A Time to Sow
ICLnet Guide to Christian Missions on the Internet

v 1.32
Part 1 of 17
April 5, 1998

A Time to Sow is part of a series of ICLnet Christian guides, provided for internet users interested in resources related to Classical Christianity (a term coined by C.S. Lewis to describe a theology which affirms the importance of a transforming faith in Christ as God and Savior). The current version of this guide is available at https://christian.net. Please address comments to njb1@iclnet.org, and include MISSIONS in the subject line. Thank you for visiting ICLnet.

Resources are organized as follows:

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This document copyright © 1994-1998 by ICLnet. Reproduction and/or distribution for non-commercial purposes is permissible providing that the guide is left fully intact. Please do not modify this document in any way without prior written consent.

Comments regarding the contents of this guide and any additional, relevant resources accessible via internet are welcomed. Please address your comments or additional information to ICLnet at njb1@iclnet.org with the subject: MISSIONS.

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