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September 14, 1997
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16. Electronic Newsletters & Journals: PO-REE

Provided by the Polish Christian Bookstore. English language. Articles included in the issue surveyed include: 1st Ministry Dinner: 25 gather to pray and to hear from Dr. Harold O. J. Brown at the Old Warsaw; Christmas Getaway for Polish Teens At Camp Moyoca & Alpine Valley; and, Plans, Hopes, Dreams and Prayers Family Banquet, Teen outings, Summer Camps, Christmas Holiday Getaways and Beyond.
Polish Christian Bookstore:

THE POLITICAL PULSE [revised 5/97]
A department of LightSource Online, reporting current issues that affect the lives of American Christians. Articles in the issue surveyed include: 'Strict Scrutiny' Gender Test Rejected for Virginia Military Institute (Alliance Defense Fund), Parental Rights Are Fundamental Rights (Concerned Women for America), Lower Court Ban on Jesus Overturned (Alliance Defense Fund), Habitat II: The United Nations Attempt to Control Your Family (Concerned Women for America), California Widow Appeals to U.S. Supreme Court (Alliance Defense Fund), and Gay "Marriage": The Radical Restructuring of Our Culture (Concerned Women for America).
LightSource Online:

Rodney Clapp ruminates on ethics, music, postmodernism, community, books, movies and whatever else piques his interest. An editor of academic and general books at IVP, Clapp is a regular contributor to magazines like Books & Culture and Perspectives. His book Families at the Crossroads earned widespread critical praise.

From the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company's China program, Prayer Focus is described as battle plans for the prayer warriors. Each issue specifies timely prayer items for China, the listeners and FEBC Chinese Ministries.

Provided by the Russian Ministries of the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company, Prayer Focus provides Russian needs in a daily prayer calendar.

Recent prayer requests from the OM World. Needs in France is highlighted at the time of our survey.

PRAYERPAD [new 8/96]
PrayerPad is a ministry of Speed the Need, a ministry devoted to urgent needs in Christian Missions. PrayerPad is a weekly summary of non-urgent prayer needs. The latest edition is available from STN's home page.

PREACHING [new 3/96]
Provided by the American Academy of Ministry, Preaching magazine is a bi-monthly professional journal for ministers. It designed to help ministers strengthen their pulpit ministries and worship leadership. This site provides sample articles and sermons from past issues. A full electronic version of the magazine is available by subscription.

The goal of Premise is to provide a humble analysis of human thought that is not always enamored with the latest fads of human thought. The intention is to analyze modern ideas seeking to hold them to the highest standard possible. Focus is on politics, philosophy, economics, theology, and history. See Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy elsewhere in this guide.

Field reports from the Presbyterian Inland Mission in Australia. Details include the missions activities in outlying regions of Australia.
Presbyterian Inland Mission:

A quarterly magazine and the official organ of The James Begg Society containing a variety of items of a reformed and presbyterian nature. Find here a regularly updated selection of reprints of old works, but also some new articles as well. Items include devotional articles, historical articles of presbyterian interest, an article each issue on some aspect of the WestminsterStandards, including items on worship, and a sermon. At the time of our survey the following articles are available: Success in Sin; What About the Crusade; To the Glory of God; and, Signs of the Times: 3, by Dr. James Kennedy.
James Begg Society Home Page:

PREVESTNIK [revised 4/96]
From the Forerunner International, collections of the Russian language periodical in English. Subjects include: a Predvestnik Brochure; Alphia's Testimony; Letter from Kirghista; Letters to Predvestnik; Little China in Russia; Russian Legislators; Tatar Forerunner; Tatars; Tatarstan; Trip to Tatarstan.

For a detailed description, please refer to the Web Sites section of this guide.

