Domain Directory of
Christian Organizations and Educational Institutions

Section I: Educational Institutions

v.1.94 - Feb. 10, 1999

This directory has been developed to encourage interchange among Christian organizations and their members. It includes only organizations with a domain name (ie. one that would have a number of users at a particular domain). Requests for information may be directed to [email protected] for each domain name listed below. Where postmaster is not a valid alias an alternate is listed. The latest version of this guide is available via web or anonymous ftp from as pub/resources/christian-directory.txt. Additional addresses or corrections should be directed to John Brubaker or Gary Bogart at [email protected]

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Directory: A Directory of Baptist Theological Education in Europe - (*)
Directory: Association of Christian Continuing Education Schools and Seminaries - (*)
Directory: Association of Christian Schools and Colleges - (*)
Directory: Association of Theological Schools - (*)
Directory: Bible Societies (Bible Society of Maine) - (*)
Directory: CMD Mission Links on the Web - (*)
Directory: CMD New Zealand Mission Agencies - (*)
Directory: Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities - (*)
Directory: CollegeNET College Search (General) - (*)
Directory: Council for Christian Colleges & Universities - (*)
Directory: Evangelical Missionary Alliance (NSW, AU) - [email protected] (*)
Directory: Inter-Varsity Chapter Index - (*)
Directory: International Fellowship of Evangelical Students Directory - (*)
Directory: Ministries of the Evangelical Missionary Alliance (NSW, AU) - [email protected] (*)
Directory: Pew Scholars Program Database Page - (*)
Directory: Reformed Baptist Church Directory - (*)
Directory: SBC Resources' Colleges and Schools List - (*)
Directory: The Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges - (*)
Directory: Theological Research Exchange Network Participants - (*)
Directory: Theological Seminaries of North America, Fuller Theological Seminary - (*)
Directory: United Methodist Theological Schools - (*)
Directory: United Methodist-Related Colleges and Universities - (*)
Directory: Urbana Online Options Guide - (*)
Abilene Christian University (TX) -
Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges - [email protected]
Africa Nazarene University (Kenya) - (*)
Alderson-Broaddus College (WV) -
All Nations Christian College (UK) - (*)
Alliance Seminary (HK) - [email protected]
Anderson University (IN) -
Andover Newton Theological School (MA) - (*)
Asbury College (KY) - (*)
Asbury Theological Seminary (KY) - (*)
Ashland Theological Seminary (OH) - [email protected]
Asia-Pacific Theological Seminary - [email protected]
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (MO) - (*)
Association of Christian Continuing Education Schools and Seminaries - [email protected]
Augustana University College (Alberta) -
Austin College (TX) - [email protected] (*)
Azusa Pacific University (CA) - (*)
Baptist Bible College and Seminary (PA) - [email protected]
Baptist Bible College East (MA) - [email protected]
Baptist Bible College (MO) - (*)
Baptist Theological Seminary (VA) - (*)
Baylor University (TX) - [email protected]
Belmont University (TN) - (*)
Berean University (MO) - [email protected]
Bethany College (CA) - [email protected]
Bethel College Center for Continuing Studies - [email protected] (*)
Bethel College (KS) -
Bethel College (MN) -
Bethel Theological Seminary (CA) - [email protected] (*)
Bethel Theological Seminary (MN) - [email protected] (*)
Bible College of New Zealand - (*)
Biblical Theological Seminary International (Poland) - [email protected]
Biblical Theological Seminary (PA) - [email protected]
Biola University (CA) -
Bluefield College (VA) - [email protected]
Bluffton College (OH) - [email protected]
Bob Jones University (SC) - [email protected]
Boston Theological Institute (MA) - [email protected]
Bridgewater College - (*)
Briercrest College - [email protected]
Briercrest Seminary - [email protected]
