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Johannine Hour

Johannine Hour is a monthly devotional to provide a way of seek God in silence and prayer in the midst of our daily lives. A brief commentary on a selected passage and a couple of questions are provided to assist in reflexion and sharing. A mailing list exists, to subscribe send an email to :

In the body of your message type the words:

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Taizé Texts in French and Spanish (ICLnet)

Taizé Music

Hear Taizé Community Worship in AU (Sun Audio) format. If your browser is properly configured for sound, select [LISTEN]. Please note this is a large file.

Additional Locations for the Johannine Hour

If you would like to receive the short daily Bible verse from the daily prayer, send an empty email message to :
with a line in the message body: GET TAIZE-L VERSE
(This is not a subscription, repeat as necessary).


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