Book of Psalms Chapter 7

Psalms Chapter 7

1 `The Erring One,' by David, that he sung to Jehovah concerning the words of Cush a Benjamite. O Jehovah, my God, in Thee I have trusted, Save me from all my pursuers, and deliver me.
2 Lest he tear as a lion my soul, Rending, and there is no deliverer.
3 O Jehovah, my God, if I have done this, If there is iniquity in my hands,
4 If I have done my well-wisher evil, And draw mine adversary without cause,
5 An enemy pursueth my soul, and overtaketh, And treadeth down to the earth my life, And my honour placeth in the dust. Selah.
6 Rise, O Jehovah, in Thine anger, Be lifted up at the wrath of mine adversaries, And awake Thou for me: Judgment Thou hast commanded:
7 And a company of peoples compass Thee, And over it on high turn Thou back,
8 Jehovah doth judge the peoples; Judge me, O Jehovah, According to my righteousness, And according to mine integrity on me,
9 Let, I pray Thee be ended the evil of the wicked, And establish Thou the righteous, And a trier of hearts and reins is the righteous God.
10 My shield `is' on God, Saviour of the upright in heart!
11 God `is' a righteous judge, And He is not angry at all times.
12 If `one' turn not, His sword he sharpeneth, His bow he hath trodden -- He prepareth it,
13 Yea, for him He hath prepared Instruments of death, His arrows for burning pursuers He maketh.
14 Lo, he travaileth `with' iniquity, And he hath conceived perverseness, And hath brought forth falsehood.
15 A pit he hath prepared, and he diggeth it, And he falleth into a ditch he maketh.
16 Return doth his perverseness on his head, And on his crown his violence cometh down.
17 I thank Jehovah, According to His righteousness, And praise the name of Jehovah Most High!

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“Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.”

Romans 15:7 KJV