Bryan College (TN) - [email protected]
Bulgarian Bible Academy "Logos" (Bulgaria) - [email protected]
California Lutheran University - (*)
Calvin College (MI) -
Calvin Theological Seminary (MI) - [email protected]
Campbell University (NC) -
Campus Berea Academy (Seoul, Korea) - [email protected]
Canadian Nazarene College (Alberta) - [email protected] (*)
Carey Baptist College (Auckland, NZ) - [email protected]
Carson-Newman College (TN) - (*)
Cedarville College (OH) - (*)
Central Baptist Theological Seminary (MN) - [email protected]
Central Bible College (MO) - [email protected]
Central College (IA) - [email protected]
Central College (KS) - [email protected]
Central Methodist College (MO) - (*)
China Evangelical Seminary (ROC) - [email protected]
China Graduate School of Theology (HK) - [email protected]
Chinese University of Hong Kong - [email protected]
Christ for the Nations Institute (TX) - [email protected]
Christian Bible College and Seminary (MO) - [email protected] (*)
Christian International School of Theology (FL) - [email protected]
Chung Chi College (Hong Kong) - [email protected]
Chung Yuan Christian University -
Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities - [email protected]
Colorado Christian University (CO) - (*)
Columbia Bible College (SC) - [email protected]
Columbia International University (SC) - [email protected]
Concord College (CANADA) - (*)
Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) - (*)
Concordia College (NE) - (*)
Concordia College (St. Paul, MN) - (*)
Concordia University (CA) - (*)
Concordia University (IL) -
Concordia University Wisconsin -
Cornerstone College (MI) -
Covenant College (GA) - (*)
Covenant Theological Seminary (MO) - [email protected]
Cranmer Theological House (LA) - [email protected]
Criswell College (TX) - [email protected]
Crown College (MN) - [email protected]
Dakota Wesleyan University (SD) - (*)
Dallas Baptist University (TX) -
Dallas Christian College (TX) - (*)
Dallas Theological Seminary (TX) - (*)
Deaf International Bible College (MN) - [email protected]
Denver Seminary (CO) - (*)
Dordt College (IA) -
East European School of Theology (Hungary) - [email protected]
Eastern College (PA) - [email protected]
Eastern Mennonite University (VA) - (*)
Eastern Nazarene College (MA) - [email protected]
Eastern Pentecostal Bible College (Canada) - [email protected]
Ecola Bible College (OR) - [email protected]
Emmanuel Bible College - [email protected] (*)
Emmanuel Bible Institute (Romania) - [email protected]
Emmaus Bible College (IA) - [email protected]
Erskine College (SC) - [email protected]
Evangelical Bible College of Western Australia - [email protected]
Evangelical College of Western Australia - [email protected]
Evangelical School of Theology (PA) - [email protected]
Evangelical Theological Seminary (Croatia) - [email protected]
Evangelical Theological Seminary (Czech Republic) - mailto:[email protected]
Far Eastern Bible College (Singapore) - [email protected]
Faraston Theological Seminary (WA) - [email protected]
Faulkner University (AB) - [email protected]
Fuller Theological Seminary - (*)
Geneva College - (*)
George Fox University (OR) - (*)
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (CA) - (*)
Gordon College (MA) - [email protected]
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (MA/NC) - (*)
Goshen College (IN) -
Grace College (IN) - (*)
Grand Canyon University (AZ) -
Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary (MI) - (*)
Grove City College (PA) - [email protected]
Gustavus Adolphus College -
Hanover College (IN) - (*)
Hardin-Simmons University (TX) - [email protected]
Harding University - (*)
Harvest Bible College (AU) - [email protected]
Hillsdale College (MI) - (*)
Hong Kong Baptist College - CTCS.HKBC.HK
Houghton College (NY) - [email protected]
Huntingdon College (AB) -
Huntington University (IN) - [email protected]
ICI University (TX) - [email protected]
Indiana Wesleyan University (IN) - (*)
Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals - [email protected]
Institute of Jewish Studies (PA) - [email protected] (*)
