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October 10, 1997
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7. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: EC-FH

News Briefs by Joseph Slife. Provided by Christian Financial Concepts, founded by Larry Burkett. The issue surveyed includes the following articles: Back to the Budget; Clinton Adopts the Adoption Tax Credit; Decelerating on the Gas Tax Repeal; Money Worries; and, Let's Work Together. Not archived.

See description in the Mail-based servises section of this guide.

THE EDGE ON-LINE [new 5/96]
A ministry of Frontier Missions, CBInternational. Articles available at the time of our survey include: Frontier Task Force Takes First Steps; The Somali of Somalia; From the Front; and, Windows of Opportunity.

A monthly publication from The Eagle Forum that details parent's rights in education, as well as reports what's happening in education across the USA. Following is a sampling of articles taken at the time of our survey: English Standards Provoke Criticism; School's Physical Exam Enrages Parents, Scares Girls; Stockman Wants to Investigate Kinsey Research; Genital Exam Previews Greater War on Parents; Education Briefs; Video Exposes Kinsey Research Fund; FOCUS: 1996 Goals 2000 Amendment Adds Words, Confusion But Maintains Strict Control by Federal Government; Illinois Senators Sign Letter Opposing CAREERS; IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts; and, English Has Been Deconstructed. E-mail subscriptions are available from the Guestbook page noted below.
Eagle Forum Home Page:

A publication of the Emmaus Bible College, the issue surveyed includes: The Problem of Divorce, Part 4; Our Hearts, God's Home: An Exposition of John 14:22-24; The Reluctant Servant: An Exposition of Exodus 3:1-4:17; The Theological Significance of the Ascension; and a book reviews section.

Updating What the Monopoly Media Aren't Telling You. An online newsletter provided by Empowered For Freedom. The issue reviewed at the time of our survey includes the following articles: October 15, 1996: The arrest of Rev. Keith Tucci, leader of Life Coalition International; November 5, 1996: a short commentary on the President's involvement in issues concerning Chinese refugees, Hatian refugees, and Indonesia; November 16, 1996: Charges of vote fraud broadcast on Alan Keyes radio program; circa 1000 B.C.: 1 Samuel 8.

The Encouragement Letter is known throughout the world as a monthly page of Biblical and practical encouragement from the Executive Director of Barnabas International, Dr. Lareau Lindquist. The Encourgement Letter is archived, available by selecting the next issue/ previous issue links from each respective issue. Highly recommended.
Estimulo (Spanish):
Barnabas International:

An official publication of the General Council of the Assemblies of God. The publication features sections on Theme; Features; Editorials; Columns; Registration; Subscriptions; and, Advertising, and includes pointers to archived articles by George Wood, D. James Kennedy, Luis Palau, and about Evangelism. At the time of our survey, themes include: Overcoming Evangelism Barriers, by D. James Kennedy; The Church's Forgotten No. 1 Priority, by Luis Palau; The Lost-Restoring a Sense of Urgency, by George O. Wood; and, Ask theSuperintendent (Thomas E. Trask). Sample Feature articles include: Preventing an Untimely Resignation, by Don E. Ross; and, The Awakener, by Gary A. Kellner. A Sample Editorial is Ministry Matters, by Wayde I. Goodal. Articles include: Theological Enrichment, by W. E. Nunnally; and, Family Matters, by Donald A. Lichi. Subscription information is provided along with an on-line subcription utility for subscribing to the paper copy of Enrichment Journal.
Assemblies of God:

See description in the Mail-based Services section in this guide.

Quarterly newsletter of the North American Conference for Itinerant Evangelists, Wheaton College. Articles in the sample we surveyed include: Non-negotiables in an Evangelist's Ministry, by T.V. Thomas; Tracts : New Uses for an Old Medium, by Dan Southern; How Do You Remain Accountable (From the Trenches section); Commuter Hell: The've [sic] Trivialized Judgment, by John Wesley White; Those Who Never Heard, by Michael Duskis; One in Ten Million, by Joni Eareckson Tada; Practical Praying for Evangelists (from the Behind the Pulpit section); Crazy D.L. Moody, by Roy Fish; Helpful Materials for Itinerant Evangelists; and, Follow Up and Discipleship, by Charlie Riggs.

