Aspects has been published in printed form since November, 1990. The intent of this journal is to encourage Christians to enjoy a closer relationship with the Lord God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and to have a better understanding of His word. The emphasis is on application -- not exegesis.

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Inside TO BE FILLED WITH GOD,the October 2002 issue of Aspects . . .

They say a good breakfast is a healthy way to begin a day. They say a glass of orange juice is just the ticket to jump-start a lethargic mind and body. Some may opt, instead, for a bracing cup of hot, strong coffee and the morning news.

But nothing throws off tenacious slumber quite like the glory of the Lord. Nothing braces the mind and heart for a new day quite like an early-morning audience with His splendor. It is to fill the heart with unbounded joy; it is to begin the day parting the blinds of the earth's sky, to peer into the brilliance of heaven. It is to begin the day being filled to overflowing with the Lord's goodness, and majesty, and empowering strength.

We have listed below a substantial archive of earlier issues.

Aspects 2002

An Ear to the Rail [No.134 (2002:January)] [Plain Text] PC or BC-- which R U? [No.135 (2002:February)] [Plain Text]
All the Way Up to Heaven [No.136 (2002:March)] [Plain Text] Small People Doing Great Things [No.137 (2002:April)] [Plain Text]
Who's In Charge? [No.138 (2002:May)] [Plain Text] With Jesus Vision [No.139 (2002:June)] [Plain Text]
Remember [No.140 (2002:July)] [Plain Text] The Middle Time [No.141 (2002:August)] [Plain Text]
In Season and Out [No.142 (2002:September)] [Plain Text] To Be Filled With God [No.143 (2002:October)] [Plain Text]

Aspects 2001

Forgetting Those Things Which Are Behind... [No.122 (2001:January)] [Plain Text] The Simple Ways of a Complex God [No.123 (2001:February)] [Plain Text]
Listening to Great Lives [No.124 (2001:March)] [Plain Text] Were You There? [No.125 (2001:April)] [Plain Text]
Rising to the Bright Sweetness [No.126 (2001:May)] [Plain Text] A People Set Out of Place [No.127 (2001:June)] [Plain Text]
The Joy! [No.128 (2001:July)] [Plain Text] The Only God [No.129 (2001:August)] [Plain Text]
Letters Home [No.130 (2001:Sept.)] [Plain Text] Sovereign God [No.131 (2001:Oct.)] [Plain Text]
Living [No.132 (2001:Nov.)] [Plain Text] The Final Door [No.133 (2001:Dec.)] [Plain Text]

Aspects 2000

Letters to My Father [No.110 (2000:January)] [Plain Text] The Book [No.111 (2000:February)] [Plain Text]
The Book, 2 [No.112 (2000:March)] [Plain Text] ...And We All Left Him and Fled [No.113 (2000:April)] [Plain Text]
What He Left Behind [No.114 (2000:May)] [Plain Text] Dancing In the Light of the Beloved [No.115 (2000:June)] [Plain Text]
Dwelling in Tents [No.116 (2000:July)] [Plain Text] The Veil [No.117 (2000:August)] [Plain Text]
Not Our Own: Christ In Us [No.118 (2000:August)] [Plain Text] Like a Rock [No.119 (2000:October)] [Plain Text]
To Fill Myself With So Much of God [No.120 (2000:November)] [Plain Text] What Do You Seek? [No.121 (2000:December)] [Plain Text]

Aspects 1999

Tabernacle [No.98 (1999:January)] [Plain Text] A Time Away [No.99 (1999:February)] [Plain Text]
Sunday Best [No.100 (1999:March)] [Plain Text] Were Not Our Hearts Burning Within Us? [No.101 (1999:April)] [Plain Text]
Layers [No.102 (1999:May)] [Plain Text] On Becoming Agreeably Small [No.103 (1999:June)] [Plain Text]
Mutterings: A Habit of Praise [No.104 (1999:July)] [Plain Text] A Well-Reasoned Worship [No.105 (1999:August)] [Plain Text]
Death Rattle: The Dying Gasp of Integrity [No.106 (1999:September)] [Plain Text] The Homespun of the Sincere [No.107 (1999:September)] [Plain Text]
Why He Came: The Condition of His Creation [No.108 (1999:November)] [Plain Text] Why He Came: Light for a Darkened World [No.109 (1999:December)] [Plain Text]

