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October 10, 1997
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8. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: FI-GN

FIELD REPORTS (SOMA) [new 11/96]
Current international information published by SOMA, a Christian mission agency in the Anglican Communion. Provided in the issue available at the time of our survey are reports on Equador, Honduras, SAMS, and, Rwanda.

FIRST THINGS [new 12/96]
A publication promoted by Leadership University. The issue we surveyed includes the following articles: The Taming of the Church, etc., by Richard John Neuhaus; Symposium:?The End of Democracy??The Judicial Usurpation of Politics (including: Our Judicial?Oligarchy,?by Robert H.?Bork; A Crisis of Legitimacy, by Russell?Hittinger; A Culture Corrupted,?by Hadley Arkes; Kingdoms in Conflict, by Charles W. Colson; The Tyrant State, by Robert P.?George); Opinion (including: The End of Ideology?, by James Neuchterlein; Rights Without Right, by David Walsh; Flags, Traditions, and Charity, by Alan Jacobs; The Politics of Architecture, by Peter Kreeft; Protestant Principle, Catholic Substance, by A. J. Conyers); Books (including Science and Religion: From Conflict to Conversation, by John F. Haught, Stephen M. Barr; The Shadow Man by?Mary Gordon, by J. Bottum; Testing the Medical Covenant by William F. May, Gilbert Meilaender; The History of Vatican II edited by Guiseppe Alberigo, George Weigel; Augustine and the Limits of Politics by Jean Bethke Elshtain, Mary Ann Glendon; Contending with Modernity:?Catholic Higher Education in the Twentieth Century by Philip Gleason, John?Peter Kenney Briefly Noted); Correspondence (various); and, Thoughts (various).

FLIGHTWATCH [new 6/96]
Available from the Mission Aviation Fellowship's main web page. (See the MAF Publications section.) FlightWatch includes updates on the worldwide ministry of Mission Aviation Fellowship. Provided on site are excerpts from FlightWatch, and information on how to get a free subscription to the paper copy.

FMB HEADLINES [new 4/96]
Published by the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, here is a sampling of articles found at the time of our survey: New generation changes face of foreign missions; 'Experiencing God' to air in Russian; FMB's Robert O'Brien plans early retirement; Brazilian youth disarmed in Baptist gun trading; Lottie Moon forecast shows third straight record year 367 new churches prove 'Last Frontier' reachable; Prayers, God's strength sustain, missionary says; Missionary killed in Peru plane crash; Southern Baptist professor accepts Europe position; Response up in Middle East, North Africa, workers report 300 volunteers sought for project in Sweden; Post-Communist Bulgaria denies evangelicals religious freedom; Reports from Southern Baptist representatives around the world.

Focus on God is a quarterly topical journal, edited by Cameron Paine. It is intended to open windows unto the vastness of God and His ways. Focus on God includes "extended devotional material". Articles reviewed at the time of our survey include: Christmas Time -- A Likely Time To Be Misled; Does It Matter Who God Is or What He Is Like?; Was Christ The Right 'Man' For The Job?; Am I Hurting Anyone When I Sin?; Will You Get the Lamb of God for Christmas?; Do Bad Things Happen To Believers?; and, What Does It mean to 'See Jesus?'. Also be sure to visit the Gospel Meditations page by Anne Paine. Articles include references from the Bible.

The official monthly newsletter from Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family that is distributed free to supporters and friends. At the time of our survey, the most recent newsletter in the archive focused on the internetional persecution of Christians around the world and reflects Focus on the Family's commitment to heighten awarness of this fact. The newsletter archive is available by linking from the main page. Very Highly Recommended.

Food for the Hungry International has placed their current Annual Report on line for viewing. Information in the Annual Report for report available at the time of our survey includes: Purpose, Goal, Models of Ministry, 1996 Key Results (including Budget, Sustainable Development, Relief and Disaster Response), Staffing, Education and Training, Key Objectives for 1997, Program Highlights (indexed by link in country order), and the 1996 Board of Directors.
Food for the Hungry International:
Gopher Connection: gopher://
aFTP Connection:

A daily Bible devotional available from the Grace to You Ministry home page. Written by John MacArthur, Food for Thought is systematic, in depth, and quick. A great way to begin your day or to regain your focus. Warm up the printer and give a hardcopy of today's installment to a friend.

Ministering to the students of America... and dare we say the world! This is an immense archive presently consisting of approximately 1,000 full length articles in every immaginable area: Apologetics, Arts & Media; articles from Bob and Rose Weiner; Black America; China; Education; Government; History; Homosexuality; Islam; Latin America; National Events (USA); Occult/ New Age; On Campus; Pornography; Pro-family; Pro-life; Reconstruction; Reformation; Revival; Rock Music; Russia & CIS; Science; Sports; Tenth Anniversary; World Events; and, Youth Culture, are basic areas included at the Forerunner International.