ESTIMULO [new 11/96]
The Spanish edition of The Encouragement Letter, known throughout the world as a monthly page of Biblical and practical encouragement from the Executive Director of Barnabas International, Dr. Lareau Lindquist. Estimulo is archived, available by selecting the next issue/ previous issue links from each respective issue. Highly recommended.
Encouragement (English):
Bernabé Internacional:

Produced by Bible teacher and religious journalist John Edmiston, Eternity On-line is a major, full-featured, magazine from Australia. Articles that are provided online, from the inaugural issue, include: Have You Ever Thought About Fasting?; How to Pray For the Lost; The Wise Habit of Saying Grace; Faithfulness - Why It's a Great Witness; Some Marks of a Cult; In the Beginning - A Look at Genesis 1:1-3; Why Jesus is Everything (Part 1 of 8, on redemption); Praying for Israel; Little Faith, Big Faith, Participating Faith; Tough Questions; and, Can a Christian Expet to Hear From God? Regular features include Bible software reviews, Christian community notice board, and a prayer whiteboard. Additionally, John provides links to his Fractal Gallery, the Edmiston Epistle, How to Have a Good Relationship With God, ordering information for a prayer seminar for your church, a missions prayer page, and a related links section.

ETHNOLOGUE [revised 2/97]
Languages of the World. Compiled by Barbara Grimes, Richard. S. Pittman and Joseph Grimes, and presently in its 13th edition (1996), the online version provides a Country Index, Bibliography, Abbreviation table, and sections on Languages of Special Interest, Geographic Distribution of Living Languages, Questionnaires, Language Name Index, and Language Family Index. SIL has also provided an online search utility. Copies may also be ordered from the Summer Institute of Linguistics.
SIL Homepage:

The Theological and Opinion Journal of the Episcopal Synod of America. Articles included the issue we surveyed include: A Hope for Collapsing Churches, by Mr. David Mills; The Duty to be Faithful, by the Rt. Rev. James Stanton; The Anglican Womb, by the Very Rev. Dr. Peter C. Moore; The Winnowing of the Church, by the Rev. Richard Kew; A Distraction from the Task, by the Very Rev. Gary Kriss; Moving to Faith, Hope and Clarity, by Mr. Doug LeBlanc; A Church Damaged beyond Repair, by the Rev. Larry Hill; The Fruit of High Church Liberalism, by Dr. Gillis J. Harp; Sense and Sentimentality, by the Rev. Stephen Freeman; A Church Not Built upon the Rock, by the Rev. Allan R.G.Hawkins; A Degenerative Syndrome, by Dr. Stephen Hutchens; Letting Go of Egypt, by the Rev. Dr. Louis R. Tarsitano; In Defense of Bishop Righter, by Patrick Henry Reardon; Wait, Pray, and Kick Up Dust, by Mr. David Virtue; and, Mr. Mills responds to the Responses.
Episcopal Synod of America:
Episcopalian dot Org:

This is a nifty monthly magazine published in software format by Warren Berkley and Jon Quinn. A sample issue includes articles that are cogent for today's Christian walk: Diet: Lessons from Personal Experience; Affirmation, Evidence & Object in 1 John 1:1-4; Works of the Flesh (Galatians 5:16-21); Do Not Exceed That Which is Written (1 Corinthians 4(6); Seek & Ye Shall Find (Matthew 7:7); Special 1996 Topics Series: Modern Controversies Facing Bible Believers: Homosexuality; The Plan for Salvation.

Provided by the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry founded by Elwood McQuain, the files provided are 2 minute sound bytes in RealAudio format. RealAudio may be downloaded from an adjoining link.
Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry:

FACTS AND FAITH [new 3/96]
A quarterly newsletter from the Reasons to Believe ministry.

