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October 10, 1997
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13. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: MAR-MN

News & Views for Today's Christian Online. News at this site includes Christian news affecting today's Christians, including issues that are skirted by the secular press. A headlines section includes news from FYI Online, an extension of the InternetMCI network. An Internet section includes Newsbytes' Top Stories from the Newsbytes News Network. Features will soon include a well organized section on Homeschooling, and a weekly Webwatch. MCJ's Review section includes a chart of best selling Christian Books, books, movies, music and video. MCJ also provides links to recommended devotionals available on the internet, such as Our Daily Bread. The Opinions section includes articles from Greg Koukl (President and founder of Stand to Reason), "committed to cultivating the intellectual life in defending Christianity". The article reviewed is a hard-hitting article on promises made by President Clinton regarding the abortion issues faced by the USA. There is also provided a place to post letters to the editor. MCJ provides today's Christian an innovative, well organized, and well selected collection of information that delivers what's promised.

Short articles from InterVarsity's Marketplace Network, integrating work and faith. A sampling of articles includes: Making Sunday Work For Me; Of Frogs and Lizards; Ten Ways To Support Ministry in the Workplace; Marketplace Partner; Marketplace Missionaries In The '90s; Heroes in the Marketplace: Daniel; Working Under a Curse; Beyond the Ballot Box: "Marketplace Christians" Set Sights; On Secular Professions; and, Believing in Non-Believers?

A publication of Christianity Today, Inc. Articles in the issue reviewed at the time of our survey include: 1. Cover Story: The Boomerang Effect, by Ron R. Lee; 2. Features: Don't Believe the Divorce Statistics (Jim Killam); Welcome to the Bat Cave (Nate Adams); No Guarantees (Paige Jaeger); The Choice (Wendy Murray Zoba); The Color of Love (Andres T. Tapia); Counselor's Notebook (Michael Lace); and, 3: Departments: From the Editors; Now You're Talkin'; Q&A; Real Sex; Heart & Soul; Now & Forever; Work It Out; The MP Bookshelf; Room for a View; and, American Marriage.
Current Issue:
Archive/ Search Page:

Jim Sire and Doug Groothius answer questions that believers and skeptics alike ask of Christianity. Sire is senior editor at IVP and a traveling campus lecturer. His latest book is Why Should Anyone Believe Anything at All? Groothuis teaches philosophy and ethics at Denver Seminary and has written several books on the cults and the New Age, including Confronting the New Age.

From The Master's Seminary, headed by John MacArthur. Articles from the sample we reviewed at the time of our survey include: Mortification of Sin, by John F. MacArthur, Jr.; Involvment and Biblical Counseling, by Wayne A. Mack; Does Assurance Belong to the Essence of Faith?, by Joel R. Beeke; An Analysis of the Seventh bowl of the Apocalypse, by Robert L. Thomas; Job 19:25 and Job 23:10 Revisited. An Exegetical Note, by David C. Deuel; Who Surprised Whom? The Holy Spirit or Jack Deere, by Richard L. Mayhue; Freemasonry and the Christian, by Eddy D. Field II and Eddy D. Field III; The Hermeneutics of Evangelical Feminism, by Paul W. Felix Sr.; Theonomy and the Dating of Revelation, by Robert L. Thomas; and, Prov 23:7 -- "To Think" Or "To Serve Food"?, by Kenneth L.. Barker. Also available in plain text is a subject index, a book review section, and on-line subscription pricing and subscription registration for the paper edition.
The Master's Seminary:

Extracts from the official newsletter of Compassion International's Meals-Plus Program-a nutritional/health intervention program for children under five and mothers.

From Goshen College, a survey of recent articles: We Must... and Can Stand Firmly: Dutch Mennonites in WWII, by Gerlof Hoffman; Conscientious Objection: Individual or Corporate, by Silas Langley; Luther M�ntzer and the Last Day: Escatological Hope, by Darrell Reid; Vallentin Ickelsaner's Odyssy from Rebellion to Quietism, by Roy L. Vice; Research Note: Sources Documenting Anabaptism in Z�rich, by Arnold Snyder; and, Research Note: Friedlich Nicholai's Portrayal of the Anabaptists, by Anthony P. Epp.

