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Welcome to the Institute of Practical Biblical Education Web/ FTP archive, a cooperative effort of Institute of Practical Biblical Education and ICLnet . The series titles that is made available at ICLnet were originally posted from the former CHR-EXP subscriber list, "A Christian Explanation of Scriptures to Israel". The great majority of titles available in IPB-e's Electronic Public Library are the result of an immense undertaking by the owner during the time that CHR-EXP was in session here on the internet. Please note that the former owner is no longer continuing CHR-EXP.

CHR-EXP was an open, moderated list, which gave a Christian explanation of the Scriptures to the Jewish community in Israel and the Diaspora. Subscribers were permitted to ask questions, which were answered. Some discussion was also permitted.

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Contents: What's Available Online?:

The Scriptures Opened, a series of Bible Studies.
The Tanach (Masoretic Text)
The Hebrew New Testament (Adobe Acrobat format.
Talkings, dialogue.
Mr. Benschop's commentary on the Compendium of Christian Religion.
A Study of the Book of Deuteronomy

The Electronic Public Library:

A substantial collection of classical Christian documents selected by the Institute of Practical Biblical Education.

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