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October 10, 1997
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3. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: BO-CHQ

A publication of Christianity Today, Inc. Articles included in the issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include: 1. Special Section: Toasting the Eve of Destruction -- Christian Postmodernists delight in the destruction of culture. Should we?, by Roger Lundin; 2. Articles: The Evolution of Mary (Elizabeth Fox-Genovese); The Great Books War (Edward E. Ericson Jr.) -- Great Books: My adventures with Homer, Rousseau, Woolf, and Other Indestructible Writers of the Western World, by David Denby; I Don't Talk About My Children At Work (Susan Wise Bauer) -- Fruitful: A Real Mother in the Modern World, by Anne Roiphe; Genius and Plod (Philip Johnson); The Truth Is Out There (Rodney Clapp); Why the Academy Needs Christians (Wilfred M. McClay) -- The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship, by George M. Marsden; It Takes More Than a Virtual Village (Douglas Groothius); Waiting for the Great Good Thing (Virginia Stem Owens); The River Beyond the World, by Janet Peery; How Tolstoy Became Tolstoy (Larry Woiwode) -- Tolstoy and the Genesis of "War and Peace," by Kathryn B. Feuer; 3. Special Section: Appropriating the Athiests: Gary J. Percespe A conversation with Merhold Westphal; Why Bertrand Russell Was Not a Christian (John Hare) -- The Spirit of Solitude, by Ray Monk; Skeptical of the Skeptics (Peter van Inwagen) -- The Historical Christ and the Jesus of Faith: The Incarnational Narrative as History, by C. Stephen Evans; Among the Augustines (Alan Jacobs); He Is Not Silent (Andrew Chignell) -- Divine Discourse: Philosophical Reflections on the Claim That God Speaks, by Nicholas Wolterstorff; 4. Departments: In Brief -- Stranger in a Strange Land; Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger; Commentary Needed: Bad Soldiers Postmodernism with a Twang; and, Letters.
Current Issue:
Archive/ Search Page:

The weekly radio program hosted by Chuck Colson that equips Christians to clearly articulate biblical truth among people who believe moral truth, and the God behind it, are irrelevant to daily living. BreakPoint prepares Christians to think about life and culture with a biblical world view. Archive in progress. Under construction.

Chuck Colson's BreakPoint broadcasts are now being provided by the Involved Christian Radio Network in RealAudio format. RealAudio software is necessary, and provided from IRCN's main page, referenced below.
ICRN Main Page:
Prison Fellowship Ministries:

The official electronic column of Charles Colson, provided at LightSource Online. WWW.Breakpoint with Chuck Colson includes news and information about reaching prisoners and victims of crime with the healing power of Jesus Christ. Articles in the sample surveyed include: Vermeer Mania, God's Super Salesman, A Date with Death, Saying No Seven Different Ways, Pandora's Box, Fearsome Fiction, Not a Kodak Moment, We Threw the First Punch?, and, Getting Away with Murder. Highly Recommended.
LightSource Online:

BREVIA NOTES [new 2/97]
A newsletter comprising several thoughtful essays by lawyer Voyle Glover Esq. from Brevia Publishing Company. Articles available at the time of our survey include: Walking in the Spirit; a review of How to Take Your Case to God and Win, a short story entitled William the Conquerer, and The Marital Covenant of Prayer. Promised in the near future is a series of articles exploring whether it it right to sue another Christian? A series of articles exploring the subject, and an essay on the perspective of need entitle, We Really Don't Know What we Need.

Although The Bridge is published at Ohio University, it contains articles of interest to the Internet Christian community.
Gopher: gopher://

THE BRIEFING [new 4/96]
Although The Briefing is a paid subscription periodical from Australia, Matthias Media has presented some samples on line to show the quality of work being done. Articles on line include: No Laughing Matter, by Tony Payne, and Why Doesn't It Last?, by John Chapman (on the Toronto Blessing); A Hard Night's Daze, by Greg Clarke (on the Pope's visit to Australia); Three Little Words; Book Review: The Life and Death Dilemma, by Joni Eareckson Tada; and, Lead Balloon.

