Samuals, published by People-Kids Publishing. When Woody Squirrel overheard Chad and Grace People-Kids talking about Christmas he decided to go find this Christmas for himself. Gathering a crew of forest friends, Woody went looking for all the "treasure presents and food, under that tree full of lights" They were having lots of fun until Phew Skunk showed up and got them arguing about whether there would be enough for all of them. Their arguing woke up wise old Brian Owl who taught them that Christmas is not a "where to find, but a "Whooo"" to get to know. This 28 page, full color, hard cover first edition features character design by former Disney and Hanna-Barbera artists Lynn & Bob Trochim. Where is Christmas? is available locally at Logos Park Road and Family Bookstore, Charlotte, North Carolina. Full color viewing of the characters are also available by visiting People-Kids Publishing web site. The Samuels served on the Mercy Ship ANASTASIS the world's largest privately owned hospital ship. They completed their ten year missions career living in Romania where they printed the Christmas book. Last summer, they returned to the USA from Europe and settled in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Recommended.

Funding Services for Missionaries. White Harvest is an inter-agency funding service for missionaries and Christian workers involved in the white, (ripe) harvest fields of the world. The Foundation is dedicated to releasing as many workers into the Harvest as possible, by providing them with fair wages and freeing them from support raising. Priority is given to workers who must raise their own support and to those working with unreached and least evangelized peoples. White Harvest Fund (WHF) is built by donations from businesses, churches, foundations, and individuals committed to the completion of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. WHF does not employ or supervise missionaries. Their goal is that each worker they sponsor will be fairly compensated at 100% of budget. Funds developed on behalf of individual workers and their families may include the following services and benefits: Medical and dental benefits, student loan repayment plans, financial needs analysis, debt management, education for children, including a college scholarship fund, also a retirement fund. Files on line outlines qualifications, contact information, and registration fees for prospective missionaries and information on how others may contribute to the foundation.

An exhibit of the Billy Graham Center Archives, Wheaton College. Recommended.
Documents in the Spotlight Series, BGC Archives:

Provided is the ministry of a former Muslim, who, through rigerous examination, became a Christian. The main reasons for the website are to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ, that He is the True Way to God, and no other, as well as toencourage believers. He provides personal testimony and the testimony of others. Also provided is a list of selected internet Christian apologetics resources. A section of recommended books includes Bunyan, Spurgeon, Bounds, and Tozer. Presented in dialog format, many network links are included as the author writes you through his journey to become a Christian. Highlights include Jesus is the Only Way to God in Heaven. The Problem. The Solution. There is No Other Way to Get to Heaven. Pointers. The Difference -- Religion vs. Salvation. "... Who is to rescue our friend, who has become his own worst enemy? In a moment of sheer desperation, when the world has left him utterly cold, John turns to his maker, whoever He may be. Somehow, miraculously, there is an answer there. Startled, he begins to seek out this more-than comforting presence. He sifts through all the major religions, now sharper than any scientist on the trail of the cure for cancer. There is a diamond in there somewhere." -- from Why Jesus? A diamond indeed. For those who want to know more about Christ, find here the thoughtful convictions of one who has searched for answers and found them. Recommended.

We are all voyagers on the waters of life, but we are strangers paddling through! Wilderness ministries is a non-denominational Christian organization that was established to write and publish a solid, 10-day Christian devotional for the Boy Scouts. More information about the devotional may be found on site. Documentation includes: For Food, a sample page from Wilderness Devotions; Prayer of an Outdoorsman, by Wilfred A. Peters; and, Where Are You Going (Hebrews 9:27, Romans 2:23, 6:23, 5:8, and 10:8-10). Stop by and chat with webmaster Nate Fink, a senior at Abilene Baptist Academy (Abilene Kansas). He has done a good job in making the Wilderness Ministries a friendly, easy to use site. Recommended.
Text Only Version:

WINBIBLE [revised 7/96]
Features WinBible for Windows 3.1 and 3.11, and Windows 95. WinBible is a Windows Bible concordance program in shareware form. Evaluation for 20 days and register for a nominal fee. This web page provides "screen shots", a list of features, download capability, snail-mail order capability.