Aspects 1998

They Need a Savior [No.86 (1998:January)] [Plain Text] A Better Way to Live [No.87 (1998:February)] [Plain Text]
Wings [No.88 (1998:March)] [Plain Text] An Easy Likeness [No.89 (1998:April)] [Plain Text]
In His Arms [No.90 (1998:May)] [Plain Text] An Unnatural Journey [No.91 (1998:June)] [Plain Text]
Finding the Divine [No.92 (1998:July)] [Plain Text] "X" [No.93 (1998:August)] [Plain Text]
From All Sides [No.94 (1998:September)] [Plain Text] Windows [No.95 (1998:October)] [Plain Text]
Running From Jezebel [No.96 (1998:November)] [Plain Text] God With Us [No.97 (1998:December)] [Plain Text]

Aspects 1997

Who's On First? [No.74 (1997:January)] [Plain Text] Lord, I Thank You For Wooden Pews [No.80 (1997:July) [Plain Text]
In Praise of the Hymn [No.75 (1997:February)] [Plain Text] Knowing Jesus [No.81 (1997:August)] [Plain Text]
Who Do You Say That I Am? [No.76 (1997:March)] [Plain Text] Closets [No.82 (1997:September)] [Plain Text]
Lovest Thou Me? [No.77 (1997:April)] [Plain Text] The Listening Heart [No.83 (1997:October] [Plain Text]
Present Imperfect [No.78 (1997:May)] [Plain Text] Evidence of His Glory [No.84 (1997:November)] [Plain Text]
The Well [No.79 (1997:June)] [Plain Text] Grounded [No.85 (1997:December)] [Plain Text]

Aspects 1996

Seeds of Encouragement [No.62 (1996:January)] [Plain Text] Tabernacle [No.68 (1996:July)] [Plain Text]
Falling Down: Living Without Training Wheels [No.63 (1996:February)] [Plain Text] In Christ [No.69 (1996:August)] [Plain Text]
Empty Words [No.64 (1996:March)] [Plain Text] An Exchange of Affection [No.70 (1996:September)] [Plain Text]
I Have Seen the Light [No.65 (1996:April)] [Plain Text] I Lift Up My Voice! [No.71 (1996:October)] [Plain Text]
Dirt Under the Fingernails: Part 1: The Gift [No.66 (1996:May)] [Plain Text] Taking Pleasure in the Lord [No.72 (1996:November)] [Plain Text]
Dirt Under the Fingernails: Part 2: The Response [No.67 (1996:Jun.)] [Plain Text] A New Creation [No.73 (1996:December)] [Plain Text]

Aspects 1995

Companionship of the Spirit [No.50 (1995:January)] [Plain Text] 1. Friends For Life, 2. Wisdom From on High, 3. The True Life Beloved [No.56 (1995:July)] [Plain Text] 1. Grounded in Faith, 2. Dependable Love, 3. The Touch of a Friend
Song of the Hungering Servant [No.51 (1995:February)] [Plain Text] 1. Generous God, Obedient Servant, 2. 20/20 Vision, 3. Banquet Gratitude [No.57 (1995:August)] [Plain Text] 1. A Botched Job, 2. "You Saved My Life", 3. Only a Fighting Chance
Personal Savior [No.52 (1995:March)] [Plain Text] 1. Rubbing Shoulders With the Great Unwashed, 2. Tender-hearted God, 3. A Mountaintop Kind of Faith A New Unifying Theory [No.58 (1995:September)] [Plain Text] 1. The Fingerprints of God, 2. In the Eyes of the Beholder, 3. The Eternal Oneness
Communion [No.53 (1995:April)] [Plain Text] 1. Forgiveness, 2. Secret Faith, 3. "I Have Seen the Lord" Tea Party [No.59 (1995:October)] [Plain Text] 1. True Words and Quiet Lips, 2. The Informed Voice of Praise, 3. Not the Giver, But the Lord
In the Hands of a Sovereign God [No.54 (1995:May)] [Plain Text] 1. By His Pleasure, 2. The Rights of a Free God, 3. Faithfully Abiding Believing Our Eyes [No.60 (1995:November)] [Plain Text] 1. Blinded, 2. Riches Untold, 3. Foresight
Weeds [No.55 (1995:June)] [Plain Text] 1. By the Handful, 2. Feeding the Good, Starving the Bad, 3. Shield and Defender The Beginning of Forever [No.61 (1995:December)] [Plain Text]