Transcripts from Probe Ministries, a leading Christian apologetics ministry. Files available on site at the time of our survey include: The Internet, by Sue Bohlin; Human Nature, by Don Closson; Slogans, by Jerry Solomon; Living in the New Dark Ages, Lou Whitworth; Teenage Drug Abuse, by Kerby Anderson; and, Decline of a Nation, by Kerby Anderson. As with other documents prepared by Probe Ministries, this series bears the same mark of thoroughness. Recommended.
Probe Ministries Web:

The official bimonthly newsletter published by Proclaiming the Gospel, an apologetics ministry to Roman Catholics. Articles included in the the sample we reviewed at the time of our survey include: How to Answer the Catholic Teaching on the Mass, by the editors; I Believe in One Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church: A Testimony of God's Amazing Grace, by Pastor Chris Bayack; letters to the editor, and news relevant to the Roman Catholic Church. The newsletter is available from Proclaiming the Gospel's main web page.
Frames Version:

See description in the Mail-based Services section of this guide.

THE PROLIFE NEWS [revised 11/96]
Until its suspension in July 1995, ProLife News was the defacto standard prolife resource on the internet. An extensive archive remains, including back issues and indices. Articles provided in the sample surveyed include: Pro-Abortion Funding Under Pressure; Around the Globe; American Shorts; What Works: Facing 'Inconsistencies'; Points to Ponder - Liberty and Truth; ProLife Profile: THE NURTURING NETWORK; New On-Line Resources; Announcements; Reader Questions; Reader Comments; and, Quote of the Month
aFTP archive:

A daily devotional by Dr. Bill Bright, New Life Publications, Campus Crusade for Christ.

An updating service from Prophecy Central, by Ron Graff. Topical treatment in the issue we reviewed at the archive at the time of our survey include: Prophecy Sites On The Internet: Blue Letter Bible; The New Topical Textbook on Goshen; PropheZine; The Prophecy Alliance; Prophecy In The News (J.R. Church) - "Israel May Fight Syria Soon"; Koinonia House (Chuck Missler) - "A Chronological History of The New World Order"; Lambert Dolphin's Resource Files - "The Days of Noah and the 'Sons of God'"; Jack Van Impe Ministries - "The Coming Persecution"; Rapture Index; Basic Training Bible - "Scientist Transplants Innate Animal Behavior"; Armageddon Books; The Pattern And The Prophecy; The Feasts of Israel - Except from "The Prophecy Puzzle"; The Year 2000 Problem - Guest editorial by Bob Price. Recommended. Subscriptions are available from the Subscribe Page, noted below.
Subscribe Page:
Prophecy Central Main Page:

Semi-annual journal of the Protestant Reformed Theological School, Grandville, Michigan. Articles available in the issue we reviewed at the time of our survey include: Editorial Notes, by Prof. Herman Hanko; The Christian Mission to Islam: Islam Viewed from a Biblical Perspective, by Rev. Bassam M. Madany; The Biblical Basis of Reformed Church Government, by Prof. Robert D. Decker; The Autonomy of the Local Church, by Prof. Herman C. Hanko; and, The Authority of the Major Assemblies, by Prof. David J. Engelsma. Book Reviews include: Calvin's Authentic Calvinism, A Clarification, Reviewed by Prof. Herman Hanko; Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons, Reviewed by Prof. Robert Decke; Leading in Prayer: A Workbook for Worship, Reviewed by Prof. Robert Decker; Gospel and Mission in the Writings of Paul: An Exegetical and Theological Analysis, Reviewed by Prof. Robert Decker; and, Book Notice: A New Testament Greek Primer, Reviewed by Prof. Herman Hanko. Past issues are archived on line. Information on how to obtain a free subscription is made available.

Book Reviews provided by the Mennonite Publishing House. Reviews from the surveyed issue include: Words for Worship by Arlene M. Mark; Godward: Personal Stories of Grace by Ted Koontz; Finding God in Unexpected Places by Philip Yancey; Places Along the Way by Martin E. Marty; A Covenant for All Seasons by Calvin Miller; Reuben and the Blizzard; Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat? by Tony Campolo.

