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October 10, 1997
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6. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: CS-EB

Short quotes from the prolific writings of C.S. Lewis, provided by William O'Flaherty. Mr. O'Flaherty is also in th process of developing a bibliography of works by C.S. Lewis.
O'Flare's Land Web Site:

CTRF News and Notes [new 9/96]
A newsletter of the Christian Theological Research Fellowship at Azuza Pacific University. Inlcudes announcements, links to papers and related documents produced in connection with the fellowship.
Christian Theological Research Fellowship:

Available from the Commission's home page, articles available at the time of our survey include: Land, Others Ask American Airlines to Abandon Pro-Homosexual Policies; Ethicist Challenges Commission on Nod for Human Embryo Cloning; TV Industry Agrees to Revise Its Ratings System; Rice Bowl Emphasis Added to SBC Hunger Offering; Hunger: The Year Round Problem; 'Freedom Ride' to Promote Religious Freedom Amendment; High Court Protects Charities Serving Out-of-State Residents; A List of Senators Voting Against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban; James to Chair Gambling Panel -- Industry Criticizes Selection; Religious Persecution Bills Introduced in Senate, House; SBC President Elliff's Statement on Religious Persecution.

CURRENT NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS (Calvary Chapel) [new 8/96]
A news outreach of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California. The index is organized by national, regional, state, and local coverage. Available at the time of our survey were articals on The Jesus Seminar and the Southern California SCUBA Fellowship.

A weekly e-mail post from the Third World Baptist Missions Network. The news service reports short articles comprising news updates and current trends in religion, government and society.
Third World Baptist Missions:

A ministry of Speed the Need missionary prayer needs, CyberFaith reports on current happenings with Speed the Need, and reports and evaluates internet resources that man be of interest to people in Christian missions.

Daily Devotional is a ministry of Back to the Bible designed to encourage and uplift you every day of the week. Each devotional includes an excerpt from the writings of well-know authors such as Woodrow Kroll, Elisabeth Elliot and Warren Wiersbe. Be sure to bookmark this page and start each day with a message from God's word, presented from a sound and reliable ministry. Visitors wanting to research specific subjects can search the Daily Devotional archive. Highly recommended.
Back to the Bible Web Site:

You will be presented with a page of current devotionals by Dr. Charles Stanley. Wait for the page to load completely.
In Touch Ministries:

By Rev. John A. Heys, Minister emeritus from the Protestant Reformed Churches. Provided in chronological calendar format. Go to the month and pick today's date.
Protestant Reformed Churches in America:

DAILY WISDOM [new 10/97]
Daily Wisdom is an award-winning daily online devotional with an evangelistic/apologetic emphasis. Daily Wisdom -- a service of GospelCommunications Network (GCN) a Ministry of Gospel Films, Inc. -- isedited by Warren Kramer and written by various contributing authors. Included are archived text, back to 1995, and a monthly index. A sampling of articles at the time of our survey includes: When The Wind Blows; No Dirt Allowed; When Is A Delete, Not A Delete?; The Beauty Of The Earth; and, Life on Account.
Web Archive:

The Christian News and Events Publication for the Metroplex, however the Heritage features articles and authors of general interest and impact to the larger national Christian community. A selection of article from the issue surveyed includes: Reaching the Children: FW Goes To School, by Christopher Corbett; Guest Opinion: Concerning Cupids and Condoms, by Gary Matlack; Does it Take a Village?, by Kerby Anderson; How Parents Can Protect Children from Pedophiles; Protecting the Children, by Leah Walker, Simba Program Teaches What it Means To be a Christian African-American Man; Conservatives Take on Daytime 'Trash TV'; Investing, Like Life, Is Like A Box Of Chocolates, by Jim Almond and Bob McKinney; The Gift of Work by Elisabeth Elliot; Who Introduced the First Amendment Anyway?, by William J. Federer; Keep on Keeping On, by Richard R. Melick; Angels in the Universe, by Jack Graham; God's Money, by Bill Koenig; A Tribute to Floyd Sharp, by Ken Sharp; Entitlements Elimination May Hurt Elderly, by Bob Thomas; Attention Deficit Disorder, by Dr. Paul Elliott, M.D., and, A "New" Vision for Christian Marriage? (Part 1), by Bill Hines.

DATELINES [new 4/96]
ICI University of the Assemblies of God Church, Irving, Texas, USA. Datelines is a forum for testimonies and stories of what God is doing through ICI University around our world. It was first published in 1968. Articles surveyed in this excellent (now graphics enhansed) magazine include: A Coke, A Cassette & Christ, by Diane Peters; Update: ICI Materials in Guarani (Paraguan), by Diane Peters; Finding Freedom on the Inside, by various contributors; Around a Big Tree and a Little Chalkboard, by Chuck Wilson; Breaking the Barriers of Babel: Evangelism in Cyberspace, by ICI; From the Water Closet to the World Wide Web: ICI University's Center for Global E-vangelism, by ICI; Global Updates, by various contributors; ...In the Right Place at the Right Time: ICI Timothys in Action, by ICI; Faithful... in Memory of Ellen Marie McCormick 1922-1995, by ICI. Recommended.