Aspects 1994

The Quiet Workers of God [No.38(1994:January)] 1. Visionary Woman: Rahab, 2. Serving a New God: Ruth, 3. Reluctant Messanger: Ananias Feet of Clay [No.44 (1994:July)] 1. Authenticy: The True Shepherd, 2. Identity: The Personal Shepherd, 3. Intimacy: The Caring Shepherd
Who's in Charge Here? [No.39 (1994:February)] 1. Simple Organisms: Dust to Dust, 2. Only Piles of Rubble: Fleeting Possessions, 3. A New and Forever Likeness: Permanent Identity The God Who Dances [No.45 (1994:August)] 1. He Waits, 2. He Rejoices, 3. He Works.
Soaring into Greatness [No.40 (1994:March)] 1. The Call to be Broken, 2. Excellence Due, 3. The Greatest Will be the Servant Pursuing [No.46 (1994:September)] 1. Knowing Where to Look, 2. What We Hope to Find, 3. The Pursuit.
With Jesus Vision [No.41 (1994:April)] 1. The Immoral Evangelist, 2. Stones on the Ground, 3. Never Too Late Blissful Ignorance [No.47(1994:October)] 1. Smorgasbord, 2. I Know Whom I Have Believed, 3. Harvesting His Bounty.
God's Middle Name [No.42 (1994:May)] 1. Yahweh: God, the Father, 2. Pneuma: God the Spirit, 3. Jeshua: God the Son Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving [No.48 (1994:November)] [Plain Text] 1. Getting the Right Address, 2. The Silence of One Heart Clapping, 3. Poured Out.
Branching Out [No.43 (1994:June)] 1. Dead Wood, 2. Constantly Abiding, 3. Just a Little Off the Sides, Please Deserts of Cleansing [No.49 (1994:December)] [Plain Text] 1. The Desert of Preparation, 2. The Desert of Testing, 3. The Desert of Correction.

Aspects 1993

The Glorious Servant: Rightful Ownership [No.26 (1993:January)] 1. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, 2. Finger of the Hand Divine, 3. Rightful Deed. P.C. or B.C. -- Which R U? [No.32 (1993:July)] 1. Strength in Numbers: The Body, 2. A Sure Foundation: The Christ, 3. The Sword of the Spirit: The Word
A Guiding Hand Through the Pitch of Night [No.27 (1993:February)] 1. All We Like Sheep, 2. Passage Guaranteed, 3. A Shout of Triumph Shall We Gather at the River? [No.33 (1993:August)] 1. The Eternal Spring: The Source, 2. Let the River Run: Unrestricted Flow, 3. Getting Our Feet Wet: The Result
An Ear to the Rail: Staying Alert [No.28 (1993:March)] 1. Keeping the Water Stirred, 2. If the Truth Be Told, 3. No Game of Badminton Victory Garden [No.34 (1993:September)] 1. To Know the Sower - Matthew 13:20-21, 2. Floribunda Dandelions - Matthew 13:22, 3. Producing Fruit - Matthew 13:23
Heavenly Rain /Personal Covenant [No.29 (1993:April)] 1. Out With the Old ... But Not Too Far, 2. A "Full-contact" Life, 3. Spending Wisely Standing Before the Word [No.35 (1993:October)] 1. Thirsting at the Water Gate - Neh. 8:1, 2. Be Still and Know - Neh. 8:5, 3. "Amen! Amen!"
Who is My God? [No.30 (1993:May)] 1."To Him Who Rides the Ancient Skies Above": He is eternal, outside of time, 2. No Shadow of Turning: He is all-powerful, but faithful to Himself, 3. The Servant Master: He is only one Son, who came to serve Hallelujah [No.36 (1993:November)] 1. The Object of Praise: Knowing Who He Is, 2. The Restoration of Praise: What He Can Give, 3. The Lovliness of Praise: Meeting Him in His Praise
One Body, One Lord [No.31 (1993:June)] 1. Following Hard After God: As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God. (Psalm 42;1), 2. A Costly Investment: I am a friend to all who fear You, to all who follow Your precepts (Psalm 119:63), 3. Until It Hurts: Just as You share in our sufferings, so also You share in our comfort. (2 Corinthians 1:7b) My Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation [No.37 (1993:December)] 1. Who Are You? His Diety, 2. What Are You? His Humanity, 3. What Are We to Do With You? Our Response