International Bible College (TX) - [email protected]
International Christian University (Japan) - ICU.AC.JP
International School of Theology (CA) - [email protected]
John Brown University (AR) - (*)
Johnson Bible College (TN) - [email protected]
Kansas City College and Bible School (KS) - (*)
Kansas Wesleyan University (KA) - (*)
Kentucky Bible College - [email protected]
Kentucky Christian College - (*)
King of Kings College (Israel) - (*)
The King's University College (Alberta, CA) - [email protected]
Knox College (Toronto) - (*)
Knox Theological Seminary (FL) - (*)
LeMoyne-Owen College (TN) - (*)
LeTourneau University (TX) - [email protected]
Lexington Baptist College (KY) - [email protected]
Liberty University (VA) - (*)
Life Bible College (CA) - [email protected]
Ligonier Ministries - [email protected]
Linfield College (OR) -
Living Faith Bible College (Alberta, CA) - [email protected]
Logos Christian College (FL) - [email protected]
Logsdon School of Theology (TX) - [email protected]
Louisiana College (LA) - (*)
Luther Seminary - (*)
Luther Seminary (MN) -
Lutheran Bible Institute (WA) - [email protected]
Malone College (OH) - (*)
Manhattan Christian College (KA) - (*)
Maryland Bible College and Seminary (MD) - [email protected]
The Master's College (CA) - [email protected]
The Master's Seminary (CA) - (*)
McMurry University (TX) - [email protected] (*)
Memphis Theological Seminary (TN) - [email protected]
Messiah College (PA) -
Methodist Ladies College (Victoria AU) - [email protected]
Methodist Ladies College (Western AU) - [email protected]
Miami Christian University - [email protected]
Michigan Christian College - [email protected]
Michigan Theological Seminary (MI) - [email protected] (*)
Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (TN) - [email protected]
Mid-America Bible College (OK) - (*)
Mid-America Nazarene College (KS) - (*)
MidAmerica Nazarene College - (*)
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MO) - [email protected] (*)
Milligan College (TN) - [email protected]
Mississippi College (MS) -
Montana Bible College (MT) - [email protected]
Montreat College (NC) - [email protected]
Moody Bible Institute - (*)
Moravian College (PA) - [email protected] (*)
Mount Vernon Nazarene College (OH) - (*)
Multnomah Bible College and Seminary (OR) - (*)
Nazarene Theological Seminary - [email protected] (*)
Nebraska Wesleyan University (NE) -
New Brunswick Bible Institute (CANADA) - (*)
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (LA) - (*)
North Carolina Wesleyan College (NC) - (*)
North Central Bible College (MN) - (*)
North Park College & Seminary (IL) -
Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry - [email protected]
Northwest Nazarene College - (*)
Northwestern College (IA) -
Northwestern College (MN) - [email protected]
Nyack College (NY) - [email protected]
Odessa Theological Seminary (Ukraine) - [email protected]
Ohio Wesleyan University (OH) -
Oklahoma Baptist University (OK) - [email protected]
Oklahoma Christian University - [email protected]
Olivet Nazarene University (IL) -
Oral Roberts University (OK) - (*)
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church - [email protected]
Ouachita Baptist University (AR) -
Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College (CA) - [email protected]
Pacific Lutheran University (WA) -
Palm Beach Atlantic College (FL) -
Pensacola Christian College (FL) - [email protected]
Pepperdine University (CA) - [email protected]
Philadelphia Theological Seminary (PA) - [email protected]
Philippine Christian University (Manila) - [email protected]
Phoenix Seminary (AZ) - [email protected]
Pillsbury Baptist Bible College (MN) - [email protected]
Point Loma Nazarene College (CA) -
Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (South Africa) - (*)
Practical Bible College (NY) - [email protected]
Prarie Bible Institute (Alberta, CA) - [email protected]
Presbyterian College (SC) -
Presbyterian Ladies College (Victoria AU) - [email protected]
Princeton Theological Seminary (NJ) -
Protestant Institute for Mission Studies (Hungary) - [email protected]