The monthly magazine of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The web site provides highlights from the current issue of Decision Magazine, information on the purpose and history of the magazine, and subscription information for the paper copy.
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

THE DEFENDER [new 3/96]
A newsletter addressing human rights issues, published by the Christian Legal Society. Articles from an issue surveyed include: Supreme Court Decisions Defend Religious Liberty; Ron Rosenberger Speaks Out; News Flashes; Prayer Requests; President Clinton Promotes Religious Liberty in the Schools; Do We Still Need a Religious Equality Amendment?; and, What Has Happened to Our First Freedom?

A bimonthly Christian newsletter that encourages its readers in their walk with the Lord. Positive, insightful, and practical. - Publisher Annagail Lynes. At the time of our survey, columns include: Angelic Influences; Practical Tips; Christian Community; and, Devotional, Verses, Question To Debate.

THE DIALOGUE [new 3/96]
The student newspaper of Bethany College (CA). Recent topics include essays on Domestic Partnership; America's Abandoned Teens; The Ratings Game; and, original prose. There are also numerous regular features.

DIDASKALIA [new 6/96]
The Journal of Providence Theological Seminary. Provided is an abstract index for volumes 2 through 6, as well as themes indexes for past and current issues of Didaskalia. There is a sample article available on line at the time of our survey: Stand for Orthodoxy in the English Church: The Work of Daniel Waterland, 1683-1740, by M. Louise Cornell, Ph.D.

Der Bruderhof. (German edition of Community Alive Today magazine, provided by the Bruderhof Communities).

A frequent newsletter of LCMS World Relief Disastergram offers the latest information on disaster response efforts. Articles available on the LCMS World Relief web pages at the time of our survey include: Arkansas Tornados -- Ohio River Flooding (3/3/97); Emergency Aid Sent to North Korea (2/97); Christians Rebuild After Attack in Pakistan (2/97); Snowstorm Causes Isolation (1/97); Western States Flooding (1/97).
LCMS World Relief:

DISCERNMENT [new 3/96]
A magazine on the Christian approach on contemporary topical issues from Wheaton College

Discipleship Journal is the flagship publication of The Navigators. Its purpose is to help believers develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and to provide practical help in understanding the Scriptures and applying them to daily life and ministry. Discipleship Journal believes the greatest pursuit in life is intimacy with Christ. Through our feature articles, our graphics, and their departments, they strive to create in their readers a hunger to know more of Christ and to follow Him more closely. Another distinctive of DJ is the focus on the application of Scripture. Their articles rarely offer "quick fixes," but they do offer solid biblical principles, the practice of which bring about lasting life changes. DJ also emphasizes personal, lay ministry. They assume their readers want to actively participate in growing God's Kingdom, so they offer how-to's, examples, and ideas for a variety of outreaches. On line are a table of contents, subscription information, contact and other help-oriented files. Articles available in the issue we reviewed at the time of our survey (Reasons We Believe), include: Life Savings, by Larry Libby; Jesus First, by Cheryl Fletcher; The Believer's New Clothes, by Lynn Hallimore; Hospitality in a Hectic World, by Judith Couchman. A feature entitled Reasons We Believe, includes Ready to Answer, by Mack Stiles. Another feature entitled Questions Skeptics Ask, includes: How Do We Know that God Exists, by Dennis McCallum; How Can You Say Jesus is the Only God? by Josh McDowell and Don Stewart; Is the Bible Reliable?, by Bob and Gretchen Passantino; and, If God is Good, Why is There So Much Suffering in the World, by Bob and Gretchen Passantino. Columns in the issue we surveyed includes: Common Ground, by Dennis McCallum; Resources That Answer; Between the Lines; Currents; Bible Study Methods; On the Home Front; and Classics (which includes Hadewijch of Brabant on Carrying Christ's Cross. Turn on your graphics to move around in the DJ menus. Highly recommended.

THE EAGLE EYE [new 7/96]
A National Publication of Eagle Forum Collegians. A survey of articles in the sample we examined at the time of our survey includes: A Sign of the Times; Texas A&M hands multiculturalism a setback.; Meet our new staff member!; and, Information Board. E-mail subscriptions available from the Guestbook page noted below.
Related Web:
Eagle Forum Home Page:

EAST ASIA'S MILLIONS [revised 10/96]
A four-star quarterly missions magazine that reports on news and mission involvement within OMF's broad outreach. Articles that OMF has made available at the time of our survey include: Living on the Beach (Philippines); From Death to Life (Northern Thailand); Bakar's Kleenex (cross-cultural communications); Vowel, Vistas and Villa! (Cambodia); Farm Boy Witness (Hong Kong); The Neighbor (Philippines); The Rhinoceros Beetle Hunt (Japan); Sometimes it Would be Easier to Quit (Philippines). Highly Recommended.

A publication of the Eastern Pentecostal Bible College (Ontario, CA). Articles in the sample reviewed at the time of our survey include: The Building Committee: The Foundation of a Successful Church Building Program, by John Shepherd; A Scandal In Review, by Luciano Lombardi; and, Pluralism and the Implications for Intercultural Ministry, by Michael Wilkinson.

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