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October 10, 1997
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9. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: GO-IM

GOD AT WORK [revised 5/97]
A department of LightSource Online. Articles from the issue surveyed include: Living in the Power of Vision (Open Doors, USA), Hong Kong Christian Finds Her Future in China (Open Doors With Brother Andrew), Former Drug Addict Makes Holidays Special for the Homeless (Atlantic City Rescue Mission), Class Is Back in Session for Homeless Children (Atlantic City Rescue Mission), 'Arrogant' Mom Changes Life Finds New Faith at the Mission (Atlantic City Rescue Mission), Healing in the Aftermath of the Bosnian War (MAP International), The Amazing Story of Modern-Day Saul (Open Doors With Brother Andrew), Profiles of Faith in the Southern Philippines (Compass Direct), and From Fasting to Forgiveness in a Village Near Jerusalem (Compass Direct). Highly Recommended.
LightSource Online:

Refleksja biblijna na kazdy miesiac proponowana przez braci z Taizé. (The Johannine Hours in Polish, provided by the Taizé Community.) Available from the Taizé Community Polish Home Page.

A publication of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc., a national prison ministry in the US. Packages of the newsletter are provided free of charge to prison chaplains nationwide, and are distributed by them to Christian inmates. In some facilities the newsletter is mailed to individual prisoners when it is not always available through the chaplain's office. Aside from the main article in each new issue, BBFI also includes a section on the front page entitled "From Us To You". Aside from free distribution in correctional facilities, the BBFI newsletter is also provided, at no charge, to contributors who support this ministry with at minimum monthly gift of five dollars. The web site contains current issue of The Good News Letter, as well as sample articles from past issues. Available at the time of our survey are the following articles: Roadmap to Heaven; Dealing With Discouragement; When Death Strikes The One You Love; The Reality of Hell; The Bible vs. Uniformitarianism; and, From Us To You Newsletter. Highly recommended.
Text Only Version:
BBFI Home Page:

Provided by the Good News Radio Broadcasting, Inc., a commercial, full gospel, Bible-teaching, news/talk daylight station. KGMS is a commercial contemporary Christian music, 24 hour station. The Good News magazine is a free Christian, pro-family monthly publication that explores social issues and ministry topics. At the time of our survey articles available in the issue we reviewed include: Cover Story: Visionary's journey, by Pamela Jimenez; Viewpoint: Settling Love's Score, by Michele Cude; Letters To The Editor: Unconditionally loved; Family (Squelching Sibling Rivalry, by Dr. James Dobson; Deja Vu?, by Charles Colson - Breakpoint; A Lesson from Dad, by Kima Jude - Growing in God; Christ As Our Goal, by Douglas E. Martin - Publisher's Desk; Hope for a Hopeless Failure, by Elisabeth Elliot; The Roaring Tide, by S.E. Clark; The Truth About a Killer, by Dr. Hancock - Healthline) Society (Religious freedom amendment under consideration?; Islamic assaults continue; Changing of the Guard Affects Churches, Too; Post-war Iraq Experience Spiritual Growth; In The Nation": News you can use from across the U.S.); Around The World: Notable Stories from Overseas; Insider's Look (The Homes That Love Built, by Cameron Bailey; A Critically Acclaimed Ministry Works to Eliminate Substandard Housing; Dine Out - Chris Schutte (local information); Tune In - Dan Forsyth (Dove Highlights: 28th Annual Dove Awards; An energy packed debut from Smalltown Poets: Music Review; Music Notes: Find out the latest about Christian music; KGMS-FM Top 10 List); Hard Core (Local Rappers Shine Through the Dark": The Inside Track; Techno Hour Lives!: Uplifting Underground; Hot Rock: On the Other Side; Loving Through Every Circumstance, by S arah Hernandez - Pathways); Departments (KVOI-AM Program Guide). Recommended.

THE GOOD REPORT [new 3/96]
Quarterly newsletter to financial and prayer pertners of the Caleb Project in missions.

From Gospel for Asia, the Reports series provides current news and concerns. Reported from various geographical areas. The Reports are archived on site.
Gospel for Asia:

GRACE AND PEACE [new 3/96]
An Australian periodical, Grace and Peace's primary aim is found in Ephesians 3:8-9 and this in harmony with Colossians 1:25-27. It is a ministry to the saints, to help and encourage them in their stand for Christ and the rightly divided Word. Current circulation is 400 and the goal is 1000. Email or Write for it.