Also see the Rutherford Institute, Education Department, in the World Wide Web section of this guide.

A Chronicle of the mighty neo-Puritan Revival Now in its Ascendency. From the Media House International site. A sampling of articles include: Enforcing the Crown Rights of Christ; On Doctrine, Correction, and Getting Along; Imprecatory Prayer! - The Church's Duty Against Her Enemies; Puritan Storm Rising; The Necessity of a Reformed World and Life View; and Articles by Andrew Sandlin.

The number surveyed contains the following articles: Religious Freedom Makes Good Neighbors by Samuel B. Casey; The Religious Equality Amendment: The Time Has Come by Gregory S. Baylor; FAQs about the Religious Equality Amendment; Unlikely Allies Win Religious Freedom Battles: Why We Build Bridges of Common Concern by Steven T. McFarland; A Real Life Example: Bridge Over Abyss Confirms Significant Student Rights; Defending Religious Liberty is Risky Business by Kimberlee Colby; CLS' National Legal Resource Center: and, With the Click of a Mouse, Valuable Help for Your Practice by Doug Vande Griend.

RADIO BIBLE CLASS [revised 9/96]
Our Daily Bread is the favorite daily devotional providing encouragement and growth. Sports Spectrum gives you exactly what you want--stats and stories about key atheletes. And, a challenge to grow spiritually. Reasons to Believe is a collection of 8 apologetics brochures offering Biblically based reasons to believe. Times of Discovery is a monthly, providing articles on a variety of subjects and up-to-date programming information. Highly recommended
Topical Index:

A Working Newsletter for Growing Churches."Church growth leaders are 'ranchers' rather than 'shepherds,' according to Carl George's excellent study, How To Break Growth Barriers (Baker Book House, 1993). A 'rancher' effectively manages church people, making certain everyone receives pastoral care in a 'measurable way, primarily through systems of nonclergy-dependent, mutual self-care' (p. 93). Ranchers train their lay leaders to really lead. Ranchers delegate responsibility, ably use the spiritual gifts God has given their congregation, cast vision, plan ahead, and set measurable goals. A rancher really believes that God wants you to help more people than you have thought possible! Ranchers 'see' (and, by the way, that's the key!) the church in terms of group life and thus their work 'not as relationships with individuals, but as objectives to be accomplished and a staff to be supervised' (p. 94). Does this negate a 'shepherd's heart?' Not in the least! It is not 'ranching' vs 'shepherding.' Rather, it is shepherding through ranching! Yes, to be a 'rancher' the church growth leader must go through a 'paradigm shift.' Yes, the congregation must be both trusted and released into ministry. People must be trained, motivated and sent out into the 'fields white unto harvest.' But, then, isn't that what church leadership is all about anyway? (cf. Ephesians 4) This newsletter has adopted that 'ranching' stance and philosophy of church growth. Thus, the name, 'The Ranching Report.'" - From Questions and Answers, The Ranching Report. The report provides Church Growth Articles, Editorials, Reviews, Bibles/ Sermon Study, Growth Resources, and the Question and Answers section. At the time of our review, the following Church Growth Article is highlighted: G-R-O-W: An Acrostic for a New Year.

THE REAL ISSUE [revised 11/96]
A monthly publication by Leadership University (formerly Christian Leadership Ministries). The issue reviewed at the time of our survey includes: Researching the Rape Culture of America: An Investigation of Feminist Claims about Rapem by Christina Hoff Sommers; The Princess and the Barbarian, by George Guilder; and, Who are the Radicals Here?, by Stan Oakes.
Leadership University:

REAL LIFE [new 4/96]
A regularly updated feature provided by Women Today International, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.

REASONS TO BELIEVE (RBC) [revised 9/96]
Reasons to Believe, published by Radio Bible Class, is a collection of 8 apologetics brochures offering Biblically based reasons to believe. Highly recommended.

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