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October 10, 1997
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12. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: LC-MAQ

News releases from the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod reporting on all areas of involvement. An archive of past issues is available. Press releases from the 1995 Synodal Convention are available. An index and search utility are provided.
News/ Reporter Archive: gopher://
Index (1996): gopher://

LEADERSHIP [new 5/97]
A publication of Christianity Today, Inc. Articles in the issue reviewed at the time of our survey include: 1. Cover Story: Spirital Care; 2. Features: The Business of Making Saints: An Interview (Eugene H. Peterson); Why Pastors Make Great Counselors, by Robert J. Morgan; Staying Close to Your Enemies, by Gary D. Preston; Where Healing Belongs: An interview with Larry Crabb; When Is a Broken Person Ready to Lead?, by Daniel Brown with Bob Moeller; Hospital Fatigue Syndrome, by Donna Schaper; Chronically Wounded and Needy, by Mathew Woodley; The Truth about Debt and Salaries, by David Goetz; Protection from the Pressures, by Dwight Perry; Preaching a Double-Header, by Wayne Brouwer; Roadkill on the Information Highway, by Ed Rowell; Senior Enlisted Troops (Robert Warren, Jared Gerig, and John Cottone); What's Really Behind Our Fatigue? by John Ortberg; and, How Schuller Shaped Your Ministry -- An interview with Robert Schuller.
Current Issue:
Archive/ Search Page:

Articles onboard include Moral Climate, by Al Kearse; Developing Your Leadership Style, by Al Kearse; and, One of Our Most Valuable Resources, by Al Kearse.

A quarterly of the Association of Christian Schools International. At the time of our survey a sample copy includes: The 105th Congress - A Near-Even Split; Need of a New FUTA Exemption Bill; and, Planning for the "Baby Boom Echo".
Association of Christian Schools International:

Réflexion biblique mensuelle. (Johannine Hours, French edition, provided by the Taizé Community.)

Produced by Randel Ministries, Inc., and presented by the Topeka Faith Center. The issue sampled included the following articles: What's Your Sign, by Roger S. Randel, Sr.; and, A Test Passed Leads to Confidence and Overflowing Love, by Ian b. Johnson.

Your number one source for information on abortion & other controversial issues (such as euthanasia, assisted-suicide, birth control, divorce, homosexuality, etc.) facing the Lord's church today. Developed by a Bible Believing publisher and staff, Life Advocate provides the latest in Pro-life and Pro-family news. It was the first publication to expose the D & X Partial Birth Abortion (Feb. 93), and first to target Jack Kevorkian and uncover specific evidence against Mr. Kevorkian. The web site provides sample articles from its current issue, and an articles archive. Also provided is historical information about Life Advocate, subscription information for the full paper copy, and a page of links. Articles made available in the sample we reviewed at the time of our survey include: The Quiver's Full, by Darroll D. Neet; Should Christian Couples Use Birth Control? by James W. Scott; Congresswoman Admits to Murder of Possibly Disabled Child; Judge Acquits Anti-abortion Protestors in Novel Ruling; Arrows in Hand; Before You Use Birth Control, Consider..., and several short updates in its News Notes Column. Recommended.
Articles Archive:

A local information ministry of Life Center of Hamilton (Ontario, CA) Inc. Although this newsletter does focus on local ministry, there are elements that other ministries will find useful.

From Life Coalition International, and provided by Media House International. A sampling of articles includes: A Response to Shooting of Abortionists - Justifiable Homicide?; A Response to Shooting of Abortionists, by Flip Benham; Abortion and Politics - Republicans May Suffer Same Fate as Whigs; Letter from a Birmingham Jail, by Pastor Arthur "A.J." Johnson; Romania For Life; The United Nations and Abortion; Victory in Guyana, and, War of the Testaments, by Randall A. Terry

LINGBITS [new 4/97]
An occasional newsletter from the Internatinal Linguistics Department of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), its purpose is to distribute current information on linguistics to SIL field entities and members who do nothave convenient access to Internet discussion lists, as well as to disseminateoccasional announcements from the International Linguistics Department of SIL to field entities. However, anyone is welcome to use LingBits. More information about LingBits is provided from SIL's LingBits Welcome Page noted below.
LingBits Welcome Page:
SIL Home Page:

Link Homeschooler is a publication of the Link International program of The Voice of the Martyrs. VOM is an international organization founded by Reverend Richard Wurmbrand, purposed to support the persecuted Church throughout the world. Link International was developed to help Christian homeschool families in the U.S. exchange strength with Christian families around the world who risk all for Jesus Christ. As an additional arm of VOM, Link International is dedicated to informing Christian families about the persecuted church. The magazine is designed to help students understand the trials many heroic Christians face. The publication is not archived on line, but order information is available from this page.
VOM Website:

A magazine published by Little Spark Mission. Articles reviewed at the time of our survey include: What Are You Doing, by Rev. Daniel Lee; A Right Ambition, by Rev. Paul Lee; The Lord Knows My Way, by Song Tae Park; Medical School Reflections, by James Yoon, and Cross-Cultural Perspective, by Brian Pien.
Little Spark Mission:

LIVING STONES [new 6/96]
An excellent on-line magazine addressing the interests and needs of today's youth, featuring information on creation/ evolution, challenges in missions and evangelism, student testimony, poetry, and articles on practical Christian life issues. The number we surveyed includes the following articles: Effective Prayer Principles (from Today's Christian Teen Magazine); Needless Death (part of a document prepared by James Dobson); In God's Name, by Mark Wessner; Raspberry Jam, by Phillip Kim; Clearer Tha Mud, Part II, by Mark Wessner; Life's Big Bang, by Dr. Perry Phillips; and announcements. Poetry includes, Queen of Angels, and Bring Jesus in My Heart. Living Stones is a ministry of Doulos Ministries. Check it out.

Provided by the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod, Lutheran Hour radio program. A search utility is provided. Services available at the web site include Devotions, Topical Messages, Verse/ Concordance, Search, and E-Mail Services.
Gopher Site: gopher://

In the Japanese language.
Frames Version:

From the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod. A search utility is provided. Sample surveyed include: An Invitation to Start Over (John 21(7); With Open Eyes (Luke 24:31); The Final Four (Luke 23:39-49); What Can I Do? (Esther).

A journal of the Church of the Lutheran Confession. Articles from the sample surveyed include: One Died For All; A King-Sized Bed; Holy Communion; Godly Sorrow; The Leipzig Interim; "Stand For Something"; and, Pastor James Shrader.

See description in the Mail-based services section of this guide.

MAINE WORD [new 12/96]
Maine Word is the official newsletter of the Bible Society of Maine. Articles available at the time of our survey include: New Directions for BSM, by Executive Director, Wayne Santos; Bible Society Launches Library Grants Program; Outreach Fund -- Update; Teens Alive Ministries; and, Maine Events.
Bible Society of Maine:

THE MANDATE [revised 4/96]
From The Forerunner International, China's Christian newspaper. Subjects include: China's church; China's, Destiny; China's Student Revival; China's Youth Revival; Ching; Church News; Economy; Finding God; Free Market; God and Science; Government; Heping Shi; News from China; Questions and Answers; Shangdi?, and, Testimonies.

MANNA [new 4/96]
A free e-mail newsletter committed to the principles of Christian living published Monday through Friday by Nathan W. Phelps and Leanne Brown. Each week, Manna focuses on a new topic of spiritual value. Recent topics have included: Christ Accepted You; I Care Very Little; Come; All Things Are New; Conformed to Jesus' Image; Growing in Christ; Hiding in My Heart; Trust; The Author; and, God-Breathed. The typical newsletter contains a Bible passage, subscriber's prayer requests and praises, and answers to the "Question of the Week. Manna is a very nice way to bring together corporate thought and bringing all together in a concise and orderly fashion. The web site is a great addition to the internet community. Subscription information is available on site, as well in the Mail-based services section of this guide.

A publication of MAP International, an international Christian organization providing relief and development. MAP International Report is a bi-monthly magazine focusing on health-related relief and development around the world. A survey of topical issues on line includes: Mission Hospitals Step In To Train African Physicians; Reach Around the World; Mission in the Midst of War; Hurt and Healing in Mexico; and, Bringing It Back Home: MAP Responds to a Call For Help in Domestic Disasters. This publication is distributed by e-mail, which may be ordered from the web page. It is also included in the Mail-based Services section of this guide.

MAP NEWS [new 6/96]
A publication of MAP International, an international Christian organization providing relief and development. This service provides the latest news and activities from MAP's regional offices in the United States, Latin America and Africa.

A Publication of MAP USA. Information on line includes articles on Relief to Bosnia and Burundi; a link to MAP International Report magazine; links to Global Health News Service for journalists; and, Press Releases.

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