GRACE IN FOCUS [new 4/96]
A bimonthly topical newsletter provided by the Grace Evangelical Society. Articles from the issue surveyed include: Proclaiming the Gospel: Is There Room for Diversity?, by Phil Congdon; and, If We Endure, We Will Reign with Him - 2 Timothy 2:11-13, by Bob Wilkin

HANNA'S PRAYER [new 9/96]
"A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping. Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because her children are no more." This is what the Lord says: "Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work will be rewarded... So there is hope for your future," declares the Lord. -- Jeremiah 31:15-17. Hannah's Prayer offers Christain support to couples facing "fertility challenges" (infertility, pregnancy loss, infant death). They publish this quarterly newsletter and offer care/support group chapters. Included in the issue surveyed are several stirring tributes in recognition of parenthood and the significant loss of a child: Amber or Victor, by Jane Simone; A Poem for the Sweet Babies, by Darlene Boesch; and, Happy Birthday, Baby, by Jane Simone. There is a section devoted to Letters From Our Readers as well as a detailed section of network resources, including Hannah's Prayer e-mail contacts. A final section includes information on Finding Support. If the reader is looking for help from this ministry, there is counselling and resources. If not, the testimony offered will move any reader to better understand how precious our children are.

From the book, Hard Sayins fo the Bible, by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Peter H. Davids, F.F. Bruce, and Manfred T. Branch, InterVarsity Press makes these daily samples available for daily devotional reading. At the time of our survey, the daily article is: Deuteronomy 24:16: Should Children Be Punished for Their Parents' Sins? Recommended.
InterVarsity Press:

A newsletter from Pastor Greg Laurie of the Harvest Christian Fellowship.
Harvest Online:

The quarterly newsletter of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod. The issue we reviewed at the time of our survey includes the following articles: 'Babushkas' Kept the Faith Alive in Russia; "The Stench of Hell in My Own Nostrils"; Church Planting Through Leadership Formation; Christ Has Indeed Been Raised -- Our Faith is Not Futile;, and, "There Was a Widow Who Kept Coming". Archived on line.
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod:

Included are official releases relating to New Tribes Missions (NTM).
NTM Home Page:

From Far Eastern Broadcasting Chinese Ministries, Heartlines includes personal letters from the Director of Chinese Ministries to the FEBC PROs and Co-REAPers .

From the Heath Evangelical Church in Wales, the newsletter contains information on local church activities, but these activities are not separate from insights into contempory Christian witness both at home and abroad. Heath Evangelical Church is evangelical and mission oriented.

The primary monthly periodical for the Church of the Nazarene, provides its readers with a potpourri of articles on current topics and issues as well as news of the denomination and the religious world at large. Yet, the Herald'smajor purpose is to herald the message of Christian holiness as taught in the Holy Scriptures and in the Wesleyan tradition. -- adapted from the archive page. Available on line are contents pages and information on how to subscribe.

On line find the brief version. Readers can also get the full version by paper and that information is provided on these web pages. El Hogar is a ministry for abandoned and destitute boys in Honduras. Included in the edition that is available at the time of our survey are: A message from the Director; What Does It Take?; and, It Takes Teams.
El Hogar:

A Biblical Light On Education - With Special Emphasis on Home Schooling. A publishing ministry of The Linden Baptist Church (Linden, Indiana, USA), The Biblical Examiner, Pastor Ovid Need Jr. The newsletter is distributed with The Biblical Examiner. The following articles are made available on line at the time of our survey:Scope and Sequence; Spiritual Olympics - Olympic Christians; Mathematics - What Do Our Children Need?; Mathematics - What Do Our Children Need? - Part II; Dr. Cates' Itinerary; Twelve Teaching Guidelines for Basic Linguistic Skills; Principles and Practices of Teaching Reading; Bring the Cow into the Classroom; Mathematics - What Do Our Children Need?; John Dewey and the Russians!
The Biblical Examiner:

From the Taizé Community Spanish Home Page.

A news ministry of IBNet, the Independent Baptist Network. Provided is current information, including anouncements, conferences, deaths, Fellowship Hall, and prayer requests. Applicable information of interest may be mailed to IBNet from the mailing link provided on their web page.

International Media Ministries' newsletter. IMM is geared to assist in the development of broadcasting and media services. The newsletter provides update information about IMM's involvement to meet these needs.

A ministry of the international missions organization, CBInternational. A survey of articles on line yielded the following results: A Word From the Executive Director; The Intercultural Urban Internship; Cementing the Foun dation; Kindling the African Flame; Introducing: CBInternational's Board of Directors; World Scene; and, Holiday Giving and Charitable Giving.

Newsletter of YWAM's Impact King's Kids program, and available from the Impact King's Kids home page. Want to learn something about missions from young folk? Read it!

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