The Bruised Reed is an internet ministry that seeks to provide encouragement for the Christian journey through scripture, Bible studies and devotionals. Introductory material includes a note from editor William De Wysockie (who has also included a brief autobiography). A Devotional, Models for Daily Prayer, Readings and Reflections are included as devotional material, all worth the visit, and aptly matched to the purpose of The Bruised Reed. Bible studies currently include: Life of David, and 2 Peter, Chapter 2. An Archive lists files made available for downloading. A resources section is being developed to include external links to Christian sites and search utilities. Mr. Wysockie devotes a section to Sacred Music on the Web, which provides an excellent selection of links to a variety of hymnals and contemporary Christian music.

The purpose of "The Bulletin" is to expand, defend and debate the credo, based on the Westminster Confession of Faith from a broad sense, and to promote the development and application of an explicitely Christian sociology based upon the fundamental presupposition that man is created in the image of God. Articles from the sample viewed include: Communiqués; A Critique of James Jordan's Eldership and Maturity; Satan's War Against God's Sociological Image; and, The American Problem of Godly Familial Rule.

See description in Mail-based Services. Back issues available via gopher to (1/Selected Gateways to many resources/NY - Israel project/Jews and Judaism/DevreiTorah/commentary/bytetorah)
Back Issues: gopher://

EL CAMPEON [revised 4/96]
The Spanish version of Champion (available in Spanish and English, from the Forerunner International site. Subjects include: Aborto; Children? (in English); Jesucristo, Carpintero?; Latino Contradictoria; Population Control? (in English).

CAMPUS ALERT [new 3/97]
A publication of Christian Leadership Ministries, Campus Alert presents an analysis of current issues on college campuses. The Campus Alert is available in Adobe Acrobat format. Provided is an on line connection from which to download Adobe Acrobat.
Leadership University:

CAMPUS FAX [new 3/97]
Published every 2 weeks by Christian Leadership Ministries, each fax highlights a major item which occurred recently on a college campus. The most recent faxes are listed here.
Leadership University:

CAMPUS LIFE [new 5/97]
A publication of Christianity Today, Inc. Articles in the issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include: 1. Cover Story: Decisions: Why Are They So Hard to Make? -- "Radical View" from the editors; 2. Features: A Special Gift -- "Music," by Chris Lutes, MadDog and Michael Johns; Carolyn's Secret Pain, by Carla Barnhill; Speed, by Mark Moring; 3. Your Opinion & Ours: @Campus Life, by Mark Moring; Speak Up (letters, faxes, e-mail and more); Yakety Yak "Can't Wait to Graduate!; and, 4. additional articles: Faith & Life Energizers, by Nate Adams; My Life as a Student, by Christy Simon; Salt & Light, by Carla Barnhill; Adventures in Dating with Kara and Jim; One More Thing, by Margaret Becker; Music -- Cool Vibes; Tell Me about It, by Chris Lutes; Advice -- Let's Talk with Jim Burns; Love, Sex & the Whole Person, by Tim Stafford; Extreme Faith with Dawson McAllister; and, Sports & Humor -- Strange World, by Wil B. Strange.
Archive/ Search Page:

The official journal of the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association. The issue surveyed contained a CER interview with Ian S. Rennie, retiring Dean of the Ontario Theological Seminary; and book review on: The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, by Mark Noll; Teaching for Commitment: Liberal Education, Indoctrination & Christian Nurture, by Elmer Thiessen; and, Revisioning Evangelical Theology: A Fresh Agenda for the 21st Century, by Stanley J. Grenz.