FOUNDATIONS [new 10/96]
The Official News Magazine of the Episcopal Synod of America. Articles included at the time of our survey include: Broken Fellowship; The Gathering Storm; and, A Satire.
Episcopal Synod of America:

The purpose of the The Founders Journal and the Southern Baptist Founders Conference is to promote both doctrine and devotion expressed in the Doctrines of Grace and their experimental application to the local church, particularly in the areas of worship and witness. The motive is to provide encouragement to Southern Baptists through historical, biblical, theological, practical, and ecumenical studies that will glorify God, honor His gospel, and strengthen His churches. The issue surveyed includes the following articles: The Pastor's Chief Duty, by Thomas Ascol; The Apostle Paul's Prospects of Pastoral Ministry Among Modern Evangelicals; Preaching Through Adversity, by Charles Spurgeon; The Priority of Doctrinal Preaching, by Ernest Reisinger; A Solemn Charge to the Pastor, news, book reviews, and letters. Also provided at by the Southern Baptist Founders Conference is a formidable array of super audio tapes from past conferences.

Also see The Rutherford Institute Publications section, in the World Wide Web section of this guide.

A quarterly newletter of interest to youth ministries. Articles available at the time of our survey include: Editorial - Safe and; Sacred Places; Greenbelt '96; The Centre for Youth Ministry; The Spiritual Development Project; and, Money Matters.
Frontier Youth Trust:

A monthly ministry of Commission, Inc., a ministry founded by missionary and evangelist Bill Burkett. News features Bill Burkett's ministry and centers on East and West Europe, Russia, Brazil, Africa, India, South America. Not archived.
Bill Burkett Web Site:

FRONTLINES [revised 5/97]
by Dr. Joe Stowell from Moodly Monthly, as a department of LightSource Online. Articles available at the time of our survey include: What Do They See?; Dealing with the ":D Word", and, Barricading the Cross.
LightSource Online:

From the Radio Program for women, with missionary, author, speaker, Elisabeth Elliot, is the day's devotional. The sample we reviewed at the time of our survey is: What's Out There. Archive search provided. Highly Recommended.
Gateway to Joy Main Page:

From the Radio Program for women with missionary, author, speaker, Elisabeth Elliot, is the day's program transcript. The sample we reviewed at the time of our survey is: A Sermon to Myself: Bitterness or Forgiveness. Available in RealAudio format. Archive search provided. Highly Recommended.
Gateway to Joy Main Page:

A frequent publication from the Global Evangelization Movement, edited by Justin D. Long. Articles in the sample we reviewed at the time of our include Praise (Iran, Romania, Equador, Pakistan, Turkey); New Martyrs (Zaire, Egypt, Iraq); Government Persecution (Israel, India, Macedonia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Turkey, Colombia, Pakistan); and a Guide to Action on Israeli Anti-Missionary Bill. Highly recommended.
Global Evangelization Movement:

THE GLEANER [new 5/97]
The Gleaner is a weekly web-based devotioal written by Mark Bonds, a 1987 graduate of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Biblical Studies). The publication is comprises historical and literary anecdotes with which Mr. Bonds exemplifies truths from the Bible. The Gleaner is characterized by Mr. Bonds' conservative, evangelical beliefs. As he mentions, "The Bible is God's one true eternal Word, and the lives of men throughout history are a reflection of the principles contained in the Bible. Evil men and actions show the folly of resisting God's principles, good men show the success attained through practicing them." We appreciate Mr. Bonds' comfortable, "straight forward" style.

A publication of the Christian History Institute. Find at this site a substantial collection of short, easily read articles on Church History covering a wide topical range. A sample of historic figures discussed includes Perpetua and Felicitas, Pascal, Bach, Anna Nitschumann, Wilberforce, Gladys Aylward, Polycarp, Constantine, Wycliffe, Hus, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, John Winthrop, Anne Bradstreet, John Eliot, Ambrose, Watts, Newton, John Wesley, Crosby, Mary Jones, George Mueller, Xavier, William Carey, Ann Hasseltine Judson, Hudson Taylor, Neesima Shimeta, Clement, Justin Martyr, Blandina, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Origen, and a host more. Provided is a very well arranged index finding aid for this large archive. Topics include: Leaders in Church History; The Early Church (1); The Reformation; Christianity in Early America; Hymn Writers; Youth; Revivals; Asia; The Early Church (2); How We Got the Bible; Hymns; Scientists; Great Christian Women; and, America and Missions. Highly recommended.

is a weekly news bite from Caleb Project focused on mission issues. Also see the mail based services section in this guide for subscription information.

The Global Links bulletin inserts provides information telling how your congregation is involved with God's Mission! Go -- steps toward going as a missionary. Available from the LCMS World Mission index, Global Links is under development at the time of our survey.
Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod:

GMI INFO [new 2/97]
A Global Mapping International Newsletter. GMI's semi-annual newsletter is available from the "About GMI" section at GMI's web site. The issue reviewed at the time of our survey includes the following articles: Mission Research on the Information SuperHighway; Introducing the GMI Training Division; From the President; Training Conferences; GMI now has a Home Page; Faces at GMI; and, New from GMI -- African Proverbs CD. Articles from back issues of GMI Info are available through hypertext links from the current issue. Recommended.

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