Editorial Team

Welcome to our editorial team, committed to sharing Christian teachings through engaging articles. United by faith, we explore ancient texts and contemporary issues, fostering a community where dialogue thrives. Our approach is straightforward, avoiding jargon to communicate clearly. We aim to inspire and nurture spiritual growth, making scripture accessible to all. Your contributions are vital as we spread God’s word, offering hope and understanding. Together, we embark on this meaningful journey, guided by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being part of our mission.



Peter Smith, Editorial Director


Peter Smith, as the Editorial Director at Christian.net, brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and passion for religious discourse to the platform. His background, rich with insights into the intersections of faith with politics, culture, immigration, and social services, positions him as a thought leader in navigating the complexities of religious communities and societal dynamics.


Acknowledged for his dedication to excellence, Peter has received numerous awards that recognize his contribution to fostering a deeper understanding of religious issues. His leadership skills shine through in his adept coordination with creative teams, ensuring the production of engaging and insightful content that resonates with a diverse audience.


Previously serving as the president of a leading organization for religious communicators, Peter has been instrumental in promoting professional development, advocacy, and networking within the religious community. His commitment to enriching the dialogue around faith and its impact on society makes him an invaluable asset to Christian.net, where his expertise continues to inspire and educate readers worldwide.



Jason DeRose, Managing Editor


Jason DeRose, as Managing Editor at Christian.net, enriches the platform with his nuanced understanding of faith’s role in American life. His career is distinguished by a deep dive into how religious beliefs intersect with societal norms, offering readers insights into the complex fabric of American public life. With a background that spans significant editorial roles, Jason has adeptly managed coverage across a vast array of subjects, particularly focusing on religion’s multifaceted impact.


Beyond journalism, Jason’s contributions extend to education and oral history, highlighting his versatile engagement with storytelling and historical documentation. His academic achievements in religion and English, coupled with his advanced studies in journalism, underpin a sophisticated approach to religion reporting. Recognized by leading journalism and religious organizations, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Christian.net, guiding the editorial team in crafting content that deeply resonates with and enlightens the platform’s diverse audience.




Ericka Andersen, Editor


Ericka Andersen, an editor at Christian.net, brings a rich tapestry of expertise in digital strategy and content creation, focusing on the nuanced exploration of faith, community, policy, and life’s intricate issues. Her distinguished ability to articulate complex subjects with clarity and compassion has established her as a pivotal voice in discussions that bridge belief with the broader societal landscape.


Her background in communications and new media infuses her work with a dynamic approach to engaging audiences, ensuring that content not only informs but also inspires. Ericka’s proficiency in writing, coupled with her adeptness in social media management and outreach, enhances her role at Christian.net, where she crafts compelling narratives that resonate deeply with readers.


At the heart of Ericka’s contributions is a commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue around faith, enriching the platform’s mission to illuminate the intersections of belief and daily life. Her work supports a community eager for thoughtful discourse, solidifying Christian.net’s position as a source of profound and impactful content.



At Christian.net, we’re big on voices that genuinely matter, spotlighting insights into faith and life. Our contributors? They’re the backbone here, chosen not just for their knowledge but for their fire and knack for sparking deep conversations.


Daniel Gallik


Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our religious community from the heart of Peterborough. With a background in theology and community service, he has dedicated two decades to fostering understanding and compassion among diverse religious groups. Daniel’s writings often reflect his deep commitment to faith-based community building and interfaith dialogue, making him a cherished voice among our contributors.




Mark Waite


Based in the bustling city of New York, Mark Waite offers a unique perspective on spirituality in the urban context. With a career spanning over 25 years in religious studies and social work, Mark’s contributions are both insightful and grounded in real-world applications of faith. His work emphasizes the importance of community support systems and the role of religion in addressing social issues.




Andy Reece


Andy Reece from Gainesville, Georgia, combines his pastoral experience with a keen interest in digital evangelism. His articles often explore the intersection of technology and faith, offering innovative ways to engage with religious teachings in the digital age. Andy’s approachable style and practical advice have made him a favorite among readers seeking to deepen their faith through online platforms.




Kor Adana


The youngest of our contributors, Kor Adana brings a fresh and vibrant energy to our religious site from Los Angeles. A recent divinity school graduate, Kor is passionate about youth ministry and the role of media in shaping modern spirituality. His writings are particularly appealing to younger audiences, offering perspectives on how to navigate faith and identity in today’s fast-paced world. Kor’s enthusiasm for innovative ministry practices is both inspiring and a testament to the evolving landscape of religious engagement.




Ronald Rentner


Hailing from Washington, D.C., Ronald Rentner is a seasoned journalist with a focus on religious affairs and ethical issues. His deep understanding of the socio-political implications of religious movements makes his analysis invaluable. Ronald’s articles provide thoughtful commentary on current events, viewed through the lens of faith and morality, encouraging readers to reflect on the broader impact of their beliefs.




Mary Hughes


Mary Hughes is a renowned author and speaker who contributes her profound insights into spirituality and personal development. Her work emphasizes the transformative power of faith and the importance of personal journey in religious practice. Mary’s compassionate approach to writing offers guidance and inspiration to those seeking to deepen their spiritual path and live a life aligned with their values.




Alexa Dark


Based in New York, Alexa Dark specializes in interfaith dialogue and religious pluralism. Her contributions shed light on the beauty of religious diversity and the potential for faith communities to collaborate for global peace and understanding. Alexa’s background in comparative religion brings a rich depth to her writing, making complex topics accessible and engaging for a broad audience.




Taylor McKittrick


Taylor McKittrick from San Diego is a dynamic force in religious education and youth mentorship. Her innovative approaches to teaching and community engagement have revitalized local faith initiatives. Taylor’s articles often focus on practical advice for nurturing faith in young people, emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive and supportive religious environments.




Karen Herndon


Karen Herndon brings a wealth of experience in pastoral care and counseling from Warner Robins, Georgia. Her empathetic writing offers solace and understanding to those facing life’s challenges, reminding readers of the comforting presence of faith in difficult times. Karen’s dedication to healing and spiritual support is evident in her thoughtful contributions to our site.




Susan Kearney


Susan Kearney, based in Brandon, Florida, is an advocate for social justice and ethical living within religious contexts. Her work encourages readers to consider how their faith informs their actions towards creating a more equitable and compassionate world. Susan’s articles challenge the community to engage with pressing societal issues through a faith-driven perspective, fostering a sense of responsibility and action among believers.


Our editors, with a sharp eye for what’s real and meaningful, rigorously vet each contributor. They dive into past works, making sure these voices align with our core ethos. What we look for are diverse storytellers, thinkers, and believers keen on discussing complex topics in accessible ways.


These contributors hail from various walks of life, all connected by their eagerness to share perspectives on Christianity that resonate widely. Diversity in thought is our treasure, enriching our content with multifaceted views on faith in the modern world.


Through meticulous selection and teamwork, Christian.net thrives as a dynamic, engaging space. Each piece of content, crafted with care by our contributors and refined by our editors, fosters deeper understanding and reflection. Here, it’s about more than just content; it’s about fostering connections, encouraging learning, and facilitating growth together.