The quarterly magazine of the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. This informative missions magazine has served the ABWE family since 1929. The publication focuses on the ministries of ABWE and the ABWE family, and provides articles of interest to any missions-minded reader. Articles available from the sample reviewed at the time of our survey include: Mission Field on the Edge, by James H. Eaton; Journey to the Island of Samar, by Jim Latzko; Model for the Ministry: Pastors in South Africa; The Molding of a Pastor, by Joyce L. Ruddock; Japan Missionary's Recipe Book, By Jim Ruff; The Timothy Principle: Training Faithful Men, By Diane Henzler; Missions-Minded Churches... And How They Grow; and a section describing Special Opportunities. Recommended.
ABWE Web Site:

THE MESSANGER [new 11/96]
A monthly newsletter detailing the activities and events of Faith Covenant Church (Framington, Michigan). Articles included in the issue examined at the time of our survey include: Giving God's Way; Upcoming Events; Current News -- So, What's a Covenant World Relief Soup Can?; Covenant Women's Ministries Corner; This 'N' That; Do You Want to Know How to make Your Faith Work? Tool Box: Children's Ministry Supplement; The Swamp (Students With a Mighty Purpose) Report; and, Introductory Journey -- Reckless Faith. A Back issues archive is available, from the bottom of the current The Messanger. Back issues begin with the May 1996 issue.
Faith Covenant Church:

Edited by Rich Robinson, from Jews for Jesus. Books reviewd in the sample surveyed include: The God I Believe In. By Joshua O. Haberman. New York andToronto: The Free Press, 1994; Jewish New Testament Commentary: A Companion Volume to the; Jewish New Testament. By David H. Stern. Clarkesville, MD; Jewish New Testament Publications, 1992; Moses on the Witness Stand. By Solomon Ostrovsky. Toronto, Canada: Published by the author, 1991; The Scapegoat. By Bruce H. Joffe. Manassas, VA: Mentor Press, 1994; The Long Journey Home: The Story of a Jew's Modern-Day Pilgrimage to Christ. By Ron Levin. Liberty, SC: Ron Levin Ministries, 1994; Israel and Yeshua. Edited by Torleif Elgvin. Jerusalem: Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies, 1993; and, Letters from a Skeptic. By Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1994.

A bimonthly publicaton of the Midwest Christian Outreach apologetics and counter-cult ministry. A survey of articles from a sample issue includes: Fear No Evil; And Along Came a Spider; and, Questions and Reflections From CyberSpace.

MIKROS [new 12/96]
The bimonthly newsletter of the Western Center for Small Church Health, Western Seminary. The newsletter is designed to address relevant issues confronting the small church, and further seeks to provide biblical, theological, and organizational information that is sensitive to the small church distinctives. A listing of past issues is provided to guide the reader to articles that are relevant to the individual church. The sample reviewed at the time of our survey includes the following articles: Types of Small Churches (Targeted sub-points); The Stabilized Church; Eight Steps for Overcoming Failure; The Growing Church; The Specialized Church; Marks of a Successful Ministry; The Stagnant Church; and, Assessing the Church. Available from the Home Page of The Western Center for Small Church Health. Recommended.


Edited by Ruth Rosen, from Jews for Jesus. Included are thoughtful reflections, challenging essays, and practical guidance. Written especially to address the unique problems and questions of Jewish followers of Jesus. Articles from the issue surveyed include: Forum: It's No Fun Being Shunned; Blessed Are You...; and, Two Sides of the Campaign Coin.

A Christian communications ministry, dedicated to equipping God's people with the truth about America-- a perspective you won't receive from mainstream media.