Provided by Care Net, pro-life network of pregnancy care centers and churches, proclaiming the Gospel and providing practical help to women, men and unborn children threatened by abortion in the United States and Canada.
Care Net:

A publication of the International Christian Media Commission. The issue surveyed includes the following articles: Journalism Training in Africa needs urgent support; Christian group plans Community Access Television in Canada; Ever needed an impartial review of software. New on-line resources may just have the information you need; ICRE makes final AGM plans ICMC's research arm meets in February and includes public sessions on using the Web for research; Turning Back the Clock. Old technology provides solution to radio battery life; Solving Book Distribution Problems in Latin America. A conference that hopes to find the answers to abiding problems facing two-thirds world book distributors; A tool for the moment. ICMC members, Kairos Multimedia, face the challenges ahead; Correspondents wanted. HCJB World Radio in Ecuador is seeking radio correspondents; New Middle East Television via satellite. SAT-7 project comes nearer to completion; Film tops 8 million audience. A Tanzanian experience; Another International Media Conference? Dave Adams makes the case for considering the next ICMC International media conference and Bill Thatcher reflects on what that might entail; Cyberfacts Data for the Information Age. A new approach to radio follow-up FEBC tries out on-line counselling via the World Wide Web; and, Traditional Media Plans for 2000 Communications Training in Thailand.
ICMC Home Page:

From the Christian Broadcasting Network, following is a sampling of reports available: Gary Dockery's Parents; Operation Blessing International Helps Flood Victims; The 700 Club to Air on Sundays in Nine U.S. Markets; The 700 Club to Air Special on American Missionaries; CBN Blitzes Alabama with the Gospel Message.

CCM Magazine [new 8/96]
Contemporary Christian Music. A monthly publication of CCM Publications, the current issue is available by a link from the CCM Online home page. An archive of back issues has also been made available. Articles included in the issue we surveyed include: Otta Toon, by Rick Baldwin; Conversation with James Long; Big Tent Revival; and, Consider This, by James Fisher. Also available is subscription information for the paper copy. Also provided is an extensive list devoted primarily to official and unofficial web sites of Christian music artists.

Articles from the Chalcedon Foundation's official newsletter are available from the Chalcedon Foundation Home Page. Files available at the time of our survey include: (1) articles by John Lofton Our Man in Washington: Report on the World Summit for Social Development; The Glass of the Word; and, Kraemer's Religion and the Christian Faith (2) Jay Rogers' Collection of articles, (3) articles by Rev. Brian M. Abshire: Why Do So Many Reformed Christians Hate Reconstructionists?; Raising A Reconstructionist Army; Reconstructing The Ministry; The Puritan Family; Relational Theonomy; and, A Reconstructed View of Evangelism, (3) articles by Rev. William Einwechter: The Reconstructionist View of the Church; A Biblical Perspective on Christian Unity; and, Should Christians Support a Woman for the Office of Civil Magistrate?; and an article by C. Paul Ferroni: The Reconstructionist View of Science.

This site, at Media House International, includes articles by Jay Rogers, director of Media House International, amd article by Andrew Sandlin, editor of the Chalcedon Report.

THE CHAMPION [revised 4/96]
From Forerunner international. Proclaiming the crown rights of Jesus. Subjects include: Imprecatory - Ziegler; John Knox; John Paul II; Jonathan Edwards; Keith Tucci - LCI; Martin Niem´┐Żller; Millennial Hopes; Oliver Cromwell; Paradigm Shift 2000; Paradigm Shift Chart; Puritan America; Radical Left; Recon Manifesto; Sandlin - Christian Right?; Scottish Covenanters; Theonomy; U.S. 1990s; U.S. New's - millennial; and, World Evangelization.

Newsletter of Crianças do Brasil para Cristo (Channel to Brazil for Christ), whose purpose is to minister to street children in Brazil. Information includes messages from the director, activities and programs of the ministry, and internet links.
Channel to Brazil for Christ:

LA CHARRUE [new 4/96]
Le Bruderhof. (French edition of The Plough magazine, provided by the Bruderhof Communities).

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