Protestant Reformed Churches in America - (*)
Protestant Reformed Theological School (MI) - [email protected]
Providence Bible College (RI) - [email protected]
Providence College and Theological Seminary (Manitoba) - [email protected]
Redeemer College (Ontario) - [email protected]
Reformed Theological Seminary (FL) - [email protected]
Regent University (VA) -
Renewing Your Mind Online (R.C. Sproul) - [email protected]
Roanoak Bible College (NC) - [email protected]
Russian School of Evangelism (St. Petersburg) - [email protected]
Saint John's University (MN) - (*)
Saint Johns College (KS) - (*)
Saint Joseph of Arimathea Theological College (CA) - [email protected]
Saint Louis Christian College (MO) - [email protected]
Saint Olaf College - (*)
Saint Stephen's College (Alberta, CA) - [email protected]
Samford University (AB) -
Schloss Mittersill Study Centre (Austria) - [email protected] com
Seabury-Western Theological Seminary (IL) - (*)
Seattle Pacific University (WA) -
Seminario Teológio Superior (EQ) - [email protected]
Sierra Pacific Bible College (CA) - (*)
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (NC) - [email protected]
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (KY) - [email protected]
Southern California Center for Christian Studies - [email protected]
Southern California College (CA) - [email protected]
Southern Methodist University (TX) - (*)
Southern Nazarene University - (*)
Southwest Baptist University (MO) -
Southwestern Baptist Seminary (TX) -
Spring Arbor College (MI) - [email protected]
St. Petersburg Christian University (Russia) - [email protected]
St. Petersburg Evangelical Theological Academy (Russia) - [email protected]
Stellenbosch Theological Seminary (South Africa) - (*)
Taylor University (IN) -
Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches (ON) - [email protected]
Theological Mission Seminary (Slovak Republic) - [email protected]
Toccoa Falls College (GA) - (*)
Tokyo Women's Christian University - CS.TITECH.AC.JP
Training der Christlichen Mitmenschenhilfe (TCM International, Austria) - [email protected]
Trevecca Nazarene University (TN) -
Tri-City Christian Schools (CA) - [email protected]
Trinity Christian College (IL) - [email protected]
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences (IL) - [email protected]
Trinity Division of Open Studies (IL) - [email protected] (*)
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (IL) - [email protected]
Trinity Graduate School (IL) - [email protected]
Trinity International University (FL) - [email protected]
Trinity International University (IL) - (*)
Trinity Lutheran College (Queensland AU) - [email protected]
Trinity Theological College (Singapore) - (*)
Trinity Theological Seminary (GA) - [email protected]
Trinity Western University (CA) -
Tyndale Biblical Institute and Seminary (TX) - [email protected]
Union University (TN) - [email protected]
United Theological Seminary - [email protected]
University of Biblical Studies & Seminary (OK) - [email protected]
University of the Nations (KONA, HI) - [email protected]
University of the Nations (Lausanne) - [email protected]
Valley Forge Christian College (PA) - [email protected] (*)
Valparaiso University - (*)
Vennard College (IA) - [email protected]
Walla Walla College (WA) - (*)
Washington Bible College & Capital Bible Seminary (MD) - [email protected]
Waterloo Lutheran Seminary (Ontario) - (*)
Waynesburg College (PA) - [email protected]
Wesley College (Melbourne AU) - (*)
Wesley College (MS) - [email protected] (*)
West Virginia Wesleyan College (WV) - (*)
Western Baptist College (OR) - (*)
Western Evangelical Seminary (OR) - (*)
Western Seminary (OR) - [email protected]
Westminster Theological Seminary - (*)
Westmont College (CA) -
Wheaton College (IL) -
Whitworth College (WA) - [email protected]
William Carey International University (CA) -
William Jewell College (MO) - [email protected]
Word of Life Bible Institute (NY) - [email protected]
Ying Wa College (Hong Kong) - (*)
(*) indicates that a host exists but the postmaster alias is not yet verified
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