A medium for sharing ways to use computer technology in obeying the Great Commission. A sampling of articles from the issue surveyed include: The 20:21 Library; Lingualinks Preview Released; Dangers of Digital Idolatry; Worldwide Network Via Compuserve; Brigada; Joshua Project 2000 Launched; BGC Archives Resoures Available Over the Internet; and, Books Available.

Published by the Centre for Mission Direction (New Zealand) the monthly magazine contains Mission Update (mission related news), Mission Materials (overviewing the contents of more significant published works), Mission books (comprehensive book reviews), and Mission Opportunities. From the sample issue available at the time of our survey, Mission Update contains news on China, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Japan, Myanmar, Turkey and Vietnam. Mission Materials provided bytes reviewing Assemblies of God World Missions, ARAMCO World, Asian Minorities Outreach, Asia Outreach, Frontier Focus, Internatioal Journal of Frontier Missions, Missiology, National Geography, Open Doors, and World Pulse. Mission Books provided thorough reviews on Christianity and the Religions: A Biblical Theology of World Religions. Mission Opportunities reported on the New Zealand Missionary Training College, OMF New Zealand, OMS International, Servants to Asia's Urban Poor, South Sea Evangelical Mission, Sowers International, WEC International, Wycliffe Bible Tranlators, and Youth With a Mission. Information on how to subscribe to the paper copy is provided. Highly recommended.
Centre for Mission Direction:

LCMS' children's mission quarterly is packed with excitement! LCMS missionaries share stories, recipes, games and more from people of many countries. Each issue features a different place where the Missouri Synod sends missionaries and includes both student and teacher editions. At the time of our survey Mission Friends reports on Cote d'Ivoire.
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod:

A bimonthly ministry publication of the United States Center for World Missions, with issues archived beginning with the November/ December 1994 issue of Mission Frontiers. Articles from the issue surveyed include: an editorial, by Dr. Ralph Winter; MF Behind the Scenes with Rick Wood; Ask Missionary Marvin?; The U.S. Center for World Mission What are we here for?, by GregParsons, ; The U.S. Center for World Mission: Charting a New Course?, by GregParsons; The Strategy Division: Waking a Sleeping Giant, by Jodie Van Loon; Five Promising Years 1996-2000 An Interview with David Imboden; and, The US Center is Changing the World, by Bruce Koch. Mission Frontiers is complemented with MF Online e-mail updates, also archived at this location. Highly recommended.
USCWM Home Page:

Bimonthly newsletter of Mission Media Productions, helps interested people follow the progress of Mission Media Productions. Unscheduled urgent matters are also reported in the newsletter.
Mission Media Productions:

LCMS World Missions is a ministry of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod. The following articles were available at the time of our survey: At the 150-year Mark ...; China: a Mission Challenge and Opportunity!; May Mission Project--Chapels in Ghana #90392W; Holy Spirit Multiplies Christ's Church in Ghana; Agriculture Project Multiplies Production in Ghana; Charter `Mission Advocates' Meet June 25-26
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod:

The monthly newsletter of Mission of Joy Ltd., a ministry to the people of India. Articles available from the sample reviewed at the time of our survey include: A Letter from Jeff O'Leary; Let's Give Thanks; Cyclone Devastates Andra Pradesh; and Financial Policy. A link to the Newsletter archive is provided at the end of the current Newsletter. Highly recommended.
Mission of Joy Ltd.:

MISSIONARY TO MISSIONARY (Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod) [new 3/97]
Dr. Glenn O'Shoney's letter to missionaries and partners. The issue we reviewed at the time of our survey includes the following articles: Good News; With the Family; 1997 Personnel Requirements; Some Thoughts from the Field; Report to the Council of Presidents; Your Letters Mean a Lot; The Bookmark; Nicely Said; Other Missionaries; Fast and Fun Furlough Facts; Christmas Worship in Russia; A Getaway in Bella Vista, Arkansas; Salary study Task Force; We Saw; Staff Travel; and, And Now...

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