FACULTY DIALOGUE [revised 12/96]
The official journal of the Institute for Christian Leadership. The Journal is designed to publish scholarly articles relating to the ideas of those involved in higher education, in order that they be placed in a forum for discussion and reaction by other faculty, administrators, and students of institutions of Christian higher education. The issue surveyed includes the following articles: A Word to Our Readers, by Nate Olson; A 21st Century Seminary Faculty Model, by M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust; Karl Barth Meets Beavis and Butthead: Are Seminaries Ready for Generation X?, by Bob Moeller; Henri J.M. Nouwen: A Pastoral Voice for Re-Formation of Theological Education, by Mary Kate Morse; Seminaries: Surviving or Thriving, by John Vawter; Hearing, to Penetrate the Darkness, By Ronald B. Mayers; The Making of Spiritual Leaders: Spiritual Formation in Pastoral Education, by John M. Koessler; Value Is As Value Does, by Fred L. Casmir; Various Christological Considerations for Professing and Learning, by Daniel C. Fredericks; An Essay on the Christian Mission in Higher Education, by Ron Highfield; The Christian Mission in Higher Education: A Wesleyan Perspective, by James R. Moore; Christian Higher Education: Rationale and Challenge, by Larry R. Oats; Integrity and Productivity for the Christian Academic in a Postmodern Environment, by David I. Jeffrey; Higher Dimensions in the Writings of C.S. Lewis, by David L. Neuhouser; and, Effective Stewardship: A Model for Teaching Education Programs in Christian Liberal Arts Colleges, by Jonathan K. Parker. The main link (above) provides recent issues of Faculty Dialogue. Older issues may be found at the Complete Web Archive, noted below.
Complete Web Archive:
aFTP Archive:

A daily devotional by Pastor Carl H. Stevens, from Greater Grace World Outreach.

THE FAMILY ALTAR NEWS [revised 10/97]
Available from Roloff Ministries' home page, articles from the quarterly issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include: Message By Brother Roloff - Three Foolish Men; Testimony; Article On Christian Living - A Crisis In Leadership; Article On Christian Living - Revival Or Reformation; A Testimony From Our New Director; Down On The Farm; Planned Giving; and, Special Offers In This Issue - Dr. Law and Dr. Grace Video, And The Christmas Tape. The archive noted below commenses with the third quarter, 1996.

A monthly bulletin of activities suggested for adults to do with children for learning about science and the world environment from a Christian perspective.

Dr. James Dobson's informative monthly newsletter from Focus on the Family. The newsletter serves as the major avenue for expression of Dr. Dobson's own personal concerns and thoughts on a variety of issues. The official archive contains an archive of newsletters dating back to September 1996 at the time of this survey. A sampling of recent articles, includes: And Justice for All?; A Question of Duty; Elvis, Solomon and the Search for Significance; Families Under Fire; Love Is Bustin' Out All Over; Special Family Issues; Worldwide Persecution of Christians; Letters From Home; Special Words for the Home With a Heart; and, The Victimization of Everyone. Highly recommended.
Focus on the Family Web Site:

Information and Analysis That Hits Home. An official publication of Focus on the Family. A sampling of items at the time of our survey includes: Congress Considers Tough Penalties for Child Killers; State Taxes, a Heavy Burden on Families; Teens Place Low Value on Life; Hollywood Women's Political Committee Disbands; Christians Blind to the Threat of Gambling; and, Commentary: Promise Keepers Touches Lives. There is a large archive of articles, extending back to September 22, 1997, at the time of our survey. The archive is arranged by date, and an alternate key-word index has been provided. Highly recommended.
Family News in Focus Archive:
Focus on the Family Web Site:

From the Russian Ministries of the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company. The sample surveyed includes: Christian Radio Counselling: Is it Needed in Russia?, by Rudi Wiens; Siberia: God is on the Move Through FEBC Radio, by Evgeny Sarapulov; Letters From Listeners; News From the Field; We Need Your Help!; and, Ongoing Projects.

FEBC SKY WAVES [new 6/96]
The Far Eastern Broadcasting Company China quarterly magazines that keep readers on the pulses of FEBC Chinese Ministries. They include articles, news, announcements, and letters from the listeners. Articles from the sample surveyed include: With the Help of Our God, by Rev. John B. Lin; Their Voice Goes Out Into All the Earth, by Florence Lin; A Burden for Mission Work, by Judy Lei; From a Volunteer to a Staff Member, by Anita Lai; Pray for the Lord's Church in Yunnan; Found Oasis in a Desert; It is Part of My Life.

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