Aspects 1992

They Found Him in the Temple [No.14 (1992:January)] 1. The Quiet Student, 2. Our Sanctuary, 3. Could This Be God?, 4. From the Mind of God, 5. Dialogue Like a Shepherd [No.20 (1992:July)] 1. Sticking With It, 2. The Essence of His Death, 3. Grace Through the Eyes of Pain, 4. The Scarred Rock
To Fulfill All Righteousness[No.15 (1992:February)] 1. Exit Jesus, 2. Matthew's Verbs, 3. Authority Confirmed, 4. Because God Said To, 5. Resurrection, 6. Dialogue No One, Except Jesus... Alone (Matthew 17:1-8) [No.21 (1992:August)] 1. Metamorphosis, 2. Breaking Our Earthly Bonds, 3. Mysterious Visitors, 4. Listen to Him, 5. Siezing the Rope, 6. The Preeminence of Christ, 7. Quiet Strength
It is Written [No.16 (1992:March)] 1. The Arrogance of An Empty Kit, 2. "I'll Be Back!", 3. Weapon of Choice, 4. Developing an Arsenal, 5. Answering the Why Signs & Wonders [No.22 (1992:September)] 1. Who Then is This?, 2. 20/20 Faith, 3. You Want Me to Do What?, 4. It is I, 5. A Closer Look (The Miracles of Jesus)
Companions & Warriors [No.17 (1992:April)] 1. Even God Wants Friends, 2. Contributions, 3. The Battle is the Lord's -- But We're the Foot Soldiers, 4. Whatever Happened to ... , 5. Just Itching to Solo, 6. The Call to Discipleship He Loved Them to the End [No.23 (1992:October)] 1. Look for a Man Carrying a Jar of Water, 2. Winding Down, 3. Dying Wasn't Enough, 4. A Life Poorly Spent, 5. I Never Called Him Lord, 6. Tears in the Sand
Bowing to the Winds of Change[No.18 (1992:May)] 1. Minister/Ministry, 2. Flirting With the Kingdom of God, 3. To a New Life Born, 4. Cause and Effect, 5. Aliens and Strangers Standing Before the Tree: John 19:16-30 [No.24 (1992:November)] 1. Yehohanan, Son of Hagakol, 2. Mary From Magdala, 3. Come Down and We'll Believe, 4. Blinders, 5. Never Before Forgiven
Three Lives Restored [No.19 (1992:June)] 1. A Life Forgiven, 2. No Man Condemns You, 3. A Life Returned, 4. Taking Up Residence, 5. A Life Restored Worship the Lamb That Was Slain! Revelation 5:11-14 [No.25 (1992:December)] 1. Triumph Through Death, 2. Living to Die, 3. God Has Provided the Lamb, 4. Dying to Live, 5. You Will Drink of the Cup, 6. They'll Never Understand, 7. Praise the Name of Jesus!

Aspects 1991

January, 1991 Aspects not published. Our Jesus [No.8 (1991:July)] 1. Creator, 2. Humble Servant, 3. Sacrifice, 4. Encourager
His Word [No.3 (1991:February)] 1. God's word as a counsel or resource, 2. The comfort or peace we find in His word, 3. God's word as our daily authority, 4. God's word as a powerful weapon Property [No.9 (1991:August)] 1. His World, 2. His Possessions, 3. His Custodians, 4. His Glory
Tentmakers [No.4 (1991:March) 1. Available, 2. Ordinary, 3. Flexible, 4. Confident A Time of Praise [No.10 (1991:September)] 1. Holy, 2. Faithful, 3. Fair, 4. Majestic
Nehemiah [No.5 (1991:April)] 1. Immediate, 2. Well-ordered, 3. Active, 4. Expectant Solid Food [No.11 (1991:October)] 1. The Milk-fed, 2. The Healthy, 3. Appetite, 4. A Steady Diet
Distinctives [No.6 (1991:May)] 1. Salt, 2. Light, 3. Separate, 4. Holy How Do We Know The Way [No.12 (1991:November)] 1. I Am, 2. The Way, 3. The Truth, 4. The Life
Benediction [No.7 (1991:June)] 1. The Lord Bless You and Keep You, 2. May the God of Peace...Equip You, 3. May...God...Give You a Spirit of Unity, 4. ...Grace... Love... Fellowship... Immanuel [No.13 (1991:December)] 1. Against, 2. Alongside, 3. Mediator, 4. Friend

Aspects 1990

Grace [No.1 (1990:November)] 1. from God to Man, 2. through Jesus Christ, 3. Living, 4. toward each other
Foundation [No.2 (1990:December)] 1. Our source, 2. Stability, 3. Safety, 4.Confidence and Strength

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