WinePress Publishers helps pastors, ministries and Christian writers get their manuscripts into print affordably and professionally. Read the distinctives mentioned on line. Books published by WinePress Publishers, available at their on line bookstore, include: Nam Vet, Making Peace with Your Past, by Chuck Dean; Consumed by SuccessL Reaching the Top and Finding God Wasn't There (revised), by Athena Dean; In God We Trust, The Book for Veterans & Active Duty, by Chuck Dean and Gleason Ledyard; The Family, God's Weapon for Victory, by Pastor Robert Andrews; Only Believe! A Spy Story, a Love Story and a Story of God's Great Miracles in Atheistic Russia, by Hannu Haukka with Dan Wooding; Potpourri of Praise, Heartwarming Stories of Faith from Around the World, by Susan Titus Osborn and Wightman Weese; and many additional works. Learn more about Althena and Chuck Dean's work at WinePress Publications, how to get your book into print (fill out the related questionnaire), or review their Feature of the Month book review.

Serving the Body of Christ on the Internet Through Information, Teaching, Equipping and Evangelism. An apologetics and support ministry, providing resources and information so that believers may be able to answer the various groups of unbelievers which constantly question the validity of Christianity today. WITNESS equips believers with information to combat false and heretical teachings which have taken foothold in our churches today. WITNESS also provides new believers in Christ with a firm foundational biblical study which will root and ground them in the Word of God so that they will be able to discern truth from error on their own. Files available on site include apologetics, on-line Bible studies (available soon), cults, rock solid resources (Early Church documents), interpreting scripture (Christian Theology, Humanism Atheism & Evolution, Eastern and other religion, contemporary issues affecting the Church, assorted topics and issues, and, The Bible -- The Word of God. Remote links are categorized similiarly. Available from this site as well, are e-mail links to counselling contacts. Plans are being made to put this ministries AGAPE Christian magazine on line. Subscription information for the e-mail service is available at this site, and described in the Mail-based services section of this guide.

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. (2 Peter 1:3). The Bible is a reliable record of historical events and geographical locations. Prophetically the Bible accurately records events predicted by the prophets including the dismantling of the temple in AD 70, and the city of Tyre being thrown into th sea. These events and many others were predicted in detail with 100 percent accuracy hundreds of years before the actual occurrances. The developers of this site support the fact that archaeology demonstrates the historical reliability of the Bible, and that fulfilled prophecy demonstrates the divine origin of the Bible. Provided is a well arranged topical list of internet links to internet study tools, online searchable study tools, Bibles and other books, doctrine, history, Biblical language help and other useful sites. Another well arranged list recommends sites (a) that help explain the Book of Genesis and to refute error, (b) apologetic ministries, as well as information the faith movement, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, and other groups, and (c) the Biblical/ Christian response. This is a very well arranged site that should help many who are looking for internet sites on specific apologetic issues.

"For Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Will Be." -- Matthew 6:21. Founded by Kathy Thomas, Woman to Woman is a ministry of encouragement to help women discover the joy and fulfillment their lives can have, through the love of Jesus Christ. The site provides information about Kathy Thomas on Radio KVOI 690 AM (Tucson, AZ), and Kathy Thomas appearances on Television (Channel 64, ACCESS Tucson). Woman to Woman provides internet links to the radio (Good News Communications) and television sites as well. Recommended.

Women Today helps women connect with God, with one another, and with helpful resources and opportunities for ministry. Here are a few of the connections WT can make for you, your group and your church: Evangelistic entertaining, Personal evangelistic training, Discipleship training, Prayer strategies, Character education for children, Marriage conferences and materials, Parent conferences and materials, Bible study materials, Volunteer opportunities, Professional women's fellowships, High school and college ministries, Bi-monthly newsletter, and, Retreat speakers. Featured on this server are Real Life, and The Next Step, which are updated regularly.

This popular ministry originated by Jack Wrytzen and Harry Bollbeck. George Theis is the Executive Director, and Joe Jordan, the Director. "Holding forth the word of life, that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain, neither labored in vain.", the banner from Philippians 2:16, is promise that undergirds this ministry. Find here information on WOL camps, tours, clubs, Word of Life overseas involvement, the Word of Life Bible Institute, and Word of Life Florida.

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