Book of Psalms Chapter 45

Psalms Chapter 45

1 To the Overseer. -- `On the Lilies.' -- By sons of Korah. -- An Instruction. -- A song of loves. My heart hath indited a good thing, I am telling my works to a king, My tongue `is' the pen of a speedy writer.
2 Thou hast been beautified above the sons of men, Grace hath been poured into thy lips, Therefore hath God blessed thee to the age.
3 Gird Thy sword upon the thigh, O mighty, Thy glory and Thy majesty!
4 As to Thy majesty -- prosper! -- ride! Because of truth, and meekness -- righteousness, And Thy right hand showeth Thee fearful things.
5 Thine arrows `are' sharp, -- Peoples fall under Thee -- In the heart of the enemies of the king.
6 Thy throne, O God, `is' age-during, and for ever, A sceptre of uprightness `Is' the sceptre of Thy kingdom.
7 Thou hast loved righteousness and hatest wickedness, Therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee, Oil of joy above thy companions.
8 Myrrh and aloes, cassia! all thy garments, Out of palaces of ivory Stringed instruments have made thee glad.
9 Daughters of kings `are' among thy precious ones, A queen hath stood at thy right hand, In pure gold of Ophir.
10 Hearken, O daughter, and see, incline thine ear, And forget thy people, and thy father's house,
11 And the king doth desire thy beauty, Because he `is' thy lord -- bow thyself to him,
12 And the daughter of Tyre with a present, The rich of the people do appease thy face.
13 All glory `is' the daughter of the king within, Of gold-embroidered work `is' her clothing.
14 In divers colours she is brought to the king, Virgins -- after her -- her companions, Are brought to thee.
15 They are brought with joy and gladness, They come into the palace of the king.
16 Instead of thy fathers are thy sons, Thou dost appoint them for princes in all the earth.
17 I make mention of Thy name in all generations, Therefore do peoples praise Thee, To the age, and for ever!

Verse of the Day

“Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.”

Romans 15:7 